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Nov 6, 12 at 10:19amazavier

Hello. This roleplay will follow the adventures of a group of kids who are taken to an alternate planet through unknown means. Or at least to you they are unknown. One moment they were sitting in their individual homes, the next, they were in some sort of hyper-speed like area, being brought to a new planet. They now have to work together to learn how to deal with all of this, along with uncovering the mysteries of this ancient and mysterious world, that seems oddly like home, yet at the same time, so very different.

The world they find themselves on has advanced technology, yet at the same time, seemingly no civilizations, if you don't count the ruins all over the place, that look like they have been there for thousands and thousands of years. There seems to be no sentient life forms on this planet, but only time and exploration will tell the truth of that. There are forests all over the place, and nature is overcoming the ruins of ancient civilizations. What happened to this world? How did you get here? Why are you here? How do you get home? You'll just have to find out.

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Dec 5, 12 at 10:19pm


I heard some noise coming from nearby. It sounded like a girl speaking some bizarre language. And nearby to the source I heard a significantly deeper pitched voice speaking. It sounded like they were fighting over something. I felt compelled to check it out. I started running off to the source of the noise. Jennete quickly followed behind me.


This large Earth Elemental was trying to make me his wife, but I wasn't having any of that. "T'kus!" I yelled at him. It roughly means... Well there is no real translation for this. It's an insult of high levels to Earth Elementals. I quickly shot a small blast of fire at him, the best I could manage, then followed with trying to slash him with my claws, but it didn't work. He just laughed at me and knocked me back with a single swat. I got up and quickly tried to run. I should be faster than him.

"K'hee lo no t'sufa notra d'nas totru." He said. It roughly meant 'Hahahaha. You cannot escape me.' He then swatted at me, sending me flying into a tree.


TrueShinyEevee Deoxor BluesTheRedBomber

Dec 5, 12 at 4:50pm

I heard my heart beat speed up when the monster reached for my neck. Then 'Tony' Stuck the sword's half-broken blade into the monster, and it partially sucked the monster up, and spat it back out like it tasted horribly. THe monster shadow ran away... I was left with a purple goo--probably the creatures blood-- all over my claws and hands. Zuikyu came over to wipe down the purple blood with a cloth, I snatched it from him with my mouth, and muttered, "Dont touch this stuff, it'll kill you humans." I was only half-way heard between the cloth in my teeth, and I got weird looks. I spat out the cloth and rubbed my hands and claws off. "I said, dont touch it! It'll kill beings like you!" I got a weird look from Jenette, and I knew she still didn't trust me. I sighed and told the group to move on, tucking the cloth in my pocket.

After that incident I was forced to keep moving, even though the others kept giving weird glances at Zaikyu. I looked back for a second and noticed the look of pure sadness mixed with anger. Something about this planet was buggin her, but I dont know what. As we came closer to the center of the forest, I heard something shifting in the bushes. A deer like animal came out, almost looked like it was part cat too. But I didn't care, we needed something to eat. Zaikyu looked at me horridly as I quickly stabbed and killed the quiet little creature, then I gutted it. "Zaikyu, stay here, protect the food, once I find a place we can settle for the night I'll come back, ok?" She looked upset, but she decided to stay she quickly climbed into the tree. I mentioned the group to follow me, and we kept walking. I noticed the clock on my wrist was going haywire. It never said a specific time, but all the buttons and dials were going nuts. I ignored it though. Soon we came to a little clearing with a small cave next to a waterfall that lead up to another level of forest. "We'll stop here tonight guys, I'll go get Zaikyu while you guys gather some stuff from the area. We are gonna need a fire if we are going to cook the meat." I headed off into the pitch black forest with my torch to go find Zaikyu...

azavier Deoxor BluesTheRedBomber

Nov 21, 12 at 7:03pm


I followed Jenette, holding onto her. I didn't really understand what was going on. All I knew was that there was some weird cat person with us, and she was now fighting a monster. I saw something on the ground nearby, that almost looked like a sword handle, except it seemed to have technological parts on the inside. A laser sword of some kind? I reached for it, and it seemed to be broken. It needed a new power source, and to have some parts fixed.

