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Sep 23, 12 at 7:57amSolx

1. Zero can revive while in Deception.

2. Zero can throw grenades while in Deception and NOT break it.

3. Zero can reload any Tidore weapons in Deception and NOT break it.

4. 1 Hit Killing any Unique/Boss will make the loot significantly better. (EX: burning down a boss will give 1-2 Eridium, but Insta-gibbing will allow for a drop of 4-6 Eridium.

Any who add yours.

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Feb 13, 15 at 6:06pm

Borderlands 2 is better than the pre sequel

But that may have been too obvious

Oct 26, 14 at 3:38am

145- Tannis riding a fish easter egg has appeared in all of the borderlands games it is done by shooting barrels in a certain order.

Jul 24, 14 at 4:55am

144 down, 856 to go

Jul 04, 14 at 1:47pm

Not seen this mentioned, but are Buzzards annoying you? Just phaselock them to knock off about 45% health. Less with Badasses

Jul 03, 14 at 2:42pm

142. The gun "Thre Dogg" is a reference to the fallout series
143. Matchstick has unused dialogue talking about his sexual wishes with fire, most importantly the Firehawk (scrapped due to the WTF nature of it all)

Jun 21, 14 at 8:02am

137. You can kill yourself for badass points at where you fight warden ( under golden devil Bhudda) and at Ellie's garage ( car crusher)
138. At herbet the hermits house, you can squeeze dolls of Scarlett
139. you have to open a door at claptraps place to find your first Pandora sign.
140. Like in borderlands 1, there is a hidden claptrap on top of Marcus's store at the arid nexus/ fyrestone.
141 also from borderlands 1, do you remember the first red chest in the first game, right where you stepped off the bus, on top of that building. It is still there, and you get an achievement, feels like the first time (pop culture reference to song), for opening it.

Jun 21, 14 at 7:45am

128. jumping gives you more distance from an exp loader.
129. Using Salvador's punching skill , you can probably punch an exp loader away from you.
130. With the mine craft easter egg, you can get a shotgun or a sniper if your lucky
131 with the lord of the rings easter egg, Geary is a one hit kill
132 There can be only 6 existing sirens at one time. 3 are on Pandora
133. Several skins and skills are references to movies and other games, such as Salvador' s skill, out of bubblegum ( movie " they live") and skin Salvador SMASH! ( hulk)
134. One of claptraps weaknesses is onset diabetes
135. You can not loot farm Marcus's storeroom
136. You can loot farm captain scarlet dlc treasure room

Jun 08, 14 at 8:54pm

if u are a commando and you maxed out expertise on the middle skill tree join somebodys game and drop all of your weopons you aim at them the whole time dont let go of aim you hold down the the reload button to take the
gun on the ground you keep doing this while holding down aim you can be abl to run exremely fast

May 18, 14 at 7:56pm

90 Deathtrap and claptrap are cousins

Mar 04, 14 at 9:51am

123.There is a mechanic in the game called health gating (to prevent rage quitting ), if you have 50% or more health, you can't get killed by one attack ex if your max health is 1000 and you have 502, terramorphos can't kill you in one attack but if you have 499, he will kill you in one hit (unless your shield can take all that force, which I doubt)
124.because at op levels health doesn't scale, you can have a shield that brings you to negative health values
125 using the two fact listed above or is possible to use a Com that gives you health over the negative value and to a value of around 100 health and regen (at least for zer0 is possible ) and have your health regen in under a second which gives you high survivability thanks to health gating (it's kinda hard to understand without playing)

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