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Sep 30, 03 at 7:49pmmagician of black ch

if there is already a thread of this then i'm sorry for making another one but otherwise who is your worst character

[edit] changed the name to worst character on game from favourite/worst character on game

This message was edited by magician of black ch on Sep 30 2003.

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Dec 7, 13 at 10:26am

quote Majin_Sesshomaru
I hate any chacter if there being used by a button mashero.O
That might as well be every character then

Apr 12, 11 at 12:42am

In order from 1-5, 1 being worst.

1. Lizardman- Just too weak, and the even bigger problem is that he's not really THAT fast. Just a horrible moveset. SCIII improved it, luckily!
2. Berserker- Too big, too fat, and all of that plus...yuck. Super strong and super slow, a horrible combination.
3. Maxi- Whoa, stop ha ving a seizure, guy!
4. Yoshimitsu- Battler fail...suicide? What, the heck!!
5. Necrid- No comment...

Mar 27, 09 at 11:50pm
soul killaber 10

I say Ivy,cause her chain sword is f###ing hard to beat!

Mar 4, 09 at 3:21am

well i think none of them is worst!!!! it is how will you control them and and how you make combos. fact that those light weapons like talim, taki etc. can attack faster than astaroth or nightmare but the damage made by taki or talim is just a bit compare to those carrying huge weapons and yet they damage more!!... regardless on how character is made the thing is that, how will you used them in a way that they can survive til the end!!!

doo desu ka?

Feb 3, 09 at 3:13am
Darkness XIII

Personally? I highly dislike Maxi, Kilik, Xianghua.

Kilik is just an annoying prick. I mean, really. Going after Soul Edge to purify it? Come on, people. That's just pathetic. I hate people like that. Holy bastards who think they're higher then most people. -.-; And his range *bleep*. I hate how far he can hit, and his parrying/guarding is just as bad!

Maxi. Where do I begin with him? Perhaps it stems from my being female and his being named after a type of PAD. For some reason, his face just looks feminine to me. Like a very, very masculine female without the body of a girl. It sets something off inside my head. When I first saw him I laughed. And, of course, there's his habit of bouncing around like an over-amped dead rabbit on crack.

And Xianghua. Her voice, oh gods, her voice. It sends a shudder down my spine to just remember it! I hate it, despise it, wish to rip it out of her throat. I don't know why. It just pisses me off something fierce.

My favorites? Raphael, Ivy, and Talim. Raph...I like how *bleep*ing arrogant he is, and the fact that he doesn't bother to hide his conceit. I like Ivy's looks and her combos, as she is powerful. Talim, though short, is strong. And fast. Problem is, she's too damn short to hit sometimes. Which makes her fun to control.

That's my opinion.

Sep 20, 08 at 12:03pm

i think the worst character in the game is Maxi

Sep 15, 08 at 6:16am
Poker Guru

quote _NiTrOuS_
The first few posts are a split between me. Nightmare IMO is the worst character, he has no fast move besides his kicks, so his moves are mostly predictable, making him IMO the worst character.

Astaroth on the other hand, has many moves that can executed quickly, also he has some mad reach. That, makes him one of the best I think.

I think that Voldo, overall, is the best. His fighting style is, well, just plain messed up and *bleep*ed. Lol, he is the most unpredictable. He has good stances, can hit close-range to long-range, very quick, and to top it all off, quick.


I like nightmare, He's slow but once you get the hang of him it can be hard to avoid him. I like to use some horizontal attacks and play defensive to get in close, then use a throw and then... well its over. Get someone on the ground and 3 hit that sucker. haha. I didnt use to like him til i messed around in practice mode and figured him out. Anyway, my favorite character is ivy. shes strong fast and has good range and lots of knock downs.

Apr 22, 07 at 6:01pm
soul calibur king

Voldo is the worst character its like he is some kind of weird blind male stripper which I find to be disturbing and Astaroth please don't get me started on Astaroth

Mar 15, 07 at 5:58am

quote Andy B
Astaroth... he's easly beaten by quicker characters.

Also, he attacks pretty dainty-like with that whopping axe of his(I'm, of course, comparing to how he SHOULD be using it)...T_T

Mar 14, 07 at 6:54pm
Suzie Q

The only character I hate is Necrid. He was a terrible decision on both McFarlane and Namco's part. He didn't fit into Soul Calibur at all and honestly, a genious like McFarlane could definately have come up with a way better design than that big green sack of shit.

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