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Sep 23, 12 at 7:57amSolx

1. Zero can revive while in Deception.

2. Zero can throw grenades while in Deception and NOT break it.

3. Zero can reload any Tidore weapons in Deception and NOT break it.

4. 1 Hit Killing any Unique/Boss will make the loot significantly better. (EX: burning down a boss will give 1-2 Eridium, but Insta-gibbing will allow for a drop of 4-6 Eridium.

Any who add yours.

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Mar 04, 14 at 9:51am

123.There is a mechanic in the game called health gating (to prevent rage quitting ), if you have 50% or more health, you can't get killed by one attack ex if your max health is 1000 and you have 502, terramorphos can't kill you in one attack but if you have 499, he will kill you in one hit (unless your shield can take all that force, which I doubt)
124.because at op levels health doesn't scale, you can have a shield that brings you to negative health values
125 using the two fact listed above or is possible to use a Com that gives you health over the negative value and to a value of around 100 health and regen (at least for zer0 is possible ) and have your health regen in under a second which gives you high survivability thanks to health gating (it's kinda hard to understand without playing)

Feb 11, 14 at 4:13am


Jan 18, 14 at 6:35am

You can actually kill a Rakk with a Grenade. (I did it). It was a Homing Grenade which followed the rakk in flight and finally blew up right next to the rakk killing it instantly.

Nov 15, 13 at 1:33am

112. You can see tannis riding a fish in sawtooth cauldron
113. you can see terramorphous from the bnk3r
114. You can see who dexiduos is going to attack at the start of the battle by looking at his tail
115. no matter the height you can melee enemies directly above you
116.after finishing the game you can do a lord of the rings easter egg by picking up "Gearys Echo" in claptraps place and walking to eridium blight and not using vehicles,fast travel stations and you cant die (in youtube there are tons of tutorials)
117Minecraft easter egg (youtube for tutorial)
118 Donald ducks nephews have the same names as bad maws midgets
119 there is a snowwhite easter egg
120 the veruc is a reference to veruca salt of charlie and the chocolate factory (daddy i want that rifle -red flavor text)
the unkempt harold is another way of saying dirty harry(Dirty Harrry is a movie)

Oct 02, 13 at 4:59pm
Shadow of Death

Just some stuff...Possibly, one or another might have been mentioned before.


"Sexy Claptrap"
^In claptrap's hideout, there is a room and this is plastered


"Scripted Bandit claptrap beatup - Again, you can destroy them but they still survive with one HP, in spite being blasted to bits."
^If you destroy them when they're busy beating up claptrap and don't notice you, they'll survive with one HP remaining, in spite of being in pieces. The guy on the left, on his side in the background that looks dead? Yeah, he's floating there and can shoot you still. Using MIRVs (homing or longbow) from a distance is the best way to accomplish this glitch.

114.5 (yeah, you can just ignore this one really XD)

"Pvt Jessup - "Let me get the Door For you" keeps you waiting."
^Is it on purpose? Characters can definitely be scripted to move and talk at the same time (heck, Hammerlock does it when you first meet him).

Sep 22, 13 at 5:43pm

112. Shooting anything breakable (clay pots, skag piles, etc..) will activate Salvador's skill, Get Some. You can also be healed by meleeing/shooting them with a Moxxi weapon.

Sep 22, 13 at 5:18pm

111) you can only carry 500 eridium at once.

Sep 01, 13 at 4:30pm

Damnit! Sorry Ididn't realise there were multiple pages. :/

Sep 01, 13 at 4:27pm

12. When youfirst arrive at Sanctuary it is possible to runover and kill the psycho at the gates and he will carry on speaking.

13. Crazy earl the SDU upgrader is from the first game.(Crazy earls scrapyard)

And 14 for thepeople who don't get DLC : Moxxi is scooters mom.

Aug 19, 13 at 6:20pm

quote Metalli
quote Axe
28. An NPC named Michael is wandering around a certain town, and when spoken to, he'll gift you with fat loot.
The story with that is: there was this little boy with cancer and he wanted to meet the creators of bl2 so they met up and asked if he had any wish, he wanted a character in the game. So they let him design the guy and picked what he did. His character gives guns (:
Actually that is all wrong. The story is that there were a group of friends that loved borderlands 1 but one of them was diagnosed with a disease and he died soon after. His friends ask gearbox to make an Eulogy with claptrap for their friends funeral. But gearbox didnt just do that, they actually made an npc for micheal (the friend that died) in honor of him. Also, who would let a kid design a character in an m game, even if he had cancer.

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