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Nov 6, 12 at 5:17amLeytonOrientForever

Last Year

 I have decided to open one of the more popular threads from previous years. The Story Of Your Season and Career thread! Basically, in this thread you can write yearly updates on how you are going with your save, especially if you don't want to open a Story. This is also a good place, as I used this last year, to get inspiration from other for who you may want to start as in future saves.

Let's get rolling.

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Jul 25, 13 at 6:58am


Last season we spent big as we wanted to challenge for the Premier League and the Champion League and maybe win one. A poor start to the league dampened that as we finished 4th and missed out on Champions League football with Chelsea winning it to seen us to the Europa League. This summer I wanted to strengthen our squad more than our starting XI but broke our transfer record for a 3rd season running.

We made the squad a lot younger and come the start of the season Tony Watt was our oldest player at 25 which shows a severe lack of experience but I was confident we could handle it. The rest of the signings were either youngsters or planned to be squad players but I went in confident we could put up more of a challenge and win our first trophy since winning the FA Cup in 2016.

Capital One Cup

We made the semi's quite comfortably but no matter who we got we were getting a challenge and drew Man City, probably the toughest of the 3 teams remaining. They destroyed us at home so we went a bit gung-ho in the 2nd leg and drew in a thrilling game. However, we never once took the lead and City would go on and win it.

FA Cup

We were given a winnable draw in every round but still failed to reach the semi's, where we would've faced Leeds. Instead, our left-back Romero went all Vinnie Jones and got sent off 20 seconds into the game and made what should've been a routine victory a major battle. In the end we had nothing left to offer and Reading deservedly won it.

Europa League

This was, in my mind the last chance I would ever get of winning the Europa League with Wigan and I was determined to take it. The game didn't hand us any challenges in the group stages as we won every game comfortably. in the knockout rounds but we dispatched of everyone pretty easily, excluding Sevilla who gave us a little scare and a good game. It meant we were in our 2nd European final against a side that had put us out of the competition 2 years in a row a few years back and it was time for revenge. We played them off the park thanks to Will Hughes, became the first team to hit 50 goals in a Europa League campaign. Finally, we get our trophy.

Premier League

We pushed United all the way but due to a few slip ups towards the end of the season we would finish runners-up for the second time in our history. If we'd have won our last 5 games we'd have finished on 90 points and taken the title but it wasn't to be.

We had a good start to the season before running into a little rough patch It put us in good contention for the title. Dropped silly points to QPR and Southampton, particularly QPR with us being at home but the title was still in our hands.

The loss to Swansea but be only our 3rd defeat all season and our only one in the second half of the season. Again we dropped silly points against Watford and Swansea at the end of the season, but also against Liverpool and Everton which were both winnable fixtures. You can't drop points like these and win the Premier League and we proved that, but we did finish with a new record points total.

The Squad

I'll go more in-depth in a minute because most of these names (in fact, all but two of them) mean nothing to you but this will give you a good idea of what they're like if you don't want to look at them. Maxi was a brick and has recently signed a new contract with the club after Arsenal had activated his £26million release clause while Tony Watt broke the club's record for goals in a season, breaking the 30 barrier. Ivar van Dijk proved to be a bit hit-and-miss but still hit 20 this season and I'm sure he'll come on again next season.

Sander Liefden - Free - Signed from FC Twente, Sander has become quite a solid, young backup goalkeeper although this season he proved to be a bit suspect. 50/50 at the minute whether he'll stay or I'll bring in someone British.
Nicolas Sanna - Free - Signed this summer from AC Milan to replace Butland. Just looks too good to pass up and was fantastic this season, keeping over 20 clean sheets this season in all competitions.

