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Sep 25, 12 at 3:33amironmunky

Never pissed so many people off like I have since trying to gold the AA-12. After nearly every game I get a message from someone calling me a "shotgun X" (insert any profanity for X). Apparently being sprayed down by a shyt weapon, that only works in knifing range, incites rage in people. Even though I'm averaging 15 assist a game from spamming flash bangs I get hate mail complaining about the AA-12 and not about flashing the crap out of people (which I find way more annoying).

Worst thing is people act like the AA-12 is some over powered weapon or something when I could get all the kills I get with it easier with a throwing knife. I had a triple feed final kill cam with it in which I chased down a guy, hit him and two other guys with a flash, finished running them down until I was two feet away and sprayed down two guys, reloaded, then finish the last guy who was laying on the ground with his back to me. Then in the lobby all three were pissing on themselves about it. I was just like "I could have killed all three of you if had been using a potato gun".

I do have damage unlocked now, but the AA-12 is still crap. Going through the worst part of going for gold, level 30 to 31, which sucks.

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Oct 3, 12 at 3:14am
Matt 123456789

I've had mail telling me to calm down because I was making such a racket over the headset because MW3 is such a good game with no bullshit in

Had a few messages on older games praising me for good scores. Not had anyone raging at me for a while, only time I normally get messages are after I've sent one myself.

Oct 3, 12 at 12:11am

quote ironmunky
Then he called me a 'wanker', not really sure what that means. I assume it has something to do with masturbating?

Oct 2, 12 at 8:59pm

It's funny how people always assume you're fat, American, Jewish, black or a nerd. I've been called the N word, a Jew, and a fat ugly fag who wanks to hentai in my mothers basement so many times it's gotten to the point where I'm starting to believe it.

I'm just a nappy headed, money loving, Kevin Smith looking bastard who can't help but get a boner from Brock's ass from Pokemon.

Hope that's not offensive.

Oct 1, 12 at 2:29pm

I got a message the other day, can't remember exactly what it said. Something along the lines of "get out of my lobby you fat American prick, you're slowing down my connection" I responded with something like "how'd you know I had a fat American prick? your Mum must have been bragging"
Then he called me a 'wanker', not really sure what that means. I assume it has something to do with masturbating?

Sep 28, 12 at 4:32am

I generally ask for it, haha. I play pretty much only SnD right now, so whenever someone bitch quits on us, I send them a simple message.


Half the time they generally come up with pathetic excuses, the other half I get such hateful responses. Still, they are rage quitting bitches.

Sep 28, 12 at 12:17am

I love hate mail.

I usually respond with a wink or a kiss or something homoerotic anyway. Lovely stuff. Glad to say its something i have never done. I often send nice mail though.

Guy shot my jet down with a frikkin' tank shot in BF3 the other day and i just had to say "good shot". Guy responded with "F**k off" HAHA ! Charming.

Sep 27, 12 at 10:51am

Love getting hate mail from people, especially playing Face Off. When people rage because they're camping strategies fail and go off for no reason. Its usually:

"Ur such a camper." Lolwut, camping is difficult, I can never pull it off when I actually try.
"U hacker." Who actually wants to take the time out to actually hack a CoD game xD
"Ur a nube." Yeah, someone acutally spelled it like that before. Even though they were the ones losing, and proceeded to ragequit.
"Fag." I'm not a pile of sticks xD

Other than that, very little creativity with hate mail. Except one guy who called me a "Bad Paid B****." A what? . _.

Sep 27, 12 at 9:01am

I got called a keyboard warrior the other day, lol.

Sep 27, 12 at 8:35am

quote theQman
quote HadesTheWarGod
quote theQman
Hate mail is fan mail.
I get hate mail all the time just for my name , everytime I do get hate mail it just reminds me of how many people that actually care, almost brings a tear to my eye, lol so what if my name is incorrect, at least my name doesn't look like this xxXXxxSNIPPERSTARxxXXxx, at least I know how to spell right
Only time I ever get hate (fan) mail is when I get a MOAB or if I out score someone with a higher rank than me, other than that my inbox stays empty like my scrotum.
lol I don't exactly call it hate mail, see it as love mail, they "take their time carefully" to send you such a heart warming message LOL^_^

Sep 27, 12 at 3:41am

quote KR_1250
Hey ironmunky

Did you just repost my last one? LOL.

That good was it?
lol, I had replyed to it, but when I submitted it the server did something weird. I went back and re-submitted it but I guess it didn't want to post my reply. Which was something about me sucking with shotguns and being spoiled by the P90.

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