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Nov 17, 13 at 2:58pmAscii

I figured it would be interesting to hear Neo's answers to some of these questions so I decided to make a thread dedicated to the developer questions of the week. Every week I will post the next question and link to them here for all to discuss.

Most recent question: #56

They recently released question #47 on the 14th of this month. Here it is:

This is definitely a strange one to start things off with. I would take the staff just because it is the only item that seems to have much use if I were to run across any trouble on the way to the town.

As to what I think would happen, it could be an errand the well dressed man just couldn't be asked to do or... a trap. So either I get paid in some way or another or I get jumped. I would definitely be asking the well dressed man a lot of questions before going to the town. For all I know, it is a dead man's staff and the well dressed man is trying to frame me. The guards will recognize it and throw me in jail, letting the guilty party get away free.

Actually, the last scenario isn't very likely since they haven't included a justice system in the game yet. Anyways, what do you guys think?

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Feb 7, 14 at 10:31am

quote SkullFace
pause it at point 24 !

Feb 7, 14 at 5:09am

pause it at point 24 !

Feb 6, 14 at 6:12pm

I'm not sure if the annotation will be there when I post this since it is embedded but it has information about how to receive a beta key for the closed beta this Friday if you didn't receive one.

Jan 31, 14 at 12:28pm

Alright, the site seems to be working for me today, here we go!

Jan 25, 14 at 2:36pm

Alright, so when they announced they were taking a break on these for the new year I had no idea when they were picking up again. It looks like I missed the past 4 but I am unable to access them at this time. The site asks for my age every time I click a link and then redirects me back to the homepage.

Dec 19, 13 at 6:05pm

Alright, so I missed last week so here are the next two dev videos:

I would probably go with the ballista because they seem like they would be easier to aim than a catapult while also giving you more range than a ram. I'll be the guy trying to get head shots on single enemies with a ballista.

I prefer exploring dungeons over the other options. I am kind of saddened by how much PvP talk and news they are handing out with so little role playing, PvE, and other features that actually made the Elder Scrolls the great series that is today.

Dec 9, 13 at 2:48pm

this does bring us way back... i remember a spell i used regularly in morrowind which was definitely feather combined with either a strength or a jump buff, which basically allowed you to jump/fly almost half way across the map. it was really cool for exploring some hard to reach places. it was also just fun to tinker with different combinations of attack spells for varying effects. it was a really cool feature, but i certainly do not think a create your own spell system would work in an mmo. that said, some spell types id experiment with myself would be healing, evading, and escaping combinations for those moments when your khajit assassin has bitten off more than he can chew.

Dec 6, 13 at 4:31pm

Looks like they finally got around to releasing the next dev question!

This question brings me back to the Morrowind days when I would combine Soul Trap with just about every spell that I could to see if the Soul Trap Glitch would work with them.

If I had the ability to craft any spell or weapon technique, I would probably dabble in the Vampire skill line. Perhaps an ability or attack that allows you to go in for a delicious chomp at your enemies' throat. The accompanying passive spell would, upon landing a successful bite, give you some sort of buff(s) as you went into a blood thirsty rampage. Along with that, your vision would grow a faint red tint to it and the enemy you bit would have a thermal-like glow to emphasize the berserk state you are in. Though it could limit your view of others in the area, you would practically be locked on to your "victim".

That would hopefully give it a decent amount of balance depending on the size of the buffs. You would more easily be able to follow/track your enemy and would receive a buff, but your crazy vampire thirst would keep you from being able to fully focus on anything but the opponent you had previously bitten.

Nov 22, 13 at 5:52pm

i just found out about this interactive map from this thread, so its going to take some time to get through everything to see what i like the most about it. however, and i am curious about the chests scattered throughout each ones seems to just show a picture of an in-game location. im wondering if these are possibly secret treasures for people who read the map.

Nov 21, 13 at 6:21pm

Here's number 48 for you guys!

If any of you haven't checked out the interactive map yet, here it is.

I haven't explored every option on the map so far, but at the moment I would probably want to ask Anomee-Ja Moss-Weaver, an Argonian in Shadowfen, about the Hist trees. They are extremely significant in the Argonain lore yet so little is known about them.

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