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Oct 6, 12 at 5:35pmAxionAzure

I've been looking forward to the day I'd do something like this ever since I first laid my eyes on Become a Legend mode in the game. I want to thank all of you who will follow this story. I also would like to thank all the others doing SOMS here on this forum, I found my inspiration reading your works!

Name: Henrique Trautmann

Nationality: Brazil

Age: 17

Height: 1,83m

Weight: 67kg

Position: Right Midfielder / Attacking Midfielder

Current Club: São Paulo FC

Squad Number : 31

Club Career
Coritiba FC - 01/01/2013 ~ 01/17/2015
Matches Played: 72
Goals: 36
Assists: 16
Average Rating: 7.1

São Paulo FC - Current Club
Matches Played: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Average Rating: 0

Background Story
I was born in Porto Alegre, the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil. Football has been my passion since I got my first ball at age seven. I knew it was something special from the moment I kicked it, a feeling I'll never forget. The next years flew by, I'd leave school and go straight to the neighborhood parks to play football with my friends, I was always fascinated how they'd come up with a new move they saw a player do on the television and we'd go dribbling and passing and having fun, those were great times.

But just playing football with my friends in a small field wasn't enough, I had to know more about the game, I had to feel the real atmosphere, so I asked my parents to see the local derby: Gremio FBPA and Internacional SC. I had never heard so much chanting and screaming, at first it looked like noise, but it followed rhythmically after every good pass, goal or heroic defense from the keeper. I felt like I belonged there, in those fields with those players. I had to try, so I attempted to join the academy of the local clubs, sadly with no success. By then I had realized football was a world for few and that I'd have to fight for a chance all my life and hope that I'd ever get it. That chance showed up four years later when I was fifteen. An amateur indoor-football tournament was held on my school and I was picked on the school's team. I had such a good time, it was smaller and faster-paced than actual field-football but I just needed to be even quicker! We won the tournament, I guess we had a good team even though I was the top scorer that's when a man came up to me and everything changed.

quote Man in Suit
"That was a nice win, I came to Porto Alegre looking for something and I think I found something else. Could you give this card to your parents and ask them to call me?"
The man with a suit was a scout, he handed me his card with the emblem of Coritiba FC, a team from a nearby state. Said I should give this card to my parents? Right away sir! I had a very hard time convincing my parents that the scout was a real man and that this could be a golden opportunity, but they only believed when they called. He said if I could go to Paraná and talk to the coaches I could fit in with their youth sides. Coritiba was on Serie B that year and had just completed 100 years of history. They were relegated to the second division on their 100th year, a sad story really and maybe, just maybe I could be the lift the club needed. I felt lucky when my parents accepted, because soon I'd be a star or at least I believed so!

Now the time has come, I signed a professional contract at age 17 with Coritiba FC and they included me in the rooster for the pre-season. Anything can happen, I hope I can impress the coach and win his trust because soon, the Campeonato Brasileiro will begin and I want to be there, I'd do anything to be there.

Season 2013 - Coritiba FC
Campeonato Brasileiro: 38 Matches - 16W - 10D - 12L - Finished 10th
Copa do Brasil: Eliminated on First Round vs. Vasco da Gama

Season 2014 - Coritiba FC
Campeonato Brasileiro: 38 Matches - 18W - 12D - 8L - Finished 4th
Copa do Brasil: Eliminated on Semi-Finals vs. Cruzeiro

Season 2015 - São Paulo FC
Campeonato Brasileiro: 0 Matches - 0W - 0D - 0L
Copa do Brasil: Not Yet Started
Copa Santander Libertadores: Not Yet Started

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Oct 15, 12 at 10:31am

A few days without updates, I was actually feeling a little lazy seeing everyone else was taking a break from the SOMS here. Anyways, I will be making more relevant posts instead of weekly insights of my games. As much as it makes the SOMS more personal it takes a long time to update and people may get bored easily.

The Championship Ends
Santos lifts the title 4 points clear of São Paulo with a campaign of 26 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses: 82 points with 44 goals scored and 21 conceded.
São Paulo finished second with 78 points from 25 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses. They scored 37 goals and conceded 16.
Atlético Mineiro was third with 69 points from 22 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses. They had the worst offense in the top 10 with 27 goals scored and shared the best defense with São Paulo, conceding 16.
Coritiba qualified for Copa Santander Libertadores Play-Offs in the fourth position. They finished with impressive 66 points from 18 wins, 12 draws and 8 losses, scoring 44 goals and conceding 27.

