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Feb 11, 03 at 2:11pmTbirddriver

For those of you who are interested there is a Voodoo 5 6000 for sale on E-Bay.
Here's the link.[B]

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May 20, 09 at 6:20pm

Have you still got this item ?

quote Ernst Steinert
I have a Quantum 3D Obsidian X-24 complete with box, CDs, and adapter cable.


Is anyone interested?

Jun 23, 08 at 9:58pm
Ernst Steinert

I have a Quantum 3D Obsidian X-24 complete with box, CDs, and adapter cable.


Is anyone interested?

Feb 3, 07 at 1:29am

The 8800 gtx is stupid fast, one single card is faster than both of my 7900GTs in SLI. The word is the R600 is supposed to be stupid fast also, possibly faster than even the 8800 gtx. What is seriously concerning me is all the power and heat these new cards are creating. Our gaming computers are quickly approaching the maximum a standard household outlet can put out. My dual evga superclocked 7900 GT's only use like 65-70 watt a piece at full speed. Some of these new flagship cards are requiring 150 to 300 watts each ! I am contemplating spending the big bucks and going to a new SLI system, or wait until this fall when Nvidia shrinks the die on the G81 hopefully they will be alot cooler and not use the crazy amount of power these first gen dx10 cards are requiring. Hell IF the r600 uses less power and runs cooler AND IS FASTER at the same time, I will probably jump on the R600 CrossFire band wagon.

"The big difference is SLI only works on software that has been optimized for SLI"<---- Thats sort of a DUMB statement, ALMOST ALL GAMES are optimized for SLI. If the game isn't, its a Piece of Shilitz game you wouldn't want to play anyways. : )


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Feb 3, 07 at 12:39am

Don't get SLI it's stupid, Your best bet would be to wait a couple months for the ATI R600 boards to come out.

Then get Crossfire

The big difference is SLI only works on software that has been optimized for SLI.
Crossfire works on any computer application, plus xfire supertile mode is far better than any SLI method for load balancing between the 2 cards

On top of all that Saphire will be comming out with a dual GPU 1950 card that can run in Xfire with another dual GPU card, for Quad Xfire performance.

ATI is far from dead and will be soon stomping all over Nvidia untill Nvidia comes out with SLI-2.0.

Jan 29, 07 at 1:27pm

Yes I still have the Dell 3007 Ultrasharp 30" LCD widescreen monitor. If you ever see one gaming in person it will go on your MUST HAVE list. Is there any other monitor that is better and bigger that is not a ba-zillion dollars more? (edited: As of Feb 2007 the Dell 3007 WFP HC is coming out, slightly better color saturation) LOL If you force a standard resolution on a widescreen you will get blurriness and squishing of the fonts, the differences can be subtle or major. A standard resolution setting on a widescreen simply won't look right. I am currently using widescreen resolution 1900 x 1200 to type this and its perfect. If you always use widescreen resolutions designed for a 16x9 or 16x10 format the screen usually looks normal. Also in Nvidia drivers it shows a outline of a sample monitor in back ground of the settings page. At a glance you can easily see if you are applying a widescreen resolution or a standard one. Any and All widescreen monitors requires a little bit of fiddling and adjusting to get everything perfect, due to not all applications supporting widescreen resolutions. That last sentence is hard to believe in 2007 but its true.. That 1900 x 1200 resolution is the maximum of my older Dell 2405 and it works great on this big 30 incher as well. 2550 x 1600 looks great its just all the fonts are a little too microscopic for my personal liking. Being the hardware junkie I am I am contemplating a switch from my AMD x2 4600 dual 7900 to a Duo Core or Quad Core dual 8800 GTX, maybe shake the cobwebs off my old Vapochill tower. Too many choices, too many choices.....

No the Voodoo 5 6000's never had a SLI option, It had quad sli built in sort-of-speak. It had four VSA-100 graphic processors on one card.

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Jan 28, 07 at 7:55pm

Has anyone seen any Voodoo 5 6000s on ebay recently then? Did they every come with the option of SLI?

Do you still have the same monitor then? What is the quality like if you don't use the native resolution - is there a noticeable reduction in quality?

This thread will stay alive

Sep 23, 06 at 9:41pm

***** B U M P ******* gotta keep this ole post alive

As of this writing a few weeks have past since I have procured the Dell 3007 Ultrasharp 30" LCD widescreen monitor.(2560 x 1600) I can testify it is the biggest, baddest mofo gaming monitor I have ever used. I know this post is about the Voodoo v5k6000 and not monitors, but I could not help posting. So anyone who has a SLI rig and 1600 to 1700 to invest in the ultimate highest resolution gaming monitor, I can testify of it being worth every penny. It has made me smile nonstop.


Jun 8, 06 at 7:24pm

Yes the SGI monitor was sorta ugly in its gray granite marble color ! At the time I didn't care just wanted the biggest CRT computer monitor going.

The SGI monitor died last year, so I threw it away no one wanted to repair it. It needed about 200 dollars in repairs but I decided to upgrade instead. I am now using a Dell 2405 Ultrasharp 24" LCD widescreen monitor (1920x1200), which actually has another inch of screen real estate space over the ole SGI monitor. The SGI Monitor was in reality a old 1998 24 inch Sony Monitor, the sucker weighed like 90lbs it felt like. May that monitor rest in piece. Later this year gonna upgrade to the Dell 3007 Ultrasharp 30" LCD widescreen monitor.(2560 x 1600) All of the system specs you read from my post over 3 years ago are long gone. I have built 2 systems since then, one just recently. The only part of that system that is left is a black vapochill premium edition tower sitting around here getting dust on it. It needs a new control board, and a new evap head to mount on AMD processors instead of Intel.

