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Sep 18, 12 at 5:50pmGiga Bowser

Sonic Generations was a Sonic game released to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary, and featured a collection of levels from all major Sonic games, where you would play them all in both classic and modern gameplay.

This got me thinking about what if there were a Mario Generations game? I think it would be absolutely spectacular, myself. The series has certainly come far enough to warrant it.

This is how I would design it, if I were in charge:

Classic Mario would play closely to the New Super Mario Bros. Games. Mario would run on a two-dimensional plane with a focus on platforming and avoiding/defeating enemies. It would have all the controls from NSMB, except for the Ground Pound and the Wall Jump. (I think I'd leave the Triple Jump in). He can also breathe underwater.

The objective would be to get to the end of the level, where there is a flagpole to jump onto.

Mario would begin every level (Yes, every level) as "Small" Mario, and would be able to collect powerups. The Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman would be in every level, but Mario would also be able to get other powerups, unique to each level, depending on the game the level was lifted from (IE, a Cape Feather for the Super Mario World level, or something more unique like the Wing Cap for the Super Mario 64 level). Whether these powerups are new or old, they will all behave on the "three levels" system, where Mario can be small, large, or powered up in some way, and getting hit will power him down one level (Even additions like the wing cap)

Modern Mario would be a little more unique. He would control like he does in Super Mario 3D Land or Super Mario 64, running around in a three-dimensional plane. The objective will still be to find a flagpole. Mario will have his full arsenal of moves (Wall jump, ground pound, backflip, side flip, etc) and will also be able to punch.

The camera will be much easier to control, however, and will behave like it does in Mario Sunshine or Galaxy. The levels will not be separated into specific "top-down" and "side view" sections. The levels will also not be as linear as they are in 3D land, instead being more open like 64 or Sunshine.

The powerups for Modern Mario, however, will not behave like 3D Land. Instead, they will be similar to 64 or Galaxy, in that Mario will be able to collect a powerup, like a Fire Flower, but will only be able to use it for a limited time. This will apply to all powerups, even ones from classic games like the Super Leaf.

In these stages, Mario will not shrink when he gets hit (Although he will lose any powerup he currently has). Instead, he will have a life meter. I would set the meter at "6", because I feel that 8 was too much and 3 was too little. Coins will not heal him, but there will probably be some kind of healing item thrown in (Maybe food). He will also have an air meter underwater.

Sonic Generations had nine levels and seven bosses. If I were to keep the game at a similar length, these are the levels and bosses I'd choose.

World 1 - Super Mario Bros.
Classic Mario: Since SMB levels are so short, I'm thinking Classic Mario can run through more than one, and have them all connected (by removing the intermittent flagpoles). I would probably send him through levels 1 to 3. Like Green Hill Zone in Sonic Generations, this will be a mostly faithful recreation of the classic game with a few minor updates. (Powerups: Only Mushroom, Fire Flower and Star)

Modern Mario: A radical redesign of the classic game will have Mario running around environments based off of (but not recreating) these first three levels. There will be a part with simple blocks floating around, then a twisting underground cave, and many tall platforms to balance on. There will also be a Lakitu nearby. (Powerups: Fire Flower)

Subcon - Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA)
Classic Mario: Similar to the classic game, but a big mix of level elements together. Not much coming specifically from any particular level. Mario can't pick up the enemies, but he can pick up and use the vegetables, and there's also a potion or two hidden around so you can go into that dark world. (Powerups: Only level without Fire Flower. Just Mushroom and Star)

Modern Mario: A lot of this level is centered around the platforming sections that you see in the skies later. Mario will be able to ride on Pidgit's flying carpet, and will also have to run away from Phanto while carrying a key. Mario can also pick up the vegetables, but there will also be a few enemies he can pick up, although they must be stunned first. (Powerups: Stopwatch)

Minor Boss: Birdo - Super Mario Bros. 2
All bosses in Sonic Generations have two phases; one where they behave the same as their original game, and a brand new phase. Birdo will be fought as classic Mario, and will begin with her basic egg shooting phase. You must land on the eggs, pick them up, and throw them back.
Then her bow will fall off and she'll turn red. This is when she starts spitting fire and jumping across the battlefield. She can spit both fireballs and a stream of fire. Mario must avoid all of her attacks before eventually she'll shoot a big spread-fire of eggs. These are pretty impossible to land on and pick up, but they will fall to the ground (unlike before) where Mario can pick them up.

