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Nov 21, 12 at 9:21pm

-.- got a not responding page after clicking "quick reply"...huge post I had, goddamn you hotel internet! Can't wait for Saturday to get back home.

Cave Story - I didn't even know there is a free version of it I'll try that one out , see how the game is.
Orcs Must Die 2 - Reading that review and from your replay i guess its just an average game :[
Probably gonna buy this if i don't waste to much money on other stuff until 27. Just for the co-op thing.
Sanctum - Looks like the above with another setting from the steam profile...Guess i should check this one out. Probably gonna buy this if things look green on my budget.
World of Goo & Audiosurf - "When it comes to indie games i always been under a rock"
So i didn't play any and only heard good things about World of Goo. Probably gonna add that to the list . The later is just not my thing
E.Y.E - I read the whole paragraph thinking you said E.V.E...Really thought you're on some heavy stuff right there. Good thing i re-read xD I don't like the "super buggy" part so its a no-no.

Shadow of Death
The walking dead - Yes thanks mate! i did get an answer for that one from another person :
It's just the same world, same zombie apocalipse, but with totally different, unreleated stories and characters. Well, two characters from the comics make a cameo, but that's it. You can play the game without knowing what's going on in the series.
Guess i need to read reviews more often v.v
Mark of the ninja - Since i only start using steam like a month ago, give or take, i didn't know they actually do that . Guess i should be waiting, if nothing changes...will buy it either way xD

Appreciate it you two


edit: sorry missed your post chaotic
okay i'm back

The gameplay is extremely tight whether you're playing a pacifist who leaves no trace or a vicious psychopath who paves the way to his targets with the blood of his foes;
I was planing on trying the pacifist, i always want to do the stealth way but now that you put it this way, i want to try that psychopath thing...sounds like fun.
Will keep this one on hold, see if i can get it to 50%
Thanks a bunch for the smile chaotic.

PS - i also bought LIMBO before that time expired. I don't know how i missed it v.v

Nov 21, 12 at 8:41pm

I've only played two of the games you mentioned, but they're both phenomenal; those being Dishonored and The Walking Dead.

Go and grab The Walking Dead right now. It's okay, I can wait.

Back? You don't have to worry about spoilers about the comic or the show, because although the game is considered canon in regards to the comic storyline, so far the only crossovers have been the appearance of two characters from the comics in the first episode of TWD, which actually takes place before the events of the comics, and contain no spoilers whatsoever. Highly, highly recommend this game.

Dishonored just smacks of polish all around. The gameplay is extremely tight whether you're playing a pacifist who leaves no trace or a vicious psychopath who paves the way to his targets with the blood of his foes; the game does not restrict you in any way. Although the story progression is linear (you progress from level to level on a linear line until the end of the game), the levels themselves are extremely non-linear, providing a giant box for you to play in, in which you can complete side-quests, find items, and pick your own path to your target. Also highly recommend this game, and although you'll get more outta it if you're a stealth fan, there's definitely some enjoyment for actions fans here as well (although the game will be much shorter if you play it this way).

Nov 21, 12 at 8:15pm
Shadow of Death

Rey - I don't have it, but I think The Walking Dead episodic games are completely different stories from the TV series or comic. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some references, but that's about it.

I'd suggest you wait and see if Mark of the Ninja goes 50% off. The sale lasts until the 27th, so no rush.

Nov 21, 12 at 7:11pm

If you really liked the free version of Cave Story, the CS+ version is just...better, has like, a boss rush mode, some achievements and whatever, and I think you can also play as Curly if you do everything? It doesn't take anything away from the original free version, it just pads out the corners and stuff, it's a great time. I bought it back on release, and didn't regret it.

Orcs Must Die 2 was...well it was a disappointment. I loved the first, and played it a decent little bit, but once I beat OMD2, never touched it again. [ This] is a good read if you want to know more about the sequel. My thoughts are in that thread, bluexy also talked a bit there, and then of course there's the linked article where he posts his thoughts in full.

From your list that's the only games I know.

Other indie games? Sanctum was kinda fun to mess around with, it helps having a friend around, but it's a nice little mesh between FPS and Tower Defense, not anything fancy, but interesting.

World of Goo & Audiosurf are games everybody and their mother owns by now, but if for some reason there were people who missed out on the opportunities to get either of those for nothing, they are good games. WoG is a construction puzzle thing, rather interesting, good flow, introduces new mechanics as it progresses. Audiosurf is It's not like, Guitarhero/Rockband levels of "OH MAN I'M LIKE...PLAYING MUSIC MAN! DUUUUDE!" because it has to generate the tracks for the music on the fly, rather than being crafted by the developer, but it's hard to pass up the option to literally "ride your music", since it doesn't have a built-in library, it just runs off any music files you have.

E.Y.E. is the only other game on the Featured list I've played. It's interesting, very...deep I guess? It like, has a lot to it for customization and whatever. But it is super buggy and feels very duct-tape levels of complete last I played. It is not a game to play alone either. So like, a group looking for something shooty but more serious/with depth than Borderlands, and without Loot grind, may like it, but that would be the only people I'd ever consider recommending it to.

Nov 21, 12 at 4:51pm

With the current autumn sale going on steam i got my eyes on a few games but i'm trying to cut the costs a bit. So i thought you neoseekers could help me out with a few.
  • The Walking Dead? I really want to buy this one but the problem is, i know its based on the same comic book the walking dead movie series is based. I haven't got to the end of the series ( a season or 2 behind, not sure) Question is, does it have any spoilers? I avoid watching the trailer for this exact same reason v.v
  • Mark of the Ninja? I had this on my wishlist for a while but i always avoid buying it somehow. worth it?
  • Orc Must Die 2? Loved the first part, thinking about buying the second. disappointment compared to the first installment ? Any DLC worth buying ?
  • Cave Story ? When it comes to indie games i always been under a rock, until i found one and thought is by far one of the best things i ever played.
On a side note: I think i just found out what is Lorx avatar (actually tagging him because him and chaotic knows a thing or 2 about 'em, heh)
  • Dishonored? Not sure what to say about this one, looks like fun...
  • Any other indie game worth buying ?
The only thing I'm sure I'll buy is Broken Swords pack, i had this one on cd but i want a steam copy since most of them are damaged By far my all time favorite game and a 80% discount is like getting it free

I know we all have different taste in games but i honestly don't care, maybe another point of view will help me decide. Since I'm easy to manipulate, I'll probably listen to you guys.

Thoughts? ^^

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