Ben Bruce - £9.25million - A pretty solid defender but this could be his last year with the club with Fernandez and Resit Unal coming through. Still a good player but I believe our younger lads are already better.
Walter Fernandez - £7million - A lot of money for a young player but in a few years time that will be considered a bargain. All the attributes to become a legend here and expect him to feature more next season.
Christos Fosteris - £2.7million - Fits our mould perfectly as a top defender who can also pass. Bit of a risk to throw him in this season but it's been paying off.
Rikard Gustafsson - £4.5million - Signed because of his release fee and this is likely to be his only year at the club but he's a solid defender who ticks all the boxes.
Maxi - £6.75million - One of, if not the best defender in the world. Has all the right attributes and was our top performer last season. A key figure.
Maxsuel - £1.2million - Signed as a youngster from Palmeiras, he now counts as home-grown making him one of 3 at the club and not one is English. It's this reason that he'll probably stay, invaluable to our European selection.
Resit Unal - £8million - Another large fee for such a young player but you tell me he's not going to be a superstar. Has to be given more football next season, better than a lot of defenders around already.
Pablo Tello - £4.5million - Signed at 15, we had to wait 3 years before he joined up. Since he has he's developed into a leading star in the team and is as strong as they come. Better than Maxi, maybe.

Rinaldo Budroni - £18million - Was definitely a spur of the moment signing with us struggling early in the 2018/19 season. We brought him in from Juventus and he scored against Man Utd on his debut. Beloved for that alone, but it does help that he's awesome.
Daniel Cosentini - £7.5million - Brought him in becuase we needed someone to cover for Jasaui and he was probably the best around who wouldn't mind warming the bench. Looked very good this season though and I'm happy with what he can do.
Alexander Jasaui - £4.2million - Missed out on the original £450k deal the year before we signed him but his performances still makes him a bargain. Courted by teams like Barcelona and Juventus, he's probably the best attacking full-back in the game.
Rubén Darío Romero - £3million - The man is a nutcase but a brilliant one at that. 4 red cards last season including one which saw him dismissed after 22 seconds shows what I mean but he is brilliant when he's on the pitch and he's home-grown too.

Laurent Breton - Free - Only became interested once PSG released him and now he loves the club. A brilliant midfielder who, paired with Lepe and Hughes makes one of the best midfields in the world.
Bobby Fairbairn - £11million - Signed from West Brom, Fairbairn has become a top squad player and someone we can always rely on. Chelsea continue to show an interest but he's not for sale, especially as he's our captain.
Jake Gallagher - £11million - A player who caught my eye when we played Arsenal the season before last and looks a solid squad player. He's proved that this season and looks a useful player.
Will Hughes - £5million - One of my earlier signings and probably my favourite player on this year's game, Will has grown into one of the world's best midfielders and has the ability to unlock any defence.
Hernán Lepe - £34.5million - Our record signing and looks worth every penny. I'd go as far as saying he's the 2nd best player in the world and it's not hard to see why. Absolutely world-class.
Walter Leandro - £10.5million - A top player who, on his day can torment any defence. Seems to perform better when he's not relied on though but he's still an excellent squad option.

Arturo Corral - £26million - Struggled in an injury-hit first season but has started to show what he's capable of these past 2 seasons with 47 goals in 76 games. A player I really like.
Rodrigo - £875'000 - Probably our biggest bargain. Signed as a youngster so he's also home-grown, he's developed into one of the finer talents in the game. He's not clinical but he does score goals and he sets them up as well making him a great all-round player.
Ivar van Dijk - £30.5million - Lethal on his day but he isn't exactly consistent. Still, he hit 20 this season so he's not all bad and does seem to enjoy the big games. Hoping the consistency comes next season now he's had 2 full seasons under his belt.
Tony Watt - £13million - All hail Sir Tony Watt! The man is a demon and just always seemed to score. He's been everything I thought he'd be and more and I've struggled to get van Dijk and Corral in over him, he's become invaluable.

Next season

I doubt we'll strengthen as much next season as there isn't much left to strengthen. Gustafsson will be on his way out with either Maxsuel or Bruce as Unal and Fernandez come through and Liefden might go as we add more British players but really there's nowhere else where we can grow, it's now just about developing what we have. I want another trophy, particularly one of the Premier League or the Champions League as I think we're good enough to do so.