Water Land - Super Mario Bros. 3
Classic Mario: This level is split in two halves. In the first half, there is a recreation of the water levels from Mario 3. Mario must avoid Big Bertha and Jelectros, along with pipes that have a current coming out of them. Then, he'll return to the land where he'll find a multitude of Mario 3 enemies to face. However, he'll find many of Mario 3's powerups here too, and can use them to power through the challenge (Powerups: Super Leaf, Frog Suit, Hammer Bro. Suit, Kuribo's Shoe)

Modern Mario: He will also take a dip in the water, using the water physics from Mario 64. Mario will need to find air bubbles, or pick up a frog suit in order to make it through, as his air meter won't last long enough (He can't reach the surface). Then he'll make his way through an area similar to W3-2, where he's on platforms just above the water. Big Bertha is waiting in the water to swallow him up, so he can't fall in. (Powerups: Frog Suit, Fire Flower, a P-Wing is also hidden in a very difficult location)

Major Boss - Ludwig von Koopa - Super Mario Bros. 3
Classic Mario also faces this boss up on an airship. The battle is at first the same as usual, Ludwig hops around, creating earthquakes, and shooting at Mario with his wand. After three hits, the floor will break and both combatants will fall down to another section with a brick floor. Now the battle becomes similar to the final Bowser Battle from Mario 3. Instead of breathing fire, however, Ludwig still uses his wand, shooting many crazy spells at Mario. He can summon enemies, create small black holes, make himself grow, etc. You can no longer jump on Ludwig, but instead of making earthquakes, he ground pounds. You must make him crash through the floor.

Chocolate Island - Super Mario World
Classic Mario: The level is very much focused on using the Cape Feather. All the trademark Mario World fun is here, with awesome sloping platforms, those silly spinning blocks, and the awesome enemies. You can also find Yoshi here, who behaves just as he did in Mario World. There's a P-Switch Puzzle, and also those weird Goombas that don't die when you jump on them. (Powerups: Cape Feather, Yoshi)

Modern Mario: Also features Yoshi, who controls similar to how he did in Sunshine (Without the juice). Most of the level is a vertical, athletic level, with Mario hopping along the sloped platforms and being shot out of pipe cannons. Mario can climb up the mountains and the trees, and can even stand on the roof of a ghost house. For this, and the classic level, the flagpole is replaced by the Mario World Goalpost. (Powerups: Yoshi, P-Balloon)

Minor Boss - Reznor - Super Mario World
Another Classic Mario bout, first Mario must knock all four Reznor off their rotating platform before the ground disappears beneath him. Once he thinks he's won, the rotating platform falls down below, where Mario must fight all four of them again on a flat battlefield. They will charge and stomp at him, and can blow large streams of fire in addition to their fireballs. Mario must lure two of them to crash into one another to stun them before he can jump on them.

Rainbow Ride - Super Mario 64
Classic Mario: This is the first of a modern game turned into a sidescroller for Classic Mario. All of Rainbow Ride's various platforms and floaty pieces are all rearranged so it's straight, but that doesn't make it easy. There's Lakitu and flying enemies like Paratroopas everywhere, and Mario must also ride the Flying Carpets. Mario can pick up a Wing Cap, but it doesn't actually let him fly. He can jump farther with it and can slowly hover to the ground, like with the Super Leaf. The flagpole takes the place of the Cruiser's mast. (Powerups: Wing Cap)

Modern Mario: A fairly faithful recreation of the Mario 64 level, only with slight alterations to make it not quite as open-ended. Mario must traverse through the swings and the triangle platforms, then head up to the big house in the sky, before finally making his way to the ship. Instead of the Wing Cap, Modern Mario gets the Vanish Cap to help him hide from enemies. (Powerups: Vanish Cap)

Gelato Beach - Super Mario Sunshine
Classic Mario: This level utilizes a trick that was used in some of Classic Sonic's levels. He's still restricted to a two-dimensional plane, but the level is 3D, and he will move around it not in a straight line. The camera will just adjust so that we're always oriented to his side. Mario will run around the beach and avoid cataquacks and will take a dip in the water to explore Isle Delfino's Coral Reefs. Then he must climb up to where the Beach's ropes are, where there's more flying enemies attacking him. Finally, he'll make it to the beach's ampitheatre, where the flagpole awaits. (Powerups: Only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and Star)

