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Aug 8, 03 at 6:30pmGamegirl87

In the country of Krysta, a terrible war has decimated its people for almost 10 years. The demons seek possession of the humans' beautiful and fertile land. Finally, the war has ended, and the demons have emerged triumphant, declaring their reign over the humans. They promise freedom and equality, but in reality have made the humans into slave and any who complain are killed on the spot. An old legend says the land has always been protected by a Guardian, one who remains hidden but will rise when its people need it. A small underground resistance group is rising, hoping to put an end to the demons' President, a cruel, cold-hearted half-dragon by the name of Shadow Allany. They call themselves Krysta Underground. Their trials are just about to begin

To join, PM me first to get my prmission and then post your character here. Include the following information

Name: both first and last
Race: human or demon
Alliance: whose side are you on?

Once I see people are interested I'll post my character and start the story. BTW, there is a slot reserved for anyone who wants to be Mr. Shadow, but it's first come, first-served

-you can curse, but try not to overdo it
-go easy on the gore too
-absolutely no spamming, if you don't have around 10 lines to write then don't write anything at all
-anything personal, settle it outside, I don't want any trouble

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Apr 10, 04 at 12:31am

After walking a little while longer, Lana spotted the Registry building up ahead. She had expected it to be a reminder of the glory before the war, a tall, modern-looking building, but instead, she found before her eyes a broken down, weathered building, with only one narrow window on one side, although big, it was more an indication of the demons' effect on the land. Two demon guards stood outside. They stopped them, but didn't seem to recognize their faces

Guard1: I'm sorry, but only government officials are allowed in here
L: But I...

Lana hesitated for a moment, then spoke, first shakily, then more confident

L: Surely you know who Cecil Blakhart is?
Guard2: Of course
L: ...I am his daughter
G1: Nonsense! You're nothing but a miserable human! Begone, all of you!

Lana removed her glasses, and then her headband, and tossed them on the floor, resolved never to wear them again. The guards looked shocked
G1: Miss Blakhart! Please forgive us. Go right in
L: Thank you

Lana proceeded on ahead, followed by Alex, who was stopped by the second guard

G2: Just her
Al: What? You can't do that
L: Don't worry, I'll be right back

With that said, she entered the building, while the others sat down to wait for her

Mar 19, 04 at 2:33am
Angelic Requiem

The intended joke somewhat became serious for some.

Er: It's a possibility since you both are halfdemon, correct?
Al: ....yea
Er: sorry
Al: no need to be, just weird that's all

Thoughts came rambling into one certain mind of the group.

Sa: (oh very strange my friend very strange)
Ae: what are you thinking about
Sa: nothing, look that city is just over the horizon. If we keep on going we'll be there before morning.
La: We should go, but we should also be careful. I don't know why but, I don't know
Al: Be on your guards everyone

Mar 18, 04 at 7:53pm

Everyone walked calmily down the windy path, all silent. Alex looked over at Lana as they walked down the path

Al: So....How are we gonna find your brother?
Lana looked up
La: Well, there is listing of the population in the city....
Er: But how old was your brother, he might not even list him self as the same last name as you, you know...
Ae: I thinks its Alex's line but, lets not worrt about it so soon, we'll deal with it when we get there, right Alex?
Al: I guesse, Just hope I'm not Lana's brother, where going threw to much work to find me then
Alex joked, but noone really laughed

Mar 13, 04 at 1:11am

Lana looked down for a moment. Then she looked up again and looked at every one of their faces. They all seemed to be thinking something different. She realized it was true what Sasuke had said, but she'd rather they all be attacked together than be safe separately. She thought about saying that, but ultimately decided tto keep quiet. She sat down

L: Let's just worry about that when it happens

Alex sat down next to Lana. He shrugged slightly when she unexpectedly rested her head on his shoulder, but then warmed up to it and put his arm around her. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. They finally reached the Desert Station, the last stop before the Capital. They got off the train looking a little worried, half expecting demon soldiers to be waiting for them outside. Thankfully, there was nothing. No soldiers, and no people either. Apparently, the station was not used much anymore. They left the station and heard the train ride off into the distance behind them. They were now in the middle of the desert, and it was very hot. They looked ahead at the dusty beaten path that would lead them to the Registry building

L: Well, let's go. My truth awaits me

Mar 12, 04 at 1:50am
Angelic Requiem

The smile on Sasuke's face had disappeared shortly there after however. He was worried about Eric and Alex but at the same time he had hoped they not been on the same train, just the same destination. Why, you ask?

Sa: ......
Al: What's wrong sasuke, aren't you glad to see us?
Sa: Partially yes, mostly no

Everyone turned to look at Sasuke, anger and confusion also partial shock on their faces.

La: And why the hell not!?
Ae: Yea what the hell is wrong with you?

Eric just stood there almost grinning.

Er: Glad I'm not the only one to see whose worried about that
Al: About what?
Sa: That we're technically back where we started, only different in the 'where' and 'when'.
Er: Weren't we also all together on the last train we were on? What happens if we're attacked again?