I had every reason to be pleased with this season. It took a lot of hard work and I think we made it count. I had a harder time, it appears as the newspapers started to call out my name, the defenders started to focus on me. I was completely outplayed by three or four defenders at some matches but I think that only helped me to figure out ways to improve my football. I played over 3000 minutes, that's over 50 hour of football on the pitch. Having scored 19 goals and 6 assists in all competitions, I got a new chance on the national team, scoring my first goal against Switzerland on a 4x0 win at Morumbi. Pato and I both scored doubles but he was named Man of the Match for making one of the assists to my goal.

I will see you all next season, hopefully something even bigger awaits me! I just want to have less injuries. I was sidelined for 5 fixtures in the championship due to injuries. It may not look like, but injuries are a real "pain".

€8,6m São Paulo announces agreement with Coritiba over Wonderkid Henrique Trautmann
Henrique travelled last friday to have a medical at the Tricolor Paulista after São Paulo met Coritiba's valuation for their key player weeks before the start of their Copa Libertadores Campaign. The deal rumored to be nearly 8,6 million euros makes Henrique the most expensive acquisition of all the brazilian clubs. São Paulo continued a spending spree with the purchases of Lucho González from FC Porto for an undisclosed fee and Morelia's Jefferson Montero for a deal around 3 million euros.

quote AxionAzure
Henrique Trautmann's Presentation: Last year when my agent came to me with São Paulo's offer I was indeed pleased that a great side, one of the biggest winners in the country liked my football. I joined the game to do great things for Brazil and to keep alive the flame that lit the Brazilian stadiums. I am happy to be here, I wouldn't have done it without the support of Coritiba FC and my friends and family. I will come back someday and repay the favor to the club that has been a huge part of my life and my career.
Henrique featured 72 times for Coritiba scoring 36 goals, an average of 0.5 goals per game, the best average in the club since Keirrison.

Oct 11, 12 at 11:35am

This is just a quick update on the World Cup 2014. Nothing related to my SOMS as today I have too little time.

quote Author Notes
I was surprised with Sport as they were awful against us. We beat them 4-0. But as I looked up their player stats they're with an average of 6.4 to 6.7. That's way better than my team-mates average ratings.

Oct 11, 12 at 11:01am
Johnny Pizza Man 78

Lol at Sport being the 5th placed team.

Oct 10, 12 at 11:23am

Author Notes: A small update with my latest matches. Just checked and my Capture Card arrives Monday. Can't wait to record my matches and put some highlights here for you people. I was really dropped out of the world-cup, to tell the truth I guess I was never in contention.

Coritiba secure a point without Star Player
Matchday 5: Internacional 0 x 0 Coritiba

I was sidelined for a second week due to my thigh strain. The team doctor said I should wait a little longer to return for training but I really wanted to come back for this match. I love to play in front of the people from my home city and to be out of the pitch was really difficult for me. My family wanted me to score against Internacional, they are all Grêmio supporters. They'd hang me if they knew I actually sympathize with both the clubs.

Alive and Kicking
Matchday 6: Coritiba 3 x 1 Nautico

I was finally back from injury after 18 days. I was fired-up from the kick-off but an own-goal from Ayrton who deflected a corner against our own keeper threw me a bucket of cold water just nine minutes into the match. The doctors told me to take it easy but I couldn't let my team lose because maybe I'd feel aches here and there. Roberto Cesar fired from range and the keeper parried the ball to my direction, all I had to do was push it in and equalize. In the second half, I was already tired from running. I knew the coach would replace me because I was off-pace but luck smiled my way. After a mid-range free-kick, Lincoln placed the ball on the head of Luccas Claro and his header came my way for me to blast it in with a right-footed strike. Just as I suspected I was taken off for Robinho. In the final minutes, Junior Urso converted a back pass from Roberto Cesar to ensure us 3 points at home.

