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Feb 7, 03 at 3:45amCrocodylus

If you like action, adventure, romance, mystery, medieval mayhem and a smidgen of the supernatural, this series is for you. I swear to god, these are the best books I've read since Lord of the Rings, and I find them more fun to read than Harry Potter (though Harry Potter is more for the younger sort than this series).

If you've ever read a novel before, than these are a MUST READ. If you read this thread and neglect to at least check out this series on your next trip to the bookstore, then I swear I'll use what knowledge of black-magic I have to curse you...

Anyways, they're great. I wish I could talk to more people on Neo about them, but I don't know anyone whose read them, so I'm trying to GET people to read them.

Details: Author is George R.R. Martin, series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, first book is called A Game of Thrones, and you can find the rest out from there.

Imagine a feudal kingdom on a massive continent in a world filled with many cultures and half-legendary lands and an ancient history. Imagine a time where dragons once lived but magic is now dwindling, yet the seasons can be long or short, bringing glorious summers or terrible winters that last years at a time. Imagine a massive iron throne from which seven kingdoms are ruled, with false knights and true all gathered about it in hopes of blood or glory or profit, and shadows behind it pushing the pieces that make up the game of thrones.

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Apr 24, 08 at 5:18am
Terranigma Fan

I have read numbrs 1 2 and three only because i thought the story would get a little better and I hate not finishing a book when i start. It really dissapointed me this book not entirely sure why but the way it was written really dissapointed me.

Apr 7, 08 at 12:50am

The latest news for Martin is that is hopes to be finished with the latest installment by June. Let's all cross our fingers.

Jan 11, 07 at 8:06am
Curt Connors

The other George RR Martin thread From Books and Literature. And yeah it's a great series, I just wish he was a faster writer!

Jan 11, 07 at 5:55am

which series is this? what is it about?

if its the one im thinking of then its a pretty decent series.

Jan 11, 07 at 5:36am

I've just started the series. Looks really good so far.

Jul 12, 06 at 5:05pm

I love this series. I have waited a long time for Martin to continue it and he has finally picked it up again. Great characters and original concepts. A great read the first time through.. even better the second time.

Jun 29, 06 at 8:39pm
Number 667

A few years ago, the Current king, Robert Baratheon and his armies overthrew an evil tyrant of a king, Aegon Targaryen. They succeeded in defeating the king's armies, but the king himself was murdered by one of his sworn protectors named Jaime Lannister, the son of the most wealthiest man in the Seven Kingdoms. The two youngest of the Targaryens, Viserys and Daenerys fled the Seven Kingdoms, hoping to one day return to power. The story is read through the eyes of several characters. Eddard Stark, warden of the north and best friend to Robert Baratheon, Caitlyn Stark, Wife of Ned. Jon Snow the literal Bastard son of Ned Stark. Bran Stark, 2nd youngest of the Stark children. Tyrion Lannister, brother of Jaime Lannister, a brilliant mind, but looked down upon for his looks. Arya Stark, daughter of Ned Stark, and one of the only friends to Jon Snow.

The hand of the king (right hand man) has just died, and Robert Baratheon is looking for a new one.

The first book "A Game of Thrones" starts off with Baratheon coming to Winterfell, the castle of the Stark Family. Ned isn't shocked at all about it, because he knows exactly what Robert Baratheon is coming for...

Jun 29, 06 at 6:25pm

Haven't read it. What's it about?

May 30, 14 at 5:45pm

I'm really enjoying ASOS: Blood and Gold. It's really been hard to put down so far because there is so much happening everywhere. Won't be long until I've caught up to the latest goings on in Season 4 of the show.

Apr 19, 14 at 8:16am

Dragoon only speaking for myself here but it's more to do with Martin's obsession with introducing new characters and subplots before he bothers tying up existing ones. So much is going on in so many different places that it's boring trying to keep track of it all. It was fine while everyone was still mostly on the same continent for God's sake, but now Arya's off in Braavos doing little of consequence, Daenerys has been doing sweet *bleep* all out east for like six books now, the twenty different Greyjoys are all in different places doing who gives a shit... it feels like a hodgepodge of loosely connected stories rather than one grand plot like the earlier books. Not to mention the killing off of major characters throughout the series has likewise killed off the majority of the political intrigue (making Cersei's chapters, for instance, especially dull).

To each their own but, as above, I think Martin's bitten off far more than he can chew. I don't know if he gets bored with particular storylines or flat out forgets about them, but I'm hugely sceptical that he can tie it all back together in a way that's going to be even remotely satisfying That's if it ever gets finished. Would be delighted to be proven wrong, but I don't see it.

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