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Sep 1, 03 at 6:02pmgohanssj2

Here you can post your tips/tricks on the game. It will be useful to people while they restart the game or are just new to the game.

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Jun 26, 13 at 2:58pm

Is there a place where I can switch back to.
Like if I wanted to go and earn some money, can I come back to Lohan to buy the three 10k Items?

Feb 28, 04 at 2:25pm

Wow, the tips in this thread are great. I'll try my best to give something great as well.

Accesories As I said before the Ultimate Wargod is good. Yes, if you work hard enough you'll master each one, but you have six characters that use additions, then the shortest max addition is what five or six hits, and since each person has a different speed and style, it might be difficult to get all of your characters mastered, and especially in the final battle, the Ultimate Wargod comes in handy. The Legend Casque is amazing, especially for Albert and Kongol. For the entire fourth disc, I suggest the Legend Casque, Armor of Legend, and if you have the money, the Ultimate Wargod. Yes, this reduces the room for the Physical Ring, or if you have a slow character, the Bandits Ring or Dancers Ring, but it's well worth it in my opinion. It does take some of the challenge out of the game, but I enjoyed not killing my wrists and fingers in the final battle by watching my characters use their additions a hundred times rather than making them. (That number is an exageration.)

Saving Every chance you get. It's been said almost every time, but you really do need to save.

Items Keep some healing items on you at all times, never run out, but don't fill up everytime you are in a town because chances are you're going to find some when you are traveling.

Weapons Before buying a new weapon, try to remember when you got the one you are using, if it's been a while buy one, but at the same time be ready to find the same thing you just bought in the next area. Search carefully and you should be able to find most weapons.

Feb 28, 04 at 5:13am

alright, so we're going to go hardcore tippage? i'll match that... but excellent job, very awesome tips and so well organized.... somebody's an english major.

ok so we've got a lot of other things to consider.
1)in battle strategies

obviously, the most important part of any rpg is the in battle strategy. you really have to know your enemy. generally, you already know a lot about the enemy even before you fight him/her. think about it, before you fight fruegal, you always see him physically attacking his guards, that and he's just a big guy... kinda tells you right there that he's all about physical attacks and defense. take this into consideration when fighting him. this can be applied to almost every other enemy in the game, if it's a wingly, then you can expect a lot of magic. if it's a dragon, expect a lot of hp and pretty good stats for everything else. talking to people and just plain ol' observation can tell you a lot about your enemy before you fight. this is all also true for minor enemies. GET TO KNOW THEM. find out which are weak against which attacks and focus on them. find out which have instant death attacks and knock them off first!
your items are important, those (rep) items, think about keeping them. magic sig stone is great, speed up is really useful... and so is power up/power down. think about it, give your strongest person the power up and the speed up, then throw a power down and you deal massive damage real fast.
oh, and obviously keep in mind what each of your characters is good with, even multi items do more damage if you use a character with a high mag attack than with other people. even though some dragoon magics might look cool, people like albert and kongol do more damage with phys drag attacks.
learn when to guard and learn when to attack.

armaments, definately an awesome plus. last time i played, i had albert and shana and i made al as fast as her (the boots and the ring). this was infinately helpful, since he does such massive damage. also, i at one point had shana use some the dragon helm which increased her hp by 50%. later i gave her a legend casque, so she didn't need the higher hp. that's important, if you can afford it, get a legend casque, these are quite possibly the best armaments in the game... then go for some armour of legend. all three of my characters had both and they were, maybe, level 42, melbu never got anybody into yellow. always buy the strongest weapon you find, always... that's obvious, but don't let price hold you back. you can make back whatever you spent in a couple of fights. always improve al's and kongol's speed. always either increase the females' hp or their phys def.... or do both. don't be afraid to sell old armaments either, they're a great source of cash money. a little hint though, save some of each type of arm. just so that you can switch different arm.s between people (you need a spare ring to switch rings for two people).

hey hey it's 12:12 and i've been writing whatever's come to mind for half an hour now... i'm going to bed... this was all probably a big waste of time since, as i have not reread it, it probably doesn't make any good sense.... 12:13

Feb 27, 04 at 9:01pm

Guard: Not only does Guarding give you back 1/10 of your max HP, when you are guarding, all attacks do 1/2 damage and you cannot be affected by any status changes. This includes INSTANT DEATH.

Status Changes: Ever been in a boss battle, and your whole party got confused, charmed etc? There is a solution to this. First, make sure everyone in your party has their highest SP bar full. This means the command 'SPECIAL' can be used. (This is just a good thing to do before any boss battle.) When fighting, make sure you have AT LEAST one person guard every time. When the boss comes to change your status, the guarded character is immune, can use 'SPECIAL', and voila! you have three Dragoons and no status changes.

Soul Eater: This is Dart's most powerful weapon, yet it takes away 1/10 of his max HP each time. The way to use this weapon without negative effects is to equip him with a THERAPY RING. This accessory automatically gives back 1/10 of max HP every turn. The THERAPY RING and the SOUL EATER cancel each other out.