It seemed to glow somewhat near the monster, as if it were trying to turn on, but at the same time, it felt wrong. Maybe... "GAH!" I fell down, holding my head. It was hurting again. I couldn't think. Jenette quickly grabbed me, and held me, trying to figure out what was wrong. A weird bluish lightning like energy shocked around my body for a few seconds, then stopped. I looked at Jenette, and hugged her, crying from the experience. She just continued to hold me, while telling me it would be okay. When I looked back at the cat person, the shadow monster was about to slice her throat. I moved in and tried to hit it with the handle I had. It seemed to be partially absorbed by the handle, which then shot back out of it, and ran off in fear. It hit me. Whatever was the former power source for this thing is now that creature.

PokeMasterStar100 TrueShinyEevee Deoxor DarkWhisperer

Nov 21, 12 at 3:45pm

"well, since it has short days here, I suggest we maybe find a tree or cave to go for the night..." I looked at Zaikyu, "I'm sure you can lead the way, right? Your magic can light up the dark?" She looked uneasily at me... I knew that look. This wasn't good. I sighed, "This is gong to be harder then I thought." I heard her mumble a little, Just a bit louder, and I could've heard her. "speak up, Zaikyu." she muttered something again. Why was her shy side coming out now? Maybe something was wrong. I had to take action. So I broke a couple branches off a tree and lit one end on fire, and broke several more off, lighting one for each person. "Follow me, unless one of you has a weapon. We dont know whats out here." I brought out a small knife, and then walked towards the forest, the other following with their own torches.

I walked in the back of the group, being avoided by everyone. I kept getting weird mad glances from the girl name Jenette... I knew what was wrong, but I pretended too not know. I knew nobody trusted me... Except for Zuikyu. Good lord that day was horrid when we first met. oh well. I had to tell him something importent, about the planet.. when I touched the sand, it felt, well, dead. And no Mana energy came flowing the sand bits. This meant that the planets is just now recovering from an over use of its own Mana, which killed the planet in the first place. If I use too much Mana withen a certain amount of time well, the planet would die, again. I kept walking, and I must've looked weird to the 13-year old girl... or anyone. I had the saddest look on my face. Most humans dont think aliens have feelings... its hard to understand them... And then I smelt something. Big, and coming this way, with mad speed. I hissed, and my claws came out. Everyone looked at me funny. And then a dark dank looking creature came out of the shadows, and I started attacking. They looked at eachother in wild glances as I fought off the shadow beast.

OOC: PokeMasterStar100 Deoxor azavier

Nov 21, 12 at 2:15pm


I still wasn't ready to trust them. "No," I responded to the two, 'Zaikyu' and 'Zuikyu.' I turned to Tony, not looking at the others. "Are you okay?" I asked him, whispering. I didn't want the others around right now, but it looked like they weren't going to leave anyway.

He responded with a cross between a nod and a shake. I couldn't tell what it meant. I didn't care.

I glanced around at the people, and, er, creature. I then looked to Zuikyu. "Fine, I don't care if we work together..."

OOC: azavier TrueShinyEevee Deoxor

Nov 21, 12 at 2:06pm

My ears twitched. Someone was feeling a bit awkward around me, and it wasn't the usual aura. I turned around, and came face to face with another human. and looked like a 13 year old girl behind him. He stared at my unicorn horn at first, then my tail, the cat ears with wings, and the wings on my back. He almost seemed a bit frightened. "eh..." I muttered, "Something wrong? Let me guess.... You've never seen anything like me before?" he nodded a slight yes, speechless. "Do they ever teach anything in your 'schools' on earth? We Unikachi know so much about you humans, its not even funny..." He gave me a weirder look. "Ok, lets just be friends ok? Look, my name is Zaikyu. I crashed landed on earth a couple years ago. Been taken in by him" i pointed to Zuikyu, "and been with him since. Anyway, I'm not gonna start off with a bad way. But I need to ask you, are you good at hunting? making weapons?" he nodded, but I didnt know to which question. "The sky is getting dark, this planet has very short days. so we need to hurry up, or we'll be caught in the dark...." I started tending to Zuikyu again, just using the slightest magic to patch up a little bit of his wounds. "Now I dont know how many times I've asked, but does anyone still need some help with wounds? Mental or Physical, it doesnt matter, I can help." I heard Zuikyu groan as he stood up.

I stood up and made a slight popping sound in my shoulder. "goddammit!" I muttered. I then turned to the group, "yes, like Zaikyu said, we need to find or build a shelter, and get something eat. also fresh water out to help. We need to work together to survive, ok guys?" I waited for a response from the group.

OOC: Deoxor PokeMasterStar100 azavier lets work together... or else...

Nov 21, 12 at 1:46pm

And so the group is ever-so-slowly coming together. Instresting....


