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Ryder Zack Ryder Zack Ryder

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Jan 22, 13 at 4:09pmThe Voiceless

Total Championship Wrestling


As many of you already know, roleplays have long been a part of the Interactive Roleplay Forum, going back a decade. A relatively long break from the scene means there is a new hunger to roleplay from people both new and old in this community, and this is where TCW comes in.

Total Championship Wrestling is the first wrestling roleplay in the IRP, and on neoseeker as a whole, for eight months. Many of the veteran members of the forum will be able to tell you that this is almost unheard of, but activity reached a low and it was decided to put roleplaying on an indefinite break. That break is now over, and TCW aims to give everybody the fun, creative experience that they deserve. The roleplay promotes creativity, working together as a team to create fun and exciting storylines, and helps people hone their writing ability in general. But above all else, TCW promotes fun. The whole aim of the roleplay is for people to have something that they enjoy to do in their downtime, and if you’re not enjoying it, someone isn’t doing their job right. I hope you all have a good time in TCW, and I look forward to reading all of your creative and exciting storylines!

Below are a few simple rules that we request people abide by. We aren’t going to rip your head off if you make the mistake once or twice if you’re new, but if you consistently break the rules we may need to consider whether or not you’re in the roleplay.

So, how do I get started?

For the majority of you at this stage, this won’t apply. But for anybody who missed the signup thread, all you need to do is PM myself or Smell The Chiken and we will make sure you are added to the roster.

Simply entitle your message [Signup], and state what unoccupied character or diva you would like to take on. We will get you added to the roster as soon as we possibly can, and you can be on your way roleplaying in no time.

Participation and Quality
Wrestling roleplays have long sought an optimal level of activity for its players. In TCW, we want activity, but we want decent activity. Quality OVER Quantity. Numerous, but low-quality roleplays will obviously have a harder time stacking up next to better written pieces, even though there may be less of them. Simply putting words together isn't enough, it's how you use them to your advantage. It is your goal to make the reader believe in your character. Knowing this will take you quite far in roleplaying.

In line with the quality over quantity thought process, we’re going to be implementing a roleplay limit in TCW. It’s nothing too strict, with a counted limit of three roleplays a week for a normal weekly show, and four for a Pay Per View, unless you and your opponent between you agree on a higher or lower limit, and both of you PM myself or Smell the Chiken with the arrangement.

[Voiceless Edit]: After a recent miscommunication, I'm going to go ahead and say that if you break the roleplay limit, without getting the okay from the authorities, it WILL count against you.

Leave of Absence
Real life can get in the way, we get it. If this happens and you can’t roleplay, simply PM one of the authorities and let us know. If you let us know, we don’t get annoyed.

The maximum time you can use on any given hiatus is ONE MONTH. Your character will be held frozen until the one month date. Unfortunately, if you have not yet returned by that point, your character(s) will become a free agent(s), available for the taking by absolutely anyone interested. If you return three months later, and said character is vacated, you can take them back, no questions asked.

ALWAYS INFORM! - Nothing pisses us off more than someone who carelessly leaves. Your character suffers needless losses, and effort is spent writing matches for someone who fails to compete. If you fail to inform us of your departure, you do not get a month. Depending on the circumstances and actions, you may lose your character in two weeks. If you come back to find you’ve been let go, you may also find we’ve imposed a suspension and you can’t pick up another character until the suspension has expired.

What can I do if I'm unhappy?

If you feel unsatisfied with the company, whether it be a bad call, problems with another roleplayer, or just need a private consult, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Rest assured that both of us will see your message and discuss it. Also, do not be afraid to call one of us out if you feel one of us may be the problem. We are mature people, and we can take a bit of criticism. Simply be respectful and honest.

  • SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE to one (or both, or all) of the authorities. Do this so we can look at and solve any issues.
  • DO NOT post it in the general discussion. Honestly, public approval is not needed to solve most problems you may have. If you are unhappy with the ruling and opinions of the council, again, you are risking your account on this site by taking it public. We honestly would rather you stick around, so just play it nice and take care of your issues properly.

    - - - - -
    That’s about it! If you have any further questions, feel free to PM us, or ask in the general discussion. We’ll be happy to get back to you and answer any questions as soon as we can.

    Credit to Disenchanted for rules post.
  • Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

    Jun 23, 13 at 7:12pm

    TCW presents....

    Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

    Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TCW Vengeance!
    Taz: Man Cole, tonight looks intense!
    Booker T: You're right there, and we're getting right into it with that TV Title Chase Battle Royal.

    Battle Royal
    TV Title Chase
    Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler vs Carlito vs Wade Barrett vs Alberto Del Rio vs Curt Hawkins vs Ken Kennedy vs John Cena vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Ted DiBiase

    The moment the bell is rung, chaos breaks out in the ring. Pairs separate off as they begin brawling with one another. Ziggler and Morrison go at it on one side of the ring while Del Rio and Barrett battle on the other. Morrison gets the advantage, whipping Ziggler into the opposite corner, unaware of Del Rio and Barrett being there, causing Ziggler to splash into both men, sending Dolph and Barrett to the mat and Del Rio to be down in the corner. Meanwhile, DiBiase is trying to force Cody Rhodes up and over the top rope in another corner. He gets Rhodes over the top rope, but Cody manages to stay on the apron and hits a shoulder block to the stomach of Ted. Cody quickly climbs back in the ring, away from elimination, and kicks Ted in the gut again, this time hooking up a suplex.....sending DiBiase up over the top rope to the floor! [Elimination #1-Ted DiBiase] Rhodes watches DiBase crash to the floor outside before turning around, right into a Flying Chuck by Morrison! Rhodes is out on the ground now and John tries to pick him up, but Carlito grabs Morrison from behind...Backstabber! Morrison's spine is driven into the knees of Carlito, causing Morrison to stumble forward, leaning over the top rope, and Carlito dropkicks him up and over! [Elimination #2-John Morrison]

    Carlito then picks up Cody and begins trying to muscle him out, picking up where Morrison left off. On the opposite side of the ring, Hawkins strikes away at O'Reilly, trying to get the self proclaimed dragon weakened enough to throw him over. He goes for an enziguri, but O'Reilly catches his leg...Ankle Lock! Kyle has the Ankle Lock in! Hawkins writhes in pain as he crawls towards the ropes, able to grab the bottom rope, but the break doesn't matter! But instead, Curt manages to roll forward...Kyle goes up and over! [Elimination #3-Kyle O'Reilly] O'Reilly is eliminated and Curt staggers to his feet, easing pressure onto that leg, but Kennedy clotheslines him over the top rope! [Elimination #4-Curt Hawkins] Kennedy's momentum sent him to the apron as well, and Ken tries to get back into the ring quickly, but Del Rio hits him with an enziguri! Kennedy crashes to the outside floor! [Elimination #5-Ken Kennedy] Barrett! Barrett is behind Del Rio and throws him over![Elimination #6-Alberto Del Rio] Barrett just smirks outside to the dumbfounded Del Rio, who Ricardo tries to console on the outside. Meanwhile, behind Wade, Dolph is up and tries to dropkick Barrett over, but Wade doesn't go! Dolph thinks he's eliminated Barrett but he hasn't....and turns around into a Bullhammer! Wade looks to eliminate Ziggler next, but Rhodes comes charging at Barrett, and Wade sidesteps, throwing him over as well! [Elimination #7-Cody Rhodes] We're down to the final three men, and Cena, who has avoided doing much so far in the match, makes his first move and begins going at Barrett. He forces Wade on the defensive, eventually kicking Wade in the gut and trying to whip him off the ropes, but Barrett reverses, sending John off....Winds of Change! Barrett plants Cena with the Winds of Change and looks to eliminate him...Sleeper! Dolph is on Barrett with the sleeper hold! Wade struggles to make his way to the ropes, but he begins fading fast and is unable to make it there. Wade is down to a knee and Dolph tries to get him out, but Barrett begins to get some fight back in him. He tries to throw Dolph off of him, but Ziggler isn't budging.....Cena's back up! He hoists both Wade and Dolph onto his shoulders! Cena has them both in position to be thrown over the top rope, but Dolph slides off and gets Cena over instead! Cena and Barrett go over! [Eliminations #8 & 9 Wade Barrett and John Cena]

    Cole: And Ziggler gets inserted into the Triple Threat later tonight!
    Booker T: He bounced back quick from that loss last Tuesday. I say, I think this guy has a chance tonight.
    Taz: Yeah Book, but it's gonna be tough, he's already had one match tonight.

    Tag Team Match
    TCW Tag Team Championship
    Brothers of Destruction(Kane and the Undertaker) (c) vs Evolution(Antonio Cesaro & Triple H) w/ Cody Rhodes

    The referee rings the bell and The Undertaker is out first for his team. Cesaro, wanting to prove himself after the words from earlier, asks Triple H to stand on the sidelines for now as Antonio locks right up with The Deadman. Thew two try to gain control, but Cesaro's pure strength is enough to hold off Undertaker temporarily. Instead of locking up again, Antonio gets right in the face of The Deadman, taunting the Phenom. After he finishes, Undertaker just stares down at Cesaro before striking him with a right hand! And another! Cesaro is covering up now as Undertaker forces him into the corner, striking away.

    Undertaker pulls Cesaro out of the corner, wrenching the arm. He shoulder blocks Antonio's shoulder a few times before making his way to the corner. He steadies himself up to the top rope much to the chagrin of Triple H on the apron....Old School! Cesaro doesn't go down, but he stumbles in pain into the Brothers' corner...right hand by Kane! Kane takes a cheap shot at Cesaro and the referee begins scolding The Big Red Monster, but Cesaro turns back around into a big boot by The Undertaker! The Deadman covers; one, tw-kick out by Cesaro.

    Undertaker pauses for a moment before tagging in Kane. The Big Red Monster makes his way into the ring before whipping Cesaro into the corner. He charges and crushes him in the corner, waiting for him to stumble out for the sidewalk slam. He picks Cesaro up, but Antonio begins clubbing at the back of the head of Kane, forcing the Big Red Monster to let him go. Cesaro continues beating down at Kane, forcing the Big Red Monster to a knee. He then runs off the ropes and hits Kane with a boot of his own! Antonio doesn't bother for the cover, instead opting to pull Kane to his corner and tag in Triple H. The Game goes to work on Kane, focusing on the legs of The Big Red Monster. He drops an elbow on the right knee multiple times before wrapping the leg around the bottom rope. The referee orders him to stop as Triple H wrenches the knee before stomping away at the leg. This causes the referee to begin scolding The Game, but it also allows Cesaro to take a cheap shot at the leg from the outside!

