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May 20, 04 at 9:48amLarn

Post here your special glitches you saw in this game!

I fell two times trough the ground in City Escape (don't ask me how, I was just running, and suddenly I fell trough the floor). A long fall that ended in a deathly fall.

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Aug 11, 12 at 11:01pm

in grind race on 2 player u must be metal sonic to do this. 1.once u get near the base jump on the base and homing attack right. 2.u should be next to the blue rail. run around to get speed and run to the top of the base and fly. (glich1) 3.u should fail and fall down and walk backwards (press up quick) and u should do micheal jacksons moonwalk in the sky. (glich2) 4. u should land on a invisible platform. (glich3)

May 27, 12 at 3:35pm
Ultra shadow213

There was this one time, I decided to play Chao Karate. But a really weird glitch happened: my Chao was fighting against Optimus Prime. The poor little guy didn't stand a chance. Optimus Prime had heat-seeking missile-lazer-bullet swords. Within a few seconds, my Chao exploded; it was awful. True story.

May 25, 12 at 10:50pm

I was playing a race and during the chose the item part my chao tripped and then got up and ran through without answering the item quiz and it wasn't knocked over 0.o

Apr 15, 11 at 11:23pm

actualy this is not a glitch but a shortcut in CRAZY GADGET

i consider this the toughest level in the game.

shortcut for the time-mission:

There's a part when your stuck on the roof (up-side down) with 3 switch's (left down right)

normaly you use right, use down in this case and you'll se a grind bar in the middle of the endless pit try to move yourself in the right direction and you'll fall exactly on the bar. saving like 7 seconds of time.

second shortcut:

in the last part with the collored boxes.

use the first switch's (to go up-side down) and move to the far end of the first box. now JUMP of the box in east and then north direction. you'll end up the last box.
use the center switch (not the one to go to the goal ring)
now your (right side up again) move to the east and let yourself fall but keep yourself towards the wall.
you'll end up on a small ledge with the (rocket) switch above you. jump ON the gravity switch to use it as pedistal
jump towards the switch and activate it.

now you'll apear to be stuck. (i don't think so)

move to the south end of the ledge (this is your runpath)
now run facing north and take a running start then jump from the ledge in north-east direction. you'll see a bumper (use it with homing attack)
now your back at the starting point.

now use the first part of this shortcut, and this time TAKE the gravity switch to the goal ring.

this save's like 15 second or more.

(sounds hard but it's very easy)
You can save even more time with this:
Hit the switch like you said, but go to the south end, charge for a spindash, jump, and homing attack. You'll go there without running to the beginning again. Here's a link:

Aug 15, 06 at 12:57am
Solar Cerberus

Crazy Gadget Hard mode. I used the rocket that was near the last chao box. I went to spindash to get ahead but I want through the wall and died.

Aug 14, 06 at 7:24pm
The Whizz

I Left 2 Heart Fruits In The Normal Garden. When I Came Back, They Had Turned Into Nuts.

Jul 26, 06 at 3:56am
Pepper Roni

I know a glitch where you can make Amy spindash. In 2 player, pick Amy and any other character. Then go to a level where there are things you have to somersault under (White jungle, green forest, etc.). Get Amy to a wall to somersault under. Go a bit away from the wall so that where you stop somersaulting, you will be under the wall. Quickly press B after you somersault, and then, Amy will begin charging for a spindash.

Jul 14, 06 at 7:40pm

Better yet, glide to the very edge of the stage. Release your glide so you don't get turned around, and after being shot up once, hold the control stick against the edge, fall to your death, and after you see Knuckles disappear, press A. You'll be launched up high to start off your next life!

Jul 12, 06 at 2:00pm

Yeah this is kinda a weird glitch.In pumpkin hill with Knuckles fall and then when u here Knux say Ugh Hold the A button and watch Knux Rise to his Death

Jul 8, 06 at 1:35am

One time i kept a chao in the neutral garden.I kept giving it hero fruits , but when it evelved, it turned in to a dark chao!!!!!!From this to this?

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