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Dec 23, 12 at 10:13amCosLamp


Following the interest in last year's Draft League competition, it's back for FIFA 13, with a few changes. For those of you that didn't see last year's competition, this is your chance to pick your very own dream team and lead them to glory and success against your fellow Neoseeker members!

I'd like to thanks robzda and Pappi for running last year's Draft League, and who I've shamelessly stolen half of this post from.


1. To sign up, you must be a Neoseeker member with a minimum of 50 posts. This competition takes a while and I need to know you'll be sticking around for it. Initially, I'll be looking for 8-10 members to sign up, with the possibility of a second league of another 8-10 members if there's enough interest.

2. You have a maximum of 24 hours to confirm your pick once the draft begins. If you miss the 24 hour window, you will be skipped and you will have to wait until your next turn to catch up.

3. You pick your team, tactics and formation, but all matches will be played as CPU v CPU in order to keep things fair.

4. Once your team is ready, you will need to create a Squad page, simply a post in this thread where you keep everything up to date with your transfers, tactics and everything in between. I'll check your squad page before each match so make sure it's up to date. For an example of a squad page, click here


Once enough players have signed up, the draft will begin. The players' names will be placed in a random order by a computer program called The Hat, this will be the Draft Order for the first round of drafting.

Each player takes turns to pick a player, then once every player has picked, the order will reverse for Round 2, in order to keep the teams balanced. The order will reverse at the end of each round, meaning the draft order will go: 1,2,3...8,9,10,10,9,8...3,2,1,1,2,3.. and so on.

For the First 4 Rounds players may pick 1 player for their team. To speed up the draft, from Round 5 onwards, each player may pick 2 players per turn.

Round 1: Pick any 1
Round 2: Pick any 1
Round 3: Pick any 1
Round 4: Pick any 1

Round 5: Pick any 2
Round 6: Pick any 2
Round 7: Pick any 2
Round 8: Pick any 2
Round 9: Pick any 2
Round 10: Pick any 2
Round 11: Pick any 2
Round 12: Pick any 2

After 12 rounds, every player should have 20 players in their squad.


After the players have been chosen, Round 13 will be used to decide the team's kit manufacturer and shirt sponsor. Each manufacturer and sponsor has their own advantages and disadvantages, so pick carefully!

The same kit manufacturers can be chosen by more than 1 player. Shirt sponsors can not.


If another team has got a player you want, all is not lost. After the draft is finished, the transfer window will be open for one week. Each team will have a £20m starting transfer budget. You should try and do your business via PM, after all you don't want someone else to come in and ruin your deal! When you buy or sell a player, post it in the thread so that both parties involved can confirm that the transfer is legitimate. Then you will need to edit your squad page so he is in your squad and anything else it will affect including budget.

There will be another transfer window, also lasting a week, at the mid-point of each season.

If you want to buy a player who was not selected in the draft then PM me with the heading 'Transfer' and with the name of the player and his overall.

e.g. Lionel Messi
OVR - 94

The fee depends on the OVR of the player:

90+ = 10 million
85-89 = 5 million
80-84 = 3 million
75-79 = 2 million
70-74 = 1 million
65-69 = 500,000
Less than 65 = 100,000

Once you have made an offer for a player a 24 hour auction will be started. If you wish to bid on a player you will have to offer at least £100,000 more than the previous highest bid.

Another thing you have to be careful of is going into debt. At the end of the transfer window if you are in debt you must release players of the value that you owe. If you do not pay off your debt, you will enter administration and will face a deduction of 10 points and your most recent signings will be released into the free agents pool until your debt is paid off.

Likewise, if you have either too many (more than 25) or too few (less than 18) players, you must either release players before the end of the transfer window, or buy free agents until your squad is within limits again.


Football is one of those sports where almost nothing ever happens off the pitch and media attention is very low. Oh wait. Here are some of the things that can go wrong for you and potentially *bleep* up your season, much to your rival managers' delight. Until it happens to them, that is!

Bad-boy footballers

We all know what an unruly lot professional footballers are, and sometimes one of them will overstep the mark.