    Cesaro is back up on the apron, acting innocent as The Game goes back to legs. He grabs both legs, starting to look for the Figure Four, but Kane kicks him away as Triple H turns around, causing him to bump heads with Cesaro! The Big Red Monster gets a bit of a reprieve as Triple H is dazed in the corner. Kane makes it to his feet just as The Game rushes out...sidewalk slam! Kane meets Triple H with the sidewalk slam and covers, hooking the leg; one, two, th-kickout by Triple H!

    Kane gets a near fall and begins climbing the top rope, bad knee and all, looking to start putting away Evolution. Triple H is slow to his feet, but as he turns around Kane leaps....clothesline from the top rope! 300 lbs just came down off the top rope and now Kane has the hand raised! But Cesaro tags himself in! Triple H was dazed and didn't know where he was, but Cesaro managed to recover and tags himself in to help his teammate avoid the chokeslam.

    Cesaro is quickly into the ring and after Kane, striking away before running off the ropes, but Kane catches him on the rebound! Chokeslam! Antonio saved Triple H from the chokeslam but suffered it himself as Kane goes to cover, but Cody's up on the apron! The referee is distracted and doesn't count, but Undertaker drops Rhodes! The Deadman has had enough of Cody and begins striking away at Cody on the outside, but Rhodes isn't even in the match! The referee has no idea what's going on inside the ring, and Kane is focused on striking Cesaro in the corner as Triple H pulls a sledgehammer out from under the ring! The Game has his signature weapon.....he leaves it on the apron?! Triple H leaves his weapon behind as he slides into the ring and saves his partner from a beatdown by Kane. He strikes at The Big Red Monster, but Kane grabs him by the throat! The Game is pushed up and over the top rope! The Big Red Monster has cleared the ring of any interference, and Undertaker continues to strike away at Rhodes on the outside.

    The ring is clear and Kane turns his focus to Cesaro once again. He picks Antonio up and grabs him by the throat again, looking for another chokeslam, but Antonio kicks him in the bad knee! Kane has to break his grip and Cesaro quickly picks up the sledgehammer off the apron! From the mentor, now Cesaro has the sledgehammer....and he strikes Kane with it in the skull! The Big Red Monster is down to his knees and Antonio throws the sledgehammer out of the ring. He then pulls Kane between his way. Kane is 300 lbs, he's not going to try....Antonio gets him up for the Neutralizer! All 300 lbs of The Big Red Monster has been picked up by Cesaro....Neutralizr! Kane is planted and Cesaro covers; one, two, three!

    Taz: New Tag Team Champions!
    Booker T: Cesaro is for sure learning from Triple H after that show right there.
    Taz: Hey Book, don't hate on the guy. You do whatever it takes to win a title, you know that!
    Cole: Be that as it may, we go from determining our champions, to determining the next challenger for the TCW Television Championship.

    Triple Threat Match
    #1 Contendership for Television Championship
    Christian Cage vs Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler

    Bray Wyatt leans back on the ropes and beckons the other two men in the ring to duke it out first. Naturally, they both gang up on Wyatt and pummel him with punches to the head. With one man down, Christian turns his attention to his other opponent and slaps him hard across the chest a few times, causing a loud “WOOO!” to emanate from the crowd. After backing Dolph in the corner, Christian backs up for a splash. Out of the corner of his eye, he catches Bray Wyatt charging towards him. It is too late to react. Wyatt hits him with a hard elbow to the jaw that sends him reeling to the other side of the ring. After taking out Christian, Wyatt goes in for his signature body splash on Ziggler in the corner. He connects with such force that Dolph's spine appears to be one with the post. Not finished with him yet, Wyatt lifts him up and body slams him on the mat. As he is looking down at his handy work, Wyatt fails to see Christian flying in with a dropkick. Wyatt falls on top of Ziggler as Christian poses for the crowd. Dolph's shoulders are down, so the ref starts the three count. 1...Christian looks behind him and sees the pin being counted. 2...Christian tries to break it up. And...he gets Wyatt off the third man before the ref counts to three. Captian Charisma grabs the winner of Ziggler and throws him outside the ring to focus his attention on Wyatt. As he approaches him, he gets hit with a quick kick in the gut followed by a suplex. Wyatt then picks up Christian by the hands and...dances with him around the ring. Christian seems to be out of it as Wyatt makes a mockery of him.

    Christian: He brings him to the middle of the ring, but before he can do anything Christian starts to fight back. He pulls Wyatt in position and hits the Killswitch! He covers. 1...2...3! Christian wins!

    Taz: And Christian wins it!
    Cole: Cage was playing possum here tonight. As opposed to playing asylum patient earlier.
    Booker T: I'm not sure he was playing Cole, but Christian definitely seems like he could be a threat to CM Punk's Television Championship. And up next, we got ourselves a good old fashioned grudge match.
    Taz: You're right Book, Edge and Brock Lesnar, this thing won't be a match, it'll just be a fight.

    Edge makes his way out to the ring to a huge pop. The Rated R Superstar is ready to participate in his first match of his TCW signing, especially against The Super Beast Brock Lesnar. Edge stands waiting in the ring before the music of Lesnar hits. The fans begin to split into some cheers and some boos, but they all turn to boos when someone appears on stage. Instead of Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman walks onto the stage, microphone in hand!

    "Now, ladies and gentlemen, Edge, I am sorry to inform you all tonight that we cannot currently locate Brock Lesnar. I have heard he is on his way to the arena here tonight, but we do not have the time nor the pleasure of being able to sit around and wait for Brock Lesnar's schedule to give us permission to proceed. While I am sorry Edge, I must cancel your match here tonight. Thank you for your time."

    Heyman takes his leave, all while the crowd jeers the announcement. Edge runs a hand through his hair, as the match he has been waiting for has been canceled. The Rated R Superstar doesn't know how to react before he just quickly climbs out of the ring and walks off to the back in a huff.

    Booker T: Brock Lesnar ain't here? I mean, I know Brock, and that man wants his hands on Edge...but he isn't here for his match?
    Cole: I don't know Book, but we have to carry on. Up next, we see another grudge match. CM Punk, the Television Champion, vs Alex Shelley, our Mr. Money in the Bank, in a a Falls Count Anywhere match!

    Singles Match
    Falls Count Anywhere
    Alex Shelley vs CM Punk

    Punk starts off the match by ramming Shelley into the corner and pounding him in the kidneys. He continues the assault by kicking his opponent in the face before hitting him with a dropkick. It does not take long for the match to go outside the ring as CM Punk tosses Alex Shelley through the ropes. The Sultan of Sleaze gets to his feet just as Punk dives at him, sending both men down hard. Punk slowly crawls towards the ring, but he doesn't get back inside. He reaches underneath it and manages to find a steel chair. He stands up and turns back to Shelley, but his opponent is ready for him and delivers a kick that sends the chair into Punk's skull. Shelley moves to the opposite end of the ring to look for a weapon of his own. Punk slowly rises up, and he appears to be cut deep. Shelley fishes out a table and sets it aside as his opponent comes rushing towards him. He tosses Punk into the side of the announcer's table, but as he approaches Punk smacks him in the jaw and lifts him onto his shoulders. He tosses Shelley onto the table and jumps up there with him. He lifts his opponent again and connects on a GTS! Shelley collapses and falls off the table as Punk, with a giddy step in his stride, hops off and covers. 1...2..kick! The Sultan of Sleaze still has something left in the tank! Punk grabs the folding table Shelley got out earlier and leans it on the ring. Searching for his opponent, he finds him crawling on his knees and tosses him on the leaning table. CM Punk backs up, looking to possible Spear Shelley through the table, and takes off. Shelley takes a step up and leans forward. Before he can react, Punk is flipped head over heels and goes through the table! With his opponent laying awkwardly on the floor, Shelley covers. 1...2...kick! Almost! Hold on! Punk appears to be going through his second wind as he forces Shelley off him and picks him up in position for another GTS! But Alex fights it. He struggles to escape the grip of Punk before managing to grab a steel chair from the timekeeper's area and strikes Punk in the spine! Alex then slides off and strikes Punk in the skull with the chair! Punk is laid out on the announce table, and Shelley drops the chair. He stares at Punk then stares back under the ring. He quickly heads underneath the ring, looking for something....he pulls out a ladder! The same object Shelley used to win Money in the Bank, he sets up overlooking the announce table! Shelley's climbing the ladder, but Punk manages to roll off the table and begins scaling as well! Both men eventually reach the top! What the hell is going on right here?! The two are fighting up top, rights and lefts, knife edge chops exchanged. Punk gets the advantage and somehow pulls Shelley over, slightly onto his shoulder, a GTS from up there could kill both men! But Alex fights it...Shelley slides off...SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! As Joey Styles would say, OH MY GOD! Neither man is moving, and the referee immediately calls for medical aid. The match is over. That's a no contest for sure.

    Booker T: Oh my god man....I...we need help out here. Somebody hurry the hell up back there!
    Cole: That's another match for Alex Shelley that ends in a no contest. He just won't stop trying to give it his all. My god.....I...I don't even know what to say.
    Taz: I know what to say. HOLY SHIT. I mean....Alex Shelley is getting taken out of here on a stretcher and Punk...Punk's barely hobbling his way to the back with the help of multiple personnel! This was just insane!
    Cole: And Punk is involved in our next match! We've heard Brock Lesnar has arrived in the arena, so he will be available as a Lumberjack for the World Title match. It seems Punk is telling staff that he'll be ready as well, so it looks like we will have all our lumberjacks for our main event. Santino Marella, Dean Ambrose, the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

    Singles Match
    World Heavyweight Championship
    w/ Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Edge, Kane, & The Undertaker as Lumberjacks

    Santino Marella vs Dean Ambrose (c)

    Dean is cautious as he makes his way around the ring, eyeing the lumberjacks on the outside. His "Axis of Evil" is there with him, but so is Edge and the Brothers of Destruction. The referee rings the bell and Santino is quickly on Ambrose, striking away at the champion. Marella is ready to win the World championship and the passion can be seen in his eyes. The referee forces Santino off of Dean, but Marella is back on Dean, striking away at him. Santino then steps backwards before clotheslining Ambrose, crushing him into the turnbuckle, sending the champion to the mat. Santino tries to cover, but Punk pulls Ambrose out of the ring, trying to afford the champion a bit of safety. The Brothers of Destruction make their way around the ring to try and throw Dean back in, but Lesnar and Punk bar the way.

    Before the four can get into blows, Edge sneaks up behind the duo and grab the champion, hurling him back into the ring before taking his leave, leaving Lesnar incensed at the sly superstar. Back inside the ring, Santino is on Ambrose once more, stomping away at him before whipping him into the corner. Marella charges in again, but this time Dean gets his boots up, causing Santino to stagger backwards. Ambrose is quick out of the corner, striking away at Marella before hooking him up and hitting a snap suplex. Dean flows into the cover, barely getting two before Santino kicks out.

