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Oct 8, 12 at 2:28amDragoon

With different endings (hopefully ala Mass Effect 3 ) and a stealth rating as well as several other factors that change based on your style of play - how are you going to play the game?

I think for the first time around I'll play it as stealthy as possible, but killing my targets myself. Then on my second playthrough I might try the approach where you don't need to kill anyone. Apparently the game isn't that challenging on Normal Mode so I'll probably go for Hard straight from the off and if I'm finding it too easy still go to "really hard" haha.

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Aug 27, 13 at 2:04pm

at first I tried just running up to enemies, slit their throats and hide if anyone heard anything and kill them when they came to investigate but that quickly went out the window when a guard saw me kill some1 and they alerted half the guards in the level so after that I tried for a more stealthy style but couldn't resist knocking out a few people with my crossbow or just killing them from a high point and blinking away. had a lot of trouble with the pendletin twins though.

Jan 1, 13 at 6:08pm

yeah thats pretty dumb. cause while going for the no killing achievement i think youre free to choke people out, but i guess you have to make sure to stuff them in a nearby dumpster or something to keep rats from eating it.

Jan 1, 13 at 5:08pm

quote Shinobi_razor
thats another reason is ive heard sometimes the game will blame a death on you even if you had little to nothing to do with it. like i believe if a guard is firing a gun and shoots a guard in front of him, the game sometimes blamed that death on you . or similar type things where it really wasnt your fault at all.
Apparently rats will eat unconscious corpses and it will blame it on you as well.

Dec 31, 12 at 6:41pm

thats another reason is ive heard sometimes the game will blame a death on you even if you had little to nothing to do with it. like i believe if a guard is firing a gun and shoots a guard in front of him, the game sometimes blamed that death on you . or similar type things where it really wasnt your fault at all.

Dec 31, 12 at 12:13pm

So far I have gone through the entire game only being seen a few times and only killed two people. I have no idea how they died but the end of the mission said that I had killed them...

Dec 31, 12 at 1:34am

i tried full stealthy, no killing for the first little bit in the prison and was bored to tears plus i thought it would take me a ton longer, so i decided to kill anyone that gets in my way. much more fun that way. i still try to sneak around, but kill guys whilst sneaking around, sorta like Splinter Cell. i had quite enough of the no killing-stealth boringness from the likes of Deus Ex Human Revolution to last me a while killing an enemy while up high and freaking out his buddies is too fun (though not quite as satisfying as in the Batman Arkham series).

my current favorite tactic for tons of laughs so far is rewiring a wall of light, then calling a swarm of rats to attack a nearby enemy and watching as the guards on the other side run to help and get fried but honestly i just think the stealth in this game suffers a bit from level design, making it overly difficult to make it through each mission with no kills and no being spotted. not to mention level select not working in case you got spotted on only 1 mission and just need to replay that.

Nov 20, 12 at 6:00pm

Only just cracked on with this game, thought I'd rent it before buying... *bleep*ing immense stuff, and after sifting through the acheivements I've decided that it's worth a few different playthroughs.

I assume the "so and so will lead to darker outcomes" means that there are different endings re: to your 'Chaos' level?

Nov 17, 12 at 2:46am

I actually meant Granny Rags, i just usually do not pay attention to remembering names in games, unless I have to. Its up to you if you wanna TRY to kill her, I don't wanna spoil your game so I tell you only, that she's not exactly the person she appears to be, so just look through the books and notes you may find in the areas you meet her (U will meet her quite a few times, unless its different for each way of play).
As to "No kill" gameplay, I tried that on the beginning, but I gave up, I think it's a hell of an achievement even when you are familiar with game, so I decided to finish my first game by just playing as it goes on normal (I just made the kingdom a nightmare to live in, overhelmed by a terror, fear and oppressions with a plague and anarchy btw.), now I just have started yesterday 2nd approach on Very Hard, when I know the maps and enemies behaviour, and even then I spent like 2.5 hours just to get out of jail and through the sewers unnoticed lol.
I have a question though to whoever knows, what counts as a kill, and what is not?? I mean situations like when you shoot someone with a sleep bolt, but as an effect he is going to fell into water and die, or if you take over a turret does those things count as a kill or not??

Nov 16, 12 at 10:21pm

JimmyBar: I haven't made it that far yet so I haven't heard of Lady Gray, but Granny Rags is really scary. Did you kill her too? Can you?

I would love to play through the game without killing anyone but I find it very difficult to be stealthy. I don't know if I lack the patience or what but I always end up killing more than a handful of people who catch me while I'm trying to choke someone out or something. I feel so bad, plus I hate rats and weepers and would love to avoid them as much as possible. -_-

Nov 14, 12 at 7:50am

From the beginning of the game, I couldn't hold myself of stealth killing guards, even more amusement brought me a crossbow (have you tried to pin two heads of a guardians with one bolt to a wall??), that's when I decided that I am gonna play complete psycho killing everyone who dares to be alive (apart of lady Gray, she is a lovely psycho evil lady), its cool, rats are everywhere, zombies running like armies of hounds lol. I just haven't figured out yet how to quick kill guards on those high poles, I suppose fire bolts will do, but I haven't equipped any for a party at Madame whathever (she will die anyway hahaha) =)=)

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