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Nov 21, 13 at 7:46am
The Stinger

The writing as a whole could have improved a lot. Batman was really the only thing they got right on point. Joker was great in Asylum, up to the end when he became that monster movie reject. Had they just pretended that never happened when moving on to City, it wouldn't have been nearly as offensive.

In City, we get the whole "sick Joker" thing which I hated. I hate games that come out that feature a character that is for whatever reason not in normal top form. An episode of a show, sure. You watch it and its different next week. These games take literally years in between them.

A Batman and Robin teamup would be great but only if its done correctly. I have absolutely no desire to watch Batman be a complete and total asshat to anyone who tries to give him a hand because of his assholish "I don't need any help" attitude.

The scenes with he and Robin in City just really pissed me off. If they did it right and made it where Bruce wasn't such an arrogant douchebag and actually coordinated with Robin in a TRUE teamup, it could be awesome.

As mentioned, in the online game you get REALLY close to this. If you and a friend both draw Batman and Robin, and communicate with a mic, you can destroy people on those maps. Robin supporting Batman, or knowing that Batman is closeby and has your back allows you to do so many more fun things than if both players decide to lone wolf it. There's no reason that could not have been implemented in the single player campaign.

Perhaps when the "Arkham Games" have run their course, an actual Batman and Robin game will be created that fully utilizes both characters with a solid story.

Nov 20, 13 at 3:54pm
Red Robin....

You have a lot of good points. Robin is weak in the game and really has no value. Thats kind of what I was getting at. Robin like him or not, was and is an important part of the Batman story. The death of Jason Todd, the change of heart for Dick Grayson and finally the death of Bruce Wayne's own son. These are major parts of the Batman that feed his rage and need for justice. I just think that given some good writing and a little respect for the character he would have fit in the game better. Don't get me wrong Batman should be the focus of the game which he is. The Joker was treated with respect as well as the other characters but Robin was given a foot note and that I personally believe was wrong. I think that the character that actually took over for Batman for a time deserves to be as good as the effort they used on Batman.. I say give him some story, turn up the volume and make him the worthy partner that the Batman deserves.

Nov 19, 13 at 11:19am
The Stinger

Robin is meh.

The best and closest experience to having the real teamup of Batman and Robin is the online mode when the two players get selected to be the heroes and have to stop two rival gangs from killing each other.

I hated the Harley's Revenge DLC that starred Robin. He just is not interesting or fun to play as, and even in the online game he is markedly weaker than Batman. When I get the "R" that settles over my username I get a massive wave of disgust that washes over me. I normally spend the round doing nothing but placing scramblers on control points for big XP, because he's pretty worthless when it comes to takedowns without exposing yourself to threat.

Nov 19, 13 at 11:09am

quote Red Robin....
I know this is an origin game but would it not be that much better to have Robin join Batman as part of the plot? The first game left him out. The second game only added him as a player in down-loadable content and in trials. !!!!!!
Robin did had a part of the story in Arkham City, a little bit, it was Robin's job to take the blood from Batman for research and putt a stop to any blood that's recently shipped into Hospitals from being used, it's kinda an outside the main story....story, but it's part of the plot.

Which also results in a plottwist, since there were people effected, and the only guy that could make the cure was Freeze, and the only cure examples there was is the one Freeze destroyed, and the other one was used on Batman, so how did it go for the rest of the people that got infected?
Did they got cured, or left to die?

Nov 18, 13 at 7:01pm
Red Robin....

I love the new Batman Arkham Origins but what is it with the game creators... that they felt the need to give the spotlight to anyone other than Robin? I know this is an origin game but would it not be that much better to have Robin join Batman as part of the plot? The first game left him out. The second game only added him as a player in down-loadable content and in trials. The third just has him in multi-player? I don't know about you but I would love to play the whole game as Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin or even the new Red Hood. Why give the spotlight to a character such as Deathstroke? Maybe they just do not understand the popularity of the Robin character. Speaking as a life long fan of Batman, he is at his best when there is a Robin to mix things up. Why have a Batman game without all the needed elements. There is just one thing that keeps the Batman games from reaching perfection...that is the total lack of respect for the Robin character...Wanna make it better? How's about adding the 2nd half of the Batman legend... ROBIN!!!!!!

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