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Sep 19, 12 at 12:24amShadow of Death

List the most interesting, fun, or rare items you've had drop for you.

Either post screenshots, or stats.

I've not found anything rarer than green so far, but I'm liking the 'Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger' effect guns.

^Can everyone else see that? If not. Click.

If you have an itchy enough trigger finger you can fire stupid fast.

I also found a decent shotgun that I forgot to upload a screenshot of (will do that later). It basically one or two shots everything (funnily enough, it has a 3 slug clip, but fires 2 and once so the second one is always firing just one shot. I assume it only does half damage.

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Jul 25, 14 at 10:22am
Shadow of Death

Started playing Krieg again. More fun than Maya at least.

"Nassty BlASSter - Found it shortly after I started, pretty convenient as I needed a corrosive gun for buzzards"

"Woeful TMP - Not a bad Vladof Repeater. Shame I'm not going to use it."

"Blood of the Ancients - A Loot Midget finally dropped something, and it's just an e-Tech"

Jul 24, 14 at 10:43pm
Shadow of Death

Fought the Warrior and the like. Found a couple items before the fight too:

"Sticky Lobbed Electric Leech - Seems to like dropping those, the warrior does."

"The Killer Class Mod - Might be tempting in future, once I start going down the middle tree"

"Gromky Pooshka - Similar damage to my lower level unique (Morningstar), but higher FR and clip size makes it more useful"

Actually, we got another Bone Shredder, but I guess I forgot to cap it? Could have sworn I did....

Jul 22, 14 at 12:24pm
Shadow of Death

Co-oping again, found very little worth posting TBH

"Fire Fire Burny - Might have had some potential, though I never ended up using it"

"Practical Lady Fist - Might be useful against The Warrior"

"Slick Stomper - S'ok."

Jul 21, 14 at 7:08am
Shadow of Death

Played for an hour or so. Managed to find another Legendary Class Mod

"Legendary Pointman Class Mod - Tubby skag dropped this. No idea if it's better than the classic Legendary mod, I haven't used axton in ages"

"Crudy Barfy - Not cruddy at all. Worked pretty well against mechs."

"Diesel Sickle Class Mod - Picked thsi up on the off chance it's a good one"

"Binary Aegis - Picked this up to replace the Crit in the event I might need it, as my Crit is only level 61"

Jul 20, 14 at 12:26am
Shadow of Death

Just a couple of finds. We played for 2.5 hours, found several loot midgets, and they dropped nothing from them ~_~

"Trick Shot Revolver - Didn't get much of a chance to use it, but it's rather nice."

"Expanded Shield - Well, I do like these curiosities. Might end up using it, if the Fire Nova I picked up doesn't pan out."

Jul 8, 14 at 9:52am
Shadow of Death

Well, I played as Siren a bit more. Got another orange, among other things.

"Legendary Binder Class Mod - Better than the Legendary Nurse, but I think I'd prefer the other one (Can't recall the name)"

"Loaded Hoarder Class Mod - Has some potential, though I currently use the Money Shot spec"

"Sublime Railer - Can't remember the last time I saw a Railer drop"

"The Afterburner - Not sure if I'll sell. I MIGHT already have one and higher level doesn't really boost it much, past a point anyway."

"Stoic SMG - Triple Marcus Heads. Those are uncommon. I'll try this in place of my level 61 fire elemental Bitch."

Jun 30, 14 at 2:19pm
Shadow of Death

Leveled my Siren a bit more, found a few things of note:

"Guarded Warder class mod - Similar to an early mod, except skills swapped. Looks like it might have some niche use."

"Flynt's Tinderbox - I probably won't use this, but it's still nice to have uniques drop eh?"

"Fervid Gospel - Came out of a Billymong ice block"

"Super Gunerang - Of all the oranges to find in a chest, it's this one? Shame."

"Stockpile Relic - Pretty nice for a blue, but I'll pass on it."

"Pine Fresh Handgun - Think that's the first time I've seen that prefix? Corrosive prefix I assume (because pine trees are green and all)"

Jun 27, 14 at 10:20am
Shadow of Death

Started playing as Siren again. Only level 61 at current.

"Scheming Warder Class Mod - Seemed nice, so I grabbed it."

"Cunning Binder Class Mod - Seemed like it might be a good mod for a certain build."

Jun 19, 14 at 2:52pm
Shadow of Death

quote The5thAvacado
I'm assuming that exploits the guaranteed Loot Midgets. How do you farm them and then reset them?
At least 2 Legendary Loot Midgets, often 3, sometimes 4.

You just get the Doctor's Orders mission from Tannis, go to the Natural Selection Annex, and then go to the 4 boxes across from the red chest. The trick is to not grab all of echo logs (I try to avoid grabbing even that first one). A useful, but not necessary way to cut down on travel time is to have the Creature Slaughter dome DLC. If you enter that area, then leave it and then go after the Loot Midgets then quit the game, when you re-enter the game you'll find yourself right outside the Slaughter Dome. The Midgets are one section over from there, so it cuts down on the time by a fair bit.

Legendary Loot Midgets will drop E-Tech relics fairly often (one in two or three or so), and Legendary gear maybe 1 in 10 or so times? If your luck is OK, you should find some legendary gear every few times you go after these Loot Midgets.

There are a lot of legendary items they can't drop, I think.

Jun 19, 14 at 2:44pm

quote Shadow of Death
quote The5thAvacado
Shadow of Death, I don't know where you find the time or the luck to pick up what you pick up. I feel when I play I get one or two purples per session and maybe the occasional orange every 20 sessions. Yours are purrty...
I have like 700 hours on the game, that might be a factor. I also play at least an hour per session usually.

When in UVHM, getting Purples are more likely, as are Legendary items. Using the Doctor's Orders method in UVHM is probably the easiest way to get Legendary gear.
I'm assuming that exploits the guaranteed Loot Midgets. How do you farm them and then reset them?

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