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May 06, 14 at 5:27pmRabidChinaGirl

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Aug 09, 14 at 2:51am

As Australia hates Sex, Drug References/Use and Extreme Violence in video games as they automatically assume every kiddie will get it and have no faith in the parental abilities of its citizens whatsoever.

Aug 09, 14 at 2:49am

My guess is the Aussie version will have ALL the sex removed as well as the execution moves.

May 14, 14 at 9:32am

Can I turn off notifications about this article?

May 14, 14 at 9:27am

quote RabidChinaGirl
As I understand it, the atrocities committed under Hitler are heavily taught in schools. Not sure what the exact reasoning behind the media censorship might be.
Gregske: Wrong. My wife is German and they teach the minimum amount about the wars.

May 14, 14 at 9:26am

quote Yay4sean
quote Heartlesswithaheart
Silly Germany, ignoring the bad parts of your past doesn't make it go away.
I believe they teach it pretty heavily in high school in Germany, so I don't think that's quite right. In fact, they might even receive the best education in the WW2 department.
Gregske: Wrong. My wife is German and they teach the minimum amount about the wars.

May 14, 14 at 9:24am

quote Eagleon
An entry on the Bethesda Blog reads: "A violation may result in confiscation of the Game, a high financial penalty or up to three years in prison. Any person involved and/or responsible for such violation may be prosecuted and sentenced, including officers and employees of companies involved."
Wow, never thought Bethesda would go to such lengths to promote censorship. I completely understand that the issue is a sensitive one in Germany, but this is going way too far. Why are they even making the game if they think it's worthy of imprisonment to acquire, in -any- country?
Gregske:Fair question. However if you read it properly it is only against the law to have the uncut version imported. It will be readily available to buy in shops in Germany on release date for the modified version, thus not infringing the laws, thus no crime committed.

May 14, 14 at 9:21am

quote fwhaakon
The thing is this one. Bringing up fresh minds with the idea of what has been done wrong requires to talk and to display it. Else in a nation wide enviroment you cannot control which use will be made of it, and if you put down forcefully and clear that this is not going to happen again will make you not forget what you have been taught in school.
As an Italian that lives in Germany sincerely seeing how they fight against it convinces me more that these rules that they have are really good. Still it makes me sad when I hear that lots of Germans are ashamed to say that they are "Proud to be German" they have a great country and they deserve to be proud of it (Just not of that particular black moment).

Sorry for the wall of words!
Gregske: Well said my friend

May 14, 14 at 9:11am

Okay I would like to clarify something here. I am English but live in Hamburg, my wife is German. The schools teach barely anything about the world wars. Just that it happened. So the stereotypical opinion some of you narrow minded idiots post about the aforementioned subject shows how little you know and just show how uneducated you actually are. If the things you say such as that are anything but fact, just don't say it. And second of all it is a minor issue. I spoke to someone in great length about it and the country just wants to forget about it. I mean everyone digs at Germany but no one mentions what a barbaric race us English were in the past. I think it is a reasonable compromise, by the German government to allow this game with two minor changes. Also, why do you even care. If you are not in Germany what differences does it make. I mean for goodness sake, China is only just getting consoles legally. Now that is restriction. I for one am getting the game. The censored version admittedly, but I won't lose sleep because the game says regime instead. In fact, I think that sounds cooler. Lol.

May 07, 14 at 12:58pm

quote Noraf45
quote RabidChinaGirl
As I understand it, the atrocities committed under Hitler are heavily taught in schools. Not sure what the exact reasoning behind the media censorship might be.
It could be to avoid having Nazis portrayed in a favorable light or used as a recruitment tool. I think they do teach it in schools but they realize it was a shameful and dark time in their history and want to make sure that it's only taught as such.
I think I did hear that before, yeah.

May 07, 14 at 12:09pm

Well, I learned some new stuff. Thanks, everyone. Even though this attitude towards killing nazis in games raises even more questions, my guess is that it's because they're still technically Germans. Combine that with Germany's already...iffy censorship, it sounds plausible enough.

To Eagleon: I'm pretty sure the issue is with Germany, not Bethesda. Germany is pretty sensitive about violence altogether in video games, to the point where it's been mocked due to how silly it seems to some countries.

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