I'd also like to point out that, despite us now competing in Europe for the 7th season running, 7th in the coefficients, winning the FA Cup twice, winning the Europa League and finishing runners-up in it as well as runners-up in the Premier League twice and finishing 3rd, I'm still yet to make it onto the favoured personnel list at all. Not happy with that and it has made me consider my position a little.

Jul 16, 13 at 2:39pm

Real Sociedad

Pre Season

I was given £9M to finish in the top half of the league, which was easily do able so I just accepted that as there are plenty of wages spare to adjust the budget as and when you need, I eventually raised it to around £18M so I could sign my main targets and still have some wages spare.


So the main area of the pitch I felt need improving was right back, so I put a cheeky bid of £9M in for Corchia which was rejected. This made him unhappy that he was unable to talk to other clubs so he was transfer listed for £12M and I soon snapped him up as he is a player I've always wanted to manage on FM.

Another area where I needed an extra body was AMC since I was using 3 of them in my formation, I didn't really want Afellay as I had bad experiences with him in the past but I couldn't find anyone better so I decided to get him for £6.25M.

I was also given £21M in January; Jose Angel was already on loan at the club and he was putting some good performances in, so I decided to make his deal permanent in January for £6.75M.


This was my formation with my main starting XI throughout the season, Agirretxe was first choice at first but got injured for a few months and Ifran stood in and done a great job so rotated them toward the end of the season. Carlos Vela covered AMC positions majority of the time was a good squad player to have around. Ion Ansotegi also rotated a lot with Mikel Gonzalez, anyway here are the squad stats.

As you can see there were only a couple of stand out players but I liked how the goals were shared around the team too, everyone chipped in and done their part.


League Table

As you can see we had a very good season, especially the first half of the season where we had only lost to the big two which put us in good shape for the second half of the season, where we slipped up a couple of times but comfortably finished 3RD in the end.

I think it will be difficult to improve on that next season obviously with Real Madrid and Barcelona but I hope to repeat the success and start getting regular Champions League football.

Real Madrid and Barcelona swapped between themselves for the top two spots and with about 5 games to go Barcelona went a point ahead and won every game from there on in, also Cristiano Ronaldo scored 62 times in 38 La Liga games

Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Champions League Final though.

Champions League

Group Table

I had a good run in the Champions League, I first had to qualify by beating A.C. Milan which we did comfortably surprisingly.

I had a tough group but was confident if I could beat Ajax or Porto home and away I would stand a good chance and luckily I beat Porto twice, Ajax once and Man City once. I won all 3 of my home games and won one away to see me through.

I drew Marseille in the first knock out round and was confident of getting past them, but I only managed to get through on away goals. Either way I was pleased to reach the quarter finals in my first season.

In the quarters I lost to Barcelona 5-1 on aggregate was very disappointed with the performance at home where we controlled the game for the first half hour but every counter attack they scored

Next Season Targets

In terms of next season I think the main thing I will need is a bit more depth, players were tired quite a few times in the season, thankfully at times though games were like a week apart. The board have set an initial budget of £27M and a decent wage budget where I have 250K spare.

I will look to bring in youngsters with potential to add squad depth if that is possible and maybe bring in a first team CB to partner Inigo Martinez, other than that I think this squad is more than capable of achieving the same again next season, it really just depends on what is available.

My targets for competitions will be pretty much what I've achieved this season as I think it will be difficult to beat, the only competition I'm confident of improving on is the Copa Del Rey as I was knocked out in my first round to lower opposition this season

Jul 13, 13 at 8:37am
Ranger 1

Season 3 (2014)

Alright, this year we hoped to build on our success from last season, and hopefully be promoted… somehow. However Malaysia promotes teams. In all actuality I was pretty certain I would be promoted regardless because of my stint in the Malaysia Cup last season. The consequences of that will probably become apparent a little later. Let’s start with the transfers, shall we?


