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Dec 27, 13 at 1:10pmOvalSeller

Been playing since the first epics came out. I am in a top 5 guild and looking to sell up. Armors include:

Aegis of Sky Majesty (max)
Kerstmans Shroud (max)
Blazestone Mantle (max)
Maelstrom Irons (max)
Soulshard Necromantle (max)
Tectonic Mantle (max)
Armor of the Devoted (max)
Blazeborne Vanguard (max)
Moontide Mantle (max)
Aegis of the Dragon + (max)

Also have a few unlevelled maelstrom, blaze and moon as well as many other maxed legendaries.
Have 12 gold training fields and will also be getting the latest war epic Bronze Chromatic Mantle.
Also have 25 boost armors ready for use.

Looking to sell relatively cheap but have spent nearly $2000 on my account. PM me for details

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May 31, 15 at 6:56am
Elite A5sas5in2

quote OvalSeller
Still looking for a buyer. Had a few offers now but looking for 400-500 ideally.
Anyone close to that can have it
I will trade my account for your account

Lvl 1000
78million gold
38thousand gems
Guild master
Always getting bronze medal in guild war

753 armours no armours below epic only epics and dragonforged

All areas of the map unlocked

Max elements in guild
Max lvl

200 dark prince keys
200 enhanced chest keys
No silver keys

Top in arena

All buildings are tier 3
Add me on line id is lvl1000

Spent over $40,000

Jan 5, 15 at 7:35am

Is the account still up for sale? And where can I see Pics of the armors?

Jan 3, 15 at 12:10pm
David Santiago

I will pay $300.00 or we can talk all more depending on the other armors

Nov 30, 14 at 4:18pm

I'm selling strong account for android with 70 epic and 500 gems I accept good offers serious people 6 plus epic
you can contact me LINE killer2702 I accept PAYPAL only

Nov 23, 14 at 5:56am


I'm giving you opportunity to get the most amazing account in Knights & Dragons. It's very important to me and it has sentimental value for me. I've been working on it for 15 months to create something unique. Been in many TOP guilds so I'm very known person. I'm not trying to tell you it's like one of DK account but I'd say it's TOP account. Unfortunetly I have to leave the game and I've decided to transfer (by selling of course) this to one of you, interested people. Let's start from details.

Some informations about account:

- Level 203 (still growing up)
- Full expanded castle with maxed Training Fields and 2 maxed Armorsmiths
- Access to TOP guilds, not blacklisted, always above the minimum requirement
- Professional list of friends from TOP guilds
- 25 millions GOLD


- Black Chromatic Mantle (New WAR armor comming soon on Saturday)
- Dragonkin Platemail (Best Water/Earth WAR armor, most expensive WAR ever)
- Bonesaw Carapace (Best Fire/Spirit WAR defense armor)
- Odin's Call+ (Earth mono epic, plus version rocks)
- Ashenfire Robes (Best Fire/Earth armor)
- Firestorm Vanguard x3(!) (Best Fire/Air armor, 3 of them, that's an army!)
- Armor of the Peacock (Best Air/Water, tank)
- Earthwarden's Shroud x2 (Earth/Spirit)
- Ravage Shieldplate (Fire/Earth)
- Ronan StarRobes (Air mono epic)
- Revelation Robes (Spirit/Water WAR armor)
- Stormwatch Rainment (Water mono WAR epic)
- Hellfire Platemail (Fire/Spirit WAR epic)
- Odin's Call (Earth mono epic)
- Armor of the Komodo (Earth mono)
- Centurion Aegis (Water mono)
- Chaos Vanguard (Spirit mono)
- Blazestone Mantle (Fire/Water WAR epic)
- Sandstorm Platemail (Earth/Air)
- Druidic Platemail (Spirit/Earth)
- Beastmaster Battlegear (Spirit/Air)
- Armor of the Devoted (Spirit mono)
- + some maxed EB+ armors just in case

So you see, it's a LOAD of epics, some unique and well-earned. I spent lots of money, effort and patience to achieved what I currently have. You are able to beat ANYONE, even the best GMs. Epic bosses, raids, wars, arena, heroic mode isn't a problem now for you with this excellent account.

My price: 300$ or 250 euro, imagine what's that low price compared to what I've spent to get these all things. For 100$ you MIGHT get one war epic on sale if lucky of course. For my price you'll get 25 amazing epics including the most wanted WAR epics. Hope I explained it to you and now you know that's the right offer. Cheap as hell!

My LINE ID: sanctified93

SAFE TRANSACTION, cash = account. Payment via PAYPAL. (I got feedbacks from last 2 guys whom I sold K&D accounts so NO STRESS here, I'm the honest guy)

Aug 31, 14 at 12:16am
Looking to sell

Contact KnD-Brock

Aug 30, 14 at 11:50pm
Looking to sell

I'm looking to sell my iOS account
115 4 armorsmiths 1 maxed others level 2
All maxed training fields except for 1
Soulshard Necromantle+ 99
Earthwardens Shroud 99
Ravage Shieldplate 99
Maelstorm Irons 99
Centurion Aegis 63
Armor of the Komodo 65
Looking for about 200$ on iTunes money
Contact KnD_Brock on line if your interested

Jul 29, 14 at 8:38am

How much

Jul 28, 14 at 7:48pm
tyler giglio

I'm selling my knights and dragons account too. I have 6 epics and 3 of them are maxed out. If anyone is interested contact me on the line app. My name is whiplash1087

Jul 28, 14 at 7:42pm
tyler giglio

I wanna sell my knights and dragons account too. I have 6 epics and 3 of them are maxed. If anyone is interested contact me on the line app. My name is whiplash1087

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