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Aug 28, 06 at 2:25pm

WARNING: All links below will take you to the Xbox Morrowind version yet these links have great information in them

Aiming/Attacking For those having a hard time engaging the enemy.

Armor and Weapon LocationsBy shadowj

Armor Rating

Arrow and Bolt Stats, Best Arrows and their Location New!

Attribute Limits...Intelligence

Attribute Multiplier, How Multiplier Works

Azura's Star Location, Discussion

Beginner Help New!

Birthsign Discussion

Blades Quest/Main Quest: Vivec Informants

Book Locations

Book Skill Boost by Category A coordinated work by Shadowj, Raziel and Bladinfreak.

Books Online A non-Neoseeker site

Book Synapsis linked to book onlineHas a short synapsis to most of the books along with link to the entire book online. A non-NeoSeeker Site.

Book Thread. Now includes skill boosts info.

Boots of Blinding Speed (BOBS)

Bound Weapon Glitch

Bound Weapon Info and Discussion

Building Custom Classes - credit to Jeanius for his hard work NEW! 18th July

Chameleon Enchanting/Spell/Item Tips

Cheats Thread.

Chitin Armor...Origin and Discussion

Chrysamere Location

Cosades Money Glitch Tip by calcutta

Constant Effect Enchanting

Crazy Batou and Gnoris the Maggot King Info

Creeper Merchant Location

Cuirass of the Savior's Hide Location

Cure for Morrowind sleepersfound by Scribgod

Daedric Translation Aid Courtesy of shadowj

Daedric Pauldrons Without Killing Fyr Check post by Dommsday

Daedric Shrine Quest Info By Raziel1024

Double Item Glitch Courtesy of Necros.

Downloadable Map Non-NeoSeeker Site with inactive map which can be downloaded.

Dragonbone Cuirass

Drain Skill Trick to Level Up, Another Version of the Drain Skill to Level Up Trick

Dremora and Dremora Lord Location

Duplicating Arrows..including Daedric New!

Duplication Trick Provided by JchenNY13.

Dwemer Guide A great unofficial guide about the Dwemer. A non-NeoSeeker site.

Dwemer Puzzle Box Location

Easter Eggs Discussion of things found in Morrowind which relates to history, movies, etc.

Easy Glass Armor and Daedric Claymore for Beginners

Easy Money Tip by Saracen1

Effects of Beverages Courtesy of Wizardofnil.

Eleidon's Ward/Ibar-Dad Tomb

Elton Brand

Enchanting Made Easy Tip provided by C A Monash

Enchanting Tips Link courtesy of JchenNY13. A non-NeoSeeker site.

Enchant Skill Leveling Tip provided by HollowOne

Faction Advancement

Faction Info

Fame Rating

Fast Cash Tip by Bamday.

Fatigue Questions

Fighter's Guild/Hrundi/Eggs of Gold

Fighting Techniques Tips provided by DG

Fortify Skill Spell

Free Stuff from Merchant Glitch Tip by Necros

Getting Started Help Thread

Getting Started Help Thread 2

Guild Faction dispositions - provided by Dolphingirl(links to GOTY forum)

Great Houses Info

Grotto Locations

Help with Telvanni Stronghold/Two Strong Souls

Hlaalu House
Hlaalu House Construction Contract Location
House Hlaalu Grandmaster Glitch
Hlaalu House Hortator
Hlaalu House Land Deed
Hlaalu House Quest Givers
Hlaalu House Vault Location, Vault Key Location
Orvas Dren Location
Sudanit Mine Quest
Alchemical Formulae Quest

How To Finish Main Quest By Using A Backdoor

How to get TWO Wraithguards

How to Make Lots Of Money

How to Open the Door to Ur's Citadel

How to Reduce Getting Attacked

Imperial Cult/Lalatia Varian/Skull Crusher

Imperial Cult/Lalatia Varian/Ring of the Wind

Imperial Cult/Wulf How to meet him, what you get, and who he is.

