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Dec 08, 12 at 3:42pmFortitudo

Is Vaas really dead?

1. You were on drugs and were hallucinating. The knife Vaas stabbed you with was actually a syringe. Who knew? I was genuinely confused at first.

2. When you apparently killed Vaas and collapsed to the floor, his eyes opened up. So although you were high and may of stabbed Vaas in reality, he could of survived it.

Now lets be real here. Are ubisoft being crafty and going to do some DLC regarding this (like a second coming of vaas) or is it just there to freak you out?

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Mar 25, 14 at 5:24pm

Sometimes in the missions where he tries to kill you, sometimes I just want to take a bull whip and whip the crap out of him until his butt in lava red and his flippin' FACE IS BLEEDING SO MUCH, HE RUNS OUT OF BLOOD IN 3 SEC. But I think he is still alive and I hope he is because of all the crap he does to Jason, I just want to throw him of a cliff... in a very small box with panther cubs in it... in to a river 20000 feet down with millions of alligators and komodo dragons and cassowary in there to soften him up. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D^_^

Dec 18, 13 at 3:26pm

I just wanted to suggest a possible theory that no one else seems to have come up with. What if we're underestimating the intelligence of Vaas entirely? A lot of people call him stupid for failing to kill Jason so many times, but, I would suggest he was never trying to kill Jason.

I'll start from the beginning, why does he let you run but shoots Grant straight off as the two of you are escaping?
Vaas, alike his sister, was involved with the Rakyat. These people have displayed the ability to tell something about Jason just by looking at him. Dennis decided he was a warrior. Citra decided he was a great one. etc. Is it really so far fetched that he knew Jason was a great warrior? What if Vaas needed a great warrior, he needed someone who was stronger than he, who had fallen to addiction. He wanted freedom. He wanted to be reborn.

As the story progresses, there become even more reasons to consider this. While he's burning you and Liza to death, he puts a lighter in your pocket. What if this was no accident? What if he considered that they'd have an encounter before Jason was ready to kill Hoyt, so he placed it there with the idea of shooting it if it ever came to that. He would know the impact of a bullet would knock someone out if it hit them in the chest. And later when he shoots Jason, he must have known where the lighter was. That's why he shot you specifically in that spot. I mean, the sound of a bullet on metal is a lot different from a bullet on flesh. Let alone the lack of blood and breathing.. There is no way he wouldn't have noticed you were still alive. No matter how stupid he was. If he wanted 100% certainty that you were dead, he would have shot you in the head.

Another thing I missed was the part where he tries to drown you. His monologue is basically him warning you not to become insane. Also, his monologue at the attempted burning of you and Liza was warning you about your loved ones. It's as if Vaas is teaching you. What if he specifically gave you weak ropes? It's far too unlikely that Jason would just be able to break them.

The ending of Vaas clearly illustrated his desire for 'rebirth'. What if his idea of rebirth, was the creation of someone stronger than he was to finish his mission for him? Then, everything he put Jason through was just a series of trials to train him to kill Hoyt. This is how he was reborn. I think Vaas dies here. He doesn't let Jason kill him, he fights his hardest. He sees this as the final trial. He must have been thinking 'If you defeat me, you have passed and you will defeat Hoyt.' Now, the knife. He clearly has the knife you gave Citra. This creates a new problem.

My solution to this problem, is that Citra and Vaas were working together. Citra gave him the knife and let him know about Jason's moves. Why would she do this? Simple. Both Citra and Vaas wanted the creation of a strong warrior to complete the mission that Vaas had failed. I theorise the Vaas was like Jason, he was set up to be the leader of the Rakyat. There is a part where he mentions being asked to kill someone by his sister. Who is the only person that Vaas would be asked to kill? Hoyt. How did Vaas end up on Hoyt's side? He lost. They must have had some sort of battle but Vaas lost and was subject to awful torture involving drugs. He became addicted and insane.

Everything fits into place with this theory. Unfortunately, it means Vaas is dead. He died for the sake of Jason. He might still be alive, Citra could have been prepared to treat him beforehand but I'd say it's more likely that Vaas wanted to die for Jason.

Oct 27, 13 at 8:37pm
Dreadlock Holiday

The way that Vaas dies was a little anti climactic, I was honestly hoping for a great battle. I would have preferred to battle him as the last boss, but it was fun never the less. Part of me really wanted him to be alive, he was too epic of an enemy to just kill that easily. Maybe a future DLC will include him, but who knows.

Sep 12, 13 at 8:13am

I don't think they can do a sequel, since there are two endings, and if they make a sequel this means they have to make a game with two story, they can't just accept it as everyone choosed to save his friends..

Aug 17, 13 at 8:33am

and another thing.. if you are gonna say that it cant be because Far Cry 3 doesnt have any 'magic'
then please explain the self growing tatau, and the fact you get stronger by having a tatau

Aug 17, 13 at 8:20am

there is some mystery behind Vaas's death..
first of all.. you'll never know what 'really' happend because you where hallucinating..

But think back to the hallucination about the 'man in white' you 'll walk the bridge underwater and you will see all kinds of things that are about to happen, like you putting a gun on Vaas's head.
that 'kinda happend in the hallucination fight with Vaas too, but on the underwater bridge hallucination you will see jason and vaas switching sides, what symbolises Jason becoming as mentally unstable as Vaas.

i think this was all planned by Citra and Vaas.
what i think that happend is that you ritually sacrificed Vaas to.. let him into your body..
because he stabbed you with the ritual dragon knife, how did he get that? Jason gave it to Citra..
when Vaas stabbed you with it, you saw a mystical glow.. then you stabbed him.. he died.. but he looked at you..
that must mean SOMETHING

before you stabbed him he said this - "Take me into your heart, Accept me as your savior, nail me to the *bleep*ing cross and let me be REBORN" - Vaas

also when you walk towards Vaas in his hallucination fight.. you see Vaas dancing on a pole.. and then change into a naked Citra.. that kinda tells me Citra was there when you fought Vaas and gave him the knife.

im sorry its soo long, but this is my take on it

Aug 13, 13 at 5:54am
Elisa kazenas

I hope he survived it. They could make a come back to the island and Jason could get knocked out and when he wakes up, Vaas could be like "surprise mother*bleep*er"

Jun 21, 13 at 4:48am
Paranoid Android

quote Coi Cki
Far Cry 3 is Jason's drug-induced dream.. In "reality" he has passed out, possibly in a club, where the music at times passes into his subconscious mind (the ambient beat heard from time to time).

He has probably seen the news about the pirates and his mind is making up the rest, as events unfold.

Anyhoo, that's just how I see it. Whatever the case, it's an awesome game.
That's a good take on it, actually. I'm just skeptical because the way you're informed that Vaas died seemed to be real and not just an hallucination. Perhaps the hallucination actual enabled him to give him an edge when getting up close to Vaas to where a knife battle occurred.

Jun 18, 13 at 6:10am
Coi Cki

Far Cry 3 is Jason's drug-induced dream.. In "reality" he has passed out, possibly in a club, where the music at times passes into his subconscious mind (the ambient beat heard from time to time).

He has probably seen the news about the pirates and his mind is making up the rest, as events unfold.

Anyhoo, that's just how I see it. Whatever the case, it's an awesome game.

Jun 18, 13 at 1:51am

far cry 4 should tell the story of how vaas lost his mind and joined hoyt.

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