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Jan 24, 13 at 6:00amPerryLaw

With the news that this will be revealed at E3, what are you expecting from the latest Mario Kart?

I thought Mario Kart 7 was a tidy game, and I liked the glide and to a lesser extent, underwater driving. Will they put this on the new Wii U game, or think of something else?

Character wise I'd love to finally see Link and Zelda in a Mario Kart game. Hell ,even Sonic.

Online, I'd like four players to go online at once. And certainly the ability to join games about to start only, not have to watch somebody else finish two laps, then go through all the other options leading to a +5 minute wait.

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Jan 29, 13 at 8:25am
Dark Arcanine

quote GaTheZakk
They need to ditch having to unlock characters
Characters tend to be pretty easy to unlock though, and I enjoy the sense of achievement gained from unlocking a new character. ^^

Jan 28, 13 at 10:42pm

They need to ditch having to unlock characters, its too hard especially since kids play this.

All the characters should be available from the start like Mario Kart 64.

Jan 27, 13 at 6:46pm

At first I thought the twelve in MK Wii made it to chaotic, but it grew on me and became my favorite.

I wan't to see twelve racers return.

Jan 27, 13 at 5:16pm

I like twelve. It's the perfect amount. Not too many, not too empty either. I hope in the new one Nintendo redoes the % of items. MK Wii, and more so MK3D, I felt I got punished more than ever before for being in first place. Extremely frustrating to be punished for skill only to lose races because of garbage items from last place or whoever in general. 3 blue shells in a row is utter bullshit. Even worse when a red shell follows them.

Jan 27, 13 at 4:36pm

Would you guys like it if this title stick to 12 players in a race, or reduce the players down to 8?
For the sheer fun factor, 12 is the best choice. Plus it simply allows more players to participate in one race online.

Jan 25, 13 at 11:00am

I'd like to see King K Rool or Kritter added as a new character.

Jan 25, 13 at 10:49am

I agree that they need to think of something really interesting and new for this game. I know a lot of people still get excited for new Kart releases, bit IMO its the franchise most in danger of going stale out of sameness. If this effectively port MKWii and make it HD I won't be happy. The GamePad neeeeda to play a crutial part.

I'm really hoping that the amount of DLC NSMB2 has gotten encourages Nintendo to do extra downloadable tracks for Kart U on a regular basis.

Jan 25, 13 at 10:36am

I knew this would happen.

John234MKWii, are you reading this?

I hope Funky aka Stupid Kong isn't in this game.

Jan 24, 13 at 10:08pm

Nope, I don't want bikes returning, nor do I want the two player to a Kart feature from Double Dash to return. Those features are what made Mario Kart Wii and Double Dash stand out from other Mario Kart titles. If any of them were to return, it will just feel more of the same game.

They need to invent something new with this spin-off series in order to keep it fresh. They need something major than just adding gliders and underwater sections.
Like I mentioned in another thread, DLC is a must. We have the usual 32 tracks(I personally hope they're ALL new and none Retro), then maybe every couple of weeks, a new track will be available for download. The replayability of this title can be endless, if they make proper use of the DLC.

I have high hopes for this game as you see. xD

Jan 24, 13 at 9:50pm

I don't see that Double Dash feature ever returning tbh, just seems like it's something that will be forever unique to Double Dash. There are certain elements in Mario Kart 7 that I hope they get rid of for this next game, such as the crappy characters. Come on, who wants to play as Queen Bee? That was the most bazaar character they ever could have added to the roster of Mario Kart.

I hope they bring bikes back fot this one as well.

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