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Jun 24, 13 at 1:09amParmar1993

Every year we always have the things we want in the famous game mode and what we expect in there. Last year there was the outcry of boots but we lived with it and learned to use it in our benefit. So, what would you like in the game mode and what do you think will be added or removed from it.

what I want to be included:

- More player interaction! Would love to talk to the players more than be so detached from them. Talk to them when you want them to learn a position, when you play them in a new position or even to learn a playing style like making some incisive runs.

- Detailed scouting and transfers. Hate the whole bid then wait for offer, then negotiate, then accept/reject. Takes the piss sometimes. Would would love to go face to face with other clubs and negotiate for a couple of minutes.

- Ability to see player development on a weekly basis, say your coach comes in with a message saying, this is how the team have done in training, etc. Gives you a chance to see how a player has done in a week and whether they're peaking or declining.

What i think will be in the game:

- More detailed transfers, purely because fans have been requesting this year after year since we switched to actual currency. Introduction of Adam Bhatti into the PES team as the community manager should make a difference in this respect.

- Different training method, they've changed this near enough every year but I'd love to see something similar to the PES2011 system where you could have a training method for different players. I'd love to be able to create a schedule for a position then on their training page just select the position that you want them to train in.

That's what I would like in the game and what I think will be in there, but what would you like in the game? And what do you think will be in the game?

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May 29, 14 at 8:03am

Started an ML with Celtic in the EPL. Cardiff moved out with the editor to "Other European Teams" and Celtic placed in.

CB Juan (Inter Milan) 6M
AMF Isco (Real Madrid) 4.9M
CF Umut Bulut (Galatasary) 3M
GK Nomatokhalis (Youth team) FREE

CF Stokes 2.8M
CMF Twardzik 1.6M
RB Fraser 1.6M
CMF Fisher 900K

First XI:

Second XI:

Went slightly into the red, but felt the need to upgrade the spine of the team to be able to compete for a European spot.
Juan gives me a solid and nimble centreback who will grow with the team. The rock around which the defence will be built.
Isco is a creative force in midfield, nominally starting out wide, but I do switch formation to 4-2-3-1 with him in the AMF role, or switch in Boerrigter for one of the CMF and move Isco inside if I want a pacier lineup.
Umut Bulut is a great value signing - consistent, can score from range, in the air, and on the dribble. Can be my guy up top or tucked in a little deeper. At his peak now at 30 years old, but not looking to decline any time soon.

Essentially, I replaced current players who are young but middling prospects with clear upgrades. This team had good depth to start allowing this kind of straight up upgrading to take place.

Only managed one game so far, a 3-0 rout of Norwich. Griffiths started up front for an out of sorts Samaras and bagged a hatrick. 1st goal was a slick through ball from Umut Bulut that left Griffiths alone in front. 2nd goal was initially a break in with Isco chipping over the top for Griffiths to hit it on the volley - parried away but won back and slid out wide for Mulgrew to feed a low cross back in for Griffiths to blast in at the near post. Can't remember how exactly the 3rd goal went down.

Next up is Man Utd. which should be a real test.

May 27, 14 at 8:25pm

So if you move a team from "Other European Teams" into a real league in ML it creates 2 teams it seems, one that plays in europe that you dont control and one you control in the PD II league. So editing out Cardiff for Celtic it is...

May 27, 14 at 10:31am

Mace85 - I am starting as PES United in a story so will probably start that over the weekend.

Also agree with you on the one step forward and two steps back. But it does give a fantastic base to build on for next gen games.

May 27, 14 at 10:15am

I think I might try a new kind of ML game to get excitement back into that mode: Celtic moved into the EPL.
I could just start them up in the EPL and see who gets moved into "other european teams" or just move a team like Cardiff out in the editor.
Looking at Celtic too, reinforce the centre of defence (someone great in the air), add a superstar or two in CMF/AMF and CF and boom!
Killer depth, lots of young guys, good talent in fullbacks/wingers. Depth also means if funds get tight, sell off a guy who you can upgrade via a transfer to help fund the deal.
Goal year one is to do well in Europe (assuming they are still listed in the champions league) and solidify place in league, then on from there to take a top 4 spot/challenge for title as years go on.

if I cant keep interested in ML, I might just play a few games of Champions League, world challenge and then shelve the game. Still has given me a good amount of hours of fun, and if nothing else, it was free with Playstation plus, which has also given me a bunch of other games to enjoy. Still liked PES 2013 better in terms of enjoyment, but I do think 2014 has a number of upgrades, such as better collision physics. It is almost like 1 step forward, 2 steps back though

May 26, 14 at 10:38pm

Yeah the speed annoys me as well. Tend to have to make quick one-two passes to get anywhere.

And completely agree with the fouls there Chelskiman. A lot of the time, their defender clears the ball, my forward tries to block and there's a foul given a minute later for it.

May 26, 14 at 5:47pm
Tommy Vercetti

I also suffer on the speed aspect. What's the point of having Ronaldo, Bale, and Di Maria lead my attack if Mertesacker can just jog right next to them?

May 26, 14 at 5:41pm

quote Parmar1993
Chelskiman, a few decent signings for the price. But your love for PES wasn't rekindled after a few months of not playing it?
I played 5 games as I was actually really looking forward to getting back into an ML after I fully updated my OF. The problem was I lost 3, drew 1 and won only once. All three losses werew 2-1 in which most of the goals were bullshit (i.e, players able to hold off 8 men before dribbling past an entire team and scoring) and two of the goals were penalties in which there was barely any contact.

Fouls are handed out like candy in this game. If a player gets slightly touched it's almost always a free, and sometimes even a yellow. On the flip side the computer can what it pleases to you and it's play on.

I also swear my players have no strength. They get knocked off the ball and stumble every time slight contact is made. It's like the computer has Hulk like strength and my players have the strength of a 10 year old.

Then there's the speed aspect. If you have the ball in your possession it's like you lose 20 points of speed. Even if you get into space the defender somehow gains Speedy Gonzales like pace whilst your player turns into an obese kid.

Other than that I had fun.

May 26, 14 at 1:06pm

With the way transfers work this year, it seems easier (in theory) to start with a real team and build a roster, than to take one of the PD II teams or the master league original team and progress.
With development much slower, the old tactic of getting bargain players to support youth team signings does not work for low teams - you have to buy and sell more often as your team moves to a higher level. Also, if you are a low team in PES2013, you could sometimes get a killer offer for a player, which replenishes your funds. Now, that doesn't happen.
Now, transfer fees are lower, but like always, you still can only buy who you can actively attract to your club. This means a team with decent players to start and funds can improve quickly, buying players their reputation allows.
I am enjoyed playing with my master league defaults for season one, but now it feels like it will take forever to make the team better.
I got offers to go to other teams, and to be honest, with the massive amount more $$$ those teams have, it is a no brainer to move on. I can go to WE United and have a better lineup before spending more money, even though they would still be in the PD II league, or I could go to Valladolid and get that "real" team and go from there.

My hope is that 2015 finds a happy medium. If it does, I might have to buy that PS4 I have been putting off getting

May 26, 14 at 9:41am
Johnny Pizza Man 78

I started a Master League with Fluminense, and I bought Messi in the first transfer window.

Needless to say, I deleted the save.

May 26, 14 at 7:06am

Chelskiman, a few decent signings for the price. But your love for PES wasn't rekindled after a few months of not playing it?

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