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Oct 11, 12 at 6:57pmDream Spirit

~ Action Replay Codes/Requests ~

Alright, making a nice little thread for people to post their Action Replay code requests, and people who have knowledge of what the person needs can give the code/information on where to find the code.

Try not to post the same request twice. Someone will respond whenever possible.

An easy way to post would be to use this format:

Just copy/paste that little guideline there, and you'll be on your way to cheating. .

Feel free to also post any interesting/useful codes here that people might ask for.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Dec 24, 15 at 7:21am
Rodrigo Winterhalter

I want so bad a cheat to enable legendary pokemon enter the PWT I cant find it, i think it does not exist.

Dec 21, 15 at 1:19pm

Can someone give me a marking pc code to change a shiny pokemon to normal plssss

Oct 03, 15 at 7:26am

What game is it for?(Black 2/White 2) : black 2
What Country/Area?(US, Japan, etc.): US
What code are you looking for?(Maximum Cash, Full Pokedex, etc.): is there a way to get a code for a japanese ditto
Any extra details?(Something you specifically want in the code?): preferably with adamant nature

Sep 26, 15 at 9:56am

Anyone have a code that if you mark your Pokemon it will give it your Trainer Name, Trainer Gender, ID, and SID?

I know they have it for Black and White, I need it for Black2 and White2.

Aug 22, 15 at 4:29pm

What game is it for?(Black 2/White 2) : White 2
What Country/Area?(US, Japan, etc.): US
What code are you looking for?(Maximum Cash, Full Pokedex, etc.): re battling legendary pokemon
Any extra details?(Something you specifically want in the code?): If at all possible, codes for each legendary, one for each, or at least for Reshiram and Kyurem.

I'm not sure if anyone has already done codes for re battling each of the legendary pokemon in white 2, but if anyone has then directions to the person who's made the code will help

Aug 07, 15 at 5:42am

quote Genomaster
I need a *bleep*in genesect meloetta and keldeo codes
Why don't you download Pokegen and create Genesect, Meloetta, and Keldeo codes using its code generator?

Aug 07, 15 at 5:39am

quote karlasoftley
it pokemon white 2 i'm looking for a jirachi so i'm wondering if you can find one in the wild
You can just use Pokegen, and create a Jirachi on that program. Make it Shiny if you wish, but make sure to use only moves it can learn, otherwise it would be too OP.

Aug 07, 15 at 5:36am

What Game? Pokemon White 2
What Area? US
What Code? Any code that disables all PWT Pokemon restrictions. If you can find or make one, that would be great, because I've looked in a few places and haven't found anything.
Extra Notes? Um, I want to be able to use normally banned Pokemon in the PWT, lol

Jul 10, 15 at 4:33pm
Warrior of Fire

What game is it for? White 2
What Country/Area? US
What code are you looking for? shiny gift Pokemon
Any extra details? By holding select, I want to be able to receive any gift Pokemon (i.e. starter, HA Deerling) shiny. I already have to versions of the wild shiny code (already in the AR is the hold select version, and I still need to add the one without the activator), but, as the name explicitly states, it only affects wild Pokemon (including the legendaries, as I've tested). I want to be able to get all of the Pokemon (except N's Zorua, since N's Pokemon work better as non-shiny, and the ones that are shiny-locked (a.k.a. unable to be legitimately shiny by the game's code itself)) shiny.

What game is it for? White 2
What Country/Area? US
What code are you looking for? perfect IVs
Any extra details? I know there are codes for marking your Pokemon to give them perfect IVs, but I want one that will make the game generate EVERY Pokemon with perfect IVs (that I can easily reboot the game when getting N's Zorua to keep it normal).

Mar 22, 15 at 12:07am

Hello i was wondering if anyone could make a code for 6 pokemon, each individual if possible i would REALLYYYY appreciate it thanks so much
1.a raichu with 31 ivs in all stats,shiny,timid nature,female,lightningrod ability,level 5, with nasty plot,thunderbolt,grassknot and focus blast and 0 evs.
2.a weedle with 31 ivs in all stats,shiny,jolly nature,male,swarm ability,level 1,with the move tailwind, poison sting, and string shot and with 0 evs.
3.a bellsprout with 31 ivs in all stats, shiny,naive nature,male,chlorophyll,level 1,vinewhip,weatherball,solarbeam,sunny day, and 0 evs.
4. A oddish with 31 ivs in all stats,shiny,bold,female,effect spore,level 1,aromatherapy,sludge bomb,absorb and 0 evs.
5. A staryu with 31 ivs in all stats,shiny,timid,natural cure,level 1,tackle,harden,hydro pump,psyshock, and 0 evs.
6.a growlithe with 31 ivs in every stat,shiny,adamant,male,flash fire,level 1,bite,extreme speed,wild charge,morning sun and 0 evs and this is for action replay us black version thanks

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