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Jun 8, 06 at 6:50pm

Btw, punisher you got a killer monitor!

too bad you bought the ugly sgi model

Jun 8, 06 at 5:26pm

Mentioning my rig is basically just my point of reference of my personal experiences, that is all. Not being a rich-kid fan had to weigh many different variables before building an SLI rig. Some of the biggest reasons why went SLI route is Nvidia's drivers maturity. Today one can put different manufacturers cards together in same system and still deploy SLI features. With ATI you have to buy a "master card" and a "slave card". At the time of building (April 2006, 7900s short time later) there was not any decent Crossfire boards out with NFORCE4 features. (Today crossfire boards have caught up in features) And last nail that went into the nixing a ATI Crossfire gaming solution is heat output and power consumption. Did you know that a single X1900XT throws out 120 watts of heat? A Crossfire system throws out an incredible 240 watts of heat under load ! A single 7900 GTX puts out only 85 watts at full load. Thats 50% less heat output and power consumption requirements! Remember in the past all of the ATI fan boys bragging about how effient and fast the 9800 pro was compared to the horrible hair dryer loud Nvidia 5700 Ultra?. Now its Nvidias turn to make a GPU design that runs very cool and uses a lot less wattage run. When the system was built, it took the entire computer budget then some to build a Asus A8NSLI, AMD4600X2, 4gbs CosairXMS memory, and 2 EVGA Superclocked 7900GT'S system. (By the way, Check all the reviews 1 EVGA SuperClocked 7900 GT is FASTER than a 7800GTX 512!).

(At the time)
No 1.) Could not afford dual X1900 XTX's(over $1000 at the time & the above reasons killed the idea)

(At the time)
No 2.) Could Not afford to invest in a new power supply after building the above system. Computer budget was dead maxed. The leftover "old" OCZ 520adj Chrome PowerStream is driving the new SLI rig just fine thank you. Did not want to gamble on this power supply not being able to drive 2 X1900XTXs properly. Plus an extra 250 watts of heat being pumped around inside the case on top of the CPUS heat output would not have been a positive feature for system stability either. That would have been roughly 400 watts of heat being poured over the interior of new system. This would have been completely unacceptable.

I'm just excited SLI is back. All of this is fully credited to 3DFX. If 3dfx didn't come up with it first, it's doubtful it would be so main stream today. In the nineties a Intergraph Banshee 16mb 2d/3dfx was personal weapon of choice. A 3DFX Voodoo 5 6000 or an Osidian X24 card was ---dreamware--- back in those days, due to financial limitations. Both of these 3DFX SLI on board cards were cool as hell and cleared the way for the SLI rigs and the Geforce 7950 of today.

Off of 3DFX and fast forwarding today, let me correct you on your huge incorrect statement of a X1900XTX being as fast as a 7900 SLI set up or being the fastest card. The X1900XTX is "NO WHERE NEAR" being the fastest card on the planet.

The GeForce 7950 GX2 is the fastest single slot solution in the world, period. Below is a couple quotes from recent NEOSEEKER reviews.

"The BFG GeForce 7950 GX2 is without a doubt the fastest graphics card on the market today. NVIDIA did their homework on the development of their second multi-GPU reference design, fixing the issues of PCB size and power usage that arose in the first iteration. We can't wait for Quad SLI to hit its stride, but the GX2 is more than enough to hold us over."

"This card takes up no more space, draws no more power, and generates no more heat or noise than a Radeon X1900 XTX, but its performance is in another class altogether.

Basically the Geforce 7950 is the same price as the X1900XTX and it completely body slams the X1900 XTX in terms of performance. The SLI system I recently built is basically a twin performance wise to a similiarly configured single GeForce 7950 GX2 system, so needlessly to say, I'm extremely happy with the results. The one exception is the core/memory clocks are alot higher on the Superclocked 7900GT cards then the stock 7950GX2. However the 7950 has twice the memory.

I fully agree with you GTARD (and the rest of this forum) a framed 3DFX V6000 would be cool as hell sitting on the wall next to my desk !! Just not being a rich kid, I have to spend the computer budget on more pratical purchases. That would not include buying a obsolete, never the less cool as hell piece of computer gaming history.

Spending money does make you you think. Nah ... Upgrading from Dell 2405 to Dell 3007 will be the next step in the journey. Its hardware that CAN BE USED. Not admired & useless on some wall. If any of my statements came across as "bragging" than please accept apologies , because they are really not. Your just talking/attacking a fully addicted computer hardware junkie. Just excited about the current graphics situation. Just like owners of DualVoodoo gaming systems were back in da day.

Whatever you game with is cool with this gamer. It does not matter if its 3DFX, NVIDIA, S3, MATROX, ATI or Intel Exreme Onboard slow graphics. LOL If its fun, and it rocks your games & your happy with it then its cool with me. I love to talk and have constructive conversations about computer hardware especially gaming related. Please leave all the uncessary attacks and immature name calling out of it.

Thank You

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