As you can see, a somewhat big year for us in terms of transfers, though not so much when you break it down. Both my backup strikers, my backup goalkeeper, both my awful DMs that I wanted out, my backup right winger, my backup center midfielder, and my backup right back all left, finally. A bigger loss was my first choice striker gone at the end of his contract, though this was a conscious decision based on his advancing age and his streaky nature. You’ll also note that I sold a player for a small bit of cash. Super League side Darul Takzim offered 30k pounds for my first choice left winger, and the board accepted it without my consent. That altered my plans a bit… I had planned on letting my backup (the team captain who had played poorly before) go and find a decent replacement for a starter that had the influence to be a vice captain, upgrading my current vice-captain to captain. Instead just offered a new contract to him and used a youth intake guy for backup, which worked out okay.

As for the ins, the first two are my attempts at filling Ibrahim’s shoes.

This guy was a free from Super League side ATM, intended to be my backup. Really he played as a rotation guy, and played pretty darn well I think, especially in cup matches for whatever reason.

My only senior international. Yikes that Composure. I had hoped it wouldn’t be that big a deal if I put him in a support role, but every so often he puts in some really awful performances and botches just the simplest chances. He’s also very, very high paid, which is a bit of a problem. He takes up one of my two foreigner slots, though he’s currently the only one.

A free from fellow Premier League side NS Betaria, he worked fairly well as a rotation center back.

A mid-season pickup on a free, he somewhat disappointed me as the replacement starter at AMC and set-piece specialist. The others are a temporary backup right winger, and a very temporary backup left-winger.


There was only a small change in my tactics this time round: I swapped out the advanced forward for a Target Man in support. This seemed to give my poacher more opportunities, and the drop back seemed to make my team play a bit more cohesively, especially when we dropped back into the 5-3-2.


Check out that stretch run (albeit against weaker competition for the most part)! I won’t bother to include the final two games, as again we had already clinched the league early and I trotted out youth players for the experience. Just as before our offense was the key to our success; when we put more than one goal on the scoresheet we did very well for the most part. Less than two and our results were disappointing. The first part of the year we had some struggles with consistency, but I trotted out some fairly weakened teams for a number of those matches due to cup ties.

As you can see, we won the league handily for the second year in a row, and this time were promoted. And again, the 4th place team was promoted over the runners up. This is ridiculous. Polis DRM had a pretty impressive season actually, charging hard at the end to make 3rd place and earn a spot (I think that’s how you earn spots… maybe?) in the Malaysia Cup. They’ll probably be promoted next year because of it. I think. Maybe. As you can see we were the best defense in the league (which is shocking to me) and the second most prolific offense. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Since I had a pretty good idea that I was going to be promoted regardless this year I decided to focus all of my attention on the FA Cup. Giving key players a match off before and sometimes after, playing my strongest starting XI whenever possible… We were drawn against fellow Premier League side Kuala Lumpur, whom we jumped out on early and never relinquished the lead. That set up a game against one of the sides that were promoted to the Super League last year, Selangor PKNS. We handled them easily, and were on to the quarter finals. By luck we were drawn against lower-league side Beverly, against whom we struggled far too much for my liking, only going through 2-1 on aggregate. Through to the semis, we faced defending Super League champions Terengganu… and managed to win 2-1 away on the strength of an own goal. That own goal proved very costly, as they came to our place and beat us 1-0, but we moved on thanks to that away goal. That set up a final against Pahang…

A close-fought battle that we let get MUCH closer than I would’ve liked towards the end, but we did it! We survived the late surge to go home FA Cup champions, win practically the only prize money in the nation, and qualify for the Asian Confederation Cup! I don’t expect much from it next year, but it might be nice for money if we can get a few wins. I’m still not sure how it works, or how prize money is allotted, but we could use all we can get. That goal by Abdul Rahman, by the way, was his first of the year. What a time to come through.

That brings us to the offseason cup, the Malaysia Cup. Again we were drawn into what was billed as a tough group. Super League runners up Terengganu (Though I went in with the confidence that came from having beaten them before), Kelantan (we’d smacked them around in a few different friendlies earlier in the year, and I don’t normally put much stock in that, but I had some hope), and Perak (They’ve been practically my whipping boy in these cup competitions). We started off with a hard fought draw with Terengganu, and then went on an absolute tear. Kelantan fell both home and away to wonderful individual performances by transferee Hazani, and Perak were simply terrible, folding in late game situations consistently.

