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Jan 11, 04 at 6:42amArcane Prophet

Who is your main party/who do you like to use in Chrono Trigger when you are playing? What advantages do they give you in battle?

I usually stick with a strong group that can eliminate the opposition quickly, such as Chrono, Robo and Frog. However, I sometimes like to mix around, pending on the situation.

So, who do you like to use in battle, and why?

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May 29, 12 at 3:10pm

In my team there are always two present chracters: Marle and Frog. Then i can have Chrono or Magus.

Marle and frog have double cure. Thats the big deal. If Chrono is in, i use x strike ALL the time, and heal/ice 2 with marle, depends on the situation... If i don't have chrono, i use magus 'cause he is fuking strong and has a lot of diferent magic skills, but in the final battle i needed chrono, frog and marle. Plus their 3 tech is powerfull with almost every monster...

Apr 6, 12 at 5:04pm

My main party was Crono/Magus/Frog,Lucca or Ayla. Crono because he is the main character and Luminaire is AWESOME,Magus because he is the most versatile magic user,Frog for an extra physical attacker,Frog Squash and a healer,Lucca for Flare (Which along with Dark Matter and Luminaire is one of the 3 strongest single techs aside from the potential damage of Dino Tail and Frog Squash), and Ayla for Bronze Fist with Dragons Tear.Depends on what I am about to fight.

Mar 18, 12 at 1:09pm

A little late to the game here, but oh well here goes

When you reach the later stages of the game and the side quests become available (thus being able to obtain everyone's best equipment), my go-to team is Chrono, Robo, and Magus. Here's why:

Chrono: By the time I get Chrono's ultimate weapon, the Rainbow, he becomes my main hitter. At this point in the game I believe he was around level 55, with the power stat nearly maxed (somewhere in the 90's). The Rainbow has an extremely high critical hit rate of 70%, and when Chrono's equipped with the PrismSpecs he consistently hits a massive 1500+ damage on critical with just his physical attacks. This doesn't even mention *Luminaire or his other strong physical techs. He also has the handy *Life to revive fallen teammates, though this rarely ever happens in the first place

Robo: Basically, Robo's the healer. His Cure Beam heals a nice 400+ HP for when one teammate is low in health. Then, of course there's Heal Beam that heals 400+ HP for all allies when everyone's getting low in health. Though he is primarily a healer, Robo can still deal some massive damage. He has some powerful techs, such as Uzzi Punch and Shock, and I personally equipped him with the Crisis Arm, healing or using said techs whenever conditions for the Crisis Arm weren't right. However, if the last digit of Robo's health is high enough (somewhere above 6) the crisis arm can be utterly amazing. If the last digit is 9, using the Crisis Arm with a critical hit deals a DEVASTATING 3000 damage.

Magus: I absolutely loved Magus for his magic power, finding him FAR better than Lucca due to the versatility of his magic. Magus' use is solely magic, and equipping him with the Gold Stud allows the use of *DarkMatter constantly. It's also always a good time to see his arms flail about as he casts *DarkMatter. You can switch around his spells as you please, since they all deal pretty good damage. The only time I would consider Magus as a physical attacker is when one or both of his allies have died, and when he is equipped with the Doomsickle. This boosts his attack power by 200 or 300% accordingly.

So far, the only downfall I've had from this party is it severely limits the use of dual and triple techs, since Magus can't learn any doubles and there are no triples with Chrono and Magus together.

The only variation I use to this party is replacing Magus with Ayla, though this cuts most magic abilities. Ayla becomes another extremely heavy hitter and is very useful for charming enemies, especially in the Black Omen where there are some extraordinary items to steal.

Phew that was longer than I thought it would be!

/end rant

Nov 2, 10 at 6:45am

Depends on what kind of game I am wanting to play. For mages I go for Magus-Marle-Lucca.

Else if I rather want a strong offensive/defensive party I go for Chrono-Frog-Ayla, with Ayla a Berzerker (with the thingy). She often gets critical attacks (twice the normal damage) and with her best weapon/armor she is terrible. And her speed is amazing.

