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Nov 30, 03 at 9:40pmLojik

Alright ladies and gents. This will be this place where it all comes down to the anything discussion. This is the Nydus, as in the Nydus Canal from the Zerg building.
    1. No postings such as "hey guys whats up?" or anything along those lines. If this happens, a warning will be sent.

    2. No foul language & No flaming

    3. Keep it Blizzard company related. No "Did you guys play that new GTA game?"

    4. The thread will be re-made at 30 pages.

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Aug 10, 10 at 7:19am

anyone here to talk about battle strats:eating

Oct 25, 09 at 7:31pm

Last night, at around 2pm Korean Standard Time, a legendary game was played.

*bleep* yeah boxer

Aug 31, 09 at 10:35am

quote AznLiquid
There are too many viable builds for all the races to simply list them. You have to learn them slowly, and experience is a huge factor. I suggest to pick a single race to focus on, it's hard to learn all 3 when you're new. If you want help with Protoss, send me a PM.
Well so far i played with the terrans i tried a few different build orders some worked better then others, but i havent tried protoss yet.

Aug 30, 09 at 11:24pm

There are too many viable builds for all the races to simply list them. You have to learn them slowly, and experience is a huge factor. I suggest to pick a single race to focus on, it's hard to learn all 3 when you're new. If you want help with Protoss, send me a PM.

Aug 30, 09 at 8:51pm

Hey'o guys Im kind of a n00b to starcraft: brood wars, i would really like to get some advice on the right build orders for any race.

May 14, 09 at 1:46am

Didn't you say you watch progaming in the intro thread? Their maps are always the most recent.

Currently, the popular maps are:

God's Garden
Neo Medusa

You can download them from iCCup site.
Do you want me to show you some TvT reps?

May 14, 09 at 1:40am

Sorry, my old laptop died taking my SC folder with them so I play on my desktop now...hopefully I can find them again. Anyways, its not a tournament, its just a friend who wants to play me.

Also, are there any new 4 player/ good 1v1 maps that you recommend?

May 14, 09 at 1:27am

Holy shit, people still use Lost Temple for tournaments? Use some of the newer maps -_-

Well, if he plays stupid and just keeps sending "wave after wave" of gol/tank into your shit, he'll just lose his army. In TvT, the defending side ALWAYS has the advantage because of sieged tanks. Your tanks should always be sieged unless you're about to move with them, so you're never caught offguard. Make sure there aren't any hidden expansions, plant mines at every expansion spot.

You got any replays of your games?

May 14, 09 at 1:12am

I'm playing on LT.

I guess my main fear is that he always seems to have a huge army and he sends wave after wave of gols and tanks. So whats the best way to defend against G&T?

May 13, 09 at 5:07am

Ghosts are really only for people who like to be fancy, and in some situations when you need to nuke a shitload of turrets during a turtlefest. They are too expensive and die way too quickly for the cost of 75 gas. Vessels are rarely used as well, unless it turns into mass BC vs mass BC, in that case they are used to EMP. For detection, you're going to have a lot of command centers with comsat anyway.

First of all I have to emphasize that unit placement is so much more important in TvT than the other MUs because of Siege range and lack of mobility of terran mech. You need to be scanning quite often and looking ahead of your tanks with floating rax/ebay because tanks can shoot further than they can see.

In the most recent TvT's I've seen, people like to open 1 factory expand. Make CC right after your fac is done, while adding a machine shop. If you scout a vulture being made, make one yourself. You really need to expand fairly quickly in TvT because of the gas-heavy terran mech army. Once shop is done, research mines, you will want to plant some of those if you expanded faster, because you will be open to some early aggression for a certain amount of time. Resarch Siege Mode right after. You can either choose to go mass vult/tank, which is excellent in wide open maps, or more standard gol/tank. Vult/tank is great for map control cuz you will have SO MANY mines all over the map and you can harass the shit out of any expos. You will be weak to drops so mass turret it up. But Vult/tank is meant to transition into gol/tank/drop after. Gol/tank with dropships is definitely the most standard. Goliath's attack reaction is very fast and can kill mines as fast as they pop up. Your 2 bases can support around 4 factories (2 with shop, making tanks) and 1 port making dropships. Take a third base when you can defend it well and add more factories accordingly.

One build I will not recommend for you is 14cc, even if you see quite a few pros do it because it's quite easy for the opposing player to take advantage of your low unit count before the second cc's economy kicks in.

Keep in mind that I am a Protoss player, but I do know enough about the other races (TvT is the single MU i know the least about, so I couldn't be too specfic). I can help much more with your TvP though.

I suggest watching progamer VODs and replays of other good players.

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