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Oct 27, 12 at 5:48amwanie


As you are probably aware there is a big discussion on scripting issues with FIFA 13 this year and every day it is gaining momentum.

There is a blog that is currently discussing the issue and explains it in quite a bit of detail but better yet it actually tells you the best way to attempt to beat it.

I would appreciate if you could take a look and maybe spread the word if you having the same issues. We need EA to do something about this.

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Sep 24, 13 at 9:11am

I experienced most, if not all, of the shit you guys mentioned in here. I'm a long time fifa player and it's sad to see where we have come. EA took the fun out of videogame. And it's also sad to see that lots of people don't even complain about the horrible gameplay and just accept it like they're blind and even worse, some of them defend it. As long as the masses keep acting like that no good football game will be released anytime soon, especially not by €A.

Sure as hell I won't bother with Fifa 14.

Sep 20, 13 at 6:58am


Look at what the engine done to this guy because it dictated he was going to be vulnerable moments after scoring

It manipulates to botch the header & makes the ball land perfectly for the opponent player behind & not only that but also makes his defender on the line bolt away

I bet the other guy done this celebration in his living room

Sep 20, 13 at 6:20am

quote Cybersomeone
This is a very interesting thread and it's been awesome reading some of the posts.
At first, I thought my gameplay was affected by my poor abilities or different moods. But I discovered that what caused my frustration were the UNFAIR and RIDICULOUS mood swings my players have. In one match everything's flowing magically. and in the next, it's a huge mess. I've given Fifa 13 many chances, always trying to focus and improve my gameplay but I've came to the bitter conclusion that this is in absolutely no way a fair game.
There is little reliance on skill. It all depends on how your players are " feeling today". I've taken the decision not to touch my Fifa 13 cd anymore. I'll stick to games that let me make my own decisions. Games that rely on true skill such as Battlefield 3.
EA (the game engine) decided you're having a bad game. You can fight the 98% passing error ratio, etc, though, that the engine dishes out to you, by making better use of what little freedom you have left. The game is just an illusion of freedom.

It's all about >>emotions<<

Rubberband/scripted moments because EA wants you up off your chair celebritating or going "ohhhhhhhhh so nearly!"

And even if this has to come at the expense of the other players doing shockingly poorly.

quote Herbert Cuba Garcia
Fifa 13 - You dont play it. It plays you.
So welcome to the EA emotional rollercoaster ride from shame to gory!

Sep 20, 13 at 5:29am

Sliders under a scripting system

The camera we play it on hides a lot from the eyes

Problems I have with online play

1. The engine resorting to cheating to depict a team playing better or worse (varying levels of better or worse) through it also holding the power to decide errors for us, using tricks such as adjusting the speed of players (heck even treadmilling), making pass power irrelevant to force the ball to come at your players slowly & making the physics look daft at times (ball physics appearing to have thoughts of its own & behaving weirdly/defying all logic when the engine really pushes for goals)

These are just some of the techniques used to give more freedom or to limit it (at varying levels)

2. The scripting system often emulating bugs/glitches & making your controller act broken in its bid for that drama & unpredictability (because it works through "sliders" & is under a scripting system)

And 3. The "illusion" of "intelligent runs" from AI teammates by temporarily disabling all input to the game (often cheating the intelligence)

Edit: Their NHL series is the same with defenders lifting their sticks to allow bad passes through for tap ins past handicapped goalies & whatnot

And yet it says "creativity" & "hockey IQ" in the game cut scene

Jul 20, 13 at 3:06pm
Herbert Cuba Garcia

Fifa 13 - You dont play it. It plays you.

Jun 30, 13 at 3:19pm

All EA games are heavily scripted offline AND online these days and it comes in level severity and varies...

I.e, it might give you enough freedom to really dominate but manipulate your scoring ratio

I now call it the "make me feel awesome engine" lol

Jun 30, 13 at 3:04pm

quote burnill
This is a real mechanic that has been in since fifa 10. EA have openly called it momentum and can occur for a variety of reasons just like real life. However a fifa producer has said to ign that momentum will not be featuring in fifa 14. Google it if you don't believe me.
It's a poor design choice but one that establishes an evidently large player base so I doubt they really will take it out of 14. Especially after investing a lot into it over the years. Damn good monetization in fairness.
I'm not talking about a hidden fake momentum bar where you get gifted a goal when it goes full

I'm talking about this rubberbanding/scripting engine and it will always be present in FIFA I'm afraid. That's just the state of the industry nowadays.

Jun 30, 13 at 2:53pm

Argh forgot to add the link lol

Madden offline against the CPU but this is also one of the techniques used in FIFA online whenever it wants you or the opponent to be on top or push someone back into the game

Jun 30, 13 at 2:49pm

This is Madden offline against the CPU but this is also one of the techniques used in FIFA online whenever it wants you or the opponent to be on top or push someone back into the game*

Other games are the same

Jun 30, 13 at 2:41pm

quote TheMGR
Scripting is when you lose to Barcelona in the 90th minute and need something to blame. While it may be slightly embedded in the game it is mostly down to bad defending and loss of concentration
This is not the case for all of us. I've only played a couple this year because if it. I know when it's my fault and will happily hold my hands up and say "My fault. That's fine" when it is my fault, but on the other hand this level of ripping control away from the gamer happens way too often /watch?v=5wtWEaPmTT8

The game blocking control to defenders moments before & whilst pushing them out of the way.

The game dictates (or at least tries to dictate) the flow of play and scripting comes in levels....

This is Madden offline against the CPU but this is also one of the techniques use in FIFA online whenever it wants you or the opponent to be on top or push someone back into the game.

I can't be bothered going into anymore detail but the engine is heavily scripted. The gameplay mechanics are made easy to lure in non gamers (i.e, holding down a button and your player will auto glue 2 or 3ft from opposition player) but the engine is a rubberband/script engine to compress skill & intelligence.

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