    Dean stomps away at Marella before picking him and forcing Marella face first into the corner. Ambrose then begins throwing shots to the spine and kidney area of Marella before taking a reprieve running back in for a dropkick to the back. Santino doesn't fall out of the corner, but Dean grabs him for the school-boy; one, two, th-kick out by Marella. Dean begins to get frustrated as he stomps away at Marella before draping his throat over the bottom rope and begins choking Santino. The referee is quick to order him to stop, starting the count, but Dean gets off at 4. The expression of anger has now changed to pleasure as Dean begins smirking and taunting the crowd. He drops to the cover on Marella; one, two, kickout again! The pleasure is back to anger as Dean just mounts Santino and begins beating away at his skull before pulling him up for the DDT. He yells that Santino's time is done before raising the leg for the kick-out, but Santino rolls out of position and kicks Dean in the gut...DDT by Marella!

    Dean is laid out on the ground and Santino is able to hook the leg; one, two, th-kickout! Santino just sighs as he tries to get momentum back his way and he makes his way to the top rope. We don't see Marella go up top very often, but he's looking for something big here, but Punk's on the apron! Punk catches Santino up on the top rope, but Undertaker is there on him! And so is Kane! The Brothers turn their focus on Punk on the outside and Lesnar is quick to his aid, and Edge is there to try and even things up. The lumberjacks are in chaos on the outside as Ambrose is up on the top rope with Santino. He tries for a superplex but Marella blocks it, striking Ambrose in the stomach. Santino looks behind him before hooking Ambrose up....SUPERPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE! The two men go crashing down on top of all the lumberjacks! Everyone is down(bar the referee)!

    The referee begins his count and is at 4 by the time Marella begins to recover on the outside. Among the bodies on the ground, he's able to locate Dean and roll the champion into the ring. Santino covers, hooking the leg; one, two, thr-Lesnar pulls Dean out of the ring! Santino had it won, but Lesnar does his best to protect Ambrose's title reign. He tries to get Dean off to the side and protect him to recover, but Edge is back up on the outside...SPEAR! Lesnar is down on the outside, but that took all Edge had as well, leaving both of them down on the outside again.

    The other three lumberjacks are still down and Santino slowly makes his way to the apron to try and head back to Ambrose, but Dean takes his legs out from under him, sending Santino face first into the steel steps! Santino is now in a slump on the outside, and Dean slowly manages to lift his body up and slide him in the ring.

    He follows in, picking up Marella over his shoulder...Midnight Special! Dean hooks the leg, but gets off Marella just as the referee is about to hit three. Both Kane and Undertaker are still down on the outside, and Punk is probably out cold right now, just giving Ambrose more leeway to stick it to Marella. He picks Santino up and places him in position.....Rolling Black Out! Dean mocks Marella as he hits Santino with his own move, keeping the guillotine choke locked in! I doubt Santino is even conscious right now, and the referee checks Santino....he calls for the bell! Dean Ambrose is still the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Taz: That's showing him Dean! Finally Santino gets it stuck to him, with his own move no doubt!
    Booker T: I take nothing away from Dean Ambrose, he fought hard as hell to keep that title, but Santino probably could've had it there if not for Brock Lesnar.
    Taz: Well it's just so bad for Santino then, isn't it? He tried and tried, but like I knew he would, the guy came up short.
    Cole: Regardless, it was a great match between two very game competitors. Dean Ambrose is still the champion, and though some of us may not like it...that's the way it seems to be. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and good night.

    Jun 23, 13 at 3:57pm

    Written by Shiny & ADA 2.

    The scene opens up to reveal none other than Triple H, Antonio Cesaro and Aksana. The challengers for the TCW Tag Team Championships look relaxed as Todd Grisham appears on the screen. He is dressed in his usual three piece suit and he has a microphone in his hand. He looks at Triple H and then at Antonio Cesaro as he then swallows hard and gathers up the courage to interview these two men about their huge match. Antonio Cesaro simply stares holes at Grisham as the interviewer finally speaks into the microphone.

      Todd Grisham: Triple H and Antonio Cesaro, I want to first thank the two of you for coming here on such short notice. As we all know, you are competing against the Brothers of Destruction tonight with the titles on the line. Do you have any sort of game plan up your sleeves for tonight?

    Todd Grisham then lowers his microphone and nervously looks over at both men. Antonio Cesaro nudges Triple H as a small smirk appears on his face. Antonio Cesaro remains silent and allows Triple H to do the talking for the team.

      Triple H: That's not the smartest question an interview has ever asked me, Todd. I thought it would have been obvious. Of course we have a game plan! You don’t just walk into the ring with the Undertaker and Kane and not have something planned. You forget your place. I have faced these men countless times. I know them inside and out. I know their strengths and I know their weaknesses. Yes, that's right. Even the Brothers of Destruction have weaknessed. It will be a game of divide and conquer. I will take one of them as Antonio here takes the other and we just dismantle them. I have no problem stating our game plan here on this interview, because it will work whether our opponents know it or not. There is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

      Aksana: Antonio Cesaro has already made it clear to one and all who he wants to face tonight.

      Antonio Cesaro: That’s right my dear. The Undertaker will be my opponent tonight. I am grateful enough to have such a talented partner like Triple H. Triple H is a man that knows everything about The Undertaker. He has passed on his knowledge and I know that I can use it to my advantage. Triple H thought that I was under-estimating the Undertaker earlier, but I stand by what I said. He still has a bit of life left, but not enough to defeat somebody with as much pure talent as I have been blessed with. You see, the Undertaker was so good in the past that people refuse to admit that he isn't as good any more. He is nothing but an overrated fool who has had his day in the limelight and refuses to let go of it. He is a poison for this company and I have come along with the cure. When it all boils down to it, he is nothing but overrated hype. For so long, people have been blinded by him and his so called powers. They have been lead to believe that he is this all powerful deadman, when is reality he is nothing more than a man who finds it painful to take several steps without destroying his back and knees. The Undertaker is a man being held together by wire and bolts. He is bound to fall apart sooner or later.

    Antonio Cesaro pauses for a moment as his tag team partner steps in and picks up from where he left of. Todd Grisham just keeps his microphone held upwards, holding it out in their general direction as it appears that the pair is taking turns to talk.

      Triple H: I know this man. I know what he is really like. He may be one of the greatest wrestlers in history, but he is slowly but surely decaying. Every day that passes, he is getting worse. I think that he is too far into the process to defeat us tonight. The same can be said for Kane. Even a monster has a beginning point and an end point. Kane is far closer to the end than the beginning. Now I know that the people are booing me. They want the Brothers of Destruction to take me and Antonio Cesaro out and stop Evolution in its tracks. That is not going to happen. We have a mission, a goal, a dream for our new Evolution to claim championship gold. We are the next step in Evolution. Out with the old and in with the new. One day, I won't be here any more. When that day comes, I'll have made sure that the new generation is ready. I'm talking about the likes of Antonio Cesaro and our other comrade, Dashing Cody Rhodes.

      Aksana: Todd, you have to understand that old people like the Undertaker need to be out of sight and out of mind before the next generation can step up. Triple H and Antonio Cesaro shall make this happen. The Undertaker wants to go on forever, but the only thing that will last forever here is the process known only as... Evolution.

      Antonio Cesaro: Make no mistake about it. I will be the man to finally put The Undertaker down once and for all, while my partner takes care of Kane. I will be known as the man who finally got the job done, that did what no other man could do. I can do it because I am nothing like any of the others who tried. I am not weak. I am not afraid. I am a man that believes that everything is possible and defeating the Undertaker is certainly not impossible in my eyes. I have faced some big challenges here, but this is not the biggest. This is just another hurdle for me to jump.

      Aksana: The Undertaker should be proud that his end comes at the hands of Antonio Cesaro and Triple H, the NEW champions.

    Triple H and Antonio Cesaro simply look at each other and nod their heads. Aksana holds tightly onto the arm of Cesaro as Todd Grisham signs off and the picture fades. There is nothing more to be said about this match. It is now just a matter of waiting for it to take place.

    Jun 23, 13 at 3:28pm

    Santino Marella

    Rolling Black Out
    (Rolling DDT Guillotine) | Death by Judo (Tazplex)


    Cameras are quickly running around in the back to catch up with something or someone. The camera is shaking a lot, but we can kind of tell where we are and it looks like we are in the parking garage. The camera soon begins to slow as a loud commotion can be heard nearby and soon we can see what’s causing it. Santino Marella is seen standing the entrance way of the production truck arguing with personnel inside. The camera gets within just a couple of feet of Santino and what he is saying is finally made clear to all watching.

    ”Just get out of my way!” Santino screams at the two middle aged men blocking his path to get inside the truck. Santino is determined though and keeps pushing forward, but the two men have the advantage of being on higher flat ground making it difficult for Santino to get good footing on the make shift stairs. Santino stops for just a brief moment and takes a step back. ”Fine, you win.” Santino then reaches forward and grabs one of the men by his leg and trips him, then pulls him out of the production truck by his leg. Santino pulls the man back first down the make shift stairs and then onto the parking lot floor. The other middle aged man finally leaves the production truck to come aid his friend when Santino stops him and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. ”I don’t want to hurt you, I just need to get something off my chest now get out of my way before you make me do something you will regret.” Santino shoves the man backwards and he continues to walk backwards away from Santino. Marella makes his way back to the production truck and notices the camera man standing next to the stairs filming him. ”You come with me…. NOW!” Santino grabs the camera man by his arm and forces him into the production truck. Once inside Santino shuts the door and locks it, leaving just him, the camera and the camera man inside the truck. Santino pulls a chair close to the door and sits down and the camera man positions himself directly in front of him. Santino leans forward and puts his forearms on his legs and stares into the camera.

    ”I have a lot to say and a lot to get off my chest. Most of you know that my contract with TCW is up after tonight’s pay-per-view and most of you know that I have decided not to renew my contract with them. Some of you may be wondering what is going to happen if I win the World Title tonight from Dean Ambrose. Let me stop you right there and just tell you that it won’t happen. The powers that be don’t want to see Santino as their World Champion. They don’t want to see Santino get what he was promised when he ditched the kid friendly version of himself. They don’t want to see a true athlete be their world champion.” Santino rubs his face with his right hand and you can hear the scrapping of his hand against his stubble as if he was rubbing sandpaper against his hand. ”You see here in Total Championship Wrestling you have some people in a position of power that don’t belong there. You have our newest acquisition, our youngest acquisition, trying to take the reins of this company and do good things with it, but then you have the older guys who should have been gone several years ago still involved in the product. These guys are poison and only have one thing in mind when it comes to the entertainment for you fans, and that’s their own selfish goals. You see you have guys like Antonio Cesaro who works his ass off every week and does a great job at what he does, and that’s being a professional wrestler. Do you see him getting a title shot? You don’t and you never will because the powers that be don’t like Antonio Cesaro. They don’t care if you fans cheer or boo or make no noise whatsoever for him it won’t make a difference in their eyes. You’ve also got guys like Damien Sandow who was here for just a few weeks before they got rid of him because he had great potential to ruin everything they have worked so hard for. There’s Daniel Bryan who is a bona fide bad ass and a work horse the likes this business hasn’t seen since a young Shawn Michaels. The list can go on and on and on, but again do you see them getting a World Title opportunity? Hell no you don’t. Do you know why? Because the powers that be don’t like them and don’t want to give them the opportunity that they deserve.”