Modern Mario: The level actually begins on a boat out in the middle of the ocean. Mario will pick up a FLUDD with the Turbo Nozzle, and must make his way through a speedy section on the water to get to the beach. If the powerup runs out, he'll have to swim there, avoiding enemies. On the beach, there will be no flagpole visible. You'll have to figure out that you'll have to hit some hidden switches to open up the glass wall protecting the Sand Bird egg, which you'll use to get to the Sand Bird level. The flagpole is at the top of the tower there. (Powerups: Turbo FLUDD, Rocket FLUDD - Both timed, remember)

Major Boss - Shadow Mario - Super Mario Sunshine
The first boss fought as Modern Mario. The fight takes place in Pinna Park. He must use Squirt FLUDD powerups (still timed), and must chase after Shadow Mario, hitting him with water. Shadow Mario's not such a coward now, though. He'll use his paintbrush to summon monsters and throw paint at Mario. After a few hits, Mario will fall to the ground but, before Mario can cheer in victory, Shadow Mario hops over to the fountain where, surprise, Mecha Bowser arrives! Mario can't use the roller coaster this time, though. Mario must climb up the nearby platforms and rides, avoiding the plethora of attacks from the large robot, and find a way to get to the head, where there's a giant part he can ground pound on.

The Mountains - New Super Mario Bros.
Classic Mario: Very similar to the source game, but a little more challenging since Classic Mario cannot wall jump (And there's no reserve items, HA!). Featured are the ledges Mario must shimmy across, chain chomps, and all of the fun we see in NSMB. There's a part near the end where you can use the Mega Mushroom and, if you're good enough, crush the flagpole. Oh, and there's those spinny platform things too. Those are always fun. (Powerups: Blue Shell, Mega Mushroom)

Modern Mario: Mario must climb up and around one of the mountains from this world. There's lots of wall jumping and triple jumping puzzles, as well as parts where Mario must shimmy around. In this mode, the chain chomps behave like they do in Mario 64, and are very dangerous. The Blue shell is here too, BUT you ride on it like in Mario 64. There's also a number of secrets and shortcuts you can find by using the mini mushroom, but you'd better hurry. You'll die if the power runs out while you're in a small tunnel. (Powerups: Blue Shell, Mini Mushroom)

Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
Classic Mario: This one's cool. You will run around the various planets and planetoids, and you can run right off the edge and keep running on the underside. Like Gelato Beach, the planets aren't lined up in a line, but as you travel between them, your plane remains locked in two dimensions (Think Kirby 64). Mario must make his way around the planets, avoid enemies, and solve gravity puzzles. There's no bottomless pits, because of the gravity, but Mario can still fall into the black holes and die. (Powerups: Bee Mushroom, Cloud Flower)

Modern Mario: Very similar to the source game, but with new layouts and puzzles. Mario can grab the Fire and Ice Flowers to help him out, but they're still timed. As a neat twist, the flagpole is located on the bottom of a planetoid, upside down. The challenge comes from the fact that Mario cannot use the Star Spin. Launch Stars are here in both versions, ready to launch you! (Powerups: Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Rock Mushroom - Only good for one quick roll)

Minor Boss - Dino Piranha - Super Mario Galaxy
Modern Mario will have to run around the planet, avoiding the rampaging beast. He's got no Star Bits this time, so no way to stun it. After three bonks on the head, the creature will become enraged and light on fire, becoming the Fire Dino Piranha. At this point he becomes a lot more dangerous, spraying fire and becoming hot to the touch. However, the...thing on its tail is now perpetually ablaze, meaning you can't use it to bonk his head any more. He'll also swing it at you. You must instead collect Star Chips around the planet to form a Launch Star. You'll take this to a nearby small planet and pick up an Ice Flower. You can use this to cool down the creature, allowing yourself to hit him. Three more hits and he's down.

