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Nov 20, 12 at 7:14amchautemoc

DmC demo available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network

Sean Ridgeley - Tuesday, November 20, 2012 7:14am (PST) Like Share (1)
Sorry, PC people
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Jan 14, 13 at 9:02pm
Dreadlock Holiday

This is a game I was really looking forward to, my Xbox Live subscription just ran out. Just my luck. Saw the trailer last night, can't wait to play this game.

Jan 09, 13 at 9:44am
Memento Mori

I played the demo a good while back, and about a week ago watched a friend play it, which refreshed my memory.

I've been skeptical all the way through, and although this is hardly classic DMC - and misses a lot of what made the original great - I still had great fun playing it. So on that basis I've decided to give it a go on release - and hopefully I'll enjoy it for the game it is and not worry about what I wanted it to be.

Nov 23, 12 at 2:49pm
Abyss Raider

Lady_Sparda Thank you for that review! Very well written and informative Big DMC lover, and I did play the demo, but a lot of that I did just pass by, but after reading your review, and going back to play it, I did see a lot of those pos/negs the second time around. Also, the Nephilim bit's great, gotta love when devs put fancy stuff in games to sound smart, and totally screw it up. Very glad I'm not the only one who had that problem with the boss fight. I was a little on the edge of this after playing the demo, but my ultimate judgement of not buying the game on release seems to be cemented for good now. (Besides, Ni no kuni comes out the same month as DmC, then Bioshock and Simcity the month after. So, yeah... Sorry Dante. sitting this one out!)

Nov 21, 12 at 11:54am

I promised a more in-depth review, so here it is.

The Good
  • Easy difficulty available right from the get-go.
  • Good motion capture, no weird facial movements on the models.
  • I like that NuDante is off-balance at the end of his combo, it shows his inexperience in combat.
  • Despite the colours being somewhat oversaturated, the game is nice and colourful.
  • The female boss was not a Generic Voluptuous Naked Female.
The Bad
  • According to the outro there IS a Generic Voluptuous Naked Female enemy/boss.
  • NuDante could not be more Generic White Male.
  • The script is generic; Big Brother Watching You has been done before, as well as Soylent Green is People, and from the demo, the game's take on those elements brings nothing new to the table.
  • Uninspired dialogues filled with profanity. A pre-fight dialog made of "*bleep* you"s is not actually funny if you're of age to play this rated M game.
  • The camera is not always your friend.
  • The combat feels slower than DMC3
  • No target lock-on!
  • No aiming
  • Ebony and Ivory are useless now
  • Sluggish combat. Definitely not as fast and action-packed as DMC3.
  • I don't like that you have to hold the shoulder buttons to change and keep weapons; I preferred DMC3's system of equipping and switching weapons.
  • Pressing L3 and R3 for Devil Trigger means you have to take a short battle break to free your right thumb.
The Ugly
  • The demo bugged on me during the boss fight: the boss stopped taking damage and the target did not appear because a cutscene failed to load. I had to kill NuDante to reset the fight.
  • Can't see shit in Devil Trigger.
  • Dante is not a funny sillyhead anymore
The Pet Peeve
  • Vergil, sorry to interrupt your special snowflake moment, but a Nephilim is the offspring of a HUMAN and an angel. You are not a Nephilim and neither is Dante.
All in all, nothing that seems worthy of $60 of my hard earned money.

Nov 20, 12 at 10:54pm
Rakib Hasan

Prem Amar

Nov 20, 12 at 8:04pm
Drogo Baggins

Played it, thought it was okay. Everything was pretty typical DMC, which is fine by me, but there were a few issues I had.

For one, I didn't like how they condensed the opening sequences into a short clip. I can understand why they probably did it, but I was really hoping to see the full opening.

Also, and it seems a lot of people disagree with me, but the environment in the first portion of the demo hurt my face. It was bright and blurry as *bleep*, but I'm going to assume that it's only the case for that one level, and I at least like how unique the levels look (from what I've seen anyway).

Lastly, I didn't really like how this game seems like going out of it's way to be vulgar. The cut scene before the boss battle... ugh. It reminded me of Laughing Octopus dropping an F bomb in MGS4. It felt so unnecessary and forced to me. It honestly made me uncomfortable. I don't have a problem with foul language, I use quite a bit of it myself, but I just don't feel that it belongs in DMC,

DMC (and MGS) characters dropping F bombs and consistently saying "shit" is like Mario saying "damn". It's so wrong, in my opinion.

I've actually been really enthusiastic about this game over the past few months, so, while I didn't absolutely love the demo, I'm still likely going to get it, purely for the fact that I'm a big DMC fan. However, it's looking like DMC3 will remain my favorite installment in the series.

I'll also probably play the demo again, just to give it a fair shake. I didn't even get used to the controls until late in the second portion, so maybe it'll be more fun on the second go.

Nov 20, 12 at 6:57pm

Have played it. Better review to come tomorrow. Verdict is a resounding MEH.

Nov 20, 12 at 6:56pm

quote Deathman48
quote Ded Valve
After playing the demo I can see just where they went wrong *cougheverywherecough* now I just wish the Metal Gear Rising demo would come out sooner.
How's the combat in the game? That's really the thing that matters the most to me in a DMC game and all indications from the trailers are that there's still plenty of room for insane combos and stuff.

As I thought it would be with a few (not good) surprises. Aerial combat is easier than ever, aside from the sluggish combo, somewhat easier grade system (but thank god it's not super easy like it used to) and ridiculously easy enemies it overall feels very dumbed down which was something I wasn't expecting. There is combo potential but nowhere near the insane amounts of DMC4 or even Bayonetta. Enemies don't seem nearly as aggressive and pulling combo's is not as satisfying with roll over enemies (and less of them too). Nowhere near as action packed as previous DmC's games or other hack'n'slash games. After jumping from the HD collections it felt like a completely different game and not for the better.

But at least the city looks beautiful!

If anything it just makes me want to play MGR more after seeing some insane combo videos (and yes there are combo videos before the game even has a public demo) it seems to be even better than Bayonetta gameplay wise which is astounding.

DmC is a terrible Devil May Cry game. It's a decent action hack'n'slash that falls short of other games like God of War, DMC, Bayonetta and even Ninja Gaiden (excluding the 3rd one of course) but if your a DMC or a hardcore hack'n'slash fan in general then there really is nothing this game brings to the table even if it had Uncle Dante as the protagonist it still wouldn't be enough. It offers nothing new and just mixes a bag full of old, watered down gameplay and I find it funny that when Resident Evil does it, it gets criticized yet DmC is doing the exact same thing but it has purty levels so it must be okay.

Nov 20, 12 at 5:41pm

I just got done playing the demo. I really enjoyed the game. The only concern I have is the length of the game. I don't want another resident evil operation raccoon city. That game was super short.

Nov 20, 12 at 5:28pm

tried the demo this morning. love it. will buy it for sure.

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