Matchday 7: Sport Recife 0 x 4 Coritiba

Last season, we won both matches against Sport, they are one of our favorite opponents and their reputation won't change so early. In the 4th minute, Geraldo made a good run through the left side of the pitch, cutting inside and placing the ball on the bottom corner. I was surprised with how much space there was between their defense and their midfield. I usually have a hard time finding space and it takes a lot out of me, but not in this match. Lincoln's long passes would always reach me after I made a run, I'd catch a glimpse of them requesting offsides to the linesman and being denied, I am always careful with my positioning, that's how I score goals. In the 21st minute and in the 60th minute, I scored two similar goals, running clear behind the defense on Lincoln's long passes and scoring one-on-one with the keeper. I was substituted at the 71st minute for Anderson Aquino and we changed to a 4-4-2. Geraldo made a run at Aquino's pass at the 86th to score the fourth. This match was too easy, I'm hoping for a better challenge next time.

Five in Three
Matchday 8: Coritiba 2 x 2 At. Goianiense

We were confident about the three points against weaker opposition at home... but it didn't happen. I felt like I watched myself play when Diogo Campos scored two goals in the first half through runs behind the defense and we went to the dressing room to receive plenty of criticism. I was angered at being criticized, my role is the counter-attack and I can't pull them if we don't get the ball back, but the coach was right, we were being too careless. I contributed more on the defense trying to get some balls back. Roberto Cesar ran forward with the ball and I decided to cut inside and ask for the ball. When he gave me the ball I scored my fifth goal in three matches, a good finish that went in through the upright. In added-time I tried a desperate pass to Roberto Cesar. To tell the truth I just unleashed a kick forward and his first touch was amazing, he cut the first defender and passed the ball to the net under the keeper. We salvaged a draw from an awful performance.

Pens Again
Copa do Brazil (Semi-Final): Cruzeiro 0 x 0 Coritiba (4-1 PKs)

I'm not the luckiest person on earth when it comes to penalties. My mates called me bad omen, even though they were there in both our penalty defeats, though I'll take the blame this time. It was a rough match, Cruzeiro had four yellow cards by half time, and three of them were by slamming me. We played very well in the first half but when exhaustion set in, we were dominated. We were tossing the ball to the wings and clearing desperately as they came forward with all but the keeper. In the penalty spot, I was the third one to shoot and the first one to miss. I fired against the post and it really puzzles me. The goal is large and the post is so small so how in the world did I hit it? I tried in training, once, twice... I can't just hit it. I felt really bad.

All Even in Porto Alegre
Matchday 9: Grêmio 0 x 0 Coritiba

After sitting out of the Internacional match due to injury I was named on the starting eleven to face league holders Grêmio in Arena Grêmio. It was raining a lot in Porto Alegre and even so the place was crowded. There must have been 40 thousand supporters drumming and singing in the rain. The atmosphere was great for them but I knew my teammates were intimidated. We had less than 40% ball possession in the match and I felt like we were playing Barcelona. Somehow we salvaged a draw after their profligacy meant they didn't score as much as they wanted, or at all in this case.

Heading Home
Matchday 10: Coritiba 1 x 0 Corinthians

A nice match indeed, both teams looked evenly matched, a surprise for me as Corinthians is one of the giants in the country. We attacked a lot and suffered a little on the back but somehow they managed. In the 70th minute, with Lincoln substituted by Everton Ribeiro, the coach ordered me to take the corners, the only one we had in the entire match actually. I thought, it can't be much different than crossing and lifted the ball into the first post. Luccas Claro rose above everybody else and hammered a header to grant us the three points. We held the match for the last 20 minutes under a lot of pressure but once again, somehow we managed.

Oct 9, 12 at 11:08am
Johnny Pizza Man 78

Not really any surprise, just that, I got all my guesses for the CL right

Oct 9, 12 at 10:54am

The European Season has ended and we bring to you the most important stats and information about your favorite club.