World 5 - Super Mario 3D Land
Classic Mario: A re-imagining of the 3D Land games to be linear, but by no means easy. Mario will face those yellow blocks that you hit to make them move ahead, rotating and moving platforms, and even travel through the underground section crawling with moles. This is where one can find the Tanooki Suit, which was absent from the Mario 3 section. It retains its statue abilities. (Powerups: Tanooki Suit)

Modern Mario: Very similar to the source game, but with a more free camera. You must traverse the mountainous levels and get through the tower level, all with a health bar and limited use of powerups. The enemies are everywhere, and you will have to ride on a moving platform surrounded by spikes. You will even find yourself in one of those rooms where you had to turn on the 3D in order to see where the blocks are. The rotating camera makes it easier...but the room is much more complex. (Powerups: Fire Flower, Boomerang Flower)

Major Boss - Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy
Modern Mario will run around on a planet, avoiding Bowser rolling around and attacking him. One must hit him three times with the green squishy plants to knock him over, dealing him damage. Very similar to the source game...until you deal the last hit. Then you will both levitate over to the section from the last level in SMG1, where there were arrows on the wall controlling the gravity. Bowser will be moving all around the different gravities, hurling attacks at you and generally messing with your head. It's very confusing. What you need to do is get to his tail, which you can pick him up by and whirl him into a wall. Three more hits and you've defeated Bowser! Huzzah!

Final Boss - Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
...until Kamek will pick up the downed Bowser and take him back to his castle, with the Marios in hot pursuit. There, he will use his magic to make Bowser grow to humongous size. At first, you'll have to escape from him using Classic Mario, similarly to the final boss from NSMBW. Once at the end, you'll tag out with Modern Mario, who must continue to escape in a section that is similar to the final boss from 3D Land. Finally, you'll reach the summit of the castle, where you'll be standing in a ring surrounding him. At this point you'll control both Marios, one at a time, and you can tag out control between them. Just be careful not to let the idle Mario get hit. You must use Classic or Modern Mario to attack him depending on whether there's switches around to activate rockets, or platforms leading up above Bowser so you can jump on him, respectively.

So what do you people think? Sounds like a fun game? Do you like what I've written here? If you were in charge, what would you change from my design?

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Dec 1, 12 at 5:32am

this sounds so awesome I just don't see nintendo doing it which is very very very unfortunate Loved sonic generations and this would probably be better.

Oct 18, 12 at 8:00pm

Include Galaxy 2 and I'm sold.

Remember though. Mario doesn't have to follow the three eras thing that Sonic did.

Oct 11, 12 at 11:49pm

Sounds nice. It could have some things from Super Mario Galaxy 2 though, as that's not mentioned.

Oct 10, 12 at 5:52am
Epsalon ZX

Something else...the healing items in Modern mode should be Super Mushrooms, since Mario doesn't shrink. I've seen it done in a few fan made side-scroller Mario games involving a life meter.

Oct 2, 12 at 11:18pm
Giga Bowser

quote Epsalon X
Awesome ideas!

One flaw though...with the Reznors...given the strategy...if you lose track as to which one hits which, and you damage and defeat them is possible that you could finish with one remaining. How do you defeat the final Reznor? Is it vulnerable to regular jumps then? Or can you simply not kill it?

You can make them crash into the walls too, but having them crash into each other is easier.

Oct 2, 12 at 11:09pm

Giga Bowser , definitely made a great selection of stages from their respective games. I really like your ideas of nearly all of the stages. I would take out anything related to the NSMB series, but even your idea of the possible final boss is very creative. Well done.

Oct 2, 12 at 1:18pm

Needs more Sunshine, but otherwise good.

Sep 26, 12 at 9:19am
Epsalon ZX

Awesome ideas!

One flaw though...with the Reznors...given the strategy...if you lose track as to which one hits which, and you damage and defeat them is possible that you could finish with one remaining. How do you defeat the final Reznor? Is it vulnerable to regular jumps then? Or can you simply not kill it?

Sep 19, 12 at 9:13am

This is very interesting idea. I wouldn't change any of your ideas and I'd definitely buy a game like this.

Sep 19, 12 at 5:07am

It's really hard to go any different from what you said GB. That simply just sounds awesome. I've never played Sonic generations so just reading the wikipedia article doesn't help. But I read your idea and it just sounds awesome. It would be a day 1 buy for me and it would give the series a little shakeup.

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