    [i]Santino scoots his chair slightly closer to the camera.
    ”The powers that be have this grand plan in mind that will change the business forever and nothing or no one is going to stand in their way. I fell in with this group for just a little while believing that I would get my fair chance and my fair shot at what I deserve. What I have worked extremely hard for! I came to all the shows early and worked my ass off to make sure that the show was going to be an amazing experience for everyone involved. I helped out whenever I could and did whatever I could to make sure you the fans got your money’s worth. What do I get in return? Broken promises! ‘Just wait for the right moment Santino, Just pay your dues Santino, we are going to do right by you Santino’. Well it’s all bull shit! The powers that be are just using me and not giving my fair share of what I deserve. I came to the shows early and met with the fans and helped the younger guys in the back, but where was your champion? Jerking off with his friends, showing up to the arena ten minutes before the show began. Yet there he is, still the champion. The only reason that chump is still the champion is because I haven’t gotten a fair shot. Every single time I step into the ring there is another reason another excuse as to why I didn’t get my hand raised and it’s not because he’s better than me. Brock Lesnar gets involved and prevents me from winning and hell tonight the ring is going to be surrounded by wrestlers, but do you think that will stop the powers that be from getting their way? Hell no, they will find a way to once again screw me out of getting what I rightfully deserve and that’s the World Championship. I have worked long and hard while others have slacked off and I am sick and tired of it. I’m done playing the games that they want me to play so tonight I am going to do what they forbid me to do. I am not going to lie down while this chump of a champion gets an easy victory. I am going to stride into the ring and legitimately beat the shit out of Dean Ambrose. Me being a black belt in Judo is no gimmick like you madman frame of mind is. I am no longer taking orders to take it easy on their golden child.” Santino wrings his hands together and dons a devious smile.

    ”Since my contract is up tonight I am not taking no for an answer. Tonight I will do whatever is in my power to screw the powers that be and their plans. I am walking out of this arena as the World Champion whether you want me to or not and next week I am walking onto another show and I am going to lay the title down at the feet of their chairman. At this point I expect the powers that be are pretty mad at what I am saying, but luckily enough I’m not giving any names. I probably should though; I mean what are they going to do pull me from the air?” Santino begins to chuckle as he looks around the production truck. ”I hold all the power boys, the only person that’s going to pull the plug on me is me and I have a lot more I need to get off my chest! This company is turning into a joke and it started a couple months before the Elimination Chamber. The champion at the time Brian Kendrick hadn’t shown up for a show in about a month but he wasn’t stripped of his title, he wasn’t fined, nothing. All because the powers that be wanted him to be their champion. The main event of the pay per view saw Ryback challenging Kendrick for the title, and what a joke Main Event that was. Neither man had stepped foot in the arena all month and yet they are headlining a pay per view while guys like Cesaro and myself are pushed to stay at mid card status. It just keeps getting better and better though. Our new champion Dean Ambrose is nothing short of a carbon copy. He shows up ten minutes before his match and gets rewarded by the powers that be. To put it bluntly I am sick and tired of this company and I can’t wait to walk into that ring tonight and take away the one thing that the powers that be hold dear to them. Beat me if you can Ambrose…..” Santino reaches over to a console and hits a few buttons making the screen go black.

    Jun 23, 13 at 3:17pm

    Dolph Ziggler
    TCW's Resident Showoff

    Good looks, athletic ability, oozing with charisma and the ability to steal the show. Love him or hate him you have to respect him. Last week was over, he lost to John Morrison. It was a match that meant nothing but an opportunity to showcase himself and show why he deserved a title opportunity and that's exactly what happened. At Vengeance 'The Showoff' is involved in a battle royal for a chance to become the number one contender for the TCW Television Title. All he had to do was beat ten other hungry superstars and he would get his opportunity to face the champion one on one. Right? Wrong! After enduring a gruelling battle with some of the elite stars on the roster he must then go on to compete in a triple threat match with 'The Instant Classic' Christian Cage and the crazy but undefeated Bray Wyatt! Most men would see this as a mammoth of a task and moan about competing in two matches in one night, but not Dolph Ziggker. Double duty meant to him double the showing off. Double the chance to shine and everyone knew for a fact he would steal the show. The TCW would remember Vengeance. They would remember The Brothers Of Destruction vs Evolution. They would remember the epic encounter between Ambrose and Santino. The night however would belong to Dolph Ziggler. He would be the name on every single member of the TCW's universe lips. He would be the man people would tweet about. When people look back on history it shall be seen as the night Dolph Ziggler became more than just 'great
    Potential.' This would be the night he started down the path to greatness. This was the first step to the hall of fame.

    As the camera begins to roll the TCW logo flashes at the bottom left of the screen. Standing backstage is everybody's favourite Josh Mathews wearing a crisp light grey suit with a white shirt and a pink tie, looking great, for the Pay Per View ahead. He proceeds to pat himself down, lifts the microphone up to his lips with his favoured right hand and smiles to the camera

    Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen at this moment I'd like to welcome The Showoff, Dolph Ziggler....

    As his voice drifts off he extends his arm out, welcoming Dolph into view of the camera. He is wearing his bright pink show off T-shirt with a black suit jacket over the top and his bleached blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail. Ziggler merely nods to Josh signalling he is ready for the first question

    Josh Mathews: Dolph, Tonight you are part of the huge battle royal here at Vengeance, if you are fortunate enough to become the victor of that, you would go on to face Bray Wyatt and Christian Cage in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the Television Title. Do you think you realistically think you have a chance? With such decorated stars like Cody Rhodes and John Cena, surely you must be worried?

    Dolph, who had been standing looking smug since the interview began, suddenly looked angry and confused. He grabbed the arm off Mathews and raised it so the microphone he was holding was pressed against his own lips.

    Dolph Ziggler: Worried!? Worried!? Josh I'm Dolph freaking Ziggler. The Showoff! The best damn wrestler on this planet! I go out there every night and I steal the show! Worried? Please!

    Josh Mathews: Ehm, to be honest Dolph you've not really answered my question. Not to mention you will be in the ring with the man who pinned you last week, John Morrison. Yeah, you stole the show, but you lost. That seems to always be your problem.

    Dolph looked taken aback by the last statement and took a few steps back. He was furious. He looked a Josh, rage filling up his body. He clenched his fist, ready to punch that little smart ass in the mouth. Something happened instead. It was a reality check. Ziggler realised that everything Josh had said was true. He did steal the show each night, but 9/10 of those he tasted defeat.

    Dolph Ziggler: Your right. My God, your right. Maybe all this showing off, the headstands in the ring, My taunting of opponents is the reason I haven't achieved anything here in TCW. Josh, I'm going to go out there, steal the show for the right reasons. No taunting. Just win on my wrestling skills alone. Thank you!

    Josh smiled and put his hand on Zigglers back, comforting him. Proud of himself for seemingly changing this young superstars career for the better. Dolph, in turn, put his hand round Josh and they both briefly smiled at each other.

    Josh Mathews: I'm so happy to hear this Doplh, with this new attitude I bet you.....

    He stopped his sentence sort. Dolph had his face in his hands. He appeared to be crying. Wait, no. He was laughing! Unable to control himself anymore Ziggler bursts into a fit of laughter, tears streaming down his face.

    Dolph Ziggler: Hahahaha! Wow! Almost believed that myself! Yeah Josh, [b]I'm[/] not gonna show off! I'm gonna go and wave to the fans. Kiss babies heads. Shake people's hands. You believe that then your more stupid than that ridiculous suit your wearing! Later smark, I'm off to win me two matches, and of course, steal the show.!

    Jun 23, 13 at 2:04pm

    Written by Shiny with permission from ADA 2.

    Triple H walks into a locker room and finds his partner, Antonio Cesaro, watching a recording of one of their matches with Aksana. By the looks of it, it is their match against Ted DiBiase and Curt Hawkins from the latest edition of TCW Warzone. Triple H walks up to Cesaro while the recording of himself hits Hawkins with a spinebuster. The game looks at Cesaro, who has not even glanced at him since he entered the room. He is studying the footage, analysing it for any flaws or imperfections in their technique. He intends to eliminate any weaknesses that the Brothers of Destruction might be able to exploit in tonight's title match.

      Triple H: There you are. I've been looking for you.

    Cesaro pauses the footage just as the recording of Triple H is hitting the pedigree on Hawkins. He turns around and looks at his partner with a neutral look on his face. He wasn't necessarily smiling. The only time Cesaro ever smiles is when he sports an evil grin, but that's more of a smirk than a smile. Having a facial expression that isn't unnerving is Cesaro's equivalent of a friendly smile.

      Antonio Cesaro: Hello Hunter. I don't think you have met Aksana. You should probably get to know her. Now that I am in Evolution, you and Cody will probably be seeing a lot of her. Speaking of Evolution, I've just been looking over our tag team techniques. They seem to be very effective. I'd even say that we are the perfect team. Our opponents won't know what hit them until it is too late and the belts are around out waists.

    Aksana shakes Triple H's hand, but the game's eyes remain fixed on Cesaro.

      Triple H: It's good to see that you're taking this match seriously. That speech of yours earlier made me have my doubts.

      Antonio Cesaro: Your doubts? What do you mean? Of course I'm taking this seriously. This is our crowning moment, the new Evolution's first shot at championship gold. This means the world to me. Why the hell would you think otherwise?

      Triple H: You talked about how old and washed up the Undertaker is and how he will be a pushover. It's true that he hasn't embraced the process of Evolution like he has and he is past his prime, but believe me when I tell you that he is no pushover. He is a shadow of his former self, but he still have a small spark left and I don't want you costing us the match by underestimating him. Don't dismiss this as an easy victory and focus on your performance. Make sure that you are on your A game tonight and show the world what you can do. We can't afford any half measures and we can't take shortcuts just because you think that the Undertaker will be easy to defeat. You are one of the most talented competitors I have ever seen, but arrogantly thinking of yourself as some sort of unbeatable prodigy could be your downfall.

