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Jul 13, 04 at 9:04pmJosh17

I have a 1 inch foam insert DDR Pad.. The ones that aren't flismy like the $15-$20 pads, but have some foam in them..

Now though I want to get a metal one so it will be similar to the arcade.

I just looked at this item here.. here for $84..

I thought it was a good price.. Until I read down more. "Buyer pays $40.00 for shipping and handling fee for this item to be shipped to lower 48 states by UPS" So if I live in CA, U.S I have to pay $40 shipping?

And it gets even worse.. "California residents please add 8.25% Sales Tax."

Or maybe not.. Thats just normal sales tax, or is that additional tax on top of the normal tax?

How about this pad? Here

I'm looking for just a metal pad.. But I don't have huge bucks to spend. One thats basically similar to the arcade--so I can get some practice from it and then when I play at the arcades I will be used to it since I played on the metal pad. Since I have the 1 inch foam pad, and I can get A's on standard songs and get "C's" or "B'" and even a "A" on two songs on Heavy mode.. But when I go to Arcade I have a hard time passing any Stadard mode song.. I fail songs that I normall get a A on-- so I need metal pad practice badly.

So those items that are $150 or more for just the pad.. Too much for me. Especially since I have to add about $40 shipping and taxes onto it..

I could go to a store and buy it and not have to pay the shipping and stuff-- but I don't know any places in CA that sell metal pads for a good price.. Or even sell them at all (not sure where to look).

Any ideas? Good price ones?

BTW, my birthday is coming up.. So I'm going to get it-- I'd just get this.. The "suprise stuff" doesn't matter, hehe. I can get "them" to pay for it and get it, but of course its only if they can afford it meaning I can't buy anything like $200 metal pad.. Argh whens that job when I need it.

*Edit* I got one from frys! I saved up my money finally. They took like a month to get a metal pad in.. At least I save $50 on shipping.

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Aug 3, 09 at 11:44pm

Medal pad? wouldn't that hurt?

Apr 9, 06 at 9:38pm
Imperial Zhou Tai

ew dont get a metal pad yucky

Oct 22, 04 at 2:36am

well if u think it is a good deal, i say go for it, and for the advantages of a real DDR machine at they are----it looks cool
-------more songs
-------it looks cool
there you have it

Oct 16, 04 at 1:24am
A Greater Life

Well, my college is still deciding whether or not we will install DDR onto the campus- but I'm sure we will get two cobalt flux pads (which will cost only $600) if we do. The rest of the equipment we need we already have (Playstation 2, monitors, etc.). I don't see the big advantage of getting an actual DDR machine, because I'm sure the lifespan of the machine and the cobalt flux pads are about the same.

I am still concerned about what metal pad I'm going to buy for myself. (I found out that if I play on my porch, the people under my apartment can't hear me). I was looking on E-Bay and found a metal pad for about $60. The brand is TX-1000, but before I invest my money on it, I want to know if that brand is a good brand for metal dance pads...

Oct 10, 04 at 3:12am

ok if ur in a school, on a second floor, where allt he floors are hard concrete and such, then no i dont think it would make that much noise

Oct 9, 04 at 12:36am

The estimated time of life might vary. It could be very well shorted if ALL of them played on Heavy...but they don't.

Can't your college get a fundraiser going for a REAL arcade machine? You can actually get an EXTREME machine for $3500 or so if you get a 3rd Mix and an EXTREME upgrade kit.

Ask around at to see what's the cheapest method.

Oct 8, 04 at 11:15pm

1. Almost any pad will make noise if you are on the second floor because you are stomping on the pad which makes noise

2. Maybe 2 years with out maintenance but otherwise it depends on how well they are kept up with.

Oct 8, 04 at 10:38pm
A Greater Life

Okay I have 2 questions concerning metal pads:

1) Do any of you know if playing DDR on a metal pad on the 2nd floor of apartments will make any noise that can be heard by the people under me? (Foot and stomping noises, not vulgarities that come out of my mouth when I lose at Xenon on Standard [which is a level 6] when I am supposively a level 7 footer).

2) My college is considering buying cobalt flux pads to have for the students to play. How long do you think they would last (in terms of years) with a population of about 1000 students and about only about 50 that might play every day? If you don't know what the cobalt flux pads are, here is a link:

Oct 4, 04 at 9:15pm

OOK well i supose if u play DDR that much ($hrs a day) it would be really worth it to get metal ones

also if you relly want a challenge, in St.Louis there is a ttheme park called six plags, they have a DDr machine there that both the pads are broken, you have to stomp super hard for it to work, therefore it is better exersize than normal- my friends and i go there just for the challenge

Oct 1, 04 at 12:40am

Bah, no fair!

But in any case, I notice the biggest difference EVER between this pad and my cheap ass beat pad pros. I A'd a whole bunch opf heavy songs that I didn't before because of my crappy pads. So I'm very happy...though I'm pretty sore now...played DDR for like four hours today.

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