That left the group looking like this

Did not expect to finish top of the group at all. I expected to go through to the knockout rounds if I’m honest, but not at the top. This gave us a very favorable draw against fellow Premier League side Polis DRM, whom we hadn’t managed to beat this year, but fielded weakened teams against each time. Unfortunately they went on to beat us on penalties… because the Malaysia Cup doesn’t use away goals as a tiebreaker. Cue my two best penalty takers missing the frame of the goal. Just a joke.

In all, a great season. Not only did we manage to gain promotion and win the Premier League two times running, we picked up the first real silverware in the club’s by now 6 year history. Will we survive the transition to the Super League? We’ll have to wait and see.

Key Players

Our team captain, originally going to be shoved off the side after a poor 2013 campaign. I’m glad I stuck with him, because he contributed 6 goals and 11 assists (our leading total) from the left wing through 31 appearances, an average rating of 7.11. While the goals total probably doesn’t seem like much, they seemed to come at crucial moments, and most of them were incredible individual efforts where he absolutely skinned the defense.

He was beastly again. 26 goals and 10 assists from 36 games with an average rating of 7.50, particularly deadly in the league. I can only hope he can put up these sorts of numbers in the Super League next year.

He played quite well, with 12 goals and 8 assists in 17 starts and 7 sub appearances, an average rating of 7.42. He was particularly incredible in the cups, though, scoring 7 of his goals in 6 starts and 4 subs there.

Another solid year for the youngster, who’s settling in nicely as a youth international for Malaysia.

Besides that no one really stood out. We had relatively solid performances all the way round, including surprisingly decent showings by very young backup players forced into starting by injuries or match congestion or what have you.


I am not sure what to do next year in terms of tactics or personnel. I don’t have much salary wiggle room, and even if I did technically we’ll probably go into administration if I push too hard, since there isn’t any money anywhere. It might be best to just try to survive in the Super League for a while, building up a fan base that will actually come to games. Attendances have been picking up over the past year, but they’re still pretty poor, especially compared to some of the more established FA sides. I also am not sure what to do about tactics. The 5-3-2 seems to work best against bigger sides, but I sort of hesitate to play something so reliant on taking on pressure without cracking and the running out for a quick counter. Thoughts? Questions? Ideas of any kind?

Jul 5, 13 at 10:25am

My Everton 2012-2013 Season


It was really a good season. We were brilliant vs the top teams but got more trouble vs the lower and mid table teams. More than happy with my performance.

FA Cup

Capital One Cup

First season Transfers

Best players


Looking at possibly bringing in Neymar.

If his price drops another 5M or so will try to sign in and have him come in Jan. He doesn't really want to join but a big contract will tempt him.

Jul 4, 13 at 4:32pm
Ranger 1

Kelab Bolasepak Pos Malaysia

Season 1 (2012)
(Keep in mind that I’m writing this well after the fact, so my screenshots of players are going to be old and inaccurate for that time period)

I took over a club in Pos Malaysia that was in pretty dire financial straits, aggravated by the fact that there is literally no money whatsoever in playing here. No prize money of any kind for the league, or even the cups outside of the winners.

In any case, our team was also somewhat aging at the time. I like to live on the edge and don’t tick the boxes to add players, so we also had no one at the side who could play right back, and no players in the youth team. So, let’s get started with the transfers, shall we?


Most of the outs were contract terminations via mutual consent, and though I had to pay out a good chunk of money up front it was worth it to free up wage budget (we started right on top of our budget, pound for pound). As you can see, only one is still in the game a couple years later, and he’s a coach. A pretty good one, too, but he sort of hates me now. Whoops.