Choosing a Team: When choosing a team, there are three things I look for: 1) Speed. 2) People whose STATS complement each other. 3) Healing + supporting magic.

1) Speed:- In LOD, people often write off SPEED as non-important. I beg to differ. SPEED is the one thing that can swing a battle, even more than ACK or DEF. The faster you are, the more turns you can get in before the opponent. Therefore, it is imperative to have a fast team. Here are the SPEED stats, from highest to lowest:-

Meru (70)
Shana/Miranda (60)
Haschel (55)
Rose (55)
Dart (50)
Lavitz/Albert (40)
Kongol (30)

If you want a slow person on your team, don't dispair! There are ways to boost speed. The items DANCER'S SHOES and DANCER'S RING boost 20 points (female), as do BANDIT'S SHOES and BANDIT'S RING (male).

2) Complementing STATS:- This is also very important. You want a team that complements each other. If all the people on your team have a weak MAG DEF, then you're going to get slaughtered against a magic user like Lenus. If everyone has a weak DEF, then you're dead against a physical attacker. If everyone has a low ACK, then you stand no chance against something with a strong MAG DEF. If everyone has a low MAG ACK, then the same is true of an enemy that has a high DEF. You get the idea. Dart has mediocre STATS for everything, an all-rounder. When choosing your team, make sure you have all aspects of STATS covered. Here's the low-down on player's STATS:-

Kongol- Very high ACK + DEF. Very weak MAG ACK + MAG DEF.
Albert- High ACK + DEF. Weak MAG ACK. Very weak MAG DEF.
Haschel- High ACK. Average DEF, MAG ACK + MAG DEF.
Dart- Average for all.
Rose- Average ACK, DEF + MAG ACK. High MAG DEF.
Shana/Miranda- Very weak ACK. Weak DEF. Very high MAG ACK + MAG DEF.
Meru- Weak ACK. Very weak DEF. Very high MAG ACK + MAG DEF.

Try to make an even team.

3) Healing and supporting magic:- It's very important to heal your people and make sure they don't die. But I suppose that's obvious. Only one Dragoon has magic geared for healing. That would be White-Silver (Shana/Miranda). She has only one attacking magic. The other three are healing. There are three other people that do have one spell of healing/supporting magic. Meru's 2nd level Dragoon magic is RAINBOW MIST. This magic restores the party's HP and irradicates all status changes. Rose's 1st level spell is a spell in which your party drains HP from an enemy. And Lavitz/Albert's 2nd level Dragoon magic creates a barrier when cuts all damage in 1/2 for three turns.

All things considered, my ideal team is Dart, Haschel, Meru. However, if all these things are taken into account, any team should be a killer team.

General Tips:

~Save often. Save often. Save whenever you can. You never know what's around the next corner.
~Talk to people until they repeat themselves. You never know what they might have interesting to say.
~Pay attention to everything. Some minor things might come together and make a plot twist... You never know.
~You never know what's coming next!
~Have fun. Gaming is about having fun. If you're frustrated, stuck, or just about to throw your controller for any reason, take a break. Go downstairs and make yourself a salami and cheese sandwitch and try again after you've finished eating.

(more to come later...)

Feb 22, 04 at 3:45am

"if you train enough then you'll have enough money for all 6 things" (don't know how to do that fancy quote box)

all six things? you mean three legend casques and three ultimate wargods? well if you train enough then you shouldn't need the ultimate wargod... and since you gotten up to 60,000G, you might as well spend 30,000 on legend casques and 30,000 on armours of legend... if you do that, you can be in the high 30s for your levels and still beat melbu no problem.

Feb 18, 04 at 9:21pm

quote brakzorak
ok... couple of things... DO NOT BUY AN ULTIMATE WARGOD! CERTAINLY DON'T BUY THREE! DON'T WASTE 30,000g ON THEM! three legend casques are MUCH, MUCH... so much better. please do not spend that much money (or any for that matter) on those things
if you train enough then you'll have enough money for all 6 things

Feb 17, 04 at 1:20pm

The Wargod thing is no good just train in the fields and you earn money and levels by doing that.

Feb 17, 04 at 3:59am

ok... couple of things... DO NOT BUY AN ULTIMATE WARGOD! CERTAINLY DON'T BUY THREE! DON'T WASTE 30,000g ON THEM! three legend casques are MUCH, MUCH... so much better. please do not spend that much money (or any for that matter) on those things... couple of reasons, it shouldn't be that hard to get good at the additions. you'll get better, trust me. also, you can get some other really good rings, much better than the ult. wargod. the physical ring, or the therapy ring, etc. etc.
oh, and guarding only gets you 10% of your max health back, not 1/4 of it.

Sep 9, 03 at 10:28pm
Andrei Calin

well for me in order to get money i was going in a good training spot and i would spend like hours training and then i would realize how much money i got.

Sep 2, 03 at 8:25pm

If you want to get all of your dragoons to level five, then buy three ultimate wargods. Yes it's expensive. No, it's not cheating. It is the best way to get those additions that are tough. The best thing about this is that as you level up you gain money to buy the other two after you buy the first one.

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