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Apr 17, 13 at 2:31pmgoldensunmaster

On May 29th, 2012, my 8th grade school year had just ended. I played StarCraft 2 all the time, and I happened to stumble upon this video on YouTube while watching StarCraft videos.

I had seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on TV before, but I thought it was stupid and flipped the channel right away. I had never heard of a "brony" before.

But when I saw this video, it sparked an interest in MLP:FiM, and I watched an episode (Party of One). I loved it, and watched several more episodes over the next few days. By then I was a full-fledged brony.

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Apr 20, 13 at 8:46pm

a couple of my friends despise it, but i don't think its because of it being "girly", it's mostly cause bronies have ponified something from their fandom, so they think the best thing to do is hate all bronies.

Apr 20, 13 at 7:47pm
Shadow of Death

quote Doomjr
I started watching this show because pretty much everyone i knew hated it, and it made me want to check it out, and i ended up really liking it.
Just like being contrary then, don't'cha? XD

But yeah, some people hate things like this because the idea of guys liking 'girly' stuff makes them uncomfortable.

Apr 20, 13 at 6:56pm

I started watching this show because pretty much everyone i knew hated it, and it made me want to check it out, and i ended up really liking it.

Apr 19, 13 at 6:16pm
Auron Blade

Not a big deal. If it does exist it is probably buried beneath a mountain of old GDs.

Didn't have many posts in it either. If my recollection is accurate,

Apr 19, 13 at 1:34pm

quote Auron Blade
Thought that we already had a thread like this.
Well I didn't see it. I made this thread almost immediately after finding this forum.

Apr 18, 13 at 1:32pm

quote Stitch
Daedric Prince I think introduced me and some others to it, I watched a few episodes, Bam, Brony.
    Yeah, pretty much this. I don't remember exactly when, just that it was in early-mid 2011.

Apr 18, 13 at 1:30pm

In April 2011 I saw the thread that's been discussed here.

In May 2011 I tried the pilot.
Didn't care for it.
Others pushed me further.
I watched episodes 3-8.
Thought it still wasn't that great.
Others told me to watch episode 9 because it was supposedly one of the best (at the time).
I watched it, and 10.
I actually did like that episode, but others continued to push and push the show on me, so I claimed to hate it and didn't watch the show any further.

On November 5, 2011, I was permanently banned from my favorite forum on the site, a forum I and others had built up for years, because of a terrible choice in moderation staff.

From Novermber 2011 to February 2012 I fell into my first "big" depression. (really my only "big" depression, I haven't yet experienced one as intense)
I came here because everyone who watched the show looked happy.
I eventually assimilated, gained a favorite character, Gilda, and lived happily after until the Season 3 finale made me unhappy. Still willing to give the next season a chance, though, just because most of the rest of Season 3 was good.

Apr 17, 13 at 10:13pm
Shadow of Death

Well, I know it was before May 19, 2011 because I made a post in loungin' there, that seems to indicate I'd already been into the show a little while.

But yeah, I'd been seeing ponies appear around the net, and in particular on 4chan's /b/ board (every time I refreshed, there were ponies on the first page). Figured I should check it out, as I like cartoons and cute stuff anyway.

The rest is history I guess >_>

Apr 17, 13 at 8:54pm

saw the show and ponies popping up all over the internet. decided to check it out. guess i kinda lost track of how many 'ill just watch this next one' moments i had, before i admitted it to myself.

still i mainly stick around for the community. the show is alright and all, but its only great with the community and show combined.

Apr 17, 13 at 5:22pm

Daedric Prince made a thread in Loungin' about ponies in I think April of 2011. At first, I laughed and thought he was just joking around, but when I found out he was serious, I thought he had gone crazy.

Shortly after that, the Halo Social forum's GD was taken over my ponies and I just happened to be browsing the forum when I saw it. Still thought it was all a big joke so I decided to join in just for fun. Planned on seeing the joke die after about a week or so.

I joined the herd (do people still call it that?) on May 20th, 2011. I used to be more into the actual show back when we were still in the early stages, but that's just because I've discovered the fanfiction, music and art, all of which I love. Allows me to express my creativity, give back to the world, etc etc

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