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Sep 19, 12 at 12:24amShadow of Death

List the most interesting, fun, or rare items you've had drop for you.

Either post screenshots, or stats.

I've not found anything rarer than green so far, but I'm liking the 'Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger' effect guns.

^Can everyone else see that? If not. Click.

If you have an itchy enough trigger finger you can fire stupid fast.

I also found a decent shotgun that I forgot to upload a screenshot of (will do that later). It basically one or two shots everything (funnily enough, it has a 3 slug clip, but fires 2 and once so the second one is always firing just one shot. I assume it only does half damage.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Feb 17, 14 at 8:38am
Shadow of Death

Farmed the Warrior for a bit, for Eridium mostly. Though I did find some stuff worth capping.

"Aggression Relic - Was an upgrade to my low level purple pistol relic. Need to check if I have an E-tech pistol relic TBH"

"Binary Spiker - Another spiker. Darts and Spikers really must be the most common e-tech guns."

"Elegant Aegis - If I needed a corrosive gun, I probably would have used this."

"Killer Cat Class Mod - I think I got a similar one recently, only reversed skills? Will have to check. If not, this would be good."

"Grand Titan Class Mod - not too bad."

"Bowie Widow Maker - You don't often see the 'Bowie' prefix. I MIGHT have gotten one before?"

"Grounded Shield - One of those Tediore curisoities. Fairly low cap for a purple, but low delay and faster recharge than capacity."

"Pragmatic Devastator Class Mod - Ended up selling this after checking and realizing all the skills are in different trees."

Feb 17, 14 at 6:18am
Shadow of Death

Finished UVHM and am about halfway to level 61 with my Gunzerker. Forgot to screencap the Homing Electric Leech (level 61) that dropped from the Warrior.

"Auspicious Raider Class Mod - Decided to switch to this, even though I do lose some fire rate after reloads. Got 80% bonus daamge and Incite"

"Unhinged Berserker Class Mod - Not sure if this is any good"

"bandity Bone Shredder - Capped for the sake of capping a red text I guess..."

"Heavy Gunner Class Mod - Ideal for an AR focused Commando."

"redy Bone Shredder - Again, because it's red text...."

"Unending Dart - I cap darts just because they're e-tech TBH. I assume Unending prefix is bonus mag size"

"Critikal Hit oberkil! - Looks pretty decent. Think it dropped from King Mong?"

"Lucky War Dog Class Mod - I grabbed this. Think it'll be decent for a different build?"

"Protection Relic - Not too bad, but e-techs do more."

"Inflammable Turtle Shield - Would be pretty decent I think, so far as Turtle Mods go"

Feb 16, 14 at 11:04am
Shadow of Death

Few more items. Got my Zerker up a couple of more levels. I'm now at Sawtooth Cauldron; AKA the area I dislike the most in the story pretty much

"Scoria Aegis - Tempted to use this for slag purposes, but decided that since level 61 wasn't far away, wasn't worth it"

"Gunstock Longarm - Would have been decent if I didn't have legendary/unique guns and all"

"Superior Sweetheart Class Mod - Looked like it might be good. Might be a decent Team mod for Gaige."

EDIT: Decided to do the Sawtooth Cauldron, get it over with now before I went to bed.

"Bone of the Ancients - As usual, I will have to compare to my other Shock Bone to see which is better"

"Two Gun Berserker Class Mod - Grabbed this in case it was better than my other one"

Feb 15, 14 at 11:10am
Shadow of Death

Played a little while longer today with my Gunzerker, got him up a level or two.

"Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker - Re-released V-day Key. Loaded up a level 72 for this one."

"Security Shock Trooper Class Mod - Held on to this in case it turned out to be good."

"Suppresive Railer - I like Railers, one of my fave e-tech weapons."

"Homering Dart - Second time in this session I found a Homering dart. The previous one I just sold without a screencap."

"misles pistal - Golden Chest item, sold"

"Righteous TMP - I like Vladof Repeaters. Golden Chest item. Sold because I wouldn't use it and its spray pattern was pretty wild"

Feb 14, 14 at 11:03am
Shadow of Death

Played for another hour or so. Might be the last time I play for a few days. I do hope to get my Gunzerker through UVHM to level 61 at least, if not 72 (eventually).