Mar 11, 04 at 3:46am

Alex kept the car steady, and Eric made it up the train.
Al: I think you might be as crazy as me!
Er: You'd better hurry...
Al: Right

Alex stood up, keeping his balence. He then leeped towards the ladder, grasping it for dear life, He then climbed it slowly, the car left behind them as the train sped ahead.

Al: lets find the other guys
Alex was a little out of breath.
Al: to tell the truth, never done that before...

Eric was already climbing down the ladder to the train car, Alex followed. In the cart where three faces Alex had seen before, they seemed to all be laughing over something. Alex snuck up quitly behind Lana and tapped her on the shoulder.

La: Wha- Who?
She turned around, a smile on her face when she realized who it was.
Al: Made It....Man we seem to find trains alot....
Sa: Heh, Thought we'd lost ya'
La: We were worried....
Al: We where fine, just slowed down, huh Eric?
Everyone was wearing a smile, but Eric.......

Mar 10, 04 at 9:57am
Dark Destroyer 17

Eric looked around for a minute, scanning the empty train station for some sort of transport, he then stopped for a second and glanced over at an old couple getting out of a small converitable sports car, they were obviously well off, they shuffled slowly over to the station to buy a ticket. Eric smiled and started walking over to the car, trying to keep his pace to a normal speed, so he didn't look out of place, the whole time Alex was looking around still, seeming oblivious to what Eric had planned.

Eric hopped over the door into the drivers seat since the top was down and started the engine quickly, the key was kindly left in the ignition, at this Eric almost laughed

Eric: "How kind of them, nice to see people are still in the mood of giving even if it is nowhere near christmas"

Eric glanced over at Alex who for some reason seemed to be day dreaming, Eric whistled sharply at Alex staring at him angrily

Eric: "Hey! This is no time to be day dreaming, now get in!"

Alex: "I was not day dr...." Alex was quickly cut off

Eric: "Get it!"

Alex stared at Eric for a second then ran over to the car and hopped into the passenger side as Eric pulled away and sped away after the train at over 100mph. Alex was thrown about in his seat for second as he quickly buckled his belt

Alex: "Crap! Where did you learn to drive?!"

Eric: "I'm not trying to pass my driving test, i'm trying to catch that train and get away from the trackers"

Eric drove for at least an hour at over a hundred miles an hour on the dessert road next to the track as the train came into sight. Eric looked behind him to a little area behind his chair and found a heavy jewelry box which he used to tie onto the accelerator with some tape he had round his wrists. He then drove the car up just beside the train so that the passenger side was nearest the train

Alex: "You think we're going to jump on that?!"

Eric: "I don't think we're going to do anything"

Eric then stepped across Alex, put his foot onto the top of the door and launched himself at the train, grabbing a step with one hand as the car started driving off to one side

Alex: "Hey! What about me?!"

Eric: "What about you?"

Eric kept trying to pull himself up the ladder, trying to get a grip of it with the other hand as the car kept on driving off away from the train. Alex leaned over quickly and grabbed the wheel steering it back toward the train as Eric finally got a hold of the ladder with his other hand and started climbing the ladder slowly

Mar 9, 04 at 9:24pm

Eric and Alex moved swiftly threw the trees, The guards seemed rather stupid, never looking up. Before long they reached the end of the thick trees, the train station was finally found.
Al: Bought' time, huh?
Er: now we gota catch the train....

Alex looked at a sign on the wall next to him, which said the trains times.Alex stared for a moment, and walked to the tracks, staring down them.
Al: We...We missed the train!!!
Er: I knew you where to slow...
Al: Wanna fight? Nevermind, now what? Catch the next one? How fast you run?
Er: we cant run, But we might be able to find a car somewhere here...
Al: Your driving

Mar 9, 04 at 8:25pm

The train came rolling to a stop.The only ones at the stop were Lana, Sasuke, and Aero.

Sasuke: "Hey.Lana...we can't wait for them, they'll be okay."
Lana: "Yeah."

The boarded one of the train cars and the train rolled away.

They occupied an emtpy train car all to the themselves.

They all sat down apart from each other, tired and out of breathe.

Silence ensued again.


Lana looked over at Aero who was tapping his foot.
He looked up at Lana with a weirdest face he could make.

Lana burst out into laughter at this.It was so random that Sasuke, who wasn't paying attention at all, fell over at the sudden burst of laughter.

Aero: "Well...that was definetly better than silence."
Sasuke: "If you didn't do anything I was going to start singing."
Lana: "Oh please don't!!"

They all started laughing.After a minute they stopped, but still in better spirits.

Aero: "Lana, they would have down the same if we were the ones still running."
Lana: "Yeah, I know."

They stared at each other for a minute or so in silence.

Mar 9, 04 at 12:16am

Er: You moron!!!
Al: Ouch, I didnt mean to....
Alex had tripped on a tree root, mkaing alot of noise, and the 2 heard the hunters racing towards where they where.Eric looked up at the trees, thinking quickly.
Er: We can hide up there, if worse come we could fight....
alex was a step ahead of him already up in the tree, waiting for Eric.
Er: Here we go...

Alex and Eric jump from tree to tre, making as little sound as they could, They could here the soilders below, seaching.

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