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Jul 20, 03 at 11:59pmAnt0n

Who has the worldrecord? What finish time?

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Dec 23, 14 at 5:25pm

Psychedelicsnake on YouTube did it in 1 hour 38 secs Aug 8th, 2014

Apr 7, 14 at 9:55am

All very good times, but my record for Leon A was 1hr 03 minutes, and Claire B in 57 minutes.

Back in 2002. (PS1) I still have the screen shots somewhere.

Feb 4, 14 at 6:26am
i x

I've only got the GC version so I'm not sure how my runs compare to the others, but my recent time was 1:10:36 Leon A.
A run which consists of never using a chest or saving.
Mainly to break it down I did make mistakes and could probably even shave off minutes.
Oddly I did this run last night when I was drunk lol, beating my previous time of 1:11:42.
Sorry I'm not even sure how to post images let me know how and I have no problem doing so, as I have the pictures on this phone of the end game times.

Oct 18, 13 at 1:59pm
Nitt Darko

Hey guys, just wanted to get my video out there but a short time ago I beat the PAL world record for Claire B, as you may or not know the NTSC and PAL versions are completely different in terms of game mechanics, one example is that the NTSC characters run about 50% faster than the PAL versions (which you will be able to tell in my video )

So being from England, I only have the PAL version to play with but hope everyone enjoys watching claire move like a snail and if any of you read the gamers Guinness world record book you'll find my name

w w w. youtube. com /watch?v=Bup9_YKimjU

Jul 30, 13 at 2:59pm

Alright this is my world record back when I played it when I was 14 for the n64 version. Game was amazing and I could play it EVERYDAY always do a run either leon B Mainly A Claire A and B few times out of the week. My best time Since I knew all the codes the perfect way to go I could skip a whole part to get into the armory to get the machine gun and ammo there.... I remember every code for everything on each sides I Know my best time was 55 mins on n64 version. I don't know if thats a world record but, One of these days I'm gonna have to get an n64 and do some runs over and over i know thats the only way to get good. Thanks. Once again 55mins for n64 and, Would never heal no herb or spray no hits neither could remember doing it flawlessely but its been so long, never Save, (Was that confident I could beat the game without a save)

Jul 7, 13 at 6:45am
elijah the great

My time is 1hr 42.54 minuts still fun to play though

Aug 3, 12 at 2:17am
william vzla

does anybody belive what you are saying.. you have to put a foto or many fotos to corroborate that all u.. are telling the truth.. if u do it in a record time. you have to put a photo... couse in a other way nobody is going to belive what you say

May 11, 12 at 1:06am

My fastest time is 1:01:54 (Leon, scenario A on Hard difficulty) skipping all cut scenes, door animations, and using the Infinite Ammunition code on the NTSC version of Resident Evil 2 Platinum on PC. I don't have it recorded, so I hold no judgement against those who call me a liar.

This was after many, many play throughs trying to achieve the rumored S ranking. Needless to say I never found their to be any better ranking than A on the NTSC versions of Resident Evil 2.

Apr 14, 12 at 2:48pm

That's really impressive given that you had to waste time killing Brad and a bit more entering the otherwise unused save room just to change your costume over.
Did you just dodge the two otherwise redundant zombies that lurk in that stairwell or kill them?

Your run must have been amazing taking into account the 2mins+ you wasted on Brad and changing.

Seriously good job.

Mar 8, 12 at 7:40pm
Tiko The Master

quote 19Duke84
That would actually be me.

Although twingalaxies still needs to update it (it's been months) you can check out it here...

The time is from the psx version...if you're not using the psx version then you cannot accurately compare times (PC and GC versions have faster loading times and will give you much faster finishing times).

For Leon A the "record" is 1hr and 14min 57sec using the rocket launcher (I have beaten it since): the fastest times possible would probably be 1:13 with the launcher. Fairly I've done approx 1hr 16min and 30sec however with a few new tricks up my sleeve I should go under 1:16. Knife only I've done 1hr 35min and 19sec...I may be able to go under 1:30.
sorry dude but the best time its mine muahhahah 1h14m09s normal mode no bazuca no special weapons only the alternate clothes :-D

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