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Oct 2, 12 at 8:23amChuckya

Hi Smasher!
I'll start with a character and his potential moveset then you comment and make a proposition

I'm first gonna start with BOWSER JR.
There are several reasons why he should be included in the next SSB.
1 - He is one of the most wanted by the clients and a company will do everything to make a better business.
2 - Like METAKNIGHT from the Kirby series, BOWSER JR. is a secondary antagonist in the Mario series and has appeared in many games since Super Mario Sunshine.
3 - He has a natural moveset that could be potentially used in an original way in SSB4, this is how I predict his moveset :

B -
FIREBALL : projects a fireball that can be recharged (from New Super Mario Bros.)
Bforward -
KOOPA SHELL : projects a Koopa Shell that may be used as the object that already appears in the serie (from New Super Mario Bros.)
Bdown -
JUNIOR BOMB : Pretty much like his fathers but quicker and less powerful (from Yoshi's Island - although it is not Jr but his father as a baby)
Bup -
JUNIOR CLOWN CAR : The koopa clown car originally appears in Super Mario World and is used by BOWSER. His eight son also possesses a Clown Car that he may use as a third jump (much like SNAKE'S) (from New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Final Smash -
MAGIC PAINTBRUSH : BOWSER JR. equips himself with Dr E. Gadd's paintbrush which gives him invincibility, bigger strengh with random effects while hitting with it (poison, fire, freeze...) and a bigger range. When done, as you would probably expect, he turnes into SHADOW MARIO, much like SAMUS turning into ZERO SUIT SAMUS after the Final Smash.

Jope you enjoyed it, your turn!

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Oct 30, 12 at 5:35am

valaura wouldn't really match micaiahs personality as valaura is a corrupted form of light magic.
Not to mention that thani is more or less micaiahs signature light magic

About your Isaac moveset:
I think you should include ragnarök or odyssey into his moveset since these spells belong to the more iconic venus spells in the series.

Oct 30, 12 at 12:42am
Neo Power

I suggested the idea that Micaiah's move Thani would affect metallic characters more than others because it would give a reflection of how powerful it is against enemies with high defense in Radiant Dawn (eg: knights & cavaliers, especially the former.) I guess I didn't foresee how high in demand she'd be in special matches where everyone will be metallic from the start, however, if she had that move. What about a compromise; what if her Special Sideways move was Valaura, which will be a less powerful version of Rexaura, and possibly poison opponents it hits? And on the issue of Golden Sun, it would seem that the onus falls upon Isaac if anyone wanted a playable character from the series. Those same people wanted him to use Special moves from each element. So the other night, I was mixing and matching Djinn and experimenting with moves from several classes. And as a result I've come up with possible moves, one from each element, listed in the format Earth/Fire/Water/Wind:
•Isaac (Golden Sun)
Special: Briar/Blast/Frost/Gale
Special + ←/→: Quake/Dragon Cloud/Cutting Edge/Astral Blast
Special + ↑: Catch/Planet Diver/Plume Edge/Death Leap
Special + ↓: Spire/Lava Shower/Froth/Bolt
So I guess I can leave you to formulate possible movesets from the moves suggested above. Final Smash, on the other hand, could be Grand Gaia. Now, I've got move ideas for Fire Emblem Hector, but they're not solid enough to form a decent moveset. Given some time, I should hatch one...

Oct 26, 12 at 12:26pm

neo power:
There was no staff that boosted defense,but there was one which boosted resistance(which is why I gave her projectile protection) however sleep staff is also a nice idea.
But I don't think Thani should affect metallic enemies more than others,because it would relate her to an item/special enemies,even though it would make sense

Oct 25, 12 at 3:51pm

Medusa moveset

B: Eye Lasers ( she shoots lasers from her eyes stunning her opponent by turning them to stone temporarily
[B]: Medusa Claw ( Kind of like how claws work in uprising )
Bv: Darkness Tunnel ( she fires a wave of darkness )
B^: Warp ( she warps to safety )

Final Smash: Medusa's Final Battle: she grows into a gigantic size and the player is able to control her in this form for 15 seconds )

Oct 25, 12 at 3:15pm

Any rapier wielding characters can use Rising Dragon, with the right weapon.

I still don't think its likely that Isaac would use Multiple elements. Maybe give him a Djinni move that can use different elemental Djinn?