      Antonio Cesaro: But-

    Before Cesaro can continue, Triple H interrupts him. The king of kings is not yet finished talking and he doesn't want Cesaro to change the subject. He needs to make his message loud and clear if he wants it to sink into his partner's head before the tag team title match kicks off.

      Triple H: Don't say anything yet, just listen. That isn't even the main reason I'm worried. You spoke about the Undertaker and barely even mentioned Kane. Even when Aksana brought him up, you just ignored her. Don't think of Kane as the Undertaker's minion. He is a huge threat to our victory in his own right. That man is a monster and we have to be prepared for him. I have fought both brothers many times and I know them so much better than you do. You'll have to trust me on this one.

      Antonio Cesaro: Look, you don't need to explain any of this to me. When I said that the Undertaker was old and washed up, I didn't mean that he was old to the extent that he couldn't wrestle at all. I said that because by my standards, he is old and washed up. Let me repeat the three most important words of that sentence: by my standards. The Undertaker has life left in him, but not enough to compete with the likes of me. I wouldn't be here studying this recording if it didn't matter how little effort I put in. I'm still expecting a challenge and preparing for one, but it is a challenge that I know I can overcome. That is because you, that's right, you taught me to have that sort of mindset. You told me to always be confident. It is your advice that I am taking, not simple arrogance. My confidence does not mean that I am not taking every possible measure to make sure that our chances tonight are as high as possible.

      Aksana: Antonio has it all figured out.

      Antonio Cesaro: As for Kane, it's not that I am forgetting about him. In fact, I think that in 2013, he is even more of a threat than his brother. I am focusing on the Undertaker though, because that was our game plan. Remember? I'm not speaking about Kane in such depth because I have faith that my partner will take care of him, because he is the cerebral assassin and I have spent years watching what he can do in the ring. You are one of the greatest of all time and I trust that while I take care of the Undertaker, you can handle Kane.

    There is a moment of silence as Cesaro catches his breath. Triple H is speechless. He obviously wasn't expecting to hear Cesaro defend himself so well. Cesaro seemed to have an answer for everything and Triple H is now impressed.

      Triple H: Aksana is right... You do have everything figured out, don't you?

    Cesaro treats the camera to his signature smirk as he motions for Triple H to sit down next to him. Triple H does so as Cesaro rewinds the footage.

      Antonio Cesaro: Now come and watch this footage with me. Maybe you'll spot a detail that I missed.

    The recording of the match begins to play again from the beginning and Triple H smiles. He has moulded Cesaro into the perfect wrestler. He cannot wait to see Cesaro in action as Evolution tries to earn the TCW Tag Team Championships.

    Jun 23, 13 at 11:46am

    "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage
    Finisher: Unprettier


    Why had he left his locker room again? The gnats were buzzing around in the back, even more frantically than normal. People weren't showing up, communications were getting jumbled up, it was just a mess. He had gone to get a bottle of water and a breath of fresh air, the dry air of his empty locker room being the only thing that had coursed through his lungs for the past couple of hours. No one had "called" for him, not that anyone would probably want to.

    Then there was the interruption. Josh Matthews, cameraman in tow. He looked panicked. You could tell he had been wiping away sweat frantically. His eyes were slightly pulsing, in a heavy search for something...or someone. Cage noticed Josh's eyes pan in his direction. They just had to sigh. Here we go again.


    Matthews seemed to let out a breath at the same time as well. Part of it was probably a sigh of relief, the other part of it was the man he spotted was Christian. Everyone had heard him. He was insane. No one wanted anything to do with him. Booker T, Cole, Taz, they'd all commentate on his matches. The people in the truck would work on the graphics and play his music. They all had their jobs where they were forced in some way to deal with him. But the interviewers in the back? Normally they could avoid him. Unless Paul or Vince or someone told them "go interview Christian", they could just let him rot away in his locker room and do their job with other people like Shelley or Cesaro or Punk. But no one else could be found. Josh knew this was going to be hell.


    "Excuse me, Christian. I was wondering if we'd be able to get a moment of your time to ask you about your match tonight?"

    No! Such an annoyance. He didn't want to do this, and he shouldn't be wasting his time doing this. All that would happen when people saw his face on screen would be they'd bitch and whine and boo and whatever else those monkeys wanted to do. Why the hell would he waste his time.

    "Is this really worth giving a pass on though? I mean, those suits need all the excuses they can get to keep us away from that one more match. And if we just ignore an interview, and don't do their little appeal sessions....that gives them another bullshit reason."

    "I guess....but come on, we should be preparing for our match. Preparing to get closer to a title. Not the title we want, but a title, something to get us there. This interview's a waste of our time."

    Josh tapped him on his shoulder. The gnat just kept buzzing and buzzing. He tried to swat away the pest, but Matthews just wouldn't let up.

    "Excuse me, Christian, I--"


    God....the guy just wouldn't give up. Why couldn't he just leave them alone?! This is exactly why he never left his locker room anymore. All these god damn annoying as piss gnats. Just buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. It was sickening.

    "You were saying?"

    "I'm just saying, we need to keep thinking big picture. Those suits are gonna be looking for bullshit after bullshit to try and keep us out of their little perfect circle. There have to be plans for down the line."

    "The plan is the same it's always been. Think we're the best, prove we're the best, and just beat everyone. No matter who they try to throw in our way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    "I guess...."


    Here he was again. Proving that he was out of his god damn mind. He was talking to himself. Cage was staring at his reflection on a sheet of metal, and he was talking to it. Almost having a conversation with himself! Yeah, people talk to themselves, but he's talking like there are two people there! In fact, like the two people are the same person! There's something really wrong with him. But Josh....Josh had a job to do. He had to find someone to interview, or else he'd be in trouble. He needs to do his job. He tapped Cage on the shoulder, but Christian just shrugged him off. He tried again. Cage just wouldn't answer him. But he'd have to keep trying.

    "Excuse me, Christian, I--"


    What the...Cage was nuts. The only answer. Now, Josh wasn't concerned about his job. He was concerned about his well-being. It wasn't worth it to try and interview Christian. Not when he was so far gone. This was something he needed Heyman to do something about. And if not Heyman, than Vince. Otherwise....Josh feared for what would eventually happen. But it was just time to leave. Hopefully Josh would find someone else to interview.


    He was finally done talking. Now Josh can get something from him. He turned around, but Josh was gone. For someone who looked so panicked he couldn't find a superstar, he left in a hurry. Oh well. No harm, no foul, right?

    Jun 22, 13 at 11:05am

    "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage
    Finisher: Unprettier


    Ohh, the big stage was coming. The lights were gonna be brighter, the crowd was gonna be louder, but he? He wasn't gonna change. He was still going to be the best performer out there. Just like last week, just like the week before, he would be the one that everyone should be talking about.

    "You know, I have to hand it to Shelley and Undertaker. They almost did it."

    "Did what?"

    "They almost showed us up. Those two almost put on a better show than we did. They didn't, but it was pretty damn close."

    "No. No it wasn't. THEY were and still ARE nothing compared to me. I don't need to almost kill myself to put on the best performance of the night. Are you starting to buy into those lies that people keep telling?!"

    "Not at all. We're still the Instant Classic. We are the only ones worthy of being at the forefront of this industry, I still know that. Don't worry about it. We both are still on the same page."

    "Good, good....all the doubters....I just need SOMEONE to be on my side..."

    There was an eerie silence left in the locker room. Not a sound was made in the passing moments. Just the ticking of the clock. Cage needed this. He kept winning on those Tuesday nights, on the little show. Now, he needed this. The big win, the win that would start his launch to where he belonged. Only then.....

    "They're still trying to screw us you know."

    "I know. Bray Wyatt was nothing.....but now a third man? Whoever it is doesn't stand a chance, but they keep trying. They keep throwing these roadblocks in front of us."

    "And we'll just have to plow through them. We'll break apart all the little attempts those suits take at slowing us down. If we sneak around them, they'll just try even harder."

    "You're right. They'll just have more ammunition to throw at us. More bullshit excuses. But if we just keep beating whatever they try to do...."

    "They'll run out of excuses eventually. is the time where we shine."

    "You're damn right it is. After tonight, we'll go on and beat Punk. After that, we'll keep stepping up. Those people will need to shut the hell up and accept the fact that we are worthy of that title belt. And they'll give us our shot."

    "And once we're given that ball, we'll run with it. Run, run, run, run, and we're never gonna let it go. The name in lights....the paycheck..."

    "And the ultimate dream realized."

    Oh yes, soon they would be there. That Television Title was just a stepping stone for Cage. Nothing more than something to get his name out there. That big gold belt was the ultimate prize, and regardless of who had would be theirs. Dean Ambrose, Santino Marella, Alex Shelley, even God himself could not keep it from them.

    Jun 21, 13 at 11:40pm
    ADA 2

    Tag Team Match
    TCW Tag Team Championships
    Brothers of Destruction (c) (Kane & The Undertaker) vs Evolution (Antonio Cesaro & Triple H)

    This is his moment. This is his time. Championship gold is within his reach and all he has to do is reach out and take it for himself. Antonio Cesaro is ready for tonight; he has been ready for a long time. He has teamed up with Triple H multiple times now and they have always won their matches. He is determined that tonight will be no different. Cesaro is of course holding the sledgehammer that Triple H had given to him earlier in the night. At his side is none other than Aksana. The cameras are rolling backstage and Antonio Cesaro is going to use this opportunity to speak about one of his opponents tonight, the legendary Undertaker.

      Antonio Cesaro: I have never faced the Undertaker, but I can say this... I am not afraid of him. He has defeated many men since he arrived here, but I will not fall into the category of men that have fallen to him. You have to remember that The Undertaker, as good as he is, has fallen behind a step or two. He is not as good as he once was. Time can be cruel to men and it has been especially cruel to the Undertaker. The thing that you must learn is that the Undertaker is just a man like any of you in the crowd and like any man, he will fall to Antonio Cesaro. The only reason why the Undertaker sits back up after being knocked down is because he has not been hit hard enough. Well that all changes tonight because when I knock him down, he won’t be getting back up. The Undertaker strikes fear into the hearts of many, but he does not strike fear into mine. He never has and he never will. I see past all the smoke and mirrors and I see an ordinary man who has long since past his prime.

      Aksana: You will have no problem fighting him.

      Antonio Cesaro: There was one time long ago that he was impressive in the ring. I might have been afraid if I had to face the Undertaker of old, but that is not the man I am facing tonight. The man I am facing is old; he is decrepit, broken down and past his prime. Everything he once was and everything he has achieved in the past doesn't matter any more. I don’t care one bit how many souls he has destroyed in his career. I don’t care about how many championships he has won or how long he has been in the business for. He is too old and too fragile to be in the ring with someone like me. His tag team with his younger brother Kane is a front to conceal his shortcomings. Tonight, I will show you that the deadman is nothing special.

