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Feb 27, 14 at 3:24amRabla


- Kagerou Days the Animation -

"Shintaro Kisaragi, a HikiNEET who shut himself inside his room for 2 years, had been living his life normally until he met a cyber girl named Ene, who appeared in his computer screen when someone anonymously sent him a mysterious e-mail one year ago. One day, Ene messes with Shintaro's PC which causes him to go outside for the first time in two years."

Episodes: 12
OP Theme: 'daze' by Jin feat. GARNiDELiA
ED Theme: 'days' by Jin feat. Lia

Based on the super popular Kagerou Project franchise, started by Jin using Vocaloids to tell a story through song, and then picked up into a Manga series and Novel series. It's gathered quite a huge following throughout Japan and the world, making it one of the most recent huge new IP successes in this Anime-media industry.

The anime will be done by the beloved Studio SHAFT, and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo himself. Jin, the original creator, will be supervising the script and world lore.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it's a Supernatural modern-world story based around a group of people who have developed strange abilities. To become unnoticable, to attract all attention, to force stillness, to decieve other's visions. People who have learnt to control these mysterious powers have formed a group called the Mekakushi Dan. There are forces are work against them, and a darker side yet to be explored.

Character PVs

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Jun 10, 14 at 6:47am

Jun 7, 14 at 8:02am

Rabla, Actually more or less (Should've specified), My question was about the actors part.

Jun 7, 14 at 4:02am

quote pokemaniac_Y
Quick question, why's it called Mekaku City Actors?
Because its all named like that

Mekaku City Days and Mekaku City Records were the albums, plus the special Mekaku City V's CD, and the Mekaku City Live concert they had...

And the name of the group in-series is Mekakushi Dan, Mekaku City being a play off that.

Jun 3, 14 at 8:42pm
Maximus 3

Cause it means 'Blindfold City Actors.'


Jun 3, 14 at 5:57am

Quick question, why's it called Mekaku City Actors?

May 29, 14 at 7:46pm

Have the full OP and PV.

May 27, 14 at 10:26am

Awesomecake, Oh yeah, I know that game but I never played it so no idea still and

May 27, 14 at 6:53am

pokemaniac_Y Oh, well TWEWY is a game for the DS. it stands for The World Ends With You

May 27, 14 at 5:38am

Awesomecake, 1. I meant the guys here, they're talking about some TWEWA thing? 2. You mean to tell me you call what happened to Haruka scientific, if that's science I'll eat his headphones.

May 26, 14 at 7:55pm

quote pokemaniac_Y
I'm the only one that doesn't get what the hell these people are talking about.

Thats why they have subtitles *badum tss*

lol uhh I can get a little lost too. I don't really get some of the weirder music sections. Supposedly they have a lot of symbolic value, but I've yet to decode it. I hear that reading the light novels and watching the original music videos helps though.

i'm hoping that it'll all come together by the end without having to have looked at the source material though. Which looks like it will happen based on the most recent episode

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