"Aggression Relic - Not too bad, but I think I have an E-tech that does similar damage"

"Cultured Corrosive Spike Shield - Not a bad spike shield. Don't see too many corrosive ones (or even Spike shields in general)"

"Leather Iron - It's sad that this perfectly good gun gets tossed becuae I have tons of legendary/unique guns."

"Homing Slag Transfusion - Replaced my old green lobbed slag transfusion grenade."

Feb 14, 14 at 6:00am
Shadow of Death

I was playing through UVHM with my gunzerker again and found a few things I felt were worth capping. I encountered 5 or something Loot Midgets, most of which dropped a Relic (though no legendary equips sadly).

"Blood of the Ancients - Sold"

"Blood of the Ancients - Bit worse than the last one, sold of course"

"Skin of the Ancients - Not too bad. I don't really use these so sold."

"Bone of the Ancients - not sure if it's better than my other Fire Bones, so I'll hold onto it for now"

"Improved Jill of All Trades Class Mod - It looked like it might be decent, so I bought it from the vendor."

Feb 13, 14 at 12:01pm
Shadow of Death

Just a few this time. Been playing as Gunzerker/Sal a bit today.

"Lobbed Singularity - Not a bad Singularity, but the kicker is it dropped from a Skag pile"

"Juicy Stalker - Was tempted to use this when I got it, but Money Shot won't do much bonus with such a small clip"

"Socialized Absorb Shield - Hoping it'll help for a while on my Gunzerker"

Feb 12, 14 at 10:25am
Shadow of Death

Farmed Headhunter 4 a bit more. It does seem to drop Eridium more than most areas of the game BTW.

"Feral Defender - Rather nice specs really."

"Vengeful Fighter - A really nice Vladof repeater."

"Pertinent Projectile - Not too bad"

"Sticky Longbow Slag Transfusion - Replace my old blue one"

"Lobbed Slag Singularity - Pretty useful, especially when fighting the couple in Headhunter 4. Staggers them so they can't join the other"
^I actually had this before I finished Headhunter 4, but forgot to cap it

"Two Gun Berserker Class Mod - Thresher Chest - Seems like it's pretty solid. Might hold onto it unless I have a better version stashed away."

"Breakneck Banshee Class Mod - A mod ideal for long recharge delay (Thumper) or 0 Cap (Rough Rider) shields. Might have a better version."

"Unlucky in Love - Dropped from one of the two Headhunter 4 bosses"

"Bad To The... - Dropped from one of the two Headhunter 4 bosses"

Feb 12, 14 at 2:43am
Shadow of Death

My friend Cain_Kousei_69 and I went through the new Headhunter DLC.

Some of the stuff we found:

"Heart of the Ancients - Holding on to this in case it is my most powerful Launcher relic"

"Hefty Ace - Pretty good looking SMG all round. Let my Mech bub take it of course"

"Floated Spiker - First time I've seen that prefix. As is my custom, I sold it ASAP"

"Lucky War Dog Class Mod - Wouldn't be terrible for a Rampage Specc'd Gunzerker, but there are better"

"Resistance Relic - Not too bad, considering"

Just FYI, but that Thresher chest will reset your progress every time you you restart the game, so you best get all 5 threshers in one play. It's also a bit of a glitchy DLC.

No idea how the chest rewards vary, but they were all blues when we saw them. Not sure if they can go higher, or maybe have a greater chance of having legendaries? Time will tell as people test it out.

"Thresher Red Chest loot - All blue shields. They aren't bad exactly, but hardly worth the trouble. Wonder if the chest can have rarer?"

"Expanded Shield - Thresher Red Chest loot"

"Unbroken Absorb Shield - Thresher Red Chest loot"

"Guerilla Absorb Shield - Thresher Red Chest loot - Possibly the best of the 4 blues that came in it?"

"Speedy Shield - Thresher Red Chest loot - Would have its uses I suppose"

Jan 30, 14 at 7:03am
Shadow of Death

Found this by sheer coincidence when recording a video for UVHM EXP farming.

"Legendary Nurse Class Mod - Dropped from a Tubby in Arid Nexus - Badlands whilst recording a UVHM EXP tutorial. Lucky!"

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