    Antonio Cesaro looks smugly down into the camera as at his side Aksana claps her hands and roars on in approval at everything Antonio Cesaro has said. The international sensation is very confident about this match tonight. This is evident as he wastes little time before continuing from where he left off.

      Antonio Cesaro: The thing that really gets on my nerves is the fact that The Undertaker knows that he is no longer any good. He knows he has lost his edge and that he has slowed down and started to pile on the pounds. You take a look at him now and then look at him a few years ago. There is a huge difference. He is not the same man he once was and no matter how hard he tries to terrify people, it will not change what he has become. He is a old timer who refuses to move on with his life.

      Aksana: What about Kane then?

      Antonio Cesaro: I'm talking about the Undertaker, Aksana. Now, where was I? Yes... The fact that the Undertaker knows how washed up he has become and still remains in this company, taking up space and stealing championships, is an insult not only to me, but to all of the other wrestlers who are looking to catch a break in this business. People who want to grab that brass ring but can’t because of men like the Undertaker. I overcame men like the Undertaker. I have defeated men who held onto their past glory and I will do so again. This old, washed up relic does not have what it takes to keep up with the likes of me. People may argue that he is a champion for a reason. I will argue that he was the champion of a division that died a long time ago and in 2013, the Undertaker's championship reign means nothing.

    Antonio Cesaro smirks once again and then raises the sledgehammer above his head, holding each end with his hands. The crowd watching this video starts to boo him, but Antonio Cesaro obviously cannot hear the boos from the backstage area. He has been seriously insulting The Undertaker and running him in the ground, but he was just being himself. He was being confident. He believes in everything that he said and that is what is most important. Antonio Cesaro believes that as long as his partner takes care of Kane, he can do what many have failed to do. He believes that he can defeat the Undertaker and that alone will carry him to victory.

      Antonio Cesaro: I don’t have a championship. I don’t have gold hanging around my waist like a trophy. I don’t have a championship to hide behind, yet I am ten times better than he ever was. In his long career here, he has managed to defeat men like the Rock, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, but he has never defeated Antonio Cesaro and he never will because he doesn’t have what it takes to put me down for good. Tonight at Vengeance, I shall defeat The Undertaker and finally become a champion.

    Antonio Cesaro then looks down into the camera as his arrogant smirk appears back on his face. He has sent a message loud and clear to the Undertaker. He is not afraid of him. Antonio Cesaro flings his new sledgehammer over his shoulder and then turned around and walked away. Aksana quickly follows after Antonio Cesaro as the TCW logo flashes on the screen.

    Jun 18, 13 at 2:59pm

    Written by Shiny & ADA 2.

    Triple H and Antonio Cesaro, two of the three members of Evolution, are backstage in their locker room. Cesaro is squatting while Triple H is sitting in the corner of the room, with his signature sledgehammer in his hands. His hands grasp the hammer tightly, as his mind ponders the tag team match that Evolution will have against the Undertaker and Kane later tonight. The cerebral assassin breaks the silence by turning to Cesaro and voicing a question.

      Triple H: You do know what this means, don't you?

    Cesaro takes a break from his squats to answer.

      Antonio Cesaro: Yes. Our match against the Brothers of Destruction. The first championship of the new Evolution. The evolution of Total Championship Wrestling will dawn tonight. We will become TCW Tag Team Champions and I am sure of that. The reason I am sure is because us becoming champions is... right.

    Both men smile at the thought. The manipulative Triple H displays a malicious smirk, while Cesaro's crooked, battle-hardened face sports a cold, disfigured grin. These men have not teamed together nearly as many times for their opponents for tonight, but clearly they are on the same page. They share a mindset and they almost seem like two men who have been competing together for years.

      Triple H: I wholeheartedly agree. When I think about us holding those belts, it does feel right. This feels more right than any of my old championship reigns, because this title victory won't be about me. I'm sure I don't need to remind you what our stable is called... Evolution, the process of change. This business must move on. I still have plenty of fight left in me for now, but one day that will not be the case. Someone else will have to rise to the glory of being the game. That's why I have you and Cody, the future of this business. Two times have collided and will join together to form the group that will take this industry by storm. Together, we form Evolution. This your way of reaching the brass ring, but it is also my way of giving back to the business that my life has revolved around for so many years. The fans may not like what we are doing, but one day they will understand. We are doing this for professional wrestling. The fans will realise that we are doing this for them.

      Antonio Cesaro: Are you saying that in hindsight, it will be easier for those imbeciles to appreciate our work? That makes sense.

    A brief silence occurs, as Cesaro returns to his squats and Triple H looks down at his sledgehammer. While Cesaro's focus has returned to preparing for their big match, the king of kings is deep in thought, as if trying to make a big decision. Eventually, Triple H looks back up at Cesaro and his voice uncharacteristically breaks as he speaks again.

      Triple H: Listen... While we're talking about how Evolution will bring this business forward, passing the torch, there is something I want to do. I was planning on giving this to Cody since he was in Evolution since the reboot, but if the two of us are going to become champions together, perhaps it would be more appropriate if I were to give it to you. Antonio Cesaro, as I pass the torch to you, I'd like to pass something else onto you.
    Triple H holds the sledgehammer out and offers it to his partner as a sign of the progression from past to future. The international sensation accepts the hammer and holds it firmly in his hands. He enjoys the feel of this brutal weapon. He cherishes the thought of what this hammer is capable of in the right, or more aptly the wrong, hands.

      Triple H: This is the great equaliser... and it is yours.

    Antonio Cesaro looks back up at his tag team partner and then back down at the sledgehammer. He holds it tightly in his hands for a moment as he gets the feel of it. He knows how important this is, how it has helped Triple H become the man he is and now it is his and his alone.

      Antonio Cesaro: This is a huge honour my friend. You have no idea what this means to me. Do you have any idea what you have done with this weapon? You have forged it into a symbol. It is more than a weapon. This weapon is just as famous as you are and now, in my hands, it will become even more famous. I know what you want me to do with this and I cannot blame you. Kane and the Undertaker are weak next to us. They are failures of champions and I know that you would love nothing more than to see your precious sledgehammer claim two more victims. Kane and the Undertaker would be a fitting tribute to a weapon such as this, but unfortunately I am not going to use this sledgehammer to defeat them. I am not going to use this weapon to break their bodies. I am not going to use this weapon to end their careers. No, this sledgehammer will be a reminder of what could happen to them if I wanted. I am not going to use this sledgehammer to end their championship reign; I am going to use my superior wrestler skills to do it instead.

    Antonio Cesaro then lifts the sledgehammer over his head and onto the back of his neck as he cracks his neck from side to side. Triple H folds his arms and looks at his partner as Antonio Cesaro holds the infamous weapon around his neck.

      Antonio Cesaro: I mean no disrespect to you my friend. I am grateful and I will keep this sledgehammer as a gift of you passing the touch onto the next line of wrestling... Evolution. Still, you know that I prefer to brutalize my opponents with my hands and my hands alone. This weapon is now my symbol of what could happen if I so desired, the damage I could do. I will bring it to ringside so Kane and The Undertaker know that if I wanted, I could shatter their skulls with a hammer designed to crush stone. We don’t need this weapon, my friend, but the possibilities for mind games are endless.

    Cesaro takes the sledgehammer away from his neck and holds in up, studying it closely. Triple H gives

      Triple H: Even I am amazed by you, Antonio. You are a remarkable man.

      Antonio Cesaro: No, we are remarkable. For the last month, we have won every single tag team match. We have defeated everyone who has gotten into the ring with us. We have sent our message to Kane and the Undertaker. They know that we are coming for them. They know that they are losing the tag team championships tonight. They have failed in their duty. They have failed to be the champions the people wanted. Their time has come and past and as you know as the next step in Evolution we will be the champions that the people want and need.

    Jun 11, 13 at 5:49pm

    TCW proudly presents,

    Manchester Arena, Manchester, England

    Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman, to TCW Warzone! I'm Michael Cole, here with my broadcast partners Taz and Booker T.
    Taz: We've got a night here Cole that I can only sum up in three words: Pick. Your. Poison.
    Booker T: Aw yeah. This Sunday, Alex Shelley and CM Punk face off, but before that....they get to pick each other's opponents here tonight.
    Cole: But let's not wait any time, as we get into our TCW Television Champion Chase matches, with our first Fatal-4-Way of the night!

    Fatal Four Way
    Christian Cage vs Ken Kennedy vs John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
    TCW Television Chase Match

    The bell sounds and immediately Del Rio and Christian attack John Cena. The two men manage to take the wrestling superman down to the canvas with a flurry of punches and kicks. Kennedy, not sure if to join the onslaught or to save Cena backs off from the action and waits for the others to decide. Cena starts to fight back by shoving Del Rio away then pounding Christian in the skull a few times. As Christian falls back, Del Rio grabs ahold of Cena and applies the Cross Armbreaker. Christian sprints back and breaks up the hold, disgruntled with the alliance between himself and Del Rio disintegrating. Kennedy chooses his time to act and grabs Christian in order to hit him with a suplex. He runs at Del Rio and receives a dropkick to the face. Del Rio turns back to Cena and is met with more strikes to the face before the leader of the Cenation bounces of the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Cena hovers over Del Rio, informs him that Alberto cannot see John, and hits the Five-Knuckle Shuffle! He then places Del Rio over his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment, but out of nowhere Christian hits a Spear on Cena. Kennedy rises back to his feet and receives his own Spear.

    Christian sees Del Rio struggling to get up, so he grabs him and hits the Killswitch! He covers. 1...2...3! Christian Cage wins the first TCW Title Chase of the night!

    Cole: What a win by Christian!
    Booker T: I tell you man, I think Christian may have found his step here in TCW.
    Taz: He's been impressive in the past couple weeks, but so have the other four men in the TCW Title Chase. We see them up next.

    Fatal Four Way
    Carlito vs Wade Barrett vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Bray Wyatt

    The match begins with all four competitors in their respective corners. The bell rings, and we're underway! O'Reilly goes right after Bray Wyatt. Not a wise decision, as the Eater of Worlds drives a fist into the jaw of O'Reilly! Barrett grabs Carlito around the neck and locks him in a massive headlock before taking him down with a hip toss! Barrett gets on Carlito and begins driving fists into the face of Carlito! Wyatt, meanwhile, flips O'Reilly across the ring with a huge belly-to-belly Suplex! O'Reilly quickly rolls out of the ring. Wyatt makes a split decision to take on Barrett next, taking him down with a running crossbody right over the top of Carlito! O'Reilly slips into the ring and picks off the downed Carlito! Dropping hit after hit on the left ankle of Carlito! Meanwhile, Wyatt lifts Barrett up and goes for a massive punch - No! Barrett ducks and turns to hit Wyatt with a massive boot to the thigh! And he follows it with a punch to the face! On the other side of the ring, Carlito hits massive kick after kick with the healthy ankle! A final kick sends O'Reilly across the ring and between the ropes!

