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Jan 13, 13 at 1:31amskily

Hi all! Welcome to my Fantasica Store. As you've seen, I've quite an experience in trading.. so I can guarantee that dealing with me will be a smooth sale..
I'm a PayPal verified so I expect the same from the buyer as well.. I only accept gifting method..
I also accept bank transfer***only if you're from Singapore.

Pm/kik me, I'll get back to you ASAP.. no longer than 2hours as I'm on phone almost 24/7 except when I'm sleeping:)

Please Feel Free To Pm Me/Kik for any units you're looking for:)
If you have a price in mind,
Please Feel free to pm me/kik to negotiate price with me too..
I don't bite, don't worry heheheeee..

KIK = sevester


TE @$0.50 each Updated
0 te in stock.

Potion @$0.60 each Updated
0 potion in stock.


MerrowM offer me

160 Neolith offer me

160 Revere offer me

160 Lilith $600

160 Elizabeth offer me

160 Archibald offer me


140 Isabelle Units offer me

140 Eva $140

140 Delfina $80

140 Xmas Francois $600

Fresh 9 Tail Monster $15


Sold list:
Archibald SOLD
110 potion SOLD
Bajardo, Nina, Nanaca, Magnus, Laetitia SOLD
Muriel and dana SOLD
Ludmila SOLD
200Te SOLD
200Te SOLD
450 pot SOLD
Neon, Eva SOLD
2x Charles SOLD
Arana, BAjardo, SOLD
Fraoula SOLD
200Te SOLD
Elizabeth SOLD
300Te SOLD
Cardina, Ombre, Charles, Eluit, 400teSOLD
Patear and 50 te SOLD
Azul unit and hAragon SOLD
Cuniculus SOLD
Aragon, Neon SOLD
Zhaoyun SOLD
Nanaca SOLD
Clarissa SOLD
Monica SOLD
Pregare SOLD
Manfred SOLD
140NINA and 10te SOLD
140 Aksana SOLD
260Te SOLD
Armure SOLD
2xAgastache , 2xKing , Tulia SOLD
800 Te SOLD
Elizabeth SOLD
140 Nina SOLD
140 Borage SOLD
40 te SOLD
Eisberg SOLD
350 Te SOLD
88 Petra SOLD
140 Vlad SOLD
140 Nanaca SOLD
ombre SOLD
100 ConstanceSOLD
140 Borage SOLD
Monica SOLD
2000 Te SOLD
Fresh Agastache Monster SOLD
Fresh King Mandra SOLD
Fresh Manticore SOLD
ombre SOLD
Fresh Petra SOLD
140 Paris SOLD
120 Constance units SOLD
120 Medusa Monster SOLD
120 Succubus Monster SOLD
120 Succubus Monster SOLD
120 Nine Tails Fox Monster SOLD
Fresh Charles SOLD
100 CyclopsSOLD
100 Gryphon SOLD
113 Succubus monster SOLD
100 Trish SOLD
100 Constance unitsSOLD
Chiara SOLD
Fresh Holly SOLD
200Te SOLD
Bernard SOLD
Gremory SOLD
Dolce SOLD
200Te SOLD
140 Nana SOLD
140 Abel SOLD
140 Nina SOLD
200Te SOLD
Elizabeth monster SOLD
140 Charles SOLD
Max 126/140DolceSOLD
Max 140CharlesSOLD
Max 140AdamasSOLD
Max ReamySOLD
Max DermondSOLD
Max ElizabethSOLD
lv93 DanaSOLD
Max NinaSOLD
Max DebbieTRADED
Max ReveSOLD
Max Manfred SOLD
MAX Ethelred SOLD
MAX Charles SOLD
Fresh Bernard SOLD
Fresh Alexander SOLD
Fresh Paris SOLD
Max Beatrix TRADED
Max rouge SOLD
fresh Abel SOLD
Max Fenrir TRADED
Max Abel SOLD
Max Marybell SOLD
Max Paris SOLD
Max Succubus UNIT SOLD
lv18 Nanaca SOLD
Succubus unit TRADED
Max Medusa SOLD
Max Heidemarie SOLD
Max Elizabeth SOLD
Max Laura SOLD
Xmas lies SOLD
SOLD 1300te
SOLD 1800te
SOLD 200te
SOLD 400te
SOLD 200te
SOLD 300te
SOLD 100te
SOLD 400te
SOLD 100te
SOLD 400te
SOLD 200pot
SOLD 200pot

Price Negotiable a lil bit.
NOTE: all price stated above is in USD.

pm me for more details and immediate response.