Major bad-boy occurences: Missing the rest of the season after they occur.

Failed doping test: He's done a Mutu, or a Ferdinand depending on which slant you want to put on it, and the randomly selected player will miss the remainder of the season as he serves out his ban.

Rape allegations: You know how footballers like to get pretty ladies back to their hotel rooms after the christmas party and give them a seeing to, but there's always one selfish young woman who just keeps saying no! The random player will miss the remainder of the season as he spends time in prison, on parole, going into court etc etc.

Battering some guy: Its not always Joey Barton who gets in fights, and the random player will be being accused of battery and assault, you know the score. Time spent in prison and the courtroom will result in his missing the entire of what remains of the season.

Drowning his sorrows: The player has been a functioning alcoholic until this point, but its got to a situation where his drinking problem has to be confronted. He'll miss the rest of the season in rehabilitation.

Minor bad-boy occurences: 5 games will be missed from the point of the occurence.

Scrap with a teammate: Bit of a Lee Bowyer theme here, getting in a tussle with one's team mate is never a good idea, and 5 games will be missed by the random player as a result of internal discipline.

Brawl with opponent: They happen sometimes in football, and this randomly selected player has overstepped the mark and lashed out at an opponent. A 5 game ban ensues...

Drink driving: Footballers are partial to a drink, and partial to fast cars. Put the two together, and you have a healthy 5 games out for the randomly selected player while he deals with the consequences.


The following are reasons a player might miss games during a season that don't belong in the bad-boy footballer section. A major occurance will result in the rest of the season being missed, and a minor occurance in 5 games being missed.

Major miscellaneous player occurences: The rest of the season will be missed by the individual randomly selected.
Massive injury: The player has sustained a huge injury, like Alan Smith's broken leg a couple of years ago or Ronaldo's knee injury in 2000 when he was at Inter. He will miss the rest of the season having surgery, and recovering.

Minor miscellaneous player occurences: The player selected will be missing for 5 games.
Major injury: The player has randomly sustained a pretty bad injury in training, and will have to sit out the next 5 games.

Compassionate leave: The player's father has died, brother has been arrested, sister accidentally sold to Somalian pirates. You get the picture, they need time off for emotional reasons and will miss 5 games.

Training ground injuries: The player selected will be missing for 1 - 5 games.

Twisted Ankle: Out for 1 game.
Dead Leg: Out for 1 game.
Stubbed Toe: Out for 1 game.
Muscle Strain: Out for 2 games.
Dislocation: Out for 3 games.
Broken Cheek Bone: Out for 3 games.
Back Problems: Out for 4 games.
Knee Problems: Out for 4 games.
Broken Bone: Out for 5 games.

CosLamp - Mike Bassett's Allsorts FC
LegendofNufc - King's Park Rangers
KillaAshley - Team Name
FootballManagerBoy - Guildford Saintes
ShowUsYourSkills - Portsmouth United
D3structor - Pimp United
Saints Fan - Dynamo Chicken Kiev
CurryWasShott - Curry's Cool Colliders
Red Devil 4 Life - VictoriousSecret
Printer67 - Below Average
Symbolic -
robzda - Get the Restart

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Mar 20, 13 at 5:33am
Red Devil 4 Life

CosLamp what happens next?

Mar 19, 13 at 10:54am
Saints Fan

Adidas and Royal Bank of Nigeria.

Mar 19, 13 at 3:27am

Puma and PißWasser Beer
Saints Fan

Mar 18, 13 at 1:28am
Saints Fan


Mar 17, 13 at 7:34am

Shirt Manufacturer; Puma
Shirt Sponsor; Chris' Discount Cup Emporium

As for the two players I need I'll have Alan Dzagoev and Bonucci from Juventus.

Mar 15, 13 at 10:44am

Adidas n Frorde Insurance


Mar 15, 13 at 10:07am
Red Devil 4 Life

Nike and Big Kev's Global Investment & Finance Solutions


Mar 15, 13 at 7:18am

Adidas & Take A Wish Foundation.

Red Devil 4 Life

Mar 13, 13 at 4:18am




Mar 11, 13 at 9:31am


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