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Mar 6, 13 at 1:13pm

Yeah I don't run any WR deck without Boros Charm except the WBR Aristocrat human death deck I'm working on right now. And the main reason is I don't really need my guys to be indestructible as I have Aristocrat, and Blood Artist and Unruly Mob likes watching my guys die. Also I have Fling to throw the big guys at their chin rather than double strike.

Mar 5, 13 at 9:53pm

Yeah, there are a lot of really great spells for R/W in legacy. You wouldn't want to stay so recent.

Obviously, you're going to want 4x Boros Charm and ~4x Lightning Helix, those are pretty much necessary for any R/W deck. Or Less Boros Charm and more Helix if you intend to play a more control oriented tempo deck. Both work really well for aggro.

4x Goblin Guide is super good for quick beats, and is generally your est 1-drop option.

4x Lightning Bolt is always nice as well. Swords to Plowshares is really nice removal, but if you're going for hyper aggro, I'd possibly play a Path to Exile or two instead.

Mar 4, 13 at 4:29pm
Frozen Atari

Personally, If this is going Legacy I feel you have better white and red options or at least better/wider pump spells. For example, Honor the Pure just doesn't feel like a good option in a multicolored deck when its bonus sails over some key creatures.

I'm also not feeling the "Human" aspect. Green holds more of the key "human pump/help" pie. Red, doesn't have too much to offer in that department. You can't be seriously considering Silver-Inlaid Dagger. You have better choices, mostly outside the Innistrad block. Speaking of which, trying looking outside it- there are tons of better options for creatures, spells, and equipment that can help you out in your crusade.

Also if you think you love Pianna, you're going to cheat on her for Soltari Champion. Does what she does, just a tad better with a more splash-able CC and excellent evasion. Also, you can have have multiple Sol Champs on the battle field. Sure he's not a humie, and the pump doen't hit him, but it doesn't matter since all you're looking for the pump. a 3/3 with no evasion is still bolt and decent middle weight creature food. At least Sol Champ can by pass monster jaws.

I wouldn't be too crazy about blasting a guy at turn four with a bunch of dudes. Earthquake, Street Spasm, Slag Storm, First strike, hell even a fog will ruin your day. Creatures are nice- back bone of many great decks, but are not reliable like a spell.(Unless your attacking for the win on turn one)

Mar 3, 13 at 9:28pm

"There is no rest... unto the wicked"

Hello again, everyone! I've played with GW humans for a looooooong time now, and so I thought it'd be cool to mess around with RW. So this is the deck I've finally settled on (as a list) after much research and toil. After all that, it's actually pretty much my own creation as to some semi-modified deck from research online that I've built in the past (as well as seeing my friend's deck). Note that Champion of the Parish is really a kickass human, but since he's in my GW deck, I've excluded him from the mix. We're going to see just how good humans can get without Champion! Also worth noting is that this deck is based around Battle Cry, but has additional pumps for creatures as well. I've counted 13 creature pumps and then 6 total spell pumps as well as 2 land pumps. Just thought I'd through that in there.

Without further ado, here's the list:

Creature Cards (30)
x1 Hero of Oxid Ridge
x3 Lightning Mauler
x3 Reckless Waif
x3 Stormblood Beserker
x2 Hero of Bladehold
x3 Accorder Paladin
x4 Doomed Traveler
x3 Pianna, Nomad Captain (<3)
x4 Mirran Crusader
x4 Signal Pest

Planeswalker Cards (1)
x1 Gideon Jura

Spell Cards (6)
x2 Curse of Stalked Prey
x2 Honor of the Pure
x2 Angelic Destiny

Land Cards (23)
x4 Clifftop Retreat
x4 Ancient Ziggurat (!)
x2 Tectonic Edge
x2 Slayers' Stronghold
x3 Mountain
x8 Plains

Angel of Jubilation
Mikeaus, the Lunarch
Boros Elite
Silver-Inlaid Dagger
Thatcher Revolt
Rally the Peasants
Boros Charm
Battlefield Forge
Sacred Foundry (Duh.. But too expensive)

