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Feb 2, 13 at 5:45amdoomslay

This is a basic post that should really irratate some people out there and make others cheer. As of late I've been looking for 2x [Hellfire] Ghost Rider simple you would figure, RIGHT! Wrong, I've ran into more morons out there that thinks their cards are golden and your cards ain't worth shit. Ok, I'm a simple and fair man I judge everything via the lowest value of each card because (1) I don't want to charge a retard amount for something that is simple pixels and screw over other people not everybody has a lot money to just dump on this game and (2) because it's only fair and right to do such for other people because if you treat somebody right and give them a fair deal they will do the same for you or others later on. But the "elitists" of this game want to think that what they have is a gift from god and what you have means nothing to him because he is a god and you're a piss ant that should just eat the crap that comes out of his butthole. FYI, "elitist" of this game you're talking to a guy that is ranked in the top 5% in the WORLD on halo 4, I was in the top 50 hunters in the WORLD on World of Warcraft, I'm in the #1 guild on a shard on Rift. I play games that take skill. I play games that you can get paid to play, sponsors so on so forth. You are playing a game that takes no skill to play, and you have to throw hundreds of dollars at it in just 1 month just to be in the top ranked areas of this game. Seeings how we are talking about a Marvel games I'll steal a line from a famous and recent movie "Ant. Boot. Let me know when real power needs a magazine." If you get outraged by what I've just said here obviously you are one of those morons that decided SSR [hf] Ghost Rider is a 1:1 trade with SSR [ap] cap (fyi it's not a equal trade cap is the #1 def card in the game ssr old gr is #5 best core attack cards in the game aka your ass should be giving me 2 GR FOR MY CAP its not even a equal card by any means and you're stupid to think they are equal but again I am a fair person so I'm at least offering power packs and to level the cap for you.) btw I don't care if y'all black list me from all trades after this everybody treats me like the scum of the planet on this game cause just remember I play games that I can get paid to play you play games that you have to PAY A LOT to play.

You're Welcome.

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Feb 9, 13 at 3:55pm
richard semenson

I promise I will shit a bowl of liquid?

Feb 9, 13 at 2:07pm

With an amazing battle record of 280W 683L the value of a SSR Cap should be equal to Doom in his eyes.

Feb 7, 13 at 2:44am

Isnt it ironic that doomslay is actually the one that thinks his cards are gold?

Feb 7, 13 at 2:36am

quote doomslay
Demand doesn't and will not matter to me ever on the fact that it's the fact that people do act like they have gold here honestly.
I've put the slight understandable part of this "sentence" in bold so you may see what part I'm referring this too.

Demand doesn't matter to you? Great! But since it affects all other players and the whole active trading market you then you are faced with a few choices:

1 Adapt
3 Continue to be delirious and hug that sticky limited halo controller you got for Christmas

Feb 7, 13 at 2:03am

quote doomslay
Jsis LOL shit I got it for free I actually have pulled 2 of them got 1 from a rally pack and another from off a ticket so yeah free same way all these cards come into the game off the buy a card packs
Since when did they start giving out ssr caps in rally

Feb 7, 13 at 1:40am

I'm trading my UR [balls of steel] Duke nukem, looking for a rare antman. Pm me offers

Feb 7, 13 at 1:24am

Can someone give me cliff notes, dooms run-on paragraphs make my eyes hurt

Feb 6, 13 at 9:48pm

quote miklos315
I feel like this has gotten out of hand.

Just gonna post trades I've seen for Cap

ssr cap > ssr thor
ssr cap > ssr+ cap, ssr+ iron man
ssr cap > ur wolverine
ssr cap > ssr ghost rider, ssr dd
ssr cap, ssr cap > ssr juggs, ssr prof x, boom
ssr cap > ur juggs
UR+ cap, 25 pp > UR spidey

What does this mean?
Cards values are subjective to who is doing the trade. You nor I have control over what someone else will or will not trade for. The best deals ever made are when both parties can walk away happy. And generally that's when one person slightly over pays. I know that sounds backwards but it's true. But honestly, go forth and trade. Good trades, bad trades, we will all make them. Disputing what others want to think is a moot point. If someone came up to me with a spidey for my cap would I? Probably. Would I lowball someone a cap for their spidey? Yea. Not to insult, but to get discussion started to find a fair price for us both. Knowing the market helps but the human/fanboy/perceived rarity of each deal is honestly going to be half of the deal. Always has been. Always will be.

So who wants my cap?
well said.

Feb 6, 13 at 9:36pm

quote miklos315
So who wants my cap?
I will take your cap my dear Miklos and I offer a handful of butterpopcorn jelly bellys for it lool

Feb 5, 13 at 11:03am

quote doomslay
quote zaymac
quote doomslay
Want to meet me on halo 4? Or maybe a little Rift PvP?
Is this how we settle things in the 21st century? If Chuck Norris had tear ducts, he cry a little over this.
i love you after that quote want to have my babies? LOL j/k
I'll take you at Halo 4 buddy. Shouldn't really be much of a challenge either.

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