The ins are pretty simple. Mohd Noor Mat is one I picked up for the future, a 16 year old AMC that I thought had a hint of potential. My main formation didn’t use AMCs, but I felt I might want one later on in the save, so I picked him up and played him in secondary formations against weak opposition and when one of my older players at DM needed a rest badly. The one who no longer plays, Fondey, was just cover at the Center Back position who quickly lost his spot because he was foreign. Not worth one of my two foreigner slots. Micah Lobo was also cover, though he was at the right back position. Nothing to write home about, he only played a few games. Abdul Aziz Ismail was my first signing at that position, though, and likely the best of the bunch that I brought in in the preseason.

He’s still a key player for me several years later, and my coaches (as awful as they are) think he’ll be a leading Super League right back in the future. He’s already improved a good deal with playing time, and he’s become a regular for Malaysia Under 21s, where he puts in quality games seemingly every time out. He is a tad inconsistent, though, unfortunately.

Nicholas Chan was a pickup right at the start of the April transfer window to shore up our squad’s somewhat aging and shaky central defense. He got a fair few appearances that year, and has since become a solid rotation man, playing slightly more than every other game.


I unfortunately don’t have the tactics I used still, so I’ll have to sort of ASCII them out. This should be fun.

----P(a) -- AF(a) ----
W(a) --- AP(s) --- W(s)

This worked… kind of sort of. My defensive midfielders were old and not very good, and I probably shouldn’t have tried to make them playmakers. They were probably better as anchorman types. We also had a tendency to get absolutely wrecked when teams packed the midfield (there were a couple teams that played with a straight-across 4-5-1, and so I got some pretty poor results against teams I really should’ve been beating talent-wise). My poacher and advanced forward scored a roughly equal number of goals, though oddly enough the poacher had a good deal more assists. I thought that was really weird, but whatever says I, it works. I had decided early on that I would dump the DMs at first time of asking, as they were eating up a ton of wages and we were a bit over at the time. They were also, as I mentioned, old. So, I would have to come up with a new tactic for the next season, but that was still some ways off…


There are only 22 games in the regular season here in Malaysia, and only one cup, which is quite refreshing really. And also very good considering that everyone seems to have the stamina of a wet paper towel here…

As you can see we were quite poor. Predicted to come 7th out of 12, we were in position to do just that with two games left in the season, though we had a chance at 6th if we took care of business. That seemed unlikely, with those games against teams with everything to play for, and our side having strung together two wins only once before in the season, and you can hardly count one of those wins (UiTM were almost historically bad, with only one win from 22 games in the end). A dreadful lack of consistency had seemed to put the board’s goal for us (a midtable finish, I have no idea how this game decides what midtable is but they were not happy with 7th) out of reach…

We did it, though! Beat the media’s prediction for us, satisfied the board, and helped secure my job.

There is only one cup in Malaysia during the season, the FA Cup, and being a lower-league side we were definite underdogs. The board didn’t fancy our chances any more than the media did, and didn’t emphasize the competition much at all… Our first match was drawn against a non-league side though, Kuala Lumpur Rapid, so we had some hope. Unfortunately it took penalties to put us through, which sent us on a run of poor form all the way through till our next cup tie, this time against lower-league side USM. We managed to grind out a 1-0 victory away, which put us through to the quarter finals! We were then drawn against Super League side Selangor, one of the most successful sides historically in Malaysia, and it was highly unlikely we would come out of the two legs with a positive result. Predictably they beat us over both legs, but we kept it respectable enough that I was satisfied with the outcome. As became a theme, though, it completely wrecked our league form.

So here’s the league table for 2012:

Not a bad first campaign I don’t think, especially given what I had to work with. If we could have turned just a few of those late draws into victories we would’ve been in the hunt for promotion, just a little bit more consistency and we were golden…

Key Players


To be quite honest, no one else really stood out. I had a fair number of injury problems, so there was a lot of shuffling around and people playing at least mildly out of position, and it showed. The players couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm at all.

Season 2 (2013)

This year I was hoping to build on my success, hopefully building the fanbase a bit (attendances are absolutely dreadful, but at the time I took over we were 3 years old, so I suppose that’s to be expected), and maybe even push for promotion if I got lucky.