Oct 25, 12 at 1:36pm
Neo Power

I have to say; neat ideas for a Micaiah moveset. But how about it be tweaked a bit to suit her more. What do you think of:
Special + ↑: Light
Special + ←/→: Thani (Does increased damage against metallic foes, and the knockback rate is increased against such foes)
Special + ↑: Rewarp Staff
Special + ↓: Sleep Staff
Actually, this moveset is what Marine Aquatic thinks suits her (The Final Smash is Rexaura). And I don't remember a staff in the Fire Emblem games that boosts defense... Moving on, Mia would be a nice addition to the list, but if any Greil Mercenaries member deserves to star alongside Ike, it should be either Soren or Mist. Why don't you take a look at a sketchy moveset for them:
•Soren (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Special: Wind
Special + ←/→: Blizzard
Special + ↑: Tornado
Special + ↓: Thunder
Final Smash: Rexcalibur (May freeze opponents)

•Mist (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Special: Florete (Ranged Attack)
Special + ←/→: Sword Pierce (High Shieldbreaking rate)
Special + ↑: Florete Spiral
Special + ↓: Sword Smack (Low damage, but has high chances of making the attacked foe drop his/her held item)
Final Smash: Tempest Blade (Mist's blade upgrades to the most powerful wind sword, and it gains the wind element)

By the way, I've been fantasizing about laguz characters being playable in the game. And when we speak Fire Emblem, I feel axe-users are being neglected. I know characters like Hector, Boyd, Nolan and Hawkeye have potential, but I'm quite stumped for a proper moveset. Till next time!

Oct 25, 12 at 8:26am

Mia being a clone of ike doesn't make much sense and her having fire abilities makes even less sense.

I mean yeah ike has the eruption move for seemingly no reason,but that is just one move,all other of his moves are based on the games(except for the great aether more or less).

My micaiah moveset would be:
B:Thani:Micaiahs signature light magic and a chargeable move,a ball of light appears in front of her in the air(over her head) and when you stop charging the move the ball will fall down and explode on contact.
[b]: Purge: A controllable projectile,that flies around as long as you press B.When you stop pressing B,it will shoot a beam of light downwards
B^:Teleport staff:Micaiah swings a teleport staff teleporting over a great distance.While she swings the staff(which she also does when she reappears)she can deal damage to the enemy with it,but the knockback is poor,on par with mr.saturn.
Bv: Barrier staff:Micaiah creates a barrier that lasts for a few seconds.Projectiles won't damge her while the barrier is active and she can freely move during that time.after that the staff has to recharge for a short time
Final smash:Corona-Rexaura:Micaiah uses her ultimate ability together with the ultimate light spell.A large sphere of light will appear in front of micaiah,trapping all enemies it touches,damaging them slightly until it explodes.Enemies hit by the explosion will be marked with light for some time,during that time they will deal less damage than usual.

Oct 24, 12 at 3:16pm

quote GaTheZakk
Roy can be cool for being Marth's clone,
Except people didn't want Roy to be a clone of Marth. People have wanted them to have different move sets for ages.

Oct 24, 12 at 2:56pm

I think you're right, Bluelore, I did have a hard time making it and didn't know what to put, do you have any ideas for her moveset?

In the mean time, I'll pitch a Mia moveset, Fire Emblem Mia that is

B: Eruption
[B]: Flame Draw
Bv: Counter
B^: Flame Ether

Final Smash: Great Eruption

Who cares if I made her kind of clone of Ike, if Roy can be cool for being Marth's clone, then Mia could be cool for being Ike's cloneand there'd be one key difference between the two which would make Mia actually desirable as a clone, she'd be faster than Ike using a simular moveset and her moveset is revolved around her element which is fire.

I'm not good at making Fire Emblem movesets.

Oct 24, 12 at 2:41pm

That micaiah moveset is really bad.
First of all she doesn't use lightning,she uses light magic(and dark magic in FE13,since there is no light magic),so giving her lightning magic(and even making it her final smash) seems simply random.
I don't know how someone should be able to push him/herself and the push skill is anyway a skill that needs physical power,not something that really matches a mage.
Her side b is also not really good,cause her bird never attacks anyone and seeing a small bird fly into the enemy seems rather unimpressive.
Maybe I make a micaiah moveset later...

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