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Sep 24, 12 at 6:55amdgtlmonk

Hi fellow GC'ers. To help keep the trading/selling community fraud and scam free we are putting up an official Bad Trader List for everyone to be aware of and look at each others back. Please follow the format below:

[li] [b]Username -[/b]
[li] [b]Transaction - [/b]
[li] [b]Thread - [/b]
[li] [b]Comments - [/b]
[li] [b]Aliases - [/b]


Username - tugudug, tugudug
Transaction - Suppose to buy Int Phoenix with full int stone. cool valk. for $230
Thread -
Comments - Seller eltongod didn't receive the money after giving the cards.
Aliases - tugudug, alvin189
IGN: Hoven

Your contribution keeps this trading community alive and fraud free for everybody.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jul 01, 14 at 8:38pm

name: Forum - axelrose1414 / GC name Jad92 / Email
Seller said he was ready. Money sent. No card. No response.

May 20, 14 at 2:11am

name: DCGCcrosstrader
GC ign: Shuttlerun
GC ign: Gek1143
GC ign: Gek1143alt
DC ign: unknow
Amount: Acer Iblis, Acer Idun O'Lanter, Acer PCI

Apr 19, 14 at 2:28am

User: nyx6311
this is another id of guardiancrossseller.
He is used to be one of my seller in past,
Now he create new id and try to low feedback people

Apr 09, 14 at 7:08am

Username : kevc_94

We had a deal for AceR anima alm sonic MMI he insister to get the cards first...he said no need to worry.
He never replyed after gotten the cards and eventually blocked me on private messages.....

Jan 21, 14 at 8:14am

Username: United

Purchased cards and seller never sent them. He will not telling to messages!

Jan 14, 14 at 2:15pm

Username - IGNxxxj
Transaction -
original trade was 5x lv1 4* + 5x 55 4* + 5x iii + 1x5* for my stoned fast titan but he refused to gift first,
so we agree to change to do 3 trade
trade 1) 1x 5*(card a) + 1x mighty(card b) for my titan
trade 2) 1x 5*(card a) for 5x iii
trade 3) 1x mighty(card b) for 5x lv55 4*
4) he can gift me the rest of lv1 4*
Thread -
Comments - Seller wasape didn't receive the trade 2 & 3 & 4

IGN: xxxj

Jan 12, 14 at 6:51am

  • Username - Neoseeker123
  • Transaction - pow sphinx empress
  • Thread - [ANDROID] Selling all my cards ( PayPal Verified) Have a look~
  • Comments - We agreed on deal, and he backed out when I wanted to begin trading in order to verify the card, and send him one stone or similar so that he would only need to accept and finish the deal once the payment was made. He then began to withdraw on the deal, by claiming to be scared of me duping the card, because his friends told him such is possible by doing the trade my way. I gave him time to think, even game him referances to others in here who have traded with me, and he said he would check with them. Ended up with him saying his friends saying it was ok to trade like my way afterall, but that a friend had offered more money in cash, and therefore breaking an agreed deal with me to sell to another. Not to begin accusing of being a scammer, but I want to give a heads up for the possibility of him being one.
  • Evidence -

Jan 11, 14 at 1:02am

quote Twin
Yes Glenn, I fully understand your intentions, no harm done
It's my first time doing rmt here.
So I wasn't sure of the prices, I assumed they varied significantly.
I've made other trades with a couple of good traders here already... Learning the ropes.
Thanks for the feedback
Np :-)

Jan 11, 14 at 12:28am

Yes Glenn, I fully understand your intentions, no harm done
It's my first time doing rmt here.
So I wasn't sure of the prices, I assumed they varied significantly.
I've made other trades with a couple of good traders here already... Learning the ropes.
Thanks for the feedback

Jan 11, 14 at 12:21am

quote Twin
quote CrewChief
Transaction: RMT
Comment: Paid via paypal to ZHIRONG CHER, did not receive cards, not replying to messages despite showing online status

Sry dude, but he has recently been reported as a scammer.. I recommend you hereby do a little more research before engaging in such matters again, as it is YOUR own money going into his pockets, without anything in return. Better luck next time, and remember, it is always too good to be true when it comes to rmt. If you go by that rule, you should end up dogding those kind of people :-)
Umm... Where was he reported?
I was searching all over for his name and email in the ban list.
Unless you mean the recent one opened by Derrick and benz888... By then I've already made the transaction

There was one before those two that reported him too.

However, I made an assumption based on the time you reported this bad trader, that you had done the trade after the reportings. But I have checked again, and it seems as the deal must have been going on as they put it out there. You were apparently a bit unlucky, and a bit unwise in the trade you underwent.
When you see the average prices for cards in this forum, and then see his prices, I would take great care in dealing with such. It is easy to get tempted by low cost sales, bargainsm but as I mentioned above, if it looks too good to be true, then it most likely is.
A word of advice to you(I do not know if you know of this way of trading), is to have the card you are buying traded to you, then you answer that by sending back something usesless, and that way you can confirm what you are receiving before following through with payment. The seller will only finish and accept the trade after he receives the money.
If I seem a tad rude and harsh telling you this, I do by no chance intend to. My purpose of telling you this is solely based on the intention that you in the future take a bit more precaution and more importantly, do not get scammed by people.



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