Trading terms:
1)Kik/pm me for the card.. kik will be faster..
2)gimme your in game id, I'll initiate the trade.. to show that I have owned what you wanted to buy.
3)Reply the trade with 1000luna/1* card
4) send the payment to my PayPal with the message below ( IMPORTANT IF NOT I WILL REFUND ):
**Payment for (card/te). I am (username), (ID number). I completely understand these are virtual goods and I agree that no refunds or returns are allowed.**
I'll check my PayPal to confirm the payment..
5)I'll accept trade..
These will take approximately 5-10mins only..
I'm an honest seller no worry.. you can check the feedback I've gotten.. many will vouch for me.. I promise you'll have a good transaction with me..
Guarantee all Customer with a satisfactory transaction!
Have a nice day:)

Thanks (:

quote pokka77
This is my second time to purchase stuffs here. Smooth and fast same as first time. ""Strongly Recommended""
quote Incredible_Dot
First time buyer and was a great seller. Fast, efficient, and very informative, much preferred over the random pulls! Thank you!
quote y2early
Honest and very trusted.

My story have to be the stupidest ever for a buyer.

Long story short...
I sent him double the money on paypal while trying to calculate the fees which I have to cover since I didn't have a gift option. So instead of 105 bucks, I sent him 205.
After i realized it, it was TOO LATE !!!!!!
Any other seller would have probably ran off with my money, but he is SOOOO nice and refunded my money.
And waited for me to resend the actual amount to him!!!

Will buy AGAIN!!!!
quote tosh1h1ko
Fast respond and fast transaction
thank for the dana and muriel
Good seller will be buyjng more from him
quote Utsos
Got Stiria and Bajardo, the transaction couldnt have gone any smoother. Great trader and will most likely go to seller again for more.
quote KecoaLangit
Username: Skily
Thread Link:
Comments: Fast response and fast transaction, no hassle. veteran seller & top rank player. very trustworthy.
quote fantasica
very reliable ! good seller.
quote omgblahness
Got my first 6* from here!!! Very happy with how helpful and fast transaction was!
quote Cig13
Thanks Skily for being helpful and patience with the fast trade, bought some pots.
SG players can trust him
quote TruthUncommon
Good seller, very good communication and easy to work with. Recommend for buyers.
quote Pacatus777
Awesome seller, was about to meet my price and worth trusting. Wish I got his Loki though! Good guy to deal with.
quote ryuzash
I bought Manferd AND HE IS ONE OF THE MOST TRUST SELLER I EVER MET! He is friendly and trustworthy
If you buy something from him, you won't regret it!

quote TriEdge
Transaction: $351
Thread Link:
Comments: Good and fast seller, highly recommended!!
In-Game Name: Forgot
quote RGX86
Great seller! Fast and easy to work with! A++++
quote Theru
Thank you for a smooth, quick & easy transaction. And for your patience lol
quote fantasica
Transaction: $110
Thread Link:
Comments: Easy to deal with, friendly, nice, kind, trusted, fast,smooth sale, best seller..
In-Game Name: Forgot
quote Mad Max
great seller ++++ bought nina
quote vhnguyen228
Trusthworthy and fast will do business again! A++++ all the way
quote darkdragon99
Bought TE, helpful and friendly seller

Very trustworthy and fast response, definitely recommended!
quote selenbum
Got answered quickly and smooth transaction, nice seller. Recommanded !
quote Mad Max
dolce GET !! more +++ to this awesome seller
quote zf1sb
Purchased Ombre.
Friendly & trustworthy seller! We finished our trade in less than 10 mins. Highly recommended!
quote an140
Flexible and good response
quote Neo_Lumia
Great Seller, fast to response just as he stated, really nice in negotiation, will buy again from him , definitely recommended
quote uatafoc
Fantastic seller, fast and trusted +++++
quote aibatakaya
quote Poto
100% legit sales. Very quick and easy. I even fell asleep on him the night before but was still quick to trade the next morning. Highly recommend this seller. Best of luck to you
quote tramsun
buy 350te , borage , petra and vlad from him
best seller i ever met
quote Kristeekins
It was my first time using this website, and he helped me out so much! I bought $50 worth of TE and he helped step by step through this process. I definitely recommend and WILL come back to do more purchases with this seller. Very quick response time and put the te immediately into trade.

