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Oct 07, 12 at 12:22pmKybur

Not that handsome, actually.

So, this is Jack's real face, which is revealed after you shoot him down or let Lilith off him for you. Now, the natural reaction to seeing this is, "Dafuq?" And I wanted to ask the goers of Neoseeker what you think the reason behind Jack's vault symbolized face may be.

Personally, I think Angel did that to him. She killed her mother (on accident), so I assume she also did this to Jack during the same instance (also on accident).

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May 04, 13 at 7:12am
Sand fibber

Heres what i know. It almost would be impossible for angel to give him the marks on his face, and even though jack says angel killed her mother, he was lying. She was put into control core angel before her mother left. Angels mother left because she couldn't stand what jack was doing to their little girl, so she left him with no hope to see her daughter again. The mothers whereabouts are unknown, but she is not dead. Thats a sure thing. Now, angel NOR yourself could give him the marks (yourself referring to the comment about how they think he got the marks by the final fight with you.) because even before he was president, before being handsome jack (originally named john (last name unknown)), and before he had his daughter, he worked as a Hyperion programmer, and still had worn the mask. Also, to prove that angel didnt kill her mother, when jack found out that she was a siren, immediately put her into the control core angel, so that he could control the ECHOnet and slowely rise up the hyperion ladder into becoming president by killing and blackmailing. When he became president, he changed his name to handsome jack to contradict him never really being attractive in the first place. My guess is that his grandmother was the one who gave him the scars. In the side quest where you have to go check on his grandma, jack is glad she is dead. And in the history echos, it explains that jack was raised by his VERY ABUSIVE grandmother. She could have been the one who beat him and blinded him and eventually 'branded' him with a vault symbol. But i will admit that the comment about him being in the cult of the vault is very plausible too since you have to find all of the markings, and after all he is desperately wanting the vault to open for him.

Feb 18, 13 at 9:26pm

I think it's just a statement that Jack's a monster of a human being hiding behind a mask of false humanity, as compared to the iconic Psycho enemies who cover their lack of humanity with a mask.

Feb 18, 13 at 9:00pm
DQ junkee

looking at this picture its pretty obvious he's wearing a mask.

as far as the vault symbol goes, i believe that in the incident with her mother, her powers somehow caused it. this makes sense due to the sirens connection to the vault.

Feb 13, 13 at 12:17pm

To people saying he's not wearing a mask, you're *bleep*ing stupid, go re-play the game. I reiterate, *bleep*ing stupid! I would say it's pretty accurate that Angel did it when she killed her mother.

Jan 26, 13 at 2:01am

Ive never seen his face like that and i killed him twice

Jan 23, 13 at 4:27pm

[spoiler=Truth Spoiler?][/spoiler]
Once you beat the first play through, you unlock the mask jack originally wore, there for my conclusion, is the side story in which angel, (whos powers are blue, on the opposite liliths are red). so the damage done to his face was in the incident, the destruction or fight between you and jack did the damage to him, the mark was the only image to be questioned. and that i beleive to be from his own daughter. There for the fight inflicted the main damage to his face, the mask is to cover the mark on his face, which portrays his evil symbolicly since no vault brings any good. And with that the mark in pandora would be seen as evil and he would never amount to anything. When he used Angel in borderlands one, you diid not hear much of handsom jack, and he must have worn the mask, to move through the ranks of hyperion with knowledge of the vault after researching the mark on his face. Leading to the story of borderlands two. Borderlands three, will most likely not have a main villian, and focus more on opening the vaults you find out about after you defeat jack.

Oct 16, 12 at 10:47pm

Could handsome jack belong to the secret cult of the vault since you have to find the hidden symbols all over Pandora. That could be a possible reason why he has that vault symbol embedded into his face

Oct 08, 12 at 1:32pm

quote Matty147

After you kill him he will fall on the vault key which is the cause of that vault symbol on his face.
The audio logs disprove that.

Oct 08, 12 at 12:49pm


After you kill him he will fall on the vault key which is the cause of that vault symbol on his face.

Oct 08, 12 at 6:26am


Behind the mask is ANOTHER MASK. Behind THAT mask is none other than

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