UEFA Champions League:

Juventus (ITA) 1 x 0 Barcelona (SPA)

Top Goalscorer: C. Ronaldo (11 Goals)
Assist King: Di María (6 Assists)

UEFA Europa League:

Napoli (ITA) 3 x 2 Tolouse (FRA)

Top Goalscorer: Edinson Cavani (7 Goals)
Assist King: Zuniga (5 Assists)

Manchester United claimed the Barclays Premier League with amazing 92 points, they have scored 73 goals and conceded 19, finishing the campaign with the best defense. Robin Van Persie scored 20 goals being their most important player in the competition.
Manchester City was second with 87 points and the competition's best attack: 80 goals. Of the top 6 teams they are the ones to concede the most goals with 35 goals against. Star Striker Agüero scored 23 goals in the Premier League and David Silva had 17 assists.
Arsenal came close with the third position two points behind City. Arsenal had the worst offense of the top 5 teams with only 49 goals, an average of 1,2 goal per game. They must really be missing Van Persie. Podolski and Giroud both scored 11 goals and were the team's top marksmen.
Chelsea had a disappointing fourth. With the third best attack in 62 goals scored they had 29 goals conceded. Fernando Torres scored 17 goals and Juan Mata had 12 assists. Next season things can only get better, say the most disappointed fans.

Team of the Season: Buffon (Chelsea), K. Walker (Tottenham), Assou-Ekotto (Tottenham), Vidic (Manchester Utd.), Kompany (Man. City), Gareth Barry (Chelsea), Valencia (Manchester Utd.), Gareth Bale (Tottenham), David Silva (Man. City), Agüero (Man. City), Van Persie (Manchester Utd.)

Player of the Season: Vidic (7.3)
Top Scorer: Agüero (23 goals)
Assist King: D. Silva (17 assists)

Paris Saint-German continues to spend big and win big. With 88 points, they won the Ligue 1 fifteen points clear on top. 64 goals were scored and Ibrahimovic scored 24 of them.
Olympique de Marseille had to satisfied with the second place and 73 points. Top Scorer Andre Ayew made the most of their chances with 13 goals scored.
Stade de Reims was the surprise of the season claiming the third spot with 73 points, sitting behind Olympique de Marseille due to goal difference.

Team of the Season: Sirigu (PSG), Fanni (Marseille), Abdennour (Tolouse), Thiago Silva (PSG), N'Koulou (Marseille), Gonalons (O. Lyonnais), B. Sako (Saint-Etienne), Tabanou (Tolouse), Thiago Motta (PSG), Andre Ayew (Marseille), Ibrahimovic (PSG).

Player of the Season: Thiago Motta (7.2)
Top Goalscorer: Ibrahimovic (24 goals)
Assist King: Thiago Motta (11 assists)

Juventus claimed the title with 87 points. The mid-season signing of Messi turned the tables around and gave them a comfortable lead of 5 points to the second place which they held to the final matches.
Inter was second after being winter champions. Sneijder was class this season providing the assists for most the team's goals.
Roma was third and will be in the champions league next season. They have concerns with their poor attacking displays this season and might need to seek out a new strike force.
Palermo were surprised to be fourth one point ahead of giants A.C. Milan. They were the worst attack and defense in the top 4.

[i]Team of the Season: S. Handanovic (Inter), Daniel Alves (Inter), Nagatomo (Inter), G. Chiellini (Juventus), A. Barzagli (Juventus), Cambiasso (Inter), Krasic (Juventus), Estigarribia (Torino), W. Sneijder (Inter), A. Di Natale (Udinese), E. Cavani (Napoli)

Player of the Season: A. Barzagli (7.3)
Top Goalscorer: A. Di Natale (14 goals)
Assist King: W. Sneijder (10 assists)


PSV Eindhoven lifted the title once more. The dutch giants flew through the season with great performances.
Ajax had to be satisfied with the second place. They had the best attack but couldn't make up for the worst defense in the top 4.
Twente was third, one point behind Ajax. They had a poor attack but the best defense of all dutch clubs.

Team of the Season: Michailov (Twente), Van Der Wiel (Ajax), P. Van Aanholt (Vitesse), Marcelo (PSV), Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord), Broerse (Zwolle), Van Moorsel (Groningen), Butter (Vitesse), C. Eriksen (Ajax), K. Sigthórsson (Ajax), Ola Toivonen (PSV)

Player of the Season: Ola Toivonen (7.1)
Top Goalscorer: K. Sigthórsson (14 goals)
Assist King: C. Eriksen (11 assists)


Real Madrid had every reason to be pleased with their 92 point campaign. Cristiano Ronaldo was amazing throughout the season and helped his team mates to glory.
Barcelona Had a good end of the season to compensate for their poor start where they hit the 10th place.
Valencia finished third and was happy to maintain the same position as the last season.
Malaga finished fourth and had little to complain. They had a comfortable lead of 9 points to the fifth place and will have a champions league spot.