quote Sorasi
quote Best seller very easy to communicate and very fast third time that I bought from him
quote Kyounyuu
Wonderful seller. VERY fast and friendly! Buy with confidence!
quote Neo_Lumia
2nd transaction, and still uphold the rule, easy to talk too, and easy to negotiate ^^, recommended
quote tramsun
buy one more Nina !
quote zhen1995
quick and easy transaction and a Wonderful seller ^^ looking forward to buying again!
quote exodustpa
Great Seller, was fast and trustworthy. Was super quick in responding on kik and was quick to confirm trade as well. Bought some TEs and a card from him.
quote Kristeekins
Did two transactions with this seller :3

First with $50 worth in TE, and a second with $100. I began having issues on paypal, and he was patient enough for me to deal with this issue before sending him his money. A+++++ and one of my favorite sellers. He is a trustworthy and honest seller, and he trusted me when I began having difficulties with paypal.
quote hinabits
Awesome Seller! Bought twice from him, fast response and very friendly!
Highly Recommended!
quote exodustpa
Bought another time of items from the seller, great service as usual and was nice to throw in a token gift as well.
quote tramsun
buy 240te from him (again) , smooth transaction , friendly seller.
quote Demonolith
Wonderful and pleasant transaction! Really quick response times and was very helpful throughout the whole process. Thanks!!
quote OriginalCathy
Fast easy careful transaction. Thank you!
quote sharizard
quick and pleasant transaction, took maybe five minutes tops. thanks again, i'll be back for sure. :]
quote KeithMendez1223
I have been rendered a smooth and fast trading process by this gentleman. I can vouch that he is a 100% legitimate, Honest and reliable trader in this forum. Looking forward in doing business with him again. Cheers.
quote fredneo
great seller, fast and good !
quote schizzlemydiz
Great seller - fast transaction, great price - bought Alvida
quote k-will
Fast response and delivery. Awesome seller.
quote RoyalGrabs
Super nice seller , transaction went super fast m so reliable . Love my charl,Benedetta and Luce monster , will buy again soon . Buy from him he's awesome
quote Eiendless
Nice Trader with quick respond and easy to negotiate ^ ^
quote hinabits
Awesome Seller! Bought and made numerous transactions with. Fast response and very friendly.
Great service. Highly Recommended!
quote bluebloodx
Very trustworthy, totally safe! Buy with confidence. I'm a noob buyer and he was really chill and patient about everything. Thanks very much for the easy transaction! :]
quote rx0
thanks a lot fast reply and good service
quote mep123
up for good seller
quote kezzel2drix
Trusted seller lighting fast respond.
quote starscream604
Just bought a Charles, cheapest one I could find too, believe me I was looking
Fast service(replied within a few hours even though he was asleep), trustworthy(Deal made fast no problems) courteous(asked if I needed anything else) will keep an eye on this thread for sure
Thanks again, til next time
quote Junce
Fast service and able to negotiate and chat in a friendly way before trading and sending funds, big vouch for this guy!
quote n0rthst4r
Just bought a handful of te. Transaction was quick and smooth! Thanks a lot!
quote Fantamojo
Wanted to buy in the middle of the night and he responded instantly! Very fast and friendly, great service!
quote Aburidashi
Purchased a couple cards from him. Fast, courteous, and flexible. Will purchase from him in the future. +1
quote Circe313
ty4t. bought a MLB Bajardo at a great price! super nice seller and super easy to work with! WILL BUY FROM AGAIN
quote louis101
Fantastic seller;) friendly, fast, smooth & easy transaction. Will definitely buy from him again.
quote Circe313
2nd purchase from seller - ty4t. I highly recommend this seller to EVERYBODY!
quote Walkabout
Fantastic seller. Not only was he patient while we discussed the sale, he went out of his way to work with me until we could both agree on a solid offer.

Absolutely would do business with again!!!
quote Walkabout
Fantastic seller. Not only was he patient while we discussed the sale, he went out of his way to work with me until we could both agree on a solid offer.

Absolutely would do business with again!!!
quote pokka77
I purchased 450 potions and got very good and super fast service. If I need anything, I will come back here for sure.
quote wsutrisno
vouch for him.

great communication and very professional

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