    Barrett is, meanwhile, warming up for the Bull Hammer on Wyatt... But Carlito goes for a Back Stabber on Barrett! But Barrett doesn't go down! Instead, he catches Carlito on his back, pulling him upwards onto his shoulders! Wasteland! Barrett makes the cover! One-Two- no! Wyatt breaks the count! He lifts Barrett up and hits the STO! One-Two-Three!

    Booker T: And Bray Wyatt shows people how to get it done!
    Cole: He may keep winning matches, but he also keeps giving me the creeps.
    Taz: Hey, sometimes you just gotta get in the heads of your opponents, and that's what Wyatt keeps doing.

    Tag Team Match
    Evolution(Antonio Cesaro & Triple H) vs Curt Hawkins & Ted DiBiase

    The Game is first out for his team, facing down an old rival in Ted DiBiase. The two lock-up in the middle of the ring, with DiBiase being pushed back. Forced into the corner, the referee breaks the two up with DiBiase trying to figure out a plan. Ted soon rushes out of the corner, swinging wildly, trying to catch The Game off guard. Instead, Triple H ducks the clothesline and starts throwing right hands into DiBiase, forcing him into his corner. The Game tags in Cesaro before holding DiBiase in place so Cesaro can throw a solid shot to the kidneys are Ted. Ted staggers out of the corner before Cesaro grabs him and snaps off a suplex. Cesaro covers; one, tw-kickout.
    Cesaro locks in the side headlock on DiBiase as Ted tries to get momentum back on his side. Ted manages to fight his way to his feet, but Cesaro clubs him in the back of his head to send DiBiase back to the ground. Cesaro grunts before pulling Ted up, looking for the Neutralizer. He tries to lift Ted, but DiBiase blocks it, before countering with a back body drop! Cesaro arcs his back in pain as Ted finds a bit of reprieve and crawls over to his corner. Cesaro manages to tag in Triple H, but DiBiase tags in Hawkins! Curt has been itching to get in the match and explodes once in the ring with a clothesline to Triple H. The Game scrambles to his feet and Curt is quick to hit him with a dropkick, sending Triple H into the corner. Hawkins quickly follows through with a splash in the corner before hitting Triple H with his own suplex! Curt covers, but Cesaro is in to break it up! Cesaro stomps away at Hawkins before Ted is charging in at Cesaro, but Antonio pulls the top rope down, causing Ted to spill to the outside! Antonio gets back to his feet but Hawkins dropkicks him in the back, up and over the top rope as well! Curt then turns around to focus on Triple H, but The Game meets him with the Spinebuster!

    Triple H sees the end is near as he stalks Hawkins to his feet. He kicks Curt in the gut, hooking the arms….Pedigree! Curt is planted into the mat and his teammate isn’t able to make the save as The Game hooks the leg; one, two, three!

    Cole: Another dominant win by Evolution here tonight!
    Booker T: I've always respected Triple H for his work in the ring, but Antonio Cesaro is really showing me something ever since he teamed up with Cody Rhodes and The Game. I think this could be just what Antonio needs to get his career rolling.
    Taz: I gotta agree with you there Book.

    We pick up with the TCW Television Champion CM Punk, who is stood in the office of TCW general manager, Paul Heyman. A few moments pass until Heyman himself enters the room, and looks slightly startled at the presence of Punk. He appears to take it in his stride though, as he makes his way across the room and takes up his seat behind the desk. Punk stands stoic, staring a hole through Heyman as he waits for some kind of acknowledgement. Heyman keeps the straight edge superstar waiting though, as he clears a few files off his desk before looking up at him.

    Heyman: Punk, what can I do for you?

    Punk takes a step towards Heyman, and slightly leans in towards him.

    CM Punk: Paul, I’m here to find out who I’m facing tonight.

    Heyman smirks, as he too leans forward a touch.

    Heyman: Punk, you will find that out in the ring tonight. That’s the whole point of the pick your poison concept, you’re not supposed to be aware who you’re facing.

    Punk doesn’t seem too happy with this, as he tentatively shakes his head in disapproval.

    Punk: Why, so we can make excuses if we don’t win? No, that’s not how tonight’s going to go. I don’t care if you don’t tell me who I’m going to face, because lets face it I’m going to win regardless. I’m not letting Alex off the hook though, he’s not getting any excuses tonight. I’ll openly tell the World right now that the person I’ve picked for Alex Shelley to face is… The Undertaker!

    Punk smirks as he backs away from Heyman, who appears to be content with Punk’s choice. The cameras then return to ringside.

    Cole: How about that?! Alex Shelley vs The Undertaker!
    Booker T: Awwww man, two of the best in this industry going head to head tonight!

    Singles Match
    John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler

    The former tag team partners stare down in the center of the ring. We don’t know what happened to break them up (something about someone stealing stuff), but what matters tonight is they face off. Right as the referee rings the bell, Morrison tackles Dolph to the ground, beating into the face of the Show Off. He throws rights and lefts before the referee finally has to pull Morrison off of Ziggler. John argues with the referee, but the ref threatens to disqualify him before John sighs and just goes back to the match. He walks over to Dolph, but Ziggler kicks his knee out from under him, sending Morrison to the mat. John clutches his knee as he starts to get to his feet, but Dolph comes off the ropes, Fame Asser! Morrison is driven into the mat as Dolph makes the cover; one, two, th-kickout.

    Dolph begins stomping away at Morrison, trying to put the match away quickly. He begins dropping multiple elbows before stopping and flicking his hair at the crowd before jumping for another, but Morrison rolls out of the way! The showing off by Ziggler may have cost him as Dolph holds his elbow in pain as Morrison pulls himself up in the corner. Ziggler charges for the splash, but Morrison moves out of the way and Dolph crashes face first into the top turnbuckle! He staggers backwards and Morrison springboards, Flying Chuck! Morrison’s foot collides with the side of Ziggler’s head and Dolph falls into position. John steadies himself in the corner, looking down at Ziggler before leaping, going for Starship Pain…

    And he hits it! Morrison’s patented splash connects with Ziggler as John hooks the leg; one, two, three!

    Taz: And Morrison gets some payback here tonight!
    Cole: Payback for what?
    Taz: Ziggler putting himself first in the big picture!
    Booker T: Both of them couldn't put their egos aside to keep an impressive tag team together....but they're both gonna be great singles competitors, I can tell you that.

    Pick Your Poison-Singles Competition
    CM Punk vs Alex Shelley's Chosen Opponent

    CM Punk stands in the center of the ring, waiting for Alex Shelley's choice to be revealed.


    Fire explodes as Kane makes his way to the ring! Kane vs. CM Punk!

    Kane and Punk circle each other in the ring, neither one wanting to make a misstep. Kane quickly breaks the tension, and pushes Punk hard into the corner before driving hard punches to the chest and face of CM Punk! Left-Right-Left-Right! A clothesline into the corner! Punk stumbles out of the corner and Kane lifts him up for a sidewalk slam! The crowd goes wild as Kane makes the early cover! One-Two- Kickout! Kane lifts Punk back to his feet, and Irish Whips him across the ring - And Punk returns to a Big Boot! Kane raises his arms to the ceiling and slams them both down with fury! The crowd is on their feet, loving this one-sided bout! Kane chokes Punk on the mat, lifting him to his feet - But a thumb to the eye from Punk! He continues with an onslaught - Chop! Chop! Chop! And a spinning chop! And a fierce roundhouse to the side of the head! Kane drops to his knees and Punk rebounds off the ropes to hit a massive dropkick to the kneeling Kane! Punk hits the top rope, stalking Kane.. And a diving Crossbody.. But Kane catches him! He drops him on his knee and then hits a Fallaway Slam! Punk grabs his back in pain before trying to roll out of the ring - But Kane catches him!

    Kane pulls Punk in, grabbing him by the throat, looking for retribution. Punk claws away at the arm of Kane, trying to escape before kicking Kane in the groin! Kane stumbles backwards a bit as Punk believes he has gotten some breathing room, rolling out of the ring. Punk decides to take his leave, but he runs right into Kane on the outside, recovered already from the cheap shot! Punk backs away slowly before Kane swings, and Punk ducks it, running to the back as Kane follows! The Television Champion is on the run and the referee has lost both his competitors! He has no choice but to rule this a no contest!

    Cole: And Punk manages to slither away from Kane!
    Taz: That's Punk using his noggin. He doesn't have to beat Kane, not when he has such a big match on Sunday.
    Booker T: While I agree with not wanting to risk getting hurt, I can't agree with Punk taking the low road out in that case.

    The cameras cut backstage, showing Santino Marella, just moments before his match with Cody. Rather than his usual focused self, Santino has quite a grin on his face. TCW reporter Josh Matthews is stood beside him.

    Josh Matthews: Santino, have you been putting in any extra preparation knowing that Dean Ambrose is acting as special guest referee for your match with Cody Rhodes?

    Santino laughs to himself.

    Santino: Actually, Josh, Cody Rhodes and this match hasn't been on mind too much this week. I've been a little...busy.

    Josh Matthews: Busy? Don't you think Cody Rhodes deserves a little more respect than that?

    Santino: Oh, I mean no disrespect to Cody Rhodes. But I have been in many important meetings this week you see, I have not had much time to prepare.

    Josh: Meetings? Couldn't you have rescheduled considering how difficult this match is sure to be?

    Santino: Ah, Josh, rescheduling...that would have been great, but it is difficult to get a meeting with the TCW Board of Directors, nevermind trying to get it rescheduled!

    Josh Matthews: Board of directors? Why were you -

    Santino holds his hand to the mouth of Josh, silencing him. He takes the microphone from Josh and looks to the camera.

    Santino: This week, I went straight to the board of directors. I pleaded my case, I pleaded how unjust it was that Brock Lesnar ruined the King versus Champion match at No Mercy, and unsurprisingly they did not disagree. I told them that Dean Ambrose had Brock Lesnar save him at King of The Ring, and that Dean Ambrose had Brock Lesnar save him at No Mercy. And they agreed. I told them that I do not think Dean Ambrose is a worthy champion because of this, that Dean Ambrose hasn't proved yet that he is the best wrestler in this company. And they agreed with me about just unfair his whole title reign has been. And while Dean Ambrose may not want to face me again...they would love to see it, Josh. And what the board of directors want, the board of directors get. So the reason I have not prepared for my matchup with Cody Rhodes, is that I have been busy arranging a different a matchup. I have arranged that next week at Wembley Stadium, infront of 90,000 passionate Brits - Dean Ambrose will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against me, Santino Marella!

    Santino hands the microphone back to Josh, and leaves before the interviewer can get another word in! We cut to ringside.

