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Oct 7, 12 at 3:53pmSupernova1332

I played maplestory way back when, ~2007, and decided to start playing again now that my younger sister started playing. There are a bunch of new classes and I just wanted to know which of them have the fastest attack speed, or if it's close between some of them which have the best mob skills early on?

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Oct 9, 12 at 12:56pm

Not to mention the best oppurtunity to get those Link skills if you havent done so, its probably tricky with a Demon with its 1 hit kill skill nerfed that made jesters at lv 30-70 in an hour possible.

still wished i had a lunchbox xD...

Oct 8, 12 at 10:18pm

Yes you can make one at the moment. Limited time of course.

Oct 8, 12 at 3:56pm

Can you make merc atm? That's one of the 151352 time limited classes right?

Oct 8, 12 at 2:07am

Mercs also have the added advantage of a passive 10% extra exp per kill

Oct 7, 12 at 8:59pm

Plus Mercs are ridiculously mobile. Great for mobbing.

I'm terrible at this game and I made 70 in a day with my Merc.

Oct 7, 12 at 8:46pm

I'd personally recommend making a Mercedes since the funding is cheaper. Bowman equips are generally pretty cheap

Oct 7, 12 at 5:45pm

Unfortunately, if you dont have a active created DB in the account at this time, you wont be able to create it. :/

Oct 7, 12 at 5:09pm

Thanks, was trying to decide between dualblade and mercedes. For now I'll go DB and see how it goes.

Oct 7, 12 at 4:33pm

Data on hits/sec in fourth job (this data can't show you early game, though level 120 can be achieved in a single day of hard grinding easy, so it's not exactly a hard point to hit anymore)
This doesn't include Hyper skills, because that would skew data.

Also none of this data will of course show:
  • How fun/useable these skills are (for instance, NL's mobbing skill suuuuuuucks and is a pain to use, literally and figuratively)
  • How much damage these classes will do (tons of tiny poke hits vs tons of big hits), this is something the links do show to a better degree however.
  • How much nexon likes the class (general rule of thumb is Pirates get changed/fixed/anything nice way after any other class, Thief gets ignored a lot too, Warrior/Mage/Archers get fixes/new skills/etc fast, and get them often)
#hit is of course amount of targets hit, hits/sec is how many targets they would hit. "not seen in this film" are classes unreleased in GMS. For more context and more information in general, I put links to the data threads below each class section.

Class # hit hits/sec

DK 8 12
Hero 6 46
Paladin 7 62
DemonS 15 52
Aran 10 31
Mikhail 6 39
Not seen in this film: Kaiser, Hayato
More Information

F/P 15 48
I/L 12 53
Bishop 10 30
BaM 8 54
Evan 10 40
Not seen in this film: Luminous, Kanna
More Information

Merc 12 38
BowM 10 41
MarksM 10 39
WildH 8 6
More Information

Shad 10 91
NL 6 33
BladeM 8 101
Phant 10 56
More Information

Bucc 8 25
Corsair 6 24
CannonS 10 44
Mech 8 38
Not seen in this film: Angelic Buster
More Information

Was looking at the rotations a bit while copy-pasting, most of it's 3 sentences, the rest is not even that, nothing really big, except Mercedes. Merc got two paragraphs. Dat skillcap.
Single Target uses Ring of Ishtar. Legendary Spear is used 1s before its duration wears, and a Strike Dualshot is used in mid-air while falling. All buffs are recasted at once to reduce Ring of Ishtar startup time.
2~4 Targets uses Strike Dualshot, Unicorn Spike, Lightning Edge, and Legendary Spear, all whenever available.
5~8 Targets uses (Unicorn Spike), (Legendary Spear -> Leap Tornado -> Gust Drive), (Lightning Edge), Charge Drive -> Rolling Moonsault -> Leap Tornado -> Gust Drive, repeat, with skills on cooldown when available. This combo does not include the bonus damage for monsters being in mid-air, since that does not apply to bosses. This is under the assumption you can perform the full combo, which isn't always possible. Unicorn Spike means you're vulnerable, and Legendary Spear has no invincibility frames either, but Legendary Spear is rather necessary for optimal damage. Unicorn Spike isn't as necessary, but helpful.
Also added a check to recast Elemental Knights when the cooldown was up if the Knight was not the Neutral one. Double checked and the damage over time from Fire Knight does not compensate for the damage difference Neutral does, though is very close, it is within ~20%/s. It's most important to recast Ice Knight since it's the weakest, and Fire Knight can have elemental disadvantage.
The bonus damage from Unicorn Spike is idealised to be applied equally on all monsters if it activates, since it takes too much to consider the perfect scenario where each monster has its own individual activation rate, and certain skills (Gust Drive) do not lower the count on the seventh and eighth monsters. Nine and higher monsters is only the extra damage that Legendary Spear does to them. No other Mercedes skill can hit higher than 8 monsters.
There's some higher variance in the %/s for Mercedes due to the nature of how the calculations run, but it should be within +/- 100%/s for 70% defense targets.
I've added Threaten and Sharp Eyes for comparison. As you can clearly see, as you gain more defense ignore, the closer your damage against defense approaches your 0% defense damage.

Oct 7, 12 at 3:53pm

I played maplestory way back when, ~2007, and decided to start playing again now that my younger sister started playing. There are a bunch of new classes and I just wanted to know which of them have the fastest attack speed, or if it's close between some of them which have the best mob skills early on?

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