Sep 11, 10 at 3:05pm

You do know that even Ayla's Kiss eventually gives 999 HP with enough magic right and it is the weakest level cure. Frog does about the same with his heal spell as robo for less MP plus he has better tech combos with ayla and what not. The powered up Masamune is also stronger then any weapon you get for robo. The DS doesn't realy change any of that either. Frog gets an accessory that halves MP and ups the crit of masamune and robo gets a shit weapon unless it crits for 9999. The one advantage of robo is he does 3/4 elements. No ice element and his fire element has limited range. His lazer spin is shadow and his electricute is lightning damage. Sort of weak compared to Crono and Magus OP AOEs. Ice has the weakest spells. You only get ice and water II. True Ayla can toss a big cube and there is a double tech that target less then full aoe as well as icewaters double tech. Still that doesn't provide as much damage to large groups of enemies so for clearing mobs it isn't as great. Fire does have an upgraded single tech, but it falls short. The elemental damage of fire is the weakest in the game. Shadow is the second strongest element in the game. You don't get full access to this till late in the game. Lighting is the strongest element in the game. On your first playthrough Crono's low magic will make this look weaker then fire and ice. Once you get Magus, who has higher magic, this will look much stronger. When not blasting away with all your MP, you should use Light II to clear the way when enemies aren't immune. Luminare does drasticly more and when you max out crono's magic with tabs you will find a 1k gap in damage between dark mater and luminare.

Sep 9, 10 at 12:50pm

quote GuardianGriffen
Aura whirl heals the entire party some on the cheap with Crono and Marle.
I gave Robo a ton of Magic Tabs. It takes a few games, and some charming, but his heal beam now recovers everyone for 999HP. This is on the DS, but I think most of the mechanics are the same. The only programming changes I've noticed in the DS (besides the obvious bonus content) is how monsters are encountered. You can let enemies walk through you and it won't trigger a battle.

Sep 7, 10 at 9:32pm

There are exceptions and limitations sometimes imposed by the game. Sometimes I use certain characters for their autobattle stregths or pull in Magus for his AOE clearing on the way to the boss. This allows me to conserve MP with my stronger group combo for the boss fight itself.

Crono/Ayla/Marle are the best trio.
Crono/Ayla/Frog become a stronger trio after you have enough tabs to power up your characters.

Powered up Luminare does more damage then any other single tech in the game and makes tripple techs less usefull. However the use of Magus is less optimal for boss fights due to the lack of double techs in your party. The exception is when you utilize three strong single techs or two strong single techs and a healer. Ayla, Frog, and Robo can be used for this purpose. Robo is best after more playthroughs in the game and Frog is best in this combination if enough magic tabs have been used to boost his magic. Ayla does more damage then the others and compensates for Magus's lack of physical attacks but is light on the healing.

End game the most powerful tripple tech is Crono/Marle/Robo. Auto revive is rather cool. All other tripple techs are outshined by the use of powerfull single and double tech combinations yielding higher damage outputs. The use of Gold Studs makes the additional cost of these techs less significant and you can blast through Lavos without useing items.

Luminare is your strongest magical single tech.
Tripple kick is your strongest physical single tech.
Glacial toss does more damage then Luminare to a single target with Ice element and costs much less MP. (Ayla+Marle)
Falcon hit is your strongest physical double tech for enemies lined up horizontaly.
Aura whirl heals the entire party some on the cheap with Crono and Marle. Slurp Kiss does the same with status effect recovery. For the most part there is no need to give up offensive turns with two characters when a single healer can use powerfull healing spells to target characters individually. The use of tripple kick in combination with Marle useing cure is more then adequate and also leads nicely into her using haste on the entire part for longer boss fights.

Jul 4, 10 at 5:58am

Chrono,Lucca, and of course my boy Frog, .. The frog is my favorite character. He always gets me out of jams.

Nov 6, 09 at 6:23am
Pika Goddess Nyaaa

Crono, Ayla and Frog. Ayla and Frog have a group heal dual tech.

Apr 20, 09 at 8:52am

my team was usualy crono marle and ayla but i liked to switch ayla for magus alot to thou

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