    Taz: Oh god, give it a rest Santino! You'll never be better than our champ!
    Booker T: Taz man, you gotta just let it go man.

    Singles Match
    w/ Special Referee Dean Ambrose
    Santino Marella vs Cody Rhodes

    Dean calls for the bell to ring as Santino is hesitant to make any moves, eyeing Ambrose. Dean just smirks and points to the referee shirt he’s currently wearing before telling Santino to get to it. Marella slowly takes his eyes off of Ambrose to focus on the match, but Rhodes is on him. Cody wasted no time taking advantage of Santino’s distraction and is quickly forcing Marella into the corner, beating him down. Dean lets this go on longer than he should before forcing Rhodes out of the corner, telling him to back off. Rhodes heads back to the corner, but Santino ducks the right hand and forces Rhodes into the corner with knife edge chops. The crowd chants “Woo” to each and every one of them before Santino whips Rhodes into the opposite corner with authority, causing Cody to crash to the mat. Santino heads over, but Triple H pulls Rhodes out of the ring, giving The Future some time to recover. Marella argues with Ambrose to begin counting, but Dean just nonchalantly smiles before finally obliging to Santino’s demands and counting Rhodes out. His back turned, Cesaro slides into the ring and takes out Santino with a clothesline before quickly exiting and heading back over towards Triple H as Rhodes is back in the ring. He stomps away at the now downed Santino before running off the ropes and dropping his knee across the face of Marella. Rhodes covers and Dean is down to count; one, tw-kickout by Santino. Ambrose shrugs his shoulders before Rhodes stomps away at Santino, trying to his best to put away the Italian. He screams at Santino that his time is done before running off the ropes for another knee drop, but this time Marella moves out of the way! Cody’s knee collides into the mat, and remember folks, Cody doesn’t wear kneepads. Rhodes clutches his knee in pain as Santino is up to his feet, hitting Rhodes hard with a clothesline! Cody scrambles to the corner to try and get away from Marella, but Santino is on him, throwing right hands. He isn’t even halfway done before Ambrose decides to do his job “properly” and forces Marella out of the corner. Santino begins arguing with Ambrose, as Dean merely states he was doing his job. Marella doesn’t take that answer and continues screaming at Rhodes, his focus on the match lost.

    Rhodes takes advantage of the distracted Santino and grabs him from behind…..Cross Rhodes! Santino is planted into the mat all while Dean smirks before dropping to the mat for the count; one, two, three!

    Cody Rhodes heads to the back with his Evoloution team-mates, celebrating this high profile victory...but Dean Ambrose stays in the ring. With his grin on his face, Ambrose stands over his fallen number one contender. The World Champion pulls the referee shirt off of himself and tosses it to the side, and demands a microphone from the time-keeper. Circling Santino, he snarls into the microphone.

    Dean Ambrose: Number one contender, huh? You go to the board of directors, and you tell them that, that I haven't retained my title properly? That I haven't proven I'm a, I'm a 'worthy' champion? I'll show you, I'll show you WORTHY!

    Ambrose dives right at Santino and cracks him in the skull with the microphone! The World Champion lays into Santino, throwing a wild flurry of shots and screaming at him! Dean Ambrose has lost it! He stands up and takes several paces backwards, letting a dazed Santino try to find his feet. The number one contender gets on one knee, and Ambrose charges at him: Shining Wizar-NO! Santino dives out of the way! Ambrose quickly gets back to his feet and charges at Santino again, but Marella ducks! And lands a right hand! And another! Ambrose is reeling! Santino whips Ambrose off of the ropes and nails a clothesline! The roles have reversed and Ambrose is on the mat, trying to find his senses, with Santino the one doing the stalking, watching as The World Champion uses the ropes to get to his feet ... OW! Brock Lesnar and CM Punk! Ambrose's colleagues have come from the crowd, and are lack a pack of wolves as they assault Santino! Punk helps Ambrose to his feet, while Brock stalks Santino. Ambrose calls the order and everyone knows what's coming, as a snarling Superbeast bounces side to side, waiting for Ambrose to turn around...


    Brothers of Destruction! The team screwed by Ambrose, Lesnar and Punk last week are making a beeline for the ring! The trio all stop in shock at this run-in, but they don't have time to stand around because 'Taker and Kane both slide in to the ring! Punk and Kane go at, 'Taker lands a big boot to Ambrose and then begins to lay right hands into Lesnar! Lesnar rams Undertaker into the corner and lands a series of shoulder thrusts, while Kane throws uppercuts and Punk throws a variation of knees and kicks. Lesnar charges at Taker - but the Deadman lands a big boot instead! Lesnar drops and rolls out of the ring, and Kane tosses Punk over the top rope! Both men turn their attention to the last of the trio...Dean Ambrose. The Champ backs off, trying to make peace with the BoD...but he backs right into Santino Marella! The number one contender tosses Ambrose over the top rope - BoD and Santino have cleared house!

    ???: Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

    The crowd and all six combatants turn to the titantron - to see the face of Warzone General Manager, Paul Heyman.

    Heyman: Enough is enough! Now, I'm all for extreme, as you all well know - but this really has gone on long enough. I'm sick of Brock Lesnar, I'm sick of CM Punk, I'm sick of Edge, and now I'm damn well sick of the Brothers of Destruction too! Santino, Dean - the reason for your rematch is Brock Lesnar unfairly interfered in your last meeting, but I damn sure I won't let anyone get in the way of this one. And so I thought to myself, a steel cage couldn't keep these tough TCW superstars out of the ring, so what could? And then I realised, exactly that...tough TCW superstars. So Brock, Punk, Undertaker, Kane, Edge wherever the hell you are, if you want to get involved in the World Title match this Sunday, you'll have to tear your way through each other first - because this Sunday, Dean Ambrose and Santino Marella will go at for the World Heavyweight Championship, surrounded by lumberjacks!

    TCW then cuts to a commercial break with a grimace on the face of Dean Ambrose and his cronies, a smile on the number one contender's face, and the Manchester crowd cheering in delight.

    Taz: Oh come on Paul! Stop rewarding that piece of trash! He's lost his last two matches and so he gets rewarded?!
    Cole: He just lost this one because of an impartial referee Taz, that isn't Santino's fault!
    Taz: That isn't my problem! But a loss is a loss and Santino keeps on losing!
    Booker T: Sometimes Taz, sometimes....

    Pick Your Poison Singles Competition
    Alex Shelley vs The Undertaker

    Shelley bounces on his feet back and forth, waiting for his opponent to come out from behind the curtain. The lights in the arena turn off in preparation for the man's appearance.


    Chills fill the air as smoke fills the arena and The Deadman makes his way out from behind the curtain. Shelley knew it was coming, but no one can truly prepare for The Undertaker. But up next, we see if Shelley has managed to find the plan to stay alive.....

    Shelley tries to get on the offensive by grappling Taker around the waist, but the Deadman just shoves off the noticeably smaller man. The Undertaker uses his strength to pick up Shelley and slam him on down on his own leg for a backbreaker. His opponent takes a few seconds before hopping back on his feet and running towards him. He lifts his leg for a big boot, but Shelley stops his momentum just in time and hits Taker with a standing dropkick. The Sultan of Sleaze strategically kicks his opponent as he lays on the ground, preventing him from taking his natural advantage over Shelley. His opponent's tenacity causes the Deadman to roll out of the ring and finally get back to his feet. Refusing to let his opponent rest, Shelley goes to the opposite side of the ring, then takes off for a suicide dive. Like an arrow, he hits his opponent right in the chest for a bullseye. Both men are slow to get up as the fans just inches away cheer them on. The Undertaker rises first and stomps down on his opponent. He then grabs Shelley and throws him into the barricade, where he proceeds to give him a big boot to the face. The neck connecting the Sultan of Sleaze's head to his body snaps back violently as he falls to his knees. Taker grabs him again and tosses him into the corner post before bringing him back into the ring. Shelley slowly rises to his knees as The Undertaker gets in position for the Chokeslam. The Money in the Bank holder stands up and turns to his opponent. He immediately dodges the claw of the Deadman, bounces off the ropes, and performs a hurricanrana on his opponent. Before his opponent can get back up again, Shelley jumps off the middle rope and tuns back to hit a senton. He then applies the chicken-wing on The Undertaker, wrenching the arm into his opponent's back more and more with each passing second. Taker crawls with one hand and finally reaches the ropes, which causes Shelley to immediately release the hold. Shelley tries a kick to the head, but the Deadman catches and throws it down. Uncharacteristically, Taker tackles Shelley to the ground and unleashes a series of strikes to his opponent's skull. With a face full of rage, Undertaker picks up Shelley, holds him in front of himself with both arms, and hits the Tombstone Piledriver! Taker smiles as he covers Shelley. 1...2...kick! Shocking everyone in attendance, including The Undertaker, Shelley kicks out. Still in control nonetheless, Taker picks up Shelley again. This time, however, Shelley is more elusive and wrestles out of the Deadman's clutches. He climbs over his opponent and hits him with a sunset flip! Could Shelley steal one away? 1...2...kick! Shelley gets to his feet before Taker and stomps his entire body, including digging his heel into his opponent's chest. Looking to personally end the match, Alex Shelley climbs the corner turnbuckle.

    He steadies himself on the top rope, looking for the Frog Splash, but Undertaker sits up! Shelley is in disbelief as Taker makes his way over to the corner and grabs Alex by the throat! Not a chokeslam, not from up there....but Shelley fights it! Alex punches away at the head of the Undertaker before grabbing the head and dropping to the outside! Undertaker gets caught on the top rope and has to break his grip as Alex tries to get air back in his lungs on the outside.

    Alex shakes his head, getting blood flowing again before climbing onto the apron, awaiting The Deadman to turn around. He springboards, but Undertaker punches him as his feet touch the top rope, causing Shelley to fall to the outside! Alex crashes into the padded floor as The Phenom looks to the outside. He slowly nods his head before running off the ropes....oh god no, NO! Undertaker just dove over the top rope to the outside onto Shelley! Both men are down! The referee climbs out of the ring, checking both men....he calls for the bell! Neither man is responding! It's a no contest!

    Booker T: Oh my goodness....
    Taz: You said it Book. I don't know the last time I saw Undertaker do that....and I think I may have just seen the last time he ever will.
    Cole: Neither of the two can make it to their feet. We gotta get somebody out here.
    Booker T: You know, when you're in that ring, you'll do alot of things to win. You'll break your own body in half if you got to. I think we just saw that here tonight...
    Cole: I'm sorry folks, but we're out of time. We have to end the show here tonight, but stay posted on throughout the week as we update you all on the condition of both Alex Shelley and The Undertaker as well as on Alex Shelley's match with CM Punk. Thank you and goodnight

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