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Oct 04, 12 at 11:59amLorx

This tournament started today, and is running all weekend, livestreamed for free!
Official Site, Mobile App, Embed Player

Embed player super useful, going to that link makes your entire window/tab the video stream, no other page elements. Really clean and nice, you don't need to try and corner the player in a larger page window, etc.

CLG got pretty solidly stomped by IG, very one-sided game. They got outpicked a bit I think, Diana vs Yorick top, especially with that blue buff placement, not really a good option imo.

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Oct 14, 12 at 4:21am

Wanted AF to win just because I'm a fan of Shy's top laning, but totally expected TPA to take that away after they beat M5. I cringed as soon as they let TPA have Karthus that second round. Toyz is just such an immense powerhouse, moreso than Stanley in my opinion, he just makes so much trouble for the enemy team and farms so well in laning, really controls his zone.

For anybody who missed it, that's how many people were there for the Finals.

Wow that is a lot of people. And to think, more than ten times that was watching the Twitch stream alone, not counting Ownd or the thirteen other channels for different languages that the matches were broadcast in. They even had a live orchestra play! Blows my mind, really blows my mind how much time and effort Riot put into this tournament. They had some trips along the way, especially on day 3, but even then, without looking past that, looking right at it with staring judgemental eyes, it's so obvious how much Riot wanted to make this awesome, to really make a mark on e-sports history. I have to still agree with what SK Ocelote said earlier this week, Riot did professional gaming good here, they did a lot of good. Kudos to them for doing all of this.

Oct 13, 12 at 11:21pm

Glad TPA won. I think AF played way too passively. In the first game TPA just gave away too many good team fight picks I feel.

Oct 13, 12 at 10:12pm

Meh, Bilgewater/Wriggle's is just a great item for Jax. He really needs lifesteal over a lot of stats to be honest. The fact that he bought that vampiric scepter and a ruby crystal first time back made me happy. Hoping for a Phage/Cutlass or maybe Cutlass/HoG but he didn't get either lifesteal. And while he did stack some armor quickly, Jax's empowers and Grandmaster's Might passive should have cut through Shen regardless. Also Bilgewater's active is a nice chunk of magic damage. But I will say he played well, not pleased with how he did, but he knew what he was doing most times.

TPA leads 2 - 1, Watching this one hoping it's the final.

Oct 13, 12 at 9:50pm

I believe he never purchased the cutlas on account of that he missed his window to kill shen, and shen just became too tanky to kill in lane, and he was working on a Randuin's omen. I don't know, Jax isn't my specialty.

Oct 13, 12 at 9:23pm

quote Chaosfire
quote BluAnimal
Shy takes Jax versus Shen top lane. Can't wait to see how he plays, and maybe I might learn something new after my 2 years of playing him...

I watched the whole game, took notes on Jax's farm/build/time and here's where I stand:

What the hell. I probably come off as completely cocky and I understand he's a professional player and we're on two totally different levels. I knew he'd get zoned by a Shen (I've played Jax versus Shen a hundred times now) yet he doesn't buy a HoG or Philosopher's to make up for it. He get's ganked several times but escapes (yay :3) Shen just mounts this thing of gold over Jax with his 2 gold per 5's and zoning him. The one thing that bothered me is Shy doesn't buy a Wriggle's OR a Bilgewater, just keeps the vampiric scepter in his inventory for the whole game. Yet despite getting zoned he buys Triforce (I understand it's great on Jax, I build it personally as well) but that gives him no sustain. Later in the game (I think around 40 minutes) Jax and Shen go toe-to-toe and Jax just gets stomped. (He didn't ult during the fight either) Everything that Shy did I would have done differently. I'm not saying he's a bad player, I'm just completely shocked with how he performed. [/cocky]

Oct 13, 12 at 9:14pm

quote BluAnimal
Shy takes Jax versus Shen top lane. Can't wait to see how he plays, and maybe I might learn something new after my 2 years of playing him...

Oct 13, 12 at 8:30pm

Shy takes Jax versus Shen top lane. Can't wait to see how he plays, and maybe I might learn something new after my 2 years of playing him...

Oct 13, 12 at 8:19pm

Riot really needs to find a better song to play between the games/commentary.

Oct 13, 12 at 8:15pm

Shy did Jax early on in this tournament, right after he showed off Singed for the first time.

TPA couldn't peel karthus from the rest of the fight and had to fight in the puddle, that really finished it for them with how close-range they were. Aniv could have tried to counter-puddle, but AF managed to really focus Toyz down well.

Oct 13, 12 at 8:13pm

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