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May 8, 04 at 10:35amConfusedGamr345

i been hearing good and bad things about lineage 2 and i dont kow whether to give it a chance or not should i give it a go or is it a waste of my money and if it is could anyone tell me another mmmorpg out there thats worth checking out?

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Dec 26, 10 at 2:19am

lineage 2 is provably the best game you will ever play youll have a hall new world to discover, friends to make and enemies to kill, get the game

Dec 7, 10 at 10:32pm

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Sep 21, 04 at 6:19pm
Otacon MGS

well you're name and banner show that you're a true FF fan (sigh) anyway yes the beta was kind of lame but the full version is alot more better and less buggy.

and not to mention C2 on the way how could you say no to lineage2? i mean if you like getting 200exp in a party of 6 on FFXI go ahead but in lineage2 you get way more exp on you're own while soloing and the drops nice to!.

however there is the chance of a PK'er to hit and kill you but it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be they aren't there 24/7 to make you're life a living hell.

if you want a fair fight you should head to the dueling arena and show you're skills.

but if you still wanna go get FFXI go ahead, sadly you'll be missing out when C2 comes out around december.

i mean come on what does FFXI have? it's name? cids in the game, not to mention bad graphics ghosts and really really lame fighting to slow for me.

i also hope you don't mind the BS that is you're main job and sub job crap (you're sub can only be half the lvl of you're main job example: if you're main is lvl 20 you're sub can only be lvl 10)

and one of the best ways to lvl you're sub is to make it you're main and do you really wanna start at lvl 1 over again?, seriously lineage2 would be a mush wiser choice for you.

but it's you're money so go do what you want.

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Sep 11, 04 at 8:40pm

I only played Beta for 3 days and I was level 16 or something. How did it take you three months to get to level 20, you must not play a lot. I'm not sure if I'm ready for an MMO yet either. I have CS and some new cool Rpgs for my consoles to keep me busy. Maybe if I get bored with CS and after i beat some of my new games maybe I'll get this, but most likely FFXI.

Sep 11, 04 at 4:08pm

i played for 3 months, got to lv 20.

if you dont have the hardware ABOVE (thats right) the reccomneded harware, dont even bother trying to run it.

And well, about the "too chicken" statements, surely it aint no child game, but there are surely a bunch of jerks. Theres a guild that runs about Elven Fortress, 1-hit-killing everybody selliing stuff on shops hoping they will drop good equip. You lose A LOT of exp when you die, and its possible to DELEVEL if you die enough. Ive seen jerks killing ppl selling, and reviving them a few times to kill them again, to make them drop goodies.

Jul 24, 04 at 4:30pm

I played the beta and thought it was a bit boring I'm guessing FFXI is better. More adventure and better characters. The beginning is sorta boring and long and its HUGE with big system requirements and its laggy. Maybe thats only me but i have a good comp and cable. PLus I've played FF a lot(not XI) so I'm used to the magic and maes and warriors. Its a lot of fun.

Jul 19, 04 at 6:58am
Otacon MGS

yeah this game is good, i got to beta test it, however at that time it was really lame cause there were plenty of bugs and most of the newer stuff wasn't added.

but compared to FFXI this game is a little better however the occasional PKer will annoy the hell out of you.

Jul 18, 04 at 7:05pm
Virtuous tranquility

:This game is definitly worth it, but be prepared to spend quite some time on this game

Jul 16, 04 at 10:20pm

As long as you know what you're doing, the grind isn't as bad as it seems for alot of people. C1 thus far has been great and I'm looking ready to getting into the dueling arena.

May 24, 04 at 2:13pm

quote ConfusedGamr345
well ive had the game for about a week or two now and i love it, it just keeps getting better and better
Great! hooray for good decisions!

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