Imperial Guard Discussion

Imperial Legion Quest/Imsin The Dreamer/Recover Ilmeni Dren's Embroidered Glove

Imperial Legion Quest/Radd Hard-Heart/Rescue Dandsa

Imperial Legion Quest/Varus Vantinius/Lord's Mail

Join Two Houses In The Same Game

Keening and Sunder Stats, Location, How to Equip Them, How to Get Wraithguard, and Links to Getting and Activating the Inactive Wraithguard and the Equipping Sunder and Keening Without Having a Wraithguard New!

Keening Location

Keeping in Touch with Other Morrowinders Feel all alone? Need to talk? You have a friend

Leveling Up Beyond Normal

Levitation, Making Enchantment

Links to Oblivion Forums

Location of Gentleman Jim Stacy

Location Help This thread is for help finding towns, shrines, caves, etc when everything else fails.

Locations of Grand Soul Gems

Locations of Items

Mages Guild/Ajira/Fake Soul Gem

Mages Guild/Ajira/Stolen Reports

Mages Guild/Skink/Galur Rithari's Papers

Magical Aids to Thievery Tips provided by C A Monash

Main Quest/Sul-Matuul/Cavern of the Incarnate

Main Quest/Sul-Matuul/House Dagoth Cup

Main Quest/Sul-Matuul/Urshilaku Burial Caverns

Main Quest WalkthroughsLink courtesy of JchenNY13. A non-NeoSeeker site.

M'Aiq The Liar

Maps, Maps cont'd

Maps to Download Stand alone maps which do not need the PC version of the game. Great for X-Box version users. New!

Master Trainer Locations Courtesy of djlaunius.

Matrix Effect in Morrowind

Medium Armor, Best Ensemble Tip found and provided by JchenNY13

Mer Discussion, Different Mer and their Name Meaning

Merchant Buying Trick

Merchant With Most Money, Location, and Money Change Trick New!

Misc Quest Info All you need to know about Misc quests. Thread by Bladinfreak. Still under construction.

Misc Quest/Miun-Gei/Annoying Fool/The Lusty Argonian Maid

Misc Quest/Rasha/Delivering a Load of Shirt(Oath of Zenithar), Another Discussion

Molag Bal Quest/Location of Kora-Dur New!

Morag Tong/Eno Hlaalu/Special Duties/Movis Darys

Morag Tong/Eno Hlaalu/Threads of the Webspinner/Sanguine Quest, Discussion

Morag Tong/Grandmaster Writ's/Problem Solving Courtesy of JchenNY13., Discussion about Grandmaster Writ Problem

Morrowind God Discussion

Morrowind History Discussions
Dagoth Ur

Morrowind Info Links Courtesy of Necros.

Morrowind Info Site Link courtesy of shadowj. A non-NeoSeeker site. updated

Morrowind Info Site #3 new a non-neoseeker site

Morrowind Interactive Map Link courtesy of JchenNY13. Just type in destination in the search box. A non-NeoSeeker site.updated

Morrowind Spell Locations 29/10/05 - link changed Link courtesy of JchenNY13. A non-NeoSeeker site.

Morrowind TreasuryA nice non-NeoSeeker site with a lot of info. Link courtesy of shadowj.

NeoMorrowind-A Role Playing Thread 1

NeoMorrowind-A Role Playing Thread 2

NeoMorrowind-A Role Playing Thread 3

NeoMorrowind-A Role Playing Thread 4

NeoMorrowind-A Role Playing Thread 5

New Character Suggestions

New Character Suggestions on Mages/Magic Discussion and links. New!

Nice way of getting into the Hlaalu VaultsProvided by Zexx12

Overflow Loot Bags, More Discussion


Pop Je, the Truth and Facts Tip provided by Necros

Problem getting Skink's Quests/Can I still become Archmage? New!

Quarra Clan/Magical Amulets

Redoran House
Redoran House Hortator
Redoran House Vault Location, Key to Vault

Redoran Quest/Athyn Sarethi/Locked up Maid in Tel Fyr aka Mad Mandas of Milk

Reputation discussion

Sanguine Items Location Courtesy of Chibon and JoeyBoy313.