As you can see, this was a quiet year on the transfer front, even more so given what really happened. The outs are all backups being let go to free up wages, the ins are all backups for other positions. Only one is really worth looking at.

This fellow is currently my backup center mid, but he looks to me like my midfield of the future. He performed fairly well in the under 20 team in 2013.

Since I don’t know where to put this, this guy goes here. A member of my first youth intake, this guy looks pretty promising to me. I’ve been giving him a lot of sub appearances and he’s been doing okay, though he does put in the occasional putrid game.

I switched things up a little bit this time… I wanted the DMs gone, they just weren’t doing it for me, and we had been struggling to score goals at times, so I decided to try and give my young AMC a bigger role.

It worked, very well as you’ll soon see, but I still have some doubts. The T(a) occupies pretty much exactly the same space, on average, as the AP(s). The overlap seems to confuse opposing marking schemes from time to time, but I’m not sure if this is good. I’ve been thinking of moving one or both of them to one side or the other, but I’m not terribly sure that would be good either. Thoughts?

This is a secondary tactic I used against better teams or late in games to try and keep the opposition out of the goal. It seemed to work all right and frustrate attacks to some degree.


As you can see, we did much, much better this time around. The attack was absolutely deadly, and we put in much better performances against the weaker sides in the league this time around. That stretch from 2nd February to 24th February was particularly crucial, the best stretch we put together at any point, albeit against some of that weaker competition. As you can see, most of our troubles came when our offense stumbled, a problem that seemed to happen every few games. My kingdom for some consistency! I won’t bother including the last two games, as…

By that time we had already secured the league title (we lost both games, badly. I put out basically a youth team to get them some experience)! If I’m honest, though, Selangor PKNS choked it away down the stretch badly, picking up only 3 points in their last 5 games. Infuriatingly enough, you’ll note that Selangor PKNS and Johor both have Promoted next to their names… I won the league and didn’t get promoted! I still have no idea how exactly this happened, I think it has to do with one of the cups.

Speaking of cups, the FA Cup didn’t go quite as well for us this time around. We were drawn first against Super League side Perak… and miraculously beat them 2-1! I ran out with a 5-3-2 and dropped deep, and they seemed not to take us seriously. We hit them twice on the counterattack and held our ground well enough at home to go through, where we were matched up against Premier League side Perlis away. For whatever reason this was one of the games the lads just didn’t come out ready to play, and we were dominated in every aspect of the game all match long. It was a disappointing loss, but it happens.

Now, there is another cup in Malaysia, in the offseason. It appears to be invitation only, and I have absolutely no clue what dictates who gets invited to the Malaysia Cup. I think it may be because I won the Premier league? I’m not sure. We were drawn in what was billed as a very hard group for us, with Super League runners-up Singapore Lions, Perak, and relegation-bound Felda United. Knowing I would need my defense to be solid more than I needed to go out swinging I trotted out my 5-3-2 that had worked so well against Perak in the FA Cup, and saw what happened…

Take a look at that! I was worried after the first result, but I recognized that that was away from home, and we had never been great playing off of our home pitch. When we took care of business against Felda United, though, I knew we were at least guaranteed third… they were very poor. The loss against Perak was worrying too, but again on the road… and then we began our domination. Singapore didn’t take us nearly seriously enough on our home pitch, and we absolutely routed them. We ground out a result against Perak at home next, and then just had to take care of business away against Felda United… When we managed it, the group table looked like this.

We were drawn then against Selangor, just like in the FA Cup in 2012… and crushed them on their own pitch! Like so many teams in this cup they underestimated us and fell to a number of goals off the counter. They pulled it back at our place, but it wasn’t enough by far to overcome their dismal first performance. We were then drawn against the holders of the cup, Terengganu, and managed to squeak out a 2-1 victory at home with a late winner from a backup striker… but they dominated us at their place and sent us crashing out. To reach the semi-finals as a lower-league side was pretty incredible, though, and they did go on to win the whole thing, so I’m not disappointed too badly.

