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Oct 25, 01 at 9:36pmJM

Ok, we all know about the Zodiac bosses right? Well, I was thinking, what if the other stones became Lucavi? After all, Aries turned Wiegraf into Velius and there was Zalera, Adramelk and Hashmalum. Using the imagination here, what do you think the other Zodiac monsters would be. Any ideas??
For instance: Sagittarius (spelling?)
It would be some type of centaur that has long range attacks due to his magic bow.

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Mar 5, 12 at 10:58pm

hi guys maye i join in on the conversation:)[div align=center][/div]

Jul 10, 03 at 10:01am

Alright, I´ll do Cancer... but I´ll wait until I get home, so you can do Libra or something and then I´ll do Cancer when I get back home. Hmm... I´ll need to think of a name for that thing that makes one´s strength their weakness...

Jul 9, 03 at 8:15pm

It's an ability, as well as a link that leads straight to the "Create an Ability" thread and the exact post that defines what the ability does (also created by yours truly). Take a look whenever you get a chance.

Would you like to take care of the next, Noel? Just so you have some history behind Cancer, if you wish to do it, it was a crab sent to exploit Akiles (not sure how to spell that), so it should have some sort of an attack that might turn one's strength into their very weakness, which could be very dangerous.
Libra's mine!

Jul 9, 03 at 7:55pm

Hey, that´s pretty cool. Just one question... what´s that Centuar you got underlined? Is it an ability, if it is... what does it do?

Jul 8, 03 at 12:43am

.:| 10 PAGE BUMP |:.

I believe this thread was very good and deserves to see the light of day again.

As should have been done long ago, here is the Saggitarius Zodiac Brave:

.: Zepphaus: the tainted hunter :.
4800-5300 HP
1100 MP

Bio 2
Bio 3
Holy Bracelet*

Brave Up

Equip Longbow

Ignore Height

The Saggitarius stone can be used by Balk during your second battle. You must have kept Reis as a dragon (in other words, never retrieved the Cancer stone) and have her in your party during the battle. Balk will reveal that he has been searching for such a magnificent creature for his entire life, and do his best to keep her alive (not even the other enemy units will attack her). When at the brink of defeat, he will do one of two things, depending on his position: 1. If he's next to Reis, which he'll attempt to do the entire battle, then he'll grasp onto her with his final ounce of strength and reveal the Saggitarius stone. When it activates, he will still be holding Reis, and both will be engulfed by the glow. All other enemy units die, and Balk and Reis will emerge as Zepphaus. Balk's upper-body rests upon Reis's body. He is wearing his robe, still, and the front hangs over Reis. The back flows behind him, held up by the wings that have formed from his back. His head is disfigured and resembles an ultima demon. His arms are enlongated and are of a sanguine tone, with large hands grasping a Toxin Bow. He has the extra ability "Holy Bracelet", which he inherited from Reis. He will also have 5300 HP.
2. He will fall down, as if to die, and activate the stone. The other enemy units remain, if still alive, and he emerges as a disfigured Ultima demon with a bow. His upper body is the same as described above, and his legs are that of an Ultima demon. He will not have the "Holy Bracelet" ability, and will only have 4800 HP.
After defeating either form, you will earn the Saggitarius stone, and, if defeating his Reis-merged form, you will also earn Reis back, with the Bio and Bio 2 abilities!

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Oct 19, 02 at 1:42am

Yea yea, whatever, I don't waste my time with all that astrological stuff because, 1. it's too confusing, and 2. I don't really care what my horoscope ever says and what each symbol is like because nothing in horoscopes ever really happen and I'm not like what they say most Sagitarrians are like. And I think Tauros with an 'O' looks better then with a 'U'.

Oct 18, 02 at 3:13am

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... a slight spelling error. I made sure I got it right in the later posts. Not like you've got a perfect spelling and grammer record either, my friend...
And the astrology expert I am, I can't be expected to spell all the names out perfectly. I mean, look at Oblivion and his PIECES! Then there's Tauros, which should be Taurus... ::Writes Oblivion's name in the scriptures::

Oh, and for good measure, it's OreoKiddo... with a capital K. Ok?
I'm intruiged about this 'book'...

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