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Oct 2, 12 at 9:43pmProximity007

PvP Tournament

I'll be taking over this for the time being as i have more down time then Aura it seems with university classes, ill try to do my best to organize this all but it might be difficult being that everyone is most likely in a different time zone and in addition to that some people might have limited availability but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Sign ups I'll leave open for a week or two, maybe longer if there's not enough people it all depends so post your console, which tiers you want to play in and time zone. Also i only have X Box so if someone else wants to host the ps3 and PC matches all the better.

X Box 360

--Ayriak: Elemental, Buffscale and Boss tier.
--CaveatLector: Buffscale (GMT +10)
-- ArzaXIV: Buffscale (GMT +7)
--wardadspaz: Buffscale GMT ( - 5.00 ) EST


Soooo here are the tiers per Aura:

Elemental Tier

Soul Level Restrictions: SL40 to SL50.
Weapon Restrictions: Elemental only, boss weapons with elements are excluded (Quelaag's Furysword).

Buffscale Tier

Soul Level Restrictions: SL105 to SL125.
Weapon Restrictions: Elemental scaling weapons (Divine, Occult, Magic, Enchanted, etc), and standard weapons only. No boss weapons (boss weapons that can be buffed are permitted, such as the Dragon Bone Fist), no elemental weapons that lack stat scaling (Chaos, Lightning, Fire, etc), no boss or dragon tail drop weapons - Priscilla included.

Boss Tier

Soul Level Restrictions: SL150 to SL175.
Weapon Restrictions: Boss soul ascended, boss and dragon tail drop weapons only. No weapon buffs are permitted.

Black Knight weapons are permitted in Buffscale and Boss tiers.

Rules / Guidelines:

Limit of one entry per tier.

No lower level limit as long as it remains within the level tier - i.e, a level 41-60 tier cannot be any lower than level 41, however, a level 40 and under tier can range anywhere as low as level 1.

One heal per duel is permitted, but only in the form of humanity consumption. Estus Flask and Divine Blessings are out of bounds.

Backstabs are restricted and a breach of the restrictions results in instant disqualification (if lag wasn't an issue, it'd be allowed). Attempting a backstab while facing an opponent is not allowed, however, if the opponent chooses to turn their back to you in an attempt to disqualify you, then by all means you are permitted to backstab. Parrying is fair game.

Some combinations and uses of miracles are strictly forbidden, such as Tranquil Walk of Peace and Wrath of the Gods, and repeated use (spamming) of Wrath of the Gods. Tranquil Walk of Peace used in conjunction with a direct attack method is allowed, as well as use of Wrath of the Gods for combo breaking, finishing an opponent, or to sneak in a bit of extra damage.

Entries are limited to one character per level tier, so this gives everyone the chance to enter three different characters, offering three chances at an overall winner position.

Good sportsmanship, also known as "no whining". If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. The tournament rules are in place to keep everything fair, and while nobody likes losing, a little courtesy goes a long way.

Any other questions feel free to post them

*Updated 10/7*

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Dec 13, 12 at 6:55am

I am all for both managing and fighting in a xbox tournament now that i'm on winter break for a month and a half

It seems rather hard to find pvp in general these days probably with the release of Halo 4 and other games

Dec 12, 12 at 2:36am

Ideally, we'd want to have eight or more right? If it was a knock out tournament, then there would be a total of three sets of rounds before a winner was decided - that might not work out too badly actually, as it wouldn't require a stupidly huge amount of attention to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Dec 11, 12 at 3:54pm

Even at that there are like 4-5 people for ps3 which is fine but when i think tournament i think some huge ladder with really epic fights

Dec 11, 12 at 2:16pm

Well, we still haven't managed to get this one started Warwhore, but I believe there are more people interested on the PS3 than there are on the other consoles, so it might be an idea to get the PS3 players started.

I was planning to be summoned as either an invader or white phantom so I can watch and record all of the duels, but whether I'll manage that or not is a different matter.

Dec 11, 12 at 1:58pm

Are there going to be anymore pvp tourneys coming up??

Dec 1, 12 at 11:27pm


i check it once a day usually, really hasn't gotten a lot of traffic though that's the problem there are maybe 4 or 5 people signed up for psn which i can't really manage because i have xbox and speaking of which doesn't even have any entries.

So if we can get more people to sign up I'm game

Nov 25, 12 at 9:16pm

So, this is looking a bit dead. As an incentive for people to participate, I'm offering a name change / account merge to the overall winner. Proximity, are you still up for watching over this?

I'll also organise something for the Community Events forum, to try and bring a bit more attention to this. I'm just itching to test my Artorias build in a dueling situation.

Nov 21, 12 at 2:49am

TheDarkSoul, I'll say this once, and once only - there is no need to post every three minutes to bump a thread because you haven't received a reply. If you continue with this constant bump-spamming, I won't have any other recourse but to issue a ban - consider this your first and last warning.

Nov 20, 12 at 6:02pm

Hello. I love Dark Souls. Its the BEST game ever. I'm level 710, I'm on my 24th playthrough, I've put some 2,000 hours into it and I've basically mastered the story, AND PvP. In case you're wondering, I use Xanthous Crown, Artorias Armour, +15 Murakumu, Dark Silver Tracer, Logans catalyst, and Dark Moon Talisman. I've decided to create my very own covenant/clan. Its called Knights of the Abyss and any level can join. It should be noted there will be rank and whoever four people join first will be my elite Four Knights (must be over level 600). I hope you guys join!!! Contact me at:My e-mail: sgarces1500@gmail.comMy psn: xX91NCHNA1L5XxMy phone: 718-354-7299

Oct 29, 12 at 9:27am

I'd like to join

Psn: treyhoppsy
Entries: Elemental tier, Buffscale tier and Boss tier.
Gmt is +0:00

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