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Sep 20, 12 at 6:18pmFluidity

Well, I thought the 3DS was region free, but a quick Google search confirmed otherwise. I guess that means the chances of anyone here importing this game will be significantly low, but I'm just curious, does anyone here have a Japanese 3DS who plans on importing this game? I've seen a few other Neoseekers who have imported 3DS games, and if any game is worth it, it's this one.

For those of you who don't have the resources to import the game, would you if you could? Do you know any Japanese or would you put up with being totally clueless to get an early taste of the game? I'm only in my first semester of Japanese so I don't know much, but if I had a Japanese 3DS I'd definitely give it a go. It would probably even help me as I try to understand what's going on.

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Sep 26, 12 at 4:09pm

quote Phi
    Animal Crossing is all about the text. You could not play it properly without it.

Maybe this is why it is taking so long for Nintendo to declare a release date. They might be working hard on the English version of the text.

Sep 26, 12 at 4:06pm

    Animal Crossing is all about the text. You could not play it properly without it.

Sep 23, 12 at 1:24am

I'd rather know what I'm reading (even though I have the game Battle Stadium D.O.N. and it's in Japenese). Some of us aren't learning Japanese. :<

I'm not THAT impatient, I'd rather wait until all my American, Aussie and etc friends have it too. Who the heck would I play with online? Yeah I could do stuff offline, but I want ENGRISH and I like going online even when I first get games. I know some people who play some games WAY before they come out with some device. But I wouldn't actually buy/import a game just because I'm impatient. I'm patient with games though, the game isn't THAT far away. A lot of other good games keep me occupied too.

The only games I would import is Japan only games. Sure I can't read them, but they are Japan only games anyways so it doesn't matter. It seems REALLY dumb to import something that will be in your country/and or in your language if you just wait a little longer. Plus, it's exciting to wait for good games like this.

Some people might want to import or rely on someone else to preorder it for them *COUGH* SAGA *COUGH* though. Because in some countries I don't think they get the games at all sometimes, or they get them SUPER LATE. So them importing it in English (if they speak it) is a smart idea.

It sucks that the 3DS isn't region free though, I forgot about that. I sure as hell wouldn't buy a Japanese 3DS just for Japan only games though. Maybe if I was rich? Yes.

Sep 20, 12 at 9:58pm

I would rather wait, so I can understand what I'm reading. It would be more fun that way.

Sep 20, 12 at 9:42pm

If I had the opportunity, I wouldn't import it. I would rather wait. :P

Sep 20, 12 at 9:29pm

I wouldn't import it even if I could.
It's very important I understand what I play.

Sep 20, 12 at 9:27pm

I'm not importing it. I'll leave that to the real die-hards.

It's not the money, or even the language barrier. It's just that, well, I have to draw the line somewhere. There are lots of ways to have fun and many of them are more appealing to me than playing the Japanese version of AC.

Sep 20, 12 at 6:59pm

Not being able to read something sucks all of the fun out of it for me.

It's all about the textz. B|

Sep 20, 12 at 6:54pm

I had considered getting a Japanese 3DS for some 3DS games that may not see the light of day here but I think I may pass up. It means I'd have to wait longer for a game like this but I don't mind.

Sep 20, 12 at 6:51pm

    I don't have a Japanese 3DS, so I won't be importing the game, and I probably wouldn't even if I did have it, since I have no idea about any Japanese at all xD But I would if I had a Japanese 3DS and I knew at least a bit of Japanese.

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