Team of the Season: Casillas (R. Madrid), Silvio (At. Madrid), P. Armero (Barcelona), Pique (R. Madrid), Pepe (R. Madrid), Toulalan (Malaga), Joaquin (Malaga), Perotti (Sevilla), Xavi (Barcelona), C. Ronaldo (R. Madrid), A. Sanchez (Barcelona)

Player of the Season: C. Ronaldo (7.6)
Top Goalscorer: C. Ronaldo (28 Goals)
Assist King: C. Ronaldo (10 Assists)


Sporting was champions after a very long time. 2 point lead on top ahead of Braga meant the title was an open race until the last matchday.
Braga had a very good season and will hope to pull a fight in the group stage in next year's champions league.
Porto are disappointed. The traditional portuguese giants were getting used to the top spot sharing every three years or so with Benfica. The third spot means the club will be in play-off stage of the Champions League, which didn't please the fans too much.

Team of the Season: Rui Patricio (Sporting), Maxi Pereira (Benfica), Emerson C. (Benfica), Otamendi (Porto), Rolando (Porto), Fito Rinaudo (Sporting), Vitor Gomes (Rio Ave), N. Gaitan (Benfica), Bruno Cesar (Benfica), O. Cardozo (Benfica), Michel (Benfica)

Player of the Season: Rui Patricio (7.1)
Top Goalscorer: O. Cardozo (13 goals)
Assist King: Candeias (9 assists)


Bayern Munchen were champions once again. Having shared the top with Borussia Dortmund, they came out on top with a 1 point lead.
Borussia Dortmund came close. They appear to be the only club to fight Bayern Munchen in the latest seasons and will continue to fight next season.
Bayer Leverkusen was third, 10 points behind. They struggled most of the season and should be happy they got their place in the play-offs of the UEFA Champions League, a consolation prize.

Team of the Season: Neuer (Bayern), Lahm (Bayern), Filipe Luis (Bayern), Ottl (Augsburg), M. Reus (Dortmund), Vargas (Bayern), Gotze (Dortmund), M. Gomez (Bayern), Lewandowski (Dortmund)

Player of the Season: Mario Gomez (7.4)
Top Goalscoreer: Mario Gomez (16 goals)
Assist King: Vargas (10 assists)

Oct 9, 12 at 9:35am
Johnny Pizza Man 78

Awesome update, Seems like the injury came at the worst time possible.

Oct 9, 12 at 9:04am

After a hard time in Brazil I finally found form again in Coritiba, but it was a hard month. The deal with São Paulo fell through and that was my most ironic moment: My first match in the season was against them! By the way, debuts are never easy, I can easily see myself criticized for overconfidence!

quote Henrique Trautmann on Esporte Espetacular
"Playing with the Brazil jersey is an honor, there is a lot of pressure and passion from the stands. Everyone is looking at you and hoping you can do some magic and I was out-shined by my countrymen. I wasn't ready, everyone's saying that, even me."

quote Henrique
I was disappointed with my performance in the International Friendly, but I wouldn't let this take me down. We still had some pre-season friendlies. I was terrible, nothing I tried seemed to work. I gotta work harder and redeem myself.

vs. Dinamo Moskow (Rating 6.0)
vs. CFR Cluj (Rating 6.0)
vs. Olympiakos (Rating 6.0)

Match Result: Figueirense 2x3 Coritiba

Form finally came when I was in the first round of Copa do Brazil, it came and at the same time it didn't. Figueirense scored first through a one-two inside the box with Julio Cesar. I managed a run on the 42nd minute to cross for Roberto Cesar's header. The 4th official added 5 minutes to the first half and I cut inside for the finish, the keeper parried it but Robinho got the rebound and we turned the table. On stoppage time, Aloísio dribbled into the box and made it 2-2. It was a really close match and I had received a yellow card at the end of the second half for breaking a counter. In extra-time I scored a close ranged header and put us ahead but I got sent off for the first time little later. Aloísio broke free again and I was too rough with my standing tackle, seeing red.