Secret Library Location

Selling Expensive Weapons using Change Trick New!

Shields, Weapons, & Armor Discussion

Shrine of Azura/Azura's Star

Shrine of Boethiah, More info on GoldBrand

Slave Info

Solving the Storage Problem

Soultrap Master Guide New!

Soul Trapping

Soul Gem Merchants Tip provided by EmperiorBob

Spellbreaker Shield

Starter's Guide Tips provided by Last along with discussion.

Strength Increase Pointers

Strongholds Continue stronghold discussion here.
Other useful stronghold links:
Help, Deeds, Dancers, Help, Imperial, Gems, Rotheran, Murder

Super Cheat Beginnings Tip provided by TripleDragonEye

Super Glitch Provided by Tryin2blikem which enabled glitched form of army making, enhancing attributes, and making spells permanent., Super Stats for Dummies Explanation by calcutta

Super Stats GlitchTip provided by TripleDragonEye

Surviving Bounties for Beginners Tips by C A Monash with accompanying discussion.

Sword of Fury Solution Courtesy of JchenNY13.

Talking Crab Merchant Maps Courtesy of Chibon. Update: pictures have gone down! will speak to Chibon about this

Tamriel Gods A Non-NeoSeeker site.

Technical Problems Continue technical game problems (lockups, save problems/bugs discussions here.
More closed bug problem/experiences.

Telvanni House
Telvanni House Hortator
Telvanni House Quest Givers
Telvanni House Vault Location, Telvanni House Vault Key Location
Telvanni House directions - courtesy of Lady Ameilia

Telvanni/Felisa Ulessen/Slave Rebellion New!

Telvanni Magister Problem, Another link

Temple and Shrine Blessings

The Truth About Nerevar and the Battle of Red Mountain

Thieves Guild/Aengoth the Jeweler/Darts of Judgement

Thieves Guild/Big Helende/Get Dispel Recipe

Thieves Guild/Big Helenda/Protect Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub

Thieves Guild/Gentleman Jim Stacy/Bal Molagmer/Return Hlervu Locket

Thieves Guild/Gentleman Jim Stacy/Search for Nads Tharen

Thieves Guild/Problems Joiningnew!many possibilites in this thread so don't take just one, bug found by Krantos

Thieves Guild/Sugar-Lips Habasi/Get Vintage Brandy from Hlaalo Manor

Thieves Guild/Sugar-Lips Habasi/Get Nerano Manor Key

Things Not To Do In Morrowind

Tips for Newbies

Tribunal Temple/Endryn Llethan/Holy Woman with Divine Disease

Tribunal Temple/Puzzle Canal: The Shrine of Courtesy Quest

Tribunal Temple Quest/Tharer Rotheloth/Pilgrimage and Riddles at Mount Kand

Twin Lamps

Ultimate Unlocking Amulet

Using Keening and Sunder without Wraithguard Tip provided by Necros.

Vampire Info which includes how to become a vamp, locations of clans, and how to be cured., More Info

Vampire Misc Quest Locations

Vvardenfell Dictionary A non-Neoseeker Site

Weapon Cheat Glitch

Weapons/Ebony & Glass/Easy Access

Weapons for Beginners

Where to Find it Site Link courtesy of shadowj. A non-NeoSeeker site.

Where to Join House Hlaalu

White Guar Location

Feb 28, 03 at 11:09pm

Since we are phasing out the help threads. I decided to make a help link thread.
I got this idea from "Intergalacticvandal" from the X-box forum. I'm currently helping him with the on in the Morrowind X-box forum. So I'll start with the most commonly asked questions. I'm linking the locations I made that are hard to find.
Feel free to contribute. However please follow the rules and refrain from making outside links to other sites or forums.
I feel that this will be much faster and easier for us all.
Note: This is not a help thread so please do not post any questions in this thread.

Threads of the web spinner/Sanguine Artifacts

In case you accidently kill the talking mud crab

The seceret trainers and their locations

Attribute and Add item cheats

Shara world and local location

Dwemer Puzzle Box

Deleting Spells

Force-Joining Guilds

How to Kill Umbra

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