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Jan 10, 13 at 11:16amRegalBryant

Most speculation about Fennekin's second attack claims it to be Psychic. But I thought that maybe it was how stat altering moves look in this Generation. Does this seem plausable?

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Jan 12, 13 at 3:08am

I think RegalBryant is right.
that "Psychic" move Fennekin used in the trailer look more like a status effect move. If it was a Psychic type move. I would guess it could be Confusion or something.

Jan 12, 13 at 2:37am
Jill Owns All

I don't know, we'll find out what it was eventually. But that leads me to question something else - how in depth do you think these full animations go? Let's assume for a second that that WAS Froakie using Close Combat. Do you think that's the exact same animation as Machamp using Close Combat? Or Staraptor? Or Arcanine? It seems less fitting for them, so how deep do you think move animations could be? (might be best suited for a new thread...)

Jan 11, 13 at 9:53am
Blood Wolf

    I once said it was probably Acrobatics that Froakie is using and I'm sticking with it, goddamn it. I don't want another fighting frog. You saw what they did to Tepig, I'm not gonna let them turn Froakie into a fat wrestler.

Jan 11, 13 at 3:30am

I suppose it was using Psychic. That's my conclusion.

quote Jill Owns All
I can't imagine Froakie is using Close Combat in that trailer. If anything, to me, it looks like Quick Attack.
That looked like a physical water type move. A new move, I suppose

Jan 10, 13 at 11:38pm

quote Jill Owns All
Quick Attack doesn't suit a frog? Hopping all over the place? But Close Combat does fit his body type? I'd say it suits a frog with the design of Froakie more than Delibird or Pinsir or Bidoof.
Look at the learnbase, it's mostly mammals and birds, they're more 'agile' than frogs.
A frog might be able to propel itself far with with a hop, but it wouldn't be able to do like the animation and hop circles around the target, it can only hop foward.

Close Combat I admit is somewhat off, but all it has to do is bulk up a bit on later forms and it'd be fine, considering it's power, Close Combat is probably learnt loooong after it should have evolved but none the less is still in Froakie's moveset. I mean hey, look at Chespin using what is generally agreed to be Night Slash with his flippers for hands, I'm sure later forms will have claws which make sense to Night Slash with.

Jan 10, 13 at 11:03pm

I wouldn't have thought that the move would've necessarily been Psychic, although I do still think it was a Psychic move, perhaps.

Jan 10, 13 at 7:13pm

Maybe the move Froakie used is a brand new move. I do also think that it might've been Close Combat.

Jan 10, 13 at 7:07pm
Jill Owns All

Quick Attack doesn't suit a frog? Hopping all over the place? But Close Combat does fit his body type? I'd say it suits a frog with the design of Froakie more than Delibird or Pinsir or Bidoof.

Jan 10, 13 at 6:46pm

Fennekin's move is maybe Psywave.
It's all wavy and shit, you know?

As for Froakie, it's trippin balls, it's got to be priority or something that is multiple hits. Quick Attack does not suit it's body shape. Fury Swipes and Attack also kind of want something sharp. That to me brings it down to Mach Punch, or the multi-hitting rampage of Close Combat.

Jan 10, 13 at 6:28pm
Jill Owns All

quote Unseen Steal
Well it is called close combat, if you look at the video he comes close to the opponent before performing the attack action.
Well, you gotta be pretty close for all the physical attacks! lol
Scratch, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Waterfall, Volt Tackle, Karate Chop...only one of those is a Fighting move and none are Close Combat.

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