We began walking towards the people I'd seen earlier, Trevor holding my hand all the way. While normally I'd be embarrassed by this, I found myself not caring nearly as much. In fact, it felt as though I needed the extra support.

Before we'd even reached the spot where the two people were earlier, I could already tell they were no longer there. "I swear, there was a guy laying on the ground, and a girl next to him. I don't know where they went..." I broke off, realizing that Trevor was already scanning the horizon for the two people.

"Hey Rem, is that them? Over near those ruins?" I hear him ask. I look over and, sure enough, there's the girl and boy from before...and two others. I wasn't feeling too sure about it, but Trevor was already walking off in the direction of the group. Sighing, I reluctantly followed him, hoping that even one of the four knew what was going on. That place freaked me out, and I would've given anything to be back home.


I approached the group slowly, making sure there was no danger. One of the girls seemed to be tending to a boy' wound, while the other two (also a boy and girl) just sat there, holding each other. The first girl looked a little bit...fuzzy though, which would have been normal if I hadn't put in my contacts that morning, but I had. Even weirder was all the other less normal features about her, such as the fact that she appeared to be blue. Also, something that looked like a...tail??? No, that couldn't be right...could it?

But the closer to the group I got, the more I could tell there was something wrong about that girl. Something unnatural. Something out of a fantasy book. But then again, so was all this. Nobody would ever have believed it could happen, yet it did. I sighed. As much as I didn't want to, I knew I'd have to approach her (it?). Remmi hung back, obviously frightened of the girl (creature? monster?).

I could tell by now that she was definitely nowhere near human. She was covered in a blue fur, with a long blue tail. Wings on her back and ears, and some kind of blue aura stuff emanating from her hand.

This could be interesting.

And so the group is eve-what? I used this line already?? INCONCIEVABLE!!! Get me my lawyers, somebody is getting sued over this!!!! Probably my script-writer!!!!

PokeMasterStar100, azavier, DarkWhisperer, TrueShinyEevee

Nov 21, 12 at 9:10am

I sighed, "I just want to help. See, I was taken here too. Dont know why though..." I turned to the sudden area where grass turned to sand on the edge of the forest. "This isn't good..." I bent over and shifted my hands through the sand gently. "Thats what I thought..." I turned to the two humans, "I'll ask again, are either of you mentally or physically hurt? I can't do much, but I can ease the pain." When I didn't get an answer I walked over to Zuikyu. He looked up at me. "Are you ok?" i asked, "You took some pretty hard hits in the dimension hole. Can't figure out who would send us here..." He nodded that he was ok, and whispered, "Find something to shelter us." I nodded again. I again turned to the two humans, "Now we can cooperate or compete, but I hate competing."

I kept falling in and out of sleep, I felt like when I dreamed, that I remembered something vital, but I couldn't remember when I woke up.. I slowly fainted after she talked to me... and I didn't know what was to happen next.

OOC: PokeMasterStar100 azavier

Nov 21, 12 at 8:55am


I looked at the cat... thing and human in a mix of emotions. I wasn't ready to take chances, and I knew both me and Tony were rather fragile emotionally right now. I stood up, holding Tony still, and turned to them. "What do you want?"

I didn't want to take chances. Especially with this.. cat, creature, thing...

OOC: TrueShinyEevee

Nov 20, 12 at 5:29pm

As I approached the two people, I saw them sitting on the ground, both looking hurt or upset. couldn't tell which. "Excuse me..." they looked up at me horrified, starting to back up. "no, I'm not here to hurt you! Please dont run!" They stilled backed up a little, both staring at me... and Zuikyu... "Humph..." I muttered, "Dont be scared, I'm just trying to get help..." I set Zuikyu sitting up on a trunk of a tree. "Ok... This is a little bit like my planet... so there should be..." my eyes crawled off to a small blue glowing plant. I picked it up, and it transformed into a small Crystal of sorts. "Good. This is what I need," I turned around and sat next to Zuikyu. I slowly started using magic, as very little as possible. I didn't want to upset the mana in this planets soil. the blue magic swirled around Zuikyu, and then it looked like his skin soaked it in. the bleeding scratches slowly caked over, keeping the blood from escaping."That should do it." Both of the Humans stared at me in awe. or fear. again, human expressions were so hard to understand. "Now, are either of you hurt? mentally? or Physically?" over in the distance I saw two more humans coming. "Might be good if we find some food, make a shelter, and find clean water." i heard Zuikyu mutter. I nodded.

OOC: Deoxor PokeMasterStar100 azavier

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