Copa do Brazil Last-Sixteen: Palmeiras 0x1 Coritiba
Matchday 1: São Paulo 1x1 Coritiba

After this match I found form again, but I was suspended from the next Copa do Brazil match. The lads won 1-0 at home, which pleased me a lot. We were through to the next round. The first matchday of the national championship was against São Paulo. If I had signed for them, I'd play against my former team in the first matchday. Luis Fabiano broke the deadlock with a long-ranged screamer in the 60th minute and I chipped the ball over the keeper from outside the box in the last minute to claim a point away from home.

Matchday 2: Palmeiras 0x0 Coritiba

Our second matchday was against Palmeiras, I was Man of the Match but I scored no goals or assists. No one did, as both sides shared the point in Palestra Itália.

Copa do Brazil Quarter-Finals: Portuguesa 0x2 Coritiba

The Copa do Brazil Quarter Finals were played away from home, we won it easy against Portuguesa. I scored my goal after Roberto Cesar back-heeled the ball to the penalty box with the keeper beaten. Tcheco scored from a Robinho rebound in the 83rd.

Matchday 3: Coritiba 1x0 Ponte Preta

Our third matchday, first one played at home was against Ponte Preta, a difficult match where we struggled for possession. It seems they always make it difficult for us. On the 57th minute, I sneaked behind the defense and passed behind for Everton Ribeiro who double-touched the ball beneath the keeper and scored. I think we're playing well, I scored a beautiful goal against São Paulo and now Everton Ribeiro scored this beautiful finish after his magnificent dribble. Sadly I left the pitch injured and I'm expected to be out for 2 weeks.

Matchday 4: At. Mineiro 1x0 Coritiba

We lost our first match in the championship to At. Mineiro away from home. we have 5 points from 4 matches, I did not feature in this one through injury.

Meanwhile in Europe: As JohnnyPizzaMaN suggested: Saint-Etienne beat Tottenham on the way to the Quarter-Finals. Manchester City was eliminated on the Penalties to Bayern Munchen on the Last-Sixteen. On Semi-Finals, Chelsea was beaten by Barcelona and Real Madrid by Juventus so the Final match will be played by Barcelona and Juventus. I guess that gives Johnny the right to say: "You read it here first!"

Oct 8, 12 at 12:04pm

It appears I forgot to check the deadline for the deal with São Paulo FC and accidentally passed the day. Thanks to the game's auto-save I can't go back and finish the deal. *sigh* Oh well, no Libertadores for me this year. I apologize for being so careless. At least I came up with a good excuse in the story, eh?

Henrique staying Put
It was a busy day for the Transfer Market in Brazil, when São Paulo FC entered in contact with wonderkid Henrique's agent hoping to strike out a deal for their squad in Copa Santander Libertadores. Everything was settled with the player, but Coritiba FC didn't seem very pleased with the sum offered by the paulista giants.

quote Coritiba Insider
"We just came out from a good campaign and our squad has one of the most talented players in the league. If their interest is real, they may just as well increase their offer to something realistic."
"If the club thinks the offer wasn't acceptable then me and my agent will respect them. I am under contract for another year." When asked if he could sign an extension to his current deal, Henrique was coy. "I do my job on the pitch and my agent does it in the offices."

On last minute news: Henrique was called-up for the first time to wear the yellow jersey of his country. He found out about his call-up through a text message from his brother.

quote Mano Menezes (Brazil National Team Coach)
"I am counting on him after a very good season. This new generation that is growing in Brazil is really impressive: Neymar, Lucas, Oscar, Henrique. They're all good young players full of energy and talent. I hope he can make a good contribution.
Although he's not expected to be a starter on his first international match, to be called for the national team is a big step for a player's development. All eyes should be on the friendly against Greece on February 13th.

Oct 8, 12 at 10:49am
Johnny Pizza Man 78

Juventus will win this CL, Saint-Etteine will reach quarter-finals, Mancherster City will get eliminated in this round.

I can see the future, Just wait.

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