All in all, a successful season. I think the journey to the semi-finals of the Malaysia Cup guarantees me promotion next year regardless of any results I may get, too, so that’s good insurance.

Key Players

Well, since the screenshots won’t have changed I’ll just give you a brief overview of them. Mohd Zahari really came into his own, dominating whenever he got on the pitch. In 20 appearances he scored 20 goals, notched up 7 assists, and had an average rating of 7.77. He had some issues with his health and fitness, but that only underlined how key he was. Ibrahim, on the other hand, had a very poor campaign. 17 appearances, 8 goals, 5 assists. He had long, long goal droughts that just didn’t seem to end, and the majority of his goals came in multi-goal games. Given his advancing age, I wasn’t too keen on keeping hold of him after this… Baseri continued to punch above his weight class when he was healthy, 16 starts, 2 sub appearances, and one goal with an average rating of 7.04. Not great, but solid enough to be very useful for me. Ismail played absolutely incredibly. He’s been a beast, never injured, and played 33 games, scoring 6 goals off set pieces and coming up with 2 assists, an average rating of 7.23. He particularly shined in cup matches. Mat also came into his own, scoring 4 goals and creating 8 across 26 appearances, with an average rating of 7.25. The numbers may not be particularly great, but he’s been one of the best passers in the league, and is crucial for us in possession.

That’s just about it. I’m about halfway through the next season, so I’ll update a bit later.

Jul 4, 13 at 10:02am
Ranger 1

This looks interesting, I think I'll do a bit of a write-up later and post about my TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS in Malaysia.

Jul 3, 13 at 12:40pm
Cowdenbeath rule

PSG - Season 2012/13


First off here were my transfers for the season ahead.

Looking back now I really didn't need to buy Ben Arfa or Rodriguez. But I did as J Rod is a young gifted player who could either become an integral part of the squad over the years, or even sold for a profit. Ben Arfa was bought mainly due to him being French. Santon was brought in to slot straight into the left back position of the squad, a place I hope he can make his own for years to come. Bender was signed in January to add some extra protection in front of my defense as they seemed to concede quite a few goals in the beginning.

Ligue 1

To put it simply the league was disappointing, after a horrible start I didn't even manage to break into the top ten until the tenth game of the season, and from then on my side would slowly but steadily climb its way up the table, finishing in a pretty poor third place, though this still means I qualify for the UEFA Champions League which I desperately needed to do.

UEFA Champions League

Shocking is all I can say to describe my form, after three games I thought I was in with a good chance but then my side just fell apart.

French Cup and Coupe de la Ligue

I was knocked out in the tenth round and semi final respectively, but I wasn't too bothered about either of these cups.

Key Players

My three key players of the season were:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Although we didn't see eye to eye all season he still managed to rack up twenty-three goals and nine assists in thirty six games for the club.

Marco Verratti: The playmaker of the team had a great first season in France as he scored six goals and setting up fifteen more in forty games. Will continue to improve over time.

Jérémy Ménez: Was rotated all over the pitch playing in many different roles and still managed to be part of seventeen goals (9 goals 8 assists) despite never playing in his best position as a natural winger.

Next Step

Well the board have given me a new two year deal, as well as handing me £127,000,000 to rebuild the squad this season. With this I have already agreed to sign Marek Hamsik for £22.5 million and Falcao for £35 million.

Hopefully we can get this thread up and running again as it was a major success last year.

Jan 26, 13 at 9:32am

quote FootballManagerBoy
quote D3structor
Cheers LeytonOrientForever will start on it
Who are you going to be

When I finish season with Arsenal I'll do one.
i already have started it and finished the first season, i am hearts

good luck.

Jan 26, 13 at 8:19am

quote D3structor
Cheers LeytonOrientForever will start on it
Who are you going to be

When I finish season with Arsenal I'll do one.

Jan 26, 13 at 6:17am

Cheers LeytonOrientForever will start on it

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