Creatures-- So we have our creatures as tribal humans with a smigit splash of artifact creatures (aka Signal Pest). We'll start off with Hero of Oxid Ridge. This guy... I was hesistant on him first, but take a closer look and he's actually pretty badass. A 4/2 with Haste/Battle Cray and aability to prevent 1/1 chump blockers from interfering with your assault is nothing to scoff at. Sure he can be killed somewhat easily, but I think he deserves at least 1 in the deck. Next is Lightning Mauler. Now this guy has gotten a lot of negative talk where I am but I think that's bullshit. Used wisely and this guy can prove lethal! Soulbond my Pianna and you have two 3/3s swinging in, or even more if others are swinging in (especially with Signal Pest) Curse of Stalked Prey easily activates and makes them PERMA stronger. Now, I know people see Reckless Waif as a little 1/1 creatire with no threat, but look at it my way: Turn 1 Waifas a 1/1, Turn 2 flipped Waif as a 3/2. Sure she becomes a werewolf, but who cares! How many decks have something to play on turn one (or even two most of the time)? Not many as far as I've played. So you essentially get a 3/2 for one freaking mana. Stormblood Beserker is in there for a surprise visit. You think my little guy hit you for miniscule damage early on? Screw you, I play Stormblood on Main Phase 2 and get a 3/3 human. Go and cry versus my Battle Cry buffs. Now for the whites. Hero of Bladehold needs NO DISCUSSION because she's JUST THAT AWESOME. 3/4 Human with Battle Cry and makes tokens AND pumps them? She's what you call an answer. People HAVE to kill her if they want to stabilize the game in their favor most of the time. Accorder Paladin is iffy to me, but he Battle Cries everything (but him) and is a decent 2/1 for two mana, so he's welcome as a 3 of in the deck. Doomed Traveler. He's as doomed as he is a traveler. He's going to die, wether anyone likes it or not. Then you get a white spirit. It has flying, and gets pumped by Honor of the Pure. Not to mention you can be a total dick and stick an Angelic Destiny on him for lawls n' trolling. He also is a greta chump blocker. I did say he'd die most of the time, right? We get to Pianna, Nomad Captain. This is the ENTIRE reason this deck is in Legacy format. He's just THAT good.And if I mix in Mayor of Avabruck (which I wouldn't), it's a big "*bleep* you" to enemy player. He's a damn 2/2 for three mana. Not bad for a human, but what he does is just the best thing ever made by Wizards for human buffers. When he attacks, EVERYTHING gets +1/+1 that attacks with it. No, not OTHER humans, like a Hamlet Captain, but EVERYTHING, including himself, making him a 3/3 in addition to the guys attacking with him. Imagine this: Turn 1 Plains, Turn 2 Mountain and Lighting Mauler, Turn 3 Plains and Pianna, Turn 4 Mountain/Plains/Whathaveyou and Hero of Bladehold Souldbound to Mauler. Now count that up. Piana gives +1/+1 to everything attacking and Hero gives Battle Cry to every other creature attacking plus she makes two 1/1 tokens tapped and attacking. That's... What like.. 18 damage by turn four? Not too mention possibly attacking with Mauler on Turn 3, that makes 20 damage total. That's LETHAL. Turn 4 win. See what I mean by all this? If used wisely, Battle Cry can rape people over and over again. They'll cry in the wake of your Battle Cry! And Mirran Crusader is your best friend with Mauler on Turn 3. 6 damage isn't bad, but he with Battle Cry from a possible Signal Pest on Turn 1 and his almighty Double Strike ability, it makes for a potential easy win. As an added bonus, he has protection from Green and from Black. And if you didn't catch that, those colors are the main Phyrexia Infect colors. Just a bit of trivia for the curious.

Planeswalkers -- Gideon Jura. He's awesome. He can kill things late game and can get buffed by Battle Cry and Honor when he transforms. Plus, he can force your opponent to literally leave him/her open for lethal. So, like I said before, he's awesome. A tad expensive, but if you manage to get him out with a force of Battle Cries, he HAS to be answered-- especially versus aggro decks.

Spells-- I kind of lawl at this part. Basically you have no spells. It's mostly creatures. however, what we do have generally affects all your creatures on the field, aside from Angelic Destiny, which needs no explanation other than saying you win. Enchant Mirran Crusader, and you have lethal. That combo HAS to be answered as well. It's scary as *bleep*, man. And again, put it on Doomed Traveler for luls. Cruse of Stalked Prey is in for perma buffing. I think it's good enough to warrant a spot in here, however I would easily take it out for a Boros Charm if I could afford it (it's the best freaking charm ever). Lol... unblocked creature with Double Strike or answer or board wipes. I love you Wizards... Honor of the Pure buffs my whites, which is awesome versus Crusade which gives all whites a buff. I think a 2 of is good enough, although I think 1 more might not hurt. It has instant effect versus my Curse, so I like it more.

Lands-- I have a playset of Clifftop Retreat which have been with me since... well almost since I first began Magic. They make R/W mana, but come in tapped unless you have a Mountain or Plains out. See, now this can be tricky because I have such few Basic Lands. However, those Foundries are out of reach until I get rich and have the money for them (or they finally rotate and the price goes down). Ancient Ziggurat is just awesome as it subs for a Cavern of Souls somewhat, which this deck kinda needs, However, I digress, I haven't the money for them. Ziggurats at $2 versus Caverns at $30 is a major difference price-wise. Aside from the uncounterable creature aspect and producing a colorless mana on the spot, it's the same as Cavern. Tectonic Edge is... well Tectonic Edge. It makes colorless mana, but can also destroy other NONBASIC Lands. Notice I said Nonbasic there, As many dual lands as there are out there are in danger of dying to this. I would be willing to take them out in favor of another Mountain and Plains though, as Clifftop just worries me a little without Sacred Foundry in there. Lastly, we have Slayers' Stronghold. It's awesome. I love and hate this card. I love it because it kicks ass by buffing a creature and giving Vigilance, but I hate it in that a friend killed me with it by using fliers... The rest is Basic Lands. More Plains than Mountains because of the color count in there. White overpowers Red in this deck by a lot.

So there you have it. This is my own thing, and I'm happy with the layout so far. You all know the drill, though: Q/A, comments, critiquing, and advice on how to win every game in Magic are all welcome. Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

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