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Dec 28, 12 at 9:19amAscii

I've recently been looking to buy a Playstation 3 but have found a much larger selection than when I was shopping for an Xbox 360. I have heard the terms phat,slim, and super slim along with different hard drive sizes ranging from 20GB - 500GB. I have read multiple reviews and even read through some old threads in the forums, but I have still not been able to decide on which I should get.

I don't have a need for the backwards compatibility of the older models, and I doubt that I would ever use 500GB's of space. Since both of these features are what most people recommend choosing from (based on what I have read so far), I have no idea which is the best for me. I don't want one with so little memory that I will be forced to buy a new hard drive, but I also don't want to waste my money on space I will never use. My main concern, however, is the performance of the console. Which model or make is the most reliable, fastest, etc. if there is any difference? Then again, I am so late in wanting to purchase one, would it be wiser to just wait on the next generation of consoles? I heard the Playstation 4 could be released in about 2 years and the Xbox 720 even earlier than that (no idea how reliable the article was, however).

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Jan 4, 13 at 7:00pm

Paranoid Android, I wanted the Assassin's Creed bundle but they were sold out. I ended up with the Uncharted 3 and am so glad that I got it. I never would have expected a game series that I have never heard of would be so fun. I just bought Assassin's Creed a few days ago and can't get used to the controls to save my life (too used to the Xbox).

Jan 4, 13 at 1:38pm
Paranoid Android

The super slim is sweet, Shadow of Truth. Glad you picked that one. I recently bought the 500GB Assassin's Creed 3 bundle. Love it, although I probably won't use even a quarter of the space.

Dec 31, 12 at 11:30am

nnnddd101010, I wanted the Assassin's Creed one but they were sold out, so I got the Uncharted one.

Dec 28, 12 at 5:02pm

Shadow of Truth Which bundle was it? Uncharted? Assassin's Creed?

Dec 28, 12 at 4:17pm
Shave ya Head

Good choice in my opinion. A decent sized HDD is imperative for online gaming.

Dec 28, 12 at 4:12pm

Just bought the super slim 250GB that came with a free game for about $260 (without tax added). They were out of stock on most of the other sizes and I didn't have enough to get a game along with the unpackaged deals. I made sure I got a one year warranty as well.Thanks for the help guys!

Dec 28, 12 at 2:24pm

Just get a Slim. Not the Super Slim, the Slim. Large HDD, reliable, works.

If you have a lot of money to burn, then maybe you can consider the original PS3 with full PS2 backwards compatibility, but it costs a lot on the aftermarket and if you want decent HDD space you'd have to put your own in, plus fixing parts yourself should it break since it's not as reliable, like if that thing with the cheap paste for the motherboard happens.

Speaking of that cheap paste, apparently even peanut butter and toothpaste are firmer than it.

Dec 28, 12 at 12:23pm

Get something that has at least say 160 Gb. I have an old 80 Gb phat model, and i thought i would never fill it. Well i have, and it's a struggle picking things to delete to add new stuff to it. If i was you, i'd just get the normal slim model, if looked after, it should last the 2 or 3 years before next gen

Dec 28, 12 at 11:01am

quote Shadow of Truth
quote J917
I've heard that the super slim has some problems with it's disc tray so that discs get stuck if it is banged in a certain spot.
Is that a major problem? Also, I heard the super slim was quieter and overheated less. I'm not sure how big of a sound/cooling difference there is, however.
Not sure, I have a normal slim now but have owned a couple of fat PS3's. It's really quiet, can barely hear mine. I've never had any overheating issues with mine, and that's considering I play with all my doors and windows shut. I've had this 2 years and it's not let me down yet apart from crashing occasionally. Even then that's just bad luck and happens with everything.

But then I haven't owned a super slim so...

Dec 28, 12 at 10:48am

The old fat PS3 has an issue with reliability due to overheating causing the yellow light of doom. It's a design flaw on all of the bigger ones.

I have the super slim and is quieter but for when discs spin... the tray can also be easily slid open by hand. PS3s shouldn't overheat if you keep it ventilated enough. If you're worried then you could just buy one of them fan things that sit underneath it. Not encountered that disc jam thingie though. Guess it shouldn't be an issue